Light Spirit Epic Chapter 933: Searching for a secluded place in the land


Chapter 933: Searching for seclusion in the center of the earth (6)

The black stuff came out of the cut and blended into the already dark red tomatoes, darkening the crimson tone of the entire dish. The thing seemed to have a life of its own, surging slowly, crawling, crawling, struggling.

Like the lament of the dead.

The canine boy’s eyes were round, and he swallowed another mouthful of saliva before using a fork to dip the cut thing into the sauce and put it into his mouth.

He had thought this horrific dish would be a terrifying taste experience. This is not the case. The wonderful taste spread in the mouth of the canine boy, it was a mellow and delicious taste.

What a wonderful taste, but this kind of taste seems to be a fresh taste that a dog boy has never tasted in his life. What exactly is it?

“Hey hey, haven’t you guessed it yet?” The black cat smiled complacently: “If you can’t figure it out, the answer will be revealed soon?”

“Wait, wait a minute.” Husky reluctantly took another sip.

The taste is still amazing, the umami seems to come from seafood. And this is naturally uniform and thick black, which seems to come from the natural pigments of the ingredients themselves, without additional additives.

Does the ingredients that are both seafood and black like this really exist?

“Shouldn’t it be—” The leopard boy and the dog boy looked at each other.

No. Is that really edible?

However, within the limits of their common sense, this is probably the only answer.

“Could it be the squid…”

“That’s right, you guys are really smart.” The black cat took the opportunity to hug the leopard boy for a while, “This is a hoisin sauce made from the concentrated ink of [ice sea squid]. How is it? It’s delicious. ?”

“Wow —!” The Leopard boy almost suffocated.

Husky grinned gloomily, starting to worry about his teeth. Delicious is delicious, but is there really no problem with eating this kind of thing in your mouth? Shouldn’t the teeth be stained black too?

The King of Knights saw through the concerns of the little devils: “This is very nutritious, and the oxides in it are very helpful for whitening teeth. Don’t worry, just eat it.”

“Well, okay, okay.” Husky gathered his courage and continued to finish the plate of “Dark Eyes”.

The sweet and sour tomato sauce, the deliciousness of the ink sauce, and the mellowness of the protein and fish reverberated in the canine boy’s throat, and mixed into his stomach with nutrients that were very beneficial to the body. This is really awesome.

“Then,” the black cat stepped aside, and another clerk in a black maid outfit also brought the next dish: “[The Book of the Dead] is delivered, please enjoy it slowly.”

The moment the lid on the dish was opened, Husky thought he saw the grave and was taken aback.

No, what’s in front of you is scarier than a grave — it’s a tombstone.

Above the dark and thick sauce is a stone-like color, engraved with an incomprehensible inscription, a tombstone-like…thing.

The reason why it is called “thing” is because it is inexplicable and incredible to the extreme. It looked as hard as a stone, with ridges and horns, and Husky had no way of knowing whether it was made of meat, pasta, or vegetables.

Judging from the appearance and shape, it is very likely that this is some kind of steak.

But is it steak, pork chop, or fish steak?

And, what the **** do I do to get the steak to be this color, with straight edges and corners? How was the inscription engraved? It’s a series of puzzles.

“Anyway, let’s eat first, meow.” Hal scratched his messy cat head, picked up a knife and fork and cut it.

The knife cut through the stone tablet with ease. It’s not as hard as expected, but rather crunchy. It has minimal toughness, barely able to be picked up by a fork without breaking apart.

The leopard boy put a small “stone tablet” into his mouth and chewed it twice.

“Huh meow?” He widened his eyes and looked at the “stone monument” in front of him with inexplicable surprise.

This is soft and crunchy, this is rich and light, this is luscious and slightly bitter, this thing is… cheese?

It should be said, the maximum defatted cheese!

Because the cheese has very little fat, it is this hard, crumbled cheese. Of course, something like natural edible gypsum must also be added for forming.

The completely defatted cheese mixed with gypsum is poured into the mold to produce this special petrified cheese with a fantastic taste. It has a loose and slightly light flavor, but it blends well with the flavor of the sauce. Together.

The dark brown sauce on the platter is even more mysterious. It is a concentrated beef sauce made by thoroughly mashing fresh beef and mixing it with seasonings such as pepper, salt and sugar. The seasoning brings out the flavor of the beef very well, and cleverly avoids covering up the original taste of the beef. This seasoning is probably accurate to the millimeter, which is a must.

Hal now fully understands. The essence of this plate of [Book of the Dead] is steak.

But the primacy of beef “steak” is completely reversed. The beef became the sauce, and the cheese that was supposed to be the sauce or seasoning became the main body of the “steak”.

The light-flavored full-skim petrochemical cheese voraciously soaks up the goodness of the beef sauce and melts in Hal’s mouth. The loose cheese, the fragrant and rich beef sauce, the two complement each other in taste and taste.

When Hal came back to his senses, he had eaten all the “steak” in front of him, and even the last drop of sauce had been dipped clean and entered the leopard boy’s stomach.

The black cat showed a slightly surprised look, I don’t know if it was true or not: “Wow. It’s the first time I’ve seen this dish so clean.”

“Just don’t lick the plates.” Arthur frowned and reminded.

Husky immediately let go of the dog’s paw, which was gripping the ends of the plate, in embarrassment. If it wasn’t for his Uncle Arthur’s reminder, the canine boy almost picked up the plate and licked the remaining sauce on it. It would be very indecent to do so.

“Ahaha, full, full meow.” Hal leaned back on the chair and rubbed his belly in satisfaction.

“You’re so full so soon? There’s one more dish that hasn’t been served yet.” The black cat said with a smile. He had already wandered around and brought the last dish from the kitchen, which was also a dessert after dinner.

This time the dessert was not covered with a lid, as it didn’t need to remain a mystery. Or, because of its particularity, it cannot be covered with a lid at all.

This [Tower of Karmic Fire] is a big ice cream.

Accurately, a cup of ice cream with a blue flame.

The two orc teenagers were very surprised to see the ice cream that was burning brightly, but the surface remained snow-white and showed no signs of melting.

No matter how novel, scary, or unconventional the previous dishes were, the visual or taste shock they brought was far less than this small ice cream.

Why ice cream can burn, and burn so beautifully, is a mystery.

“It’s a low temperature flame.” When the black cat put the ice cream in front of Husky, Arthur explained incidentally, “drizzle some kind of spice on the surface of the ice cream and let it burn. It will not be hot, Don’t be afraid.”

“As for the ingredients, it’s a trade secret.” The black cat smiled mysteriously: “It’s the most delicious thing to eat before the flames burn out, don’t wait too long.”

“Humm~” Husky couldn’t wait to pick up the spoon and scoop the white and fluffy ice cream. It turned out to be covered with some kind of highly transparent, syrup-like liquid, and it was the liquid that was burning, giving off enchanting fireworks.

Husky was a little worried about getting burned by the flames. But his concerns soon disappeared. When the low-temperature flame touched the canine boy’s lips, it not only did not feel hot, but also brought a coolness.

The temperature of the flame itself is very low, almost the same as normal temperature. Coupled with the air flow it brought when it burned, the coolness of the ice cream itself flew up along the air and rushed to the mouth of the dog boy.

Hasky dared to bite down, sucking the fluffy white ice cream on the spoon, along with the clear burning syrup, into his mouth.

Like an iceberg melting, like spring returning to the earth. The elegant and unforgettable fragrance of fresh milk reverberates in the mouth of the canine boy, coupled with the sweet taste of almonds, the two blend seamlessly, but each has its own wonderfulness, and the taste is unequivocal.

The most amazing thing is that even with the constant melting in Husky’s mouth, the feeling of that blue flame burning still shows no sign of abating. The canine boy could feel the flames beating in his and kept letting the aroma of apricots sway, surging out, following his mouth, nose, eyes, ears and even his esophagus. The ice cream seems to be a living thing, and it has to “struggle” in the mouth of the diners, and at the same time create a deeper taste.

“Oh my god.” Husky took a deep breath, the aroma of the ice cream stopped, and the flames seemed to go out. Only then was he willing to swallow the completely melted ice cream in his mouth, and let the sweetness come to the bottom of his heart.

In a sense, this cafe is horrible. The food provided here is without exception scary and scary, just like the Halloween theme dishes with black humor, crazy funny and lack of seriousness; but after careful taste, they are full of connotation, only those who have the courage to eat them can eat them. feel their beauty.

Husky quickly took care of the [Tower of Karma] ice cream before it was completely extinguished. After eating he was as satisfied as in heaven.

After eating enough, the canine boy suddenly had a bad premonition, and he looked at the King of Knights suspiciously: “Uncle Arthur… You brought us this lunch this time, wouldn’t it be– -“() “The Legend of the Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D. Wixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing healthy and green Read the platform. 【】,thank you all!


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