Light Spirit Epic Chapter 932: Searching for a secluded place in the land


Chapter 932: Searching for seclusion in the center of the earth (5)

At the same time, Great Britain, Goth’s Cafe.

“Hmm…” King Arthur tried his best to suppress the smile on his face, trying not to look at the leopard boy.

Because Howl’s face is so funny. After being “ravaged” by the black cat, the leopard boy’s hair was messy, his clothes were even more messy, and there was a red lip print on his face.

The leopard boy tried his best to sort out his messy self. Looking at Arthur and Husky, who were laughing so hard, he couldn’t help but look shy: “Hal won’t come to this kind of place next time, meow. .”

“Puff hoo hoo hoo… don’t say that, Charlotte… Dark Cat’s Cuisine… oh no, Gothic Cuisine, it’s still pretty good.” The corner of King Arthur’s mouth still hangs With an unstoppable smile: “The most important thing is that you never know what it was originally made of.”

“As good as Daddy’s dark cooking?” Hal asked suspiciously.

“It’s just as good. Some people in this world are not good at ordinary cooking, but they can make delicious dark dishes, hehe.” King Arthur has something in his words, but he has a different mood.

“It’s too much to say that to me.” The black cat came over with three cups of drinks, “Let’s have some coffee first. Children are not suitable for coffee, right? I deliberately replaced it with a decaffeinated mocha latte. .”

“Huh?” Husky looked at the wondrous cup of coffee in front of him. It has a milky white color, almost no color that coffee should have, but it has a mellow coffee aroma. There were also a few white pieces floating on it, which were supposed to be marshmallows.

Husky doesn’t know what “decaffeination” is, but since it’s a dark dish, it’s probably not coffee at all, but something else to make it look like coffee.

The canine boy swallowed his saliva and took a bold sip.

The mellow taste of coconut milk diffused deep into Husky’s throat from the wondrous drink.

Only then did Husky know that this cup of “coffee” is actually a white coffee made from lightly roasted coconut milk and mixed with other spices. And those things that look like marshmallows are actually coconut palms, bland and chewy white coconut palms.

King Arthur took a sip of strong black coffee in a very elegant style, and asked with a sigh of relief, “Where’s [Shadow Walker]? Why hasn’t it arrived yet?”

The black cat replied with a very strange sentence: “Oh, he is stuck in the cracks of different dimensions, fighting to the death with various clerical monsters, I guess he can’t get away.”

It actually means that someone is busy with paperwork and hasn’t gotten off work yet…

Husky nearly choked to death on coconut milk coffee.

“Really?” Arthur replied nonchalantly: “Well, I have time, and I can wait another half a century in this eternal throne.”

This time it was Hal’s turn to almost choke on the coffee.

“Uncle Arthur…” The two teenagers looked at the King of Knights with mournful gods at the same time.

“What? The rules in this shop are like this. You have to be exaggerated and surreal, understand?”

“The main dish will be here soon. The recommended dishes today are [Dark Demon Eye], [Book of the Dead], and [Tower of Karma]. Would you like to try it?”

“All of it. Prepare a serving of [Tower of Karma] for each of these two little beasts. I won’t eat this dish—I hate sweets. That’s it.”

Although Ming loves to eat a lot, King Arthur always insists in front of people that he hates sweets, and his queen Greenville often complains about Arthur’s dishonest attitude.

“Understood. I’ll prepare right away.” The black cat laughed inwardly and recorded all the dishes. Of course, only they themselves know what these fantastically named dishes are.

And the orc teens know nothing about it. Just hearing the names of these dishes made Husky and Hal groan.

“To call us [little beasts] Wang…” After the black cat left, Husky looked at his Uncle Arthur with more mournful eyes.

“Huhu, don’t worry about it. [Tower of Karma Fire] tastes very good, so please look forward to it.”

“It’s scary meow when I hear the name.” Hal felt that his whole body was exhausted, and he no longer had the strength to complain about the names of these dishes.

“So,” Arthur turned to chatting with the two teenagers, “You guys went to deal with Zhang Ren today? Isn’t that a humanoid? First time killing [person], how does it feel?”

As if a needle stung his butt, Husky shuddered. He had known that their Uncle Arthur would ask similar questions, but he didn’t expect to be questioned like this at this time, in this environment.

“I feel…it doesn’t seem so scary.” Husky replied in a low voice, “I always feel like…getting used to the barking for no reason.”

In retrospect, this was actually quite scary. He is obviously only an eight-year-old canine boy, but he can kill without blinking, as if it were a matter of course.

Even Husky was amazed at what he had done.

Maybe it’s a game that blurs his guilt over the killing?

Perhaps the guilt is allayed by the fact that Zhangren isn’t fully humanoid?

But he knew all too well that it was all an excuse.

Perhaps, he is such a bad boy with such a bad character who kills without blinking an eye and takes killing for granted?

While Husky was contemplating and reflecting, Arthur also looked closely at the canine boy and the leopard boy, trying to find a trace of the murderer’s ferocity from these two seemingly cute little devils.

But he couldn’t find it. In reality, these two children are still innocent teenagers. They were bewildered and guilty for what they had done, but their faces never showed the satisfaction of a half-kill.

This may be the answer Arthur wants. In addition to honing the skills of these children, the simulation training system is also largely designed to test them.

If they were born, murderous slayers, they would be exposed at this moment, and there would always be some clues to be found.

But Arthur couldn’t see anything wrong with it.

The king of knights with superhuman insight can’t see the word [brutal] from these two teenagers, all he sees is [confused].

That’s not what ordinary people should be [feared], not what a murderer should be [ruthless], but [confused], simply [confused].

Arthur is surprised. The king of knights with amazing insight has seen countless people over the years, and he should have seen all kinds of strange people in the world. He had never seen such a [person].

The performance of these two orc teenagers is full of discord. They are neither [devils], nor [angels], nor [humans].

They are inexplicable by common sense, [something out of this world].

——They are, [something beyond logic].

It’s hard to find a guy like this in the world, but they appeared in front of Arthur in pairs.

What should Arthur do with them?

“Then, I ask you again,” King Arthur continued to test the two teenagers in front of him to make sure that what he saw was not the acting skills of the teenagers: “If the same thing happens again, but this time in reality If you were born in the middle, would you choose to kill?”

“Uncle Arthur, you really want to ask this meow…” Hal was very uncomfortable being questioned.

“You can choose not to answer me. But in the end, you still have to answer this question to your own conscience – assuming you have one.”

“Husky will do it.” The dog boy replied in a low voice, “If someone dares to hurt Husky’s friend, even if Husky is to kill someone, he has to stop that person from barking.”

It’s [Guardian], giving him a reason to kill.

Right or wrong, only God knows.

“Well, can’t you guys stop talking about such a heavy topic?” The black cat came over with a plate of dishes: “Enjoy it while you’re eating, thinking too much will affect your digestion.”

“I’m sorry.” King Arthur took it in indifferently. He was secretly glad that the black cat came at the right time.

When the teenagers came back to their senses, the black cat had lifted the silver lids on the dishes. And Husky also put those unpleasant things aside for a while and focused on [eating].

He could have expected the dish to be blind from the start, but he also didn’t expect the dish in front of him to be so blind.

In the red, blood-like sauce, a huge eyeball stood quietly. Those purple-black pupils were staring at Husky, his eyes fixed, his eyes filled with grief, and he could see the dog boy’s back was cold.

“[Dark Magic Eyes].” The black cat introduced his dark cuisine with a wicked, subtle smile: “The white part of the eye is made of fresh fish meat and egg white, and the black part of the middle pupil is It’s a special ingredient. Guess what it is?”

“Hmm—” Leopard boy Hal turned his eyes to his uncle Arthur for Knight King just shook his head, of course he would not reveal the mystery to the two boys.

“Anyway, anyway, let’s try it first Wang.” Husky smiled wryly, timidly, and reached for the big eyeball on the plate.

Egg-sized, evenly circular large eyeballs don’t look like any ordinary horror, and even the bloodshot on the white of the eye can be clearly seen. Although I knew it was a fake eyeball made of fish meat and egg whites, it was so realistic, and the blood-like color of the ketchup served on the plate made my heart beat faster when I ate it.

Husky was eager to figure out what ingredients the black part of the pupil was made of, and cut out the pupil of the eyeball as he slashed there.

I don’t know if it was an illusion or a real thing. He felt that when he cut with the knife, his entire eyeball twitched, as if he was struggling with pain.

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