Light Spirit Epic Chapter 899: Lost in Tianyuan (2)


Chapter 899 Lost in Tianyuan (2)

He put up a shield to guard carefully, and the group of thunder lizards also found their target, spitting dozens of plasma cannons at the spaceship.

“Elaine, Solar!” cried Bedivere, who was manipulating the photon mirror of the spaceship himself, unable to free his hands to fight back, so he had to order his companions to deal with it.

The plasma cannons came, but the lizards had very poor eyesight and poor aiming, and only three plasmas could hit the spaceship. Zafer raised his shield to block, Elaine raised his rhinoceros horn, and Solar slashed with his machete, and all the plasma was blocked—and thanks to Segley De’s foresight, he added the splendid crystal that can absorb electricity on the weapon, it was a wise decision.

Seeing that the shells were ineffective, the Thunder Lizards changed their tactics and ran after them. But at the speed of these large lizards, how could they possibly catch up with an antigravity spacecraft with two photon mirrors for propulsion? They ran less than a hundred yards before they were completely thrown away by the ship, never to be seen again.

“Meow ha ha ha ha ha, stupid lizard!” Albert laughed, “Will the slow pacer want to catch up with us? What a wishful thinking.”

“If you have time to talk about this, you might as well be more vigilant.” Chanel was obviously dissatisfied with Tiger’s arrogant attitude and kept pouring cold water on Albert.

“Hmph, I’m afraid of meow.” The tiger looked around and raised his head to look at the sky again. He couldn’t see half of the enemy’s shadow within a hundred miles: “There’s not even a single human figure around, so it’s necessary for me to be nervous, meow. ?”

“Yeah, relax, there’s still a long way to go today.” Bedivere also whispered. The thunderstorm zone of the East African Plateau was about to pass, and they could see the edge of the huge thundercloud.

And beyond this thunderstorm zone, there is a large expanse of bright scenery. The sun rises from the east, illuminating everything, and the light drives away the danger, making the journey much safer. The field of vision is wide and the lighting is very good. Even if there are monsters approaching, they can detect it from a distance. Therefore, this section of the road seems to be without difficulty. It should be able to reach the end of this journey smoothly?

But why? Bedivere groaned. There was a feeling of unease in him, as if something more troublesome was about to come. What the **** is going on here?

In less than ten minutes after walking in this beautiful and beautiful area, a sparkling light in the distance came into everyone’s eyes.

That’s Lake Victoria, believed centuries ago to be the source of the White Nile. However, the lake water of Lake Victoria is also formed by the confluence of several rivers. This “source of the Nile” still lacks a fixed and customary statement, and there is still great controversy in the academic circles.

Professor Paul stared at the beautiful blue lake. The calm and slightly rippling lake surface seems to hide a murderous intention.

“What should we do?”Albert also stared at the same lake, but couldn’t feel the killing intent in it: “Do you want to go straight across the lake? Or do you want to go around?”

“Go around.” Bedivere vehemently vetoed: “It will take more time, but it is much safer to go on land. I don’t want any more swamp pythons to come out and attack us!”

“Yes, I’m also in favor of detouring.” Palamidis also said, “Walking around the lake doesn’t add much distance, and it is indeed much safer. Besides, how can the remaining power of the anti-gravity device on the bottom of the boat last? How long, it is really worrying.”

“Huh? No, if you are afraid that the anti-gravity device will sink without electricity, wouldn’t it be safer to travel by water?” Tiger relentlessly sang the opposite tune: “When a ship wrecks on land, it will disperse when it hits the ground. At least there is a guarantee for the waterway.”

Everyone was silent for a while, thinking about this question.

“Speaking of which…” Saifer looked at his younger brother: “After being transformed by Seglade, this boat can still float on the water meow?”

This “raft” is basically no longer wooden, but rather a “bone raft”. Coupled with the weight of everyone, the boat might sink on the water.

Thinking of this, Bedivere, Safe, and Seglade all shuddered at the same time: “Go overland (meow).”

“Hehehe, a group of landlubbers.” Albert sneered.

At this point, the boat has approached the lake. Bedivere and Palamidis winked, and together they changed the angle of the photon mirrors, sending the boat to the left, along the eastern shore of Lake Victoria.

Bedivere just hopes that this trip doesn’t go into trouble again. But the werewolf always felt that something was wrong.

By the way, there should be a lot of creatures thriving around the lake, a prosperous scene, right?

Why, this lake looks like a pool of stagnant water, eerily silent?

I always feel that something is wrong, but I can’t say it. The werewolf had no choice but to frown, carefully observing the movements around him.

Just below the raft, at a depth of one hundred feet, there is a huge shadow moving rapidly, chasing the raft at a steady speed.

The shadow is like snorkeling in the deep sea, unknown but full of deadly danger.

At the same time, Great Britain — Edinburgh, North Sky Knights Base, Edinburgh Castle.

“Who is that guy?” As soon as Husky entered the computer room of the simulation training room, he saw a strange teenager in the computer room, sitting upright accompanied by several mermaid maids.

It’s not quite right to say “unfamiliar”. The canine boy saw this child last night. Last night, the flying warship used blue beam cannons to put out the fire, saving Husky’s mother. And this child came down from the battleship.

Husky didn’t talk to the kid at the time, but was curious about the Kim (human?) teenager’s origins.

Of course, this curiosity is also out of sheer gratitude. Husky believed that the child was related to the warship, as if the child was the manipulator of the warship, who indirectly or directly put out the fire and killed the dog boy’s mother.

Therefore, when Arthur brought Husky to the computer room and was busy talking to Cameron, the Knight of the Round Table, who was in charge of the computer room, Husky took the opportunity to lean over and try to talk to the little murloc prince.

“Uh, hello.”

As soon as the canine boy opened his mouth, the group of mermaid maids beside the little prince Calvin became nervous and raised their weapons to be on guard.

“Huh? What’s the matter?” Calvin gestured to the maids and asked with an air of nonchalance, “Are you looking for me, puppy?”

“Dog——” was said to be a dog as soon as it came up, and most of the gratitude in the dog boy’s heart was reduced. But he still held back his anger and said politely, “Thank you for what happened last night. That…”

“Calvin.” The little prince reluctantly introduced himself: “Second Prince of Iceland, Calvin is also. Nice to meet you, little kobold friend.”

The blue veins appeared on Husky’s forehead. The other party’s words were not particularly offensive, but it always made people feel uncomfortable, even an eight-year-old boy would feel uncomfortable:” Husky Not some kobold… Huskies are canines—the Siberian Huskies.”

“Oh yes, it turned out to be a wolfhound. I’m really rude.” The little prince nodded slightly and saluted: “If you want to thank Calvin, you have already done so. Now you can go.”

“This—” Husky still suppressed the anger in his heart, at least he couldn’t charge the prince in front of this large group of armed mermaid guards: “Well then, goodbye Wang. We really can’t talk about it. Wang.”

The canine boy turned around angrily and walked away without taking a few steps, only to find that his tail was being pulled: “Ow—?!”

“Oh god! Oh my god! Oh my god!!” The little murloc prince was the culprit who pulled the canine boy’s tail: “Look at this dog’s tail! It’s curled up! It’s so fluffy and fun! —Aren’t all the puppies’ tails hanging down? Why do puppies have their tails curled up like this?”

“All Huskies are like this, Your Highness.” The merman maid next to the prince explained, “It’s a very special breed.”

“Calvin wants to get one when he goes back!” Calvin grabbed Husky’s tail and stroked it, the more he played, the more he went too far.

“Um…can you let go of the bark?” Husky felt that he was about to explode, so he managed to hold back and said as politely as possible: “If you play with your tail, even a puppy will bite the bark. “

“Ahahahaha——” I didn’t expect Calvin not only didn’t let go, but also rushed over, hugged Husky from behind, and rubbed his hands on the dog boy’s tail and head. Stop: “Wow hahahahaha so cute!! Touch it again! Touch it enough and let it go!”

“Stop! Stop—” Husky was thrown to the ground and tried to struggle away, but the muscle fatigue he accumulated yesterday has not been completely eliminated, and the current strength alone is unable to break free from the little murloc prince. .

As a prince, Calvin has been doted on in every possible way since he was a child. He is basically an unscrupulous person.

He rubs Husky’s head and tail without hesitation, laughing like he’s playing with a real puppy. “Ugh——” When the little murloc prince’s hand touched Husky’s butt, the canine boy let out a low and strange bark.

“What are you… doing?” King Arthur just finished talking with his came to check the situation, and saw Husky being thrown on the ground and being “bullied”, he couldn’t help laughing: “I feel It’s good, we stick together as soon as we meet, eh?”

“Uncle Arthur, hurry up, save Huskies!” The dog boy struggled for help, tears in his eyes.

“Huhu…” The King of Knights suppressed the laughter from his lips and said to the little murloc prince: “His Royal Highness Prince Calvin, you are also a person of status, how can you just play when you see a puppy? Although there is no one else here, please restrain yourself.”

“One more shot, one more shot.” The little murloc prince almost crushed Husky to the ground, rubbed the canine boy’s tail with his hands, and said frivolously: “Hey, hey, It’s so smooth, it’s as smooth as silk, and it’s fluffy. The curl of the tail is so perfect. It’s amazing, in short, it’s amazing!”

It’s amazing to be able to sigh that way about a tail.

While Husky was being entangled by the murloc prince, Lancelot, the Knight of the Round Table, came with the Leopard boy. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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