Light Spirit Epic Chapter 934: Searching for a secluded place in the land


Chapter 934: Searching for seclusion in the center of the earth (seven)

“Guessing it right is for you to understand a truth,” King Arthur said half-jokingly, “but this time I won’t explain it by yourself. Guess it right and take you to eat something good next time, otherwise it won’t work.”

(Sure enough, Wang knows that Uncle Arthur will not bring us to eat for free)

However, the meaning of this meal is also very easy to guess. The two smart teenagers looked at each other for a while and then answered in unison: “Uncle Arthur wants to tell us this time that we can’t just look at the surface (meow) even if it is This scary meal can also hide an amazingly delicious woo (meow)”

King Arthur’s face had a sly smile that was deliberately meant to tease ignorant children

“No, I originally wanted to tell you that if the food looks like that, don’t eat it. Except for very rare cases, this kind of food will generally cause a bad stomach.”

“Uh” “Um” Husky and Hal let out a low scream at the same time

King Arthur grinned even more: “Puff hoo hoo —— I lied to you, you’re probably right —-“

“Probably Wang” Husky glanced suspiciously at the King of Knights again: “Could it be… Uncle, you actually didn’t think about it at all—“

“That’s right, I didn’t think so much, just to bring you to a meal, why are you so nervous, little idiot”

“Okay…Okay Wang——” Another guess is wrong. The red-faced Husky looked at Uncle Arthur, the king of knights, with a mournful look.

“Sorry for being late” a voice interrupted the conversation between the King of Knights and the boys, and a young man in a black robe and a mysterious dark silver mask came over

“[Shadowwalker] came too late, it’s not like you” King Arthur scolded the authentic

“Your Majesty’s fire scene yesterday was more messy than imagined, so it took time to clean up” Shadow Walker was making an excuse for his late arrival: “And according to the report [that] was stolen by the mess”

“[That]” King Arthur’s face showed a hint of displeasure. No one could see his frowning brows, but one could still detect a trace of anger in the king’s tone: “Who did such a big shit- —–Is that the damned twilight cultists?”

“*cough*—Your Majesty is not suitable to discuss this, especially in such a public place.” Shadowwalker tried his best to keep his voice down. He looked at the leopard boy and said, “That’s it. child?”

“That…Aren’t you the Blackhearted Doctor Wang” Husky recognized Constantine from the other’s scent — even though the Shadowwalkers hid their true identities under masks despite their last night Only seen once outside the institute where Chancellor Merlin caught fire

Constantine coughed even more dissatisfiedly: “Cough cough—it’s not Doctor Blackheart, it’s [Shadow Walker] The current brats are so rude”

Husky and Hal pouted. They have been “taken care” of this black-hearted doctor in the game so much that they have no good feelings for this person in reality

“[Moon Shadow Hound] stay here well” Arthur stood up and interrupted the cold confrontation between the teenagers and Shadow Walker

“Uh…what wang” Husky was stunned for a long time before realizing that Uncle Arthur was talking to him: “Are you talking about Husky?”

“It’s you [Moon Shadow Hound]” King Arthur is still using the postmodern fantasy style to call the dog boy boy. Every syllable from the knight king’s mouth makes Husky’s back cold.

The canine boy is secretly glad that he is wearing a mask now—otherwise it would be a shame to be called by such a shy name in such a public place

“Black cat, you accompany this kid [Night Shadow Black Panther] and [Shadow Walker] with me”

“This time…it’s calling Ha’er Meow” even the Leopard boy was depressed for a while: “What’s going on, Meow all of a sudden—“

“Anyway, let’s follow first.” The Shadow Walker began to take the initiative and walked in the first moment, then turned around the corner and entered the backstage of the coffee shop

King Arthur picked up the leopard boy with inconvenient legs and followed him. Hal was uneasy and didn’t know why he was suddenly “needed”

Arthur, who he will soon understand, walked into the backstage with the shadow walkers into a secret room of the store, and the door behind them closed and another passage was opened to extend further underground

The smell of disinfectant water came from the ground, and the image of [Shadow Walker] as a black-hearted doctor was well known by Hal in the game. The heart of the leopard boy suddenly burst into a burst of unease

They definitely didn’t come just for lunch and their Uncle Arthur had other plans

At the same time, the East African plateau Kilimanjaro dreadnought-class battleship [Attack Palamidis]

The whole room was shrouded in mist, and the light and shadow reflected in the pale blue tiles showed a beautiful rainbow

The rustling, rustling, rustling, and rustling of a continuous stream of water sounds pleasant and pleasant

The clear and warm tap water sprayed from the shower and poured on Albert’s body to cushion the foam on the tiger youth’s body.

“Hoohoo, it’s a paradise” Tiger is clearly enjoying this is his first hot bath in days

“You must be a clean freak, why do you always take a shower?” Bedivere was also taking a shower under another shower. “Isn’t it enough to wash in the Nile every day?”

“The water in the completely different Nile River is so cold that there is no comfort in taking such a hot bath.” After washing his body, Albert walked towards the direction of the bath: “And he can take a hot bath, huhu— —“

The tiger cheered and jumped into the bath, splashing three feet high and splashing Paramidis in the shower

“Ow…Uneducated kid” Palamidis wiped his face with an angry face and washed the foam off his body and climbed into the bathtub

“But” Bedivere also washed his body and soaked himself in the bath. Leaning on the white smooth wall tiles by the pool to rest: “It’s strange, I didn’t expect things to go so smoothly”

“What’s going on?” Palamidis gave the werewolf a puzzled look: “Anyway, I traded with them with a rare artifact like the Eternal Neil to get this treasure. I don’t think it’s enough, let’s see. How useful are those weapon mods they gave?”

“I don’t understand” Albert rubbed his furry arms to soak his tiger fur fully in the hot water: “Why meow humans can use both magic and enchanted weapons and need to rely on this A small [plug-in] is used as an auxiliary attack method to make the weapon heavier without much lethality and easy to break (weapons with precise construction are easy to break in fierce fighting)”

“The reason for the whirring couldn’t be simpler” Palamedis smiled mysteriously: “These weapons are probably mass-produced and sent to civilians”

“Plain civilians” Bedivere was shocked: “How could civilians be asked to fight what Arthur was thinking”

“Just in case” The big cat shook his head as if he had seen through it all: “I heard that the Knights of Great Britain are already running a simulation training system, which is the kind of training warriors in deep hypnosis. A system where you can learn certain combat skills without actually fighting

They will soon open up the simulation training system to the world as a [massive multiplayer online game] do you know what that means”

The werewolf frowned: “They’re going to use games to train warriors…and on a world scale”

“Correct” Palamidis took a handful of clean water and washed his cat’s face: “If the simulation system plan is successful, Europe will soon be adding hundreds of thousands of soldiers for no reason. The game is designed It is very difficult to set, but relatively as long as people can play with patience, they can get very rich rewards, such as various combat skills that are only taught in secret in the Knights of Great Britain”

“There’s really no problem with that, meow” Albert narrowed his eyes and looked at the big cat with ridicule and doubt: “The knights of Great Britain casually put their treasures in the bottom of the box without reservation. If you teach it to outsiders, you won’t be afraid that the commoners will start rebelling after they have learned combat skills. Any passerby can use powerful combat skills. Europe will be in chaos.”

“Well—” Palamidis glanced at Bedivere and then at Albert with an inquiring look: “I tell your friend it’s really no problem, he knows about it. The inside story”

“He knows you can just say it.” The werewolf hurriedly urged the other party to dispel the other’s concerns

“Hmmm…” The big cat muttered and did not feel relieved, but showed a heavy face:

“All of this is not considered [no problem] It’s a lot of problems in the long run. It is estimated that it will be very difficult in the long run, but it just shows how desperate King Arthur and the others have been

The world will soon face the challenge of [Destruction]. Arthur and the others are probably anxious to train the strength to fight the [Boundless Darkness] as soon as possible before the world is destroyed.”

“Boundless…darkness…” Albert frowned. He seemed to know but didn’t seem to fully understand that the memory he should have had was somehow sealed by someone– —-Together with the original power of the tiger

“Do you really want me to explain?” Palamidis sighed, reluctantly recalling the past

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