Light Spirit Epic Chapter 898: Lost in Tianyuan (1)


Chapter 898 Lost in Tianyuan (1)

Thunderstorms in the East African Plateau have lasted for centuries, but the sunrise can still be seen faintly. It was just ten minutes into the sunrise, about six o’clock.

Although the first stage of the round table trial is said to be a “three-day time limit”, the “three-day” setting is actually very insidious. From the first twelve o’clock noon two days ago, to today’s noon Until twelve o’clock, these three days are actually only two full days.

In other words, Palamides and the others actually only have half a day left to reach the finish line. After twelve noon today, they will be judged to be disqualified from the exam.

And they still have about one-third of the way, more than a thousand kilometers to go, and they have to cross Lake Victoria on the way.

The biggest problem is that their team has two more passengers: Professor Paul and the magic swordsman Solar.

Even if the amphibole is mined, the power supply is not a big problem, but the propulsion of the spacecraft (raft) faces serious challenges.

Bediver had just thought of this, and he looked worriedly at Palamides, only to see Cyglade, the son of the Panther warrior, holding a huge silver “mirror” in his hand.

“Is that… a photon mirror?” Bedivere asked in a low voice, taking another sip of the soup.

“Yes, my dad brought back a big bag of light stone powder yesterday. When I saw that there was a surplus of material, I followed my dad’s practice and made an extra mirror meow.” Seglade fiddled with the newly made Mirror, the umbrella-like reflector, which is supported by the wooden bracket, is installed on the back of the spacecraft. The raft became propelled by dual mirrors, doubling the propulsion force.

And, Bedivere now, Seglade has given the raft yet another makeover. Most of the brackets are made from thunder lizard bones, in place of the original wood.

The construction of this “bone boat” is as strong as a raft and far lighter than wood. The weight of the spacecraft body has been greatly reduced to make up for the burden brought about by the increase in crew members.

“Hey hey, how’s it going? My son is very capable, right?” Palamides laughed in a slightly ostentatious tone.

Really capable. When Bedivere fell to sleep last night from exhaustion, Seglade had long thought of the predicament they would encounter, and refitted the spaceship overnight. Thanks to him being so capable, everyone can go on the road safely today.

And Seglade isn’t just about making a “working” ship. The bottom plate of the spacecraft is made of several large bones inlaid with each other. Their tenons are designed very delicately, which can not only withstand the impact, but also maintain a certain elasticity, so that the hull is not easily torn under the impact.

The werewolf took another look at the reinforced bone dagger around his waist, which is also a masterpiece of Seglade. The leopard youth has dexterous hands that are not inferior to his father’s, as well as a unique ingenuity like a skilled craftsman.

—In time, it will become a great tool.

In admiration, Bedivere also asked an unintentional question: “Your bag of light stone powder, is it–?”

“Oh, Brady, please don’t be too fussy.” Palamidis hurriedly stopped.

The werewolf narrowed his eyes into two slits and looked at the big cat suspiciously.

That packet of light stone powder absolute Paramedis spat out last night. vomit!

“What’s the matter, meow?” Seglade looked at Bedivere blankly: “Am I doing something wrong meow?”

“No, no, you did a great job,” Bedivere replied, covering his face. If Seglade found out that the package of light powder he used to make the photon mirror was actually his father’s vomit, and he’d been fiddling with that stuff all night… Leopard Youth would definitely Disgusting to eat.

“Then.” Palamedis hurriedly interrupted the werewolf, “Since everyone is full, it’s time for us to go out. Coincidentally, Bedivere, since you’re going to discharge, too. Take charge of manipulating another photon mirror.”

“Oh? Brady will discharge too?” Albert leaned over curiously, put his cat face on the werewolf’s shoulder, and smiled wickedly: “God, what the **** were you doing out last night? What have you been? Why do you even have this skill?”

“Trust me, you wouldn’t want to know.” Bedivere pushed the good-natured tiger away. He didn’t want to tell Albert that Palamides had transplanted the “discharge organ” into Bedivere’s left hand last night.

“I’m not sure this will work.” The werewolf deliberately sat in front of the old photon reflector and put his left hand on the mirror: “The amount of electricity I can emit is incomparable to yours, are you not afraid of propulsion imbalance? “

“Oh, I’ll accommodate you.” Palamidis also sat beside the werewolf, his hands resting on the new photon mirror: “And the propulsion is basically only related to the area of ​​the mirror, The difference in electricity is a little bit, but not a big difference.—Hey, what are you waiting for? Get on the boat?”

Everyone packed up and climbed onto the boat.

The ship carried Bedivere, Palamidis, Professor Paul, the magic swordsman Solar, the elf girl Chanel, Zephyr, the Seglade brothers, and the tiger man Albert, Elaine the polar bear, nine people in total.

Combined with their weapons, debris, and the weight of the ship itself, the ship becomes very heavy.

After activating the antigravity device, the heavily overloaded ship slowly floats. Bedivere breathed a sigh of relief, the boat could at least float.

“The load on the anti-gravity device is too large, meow.” Seglade checked the bottom of the boat, and it seemed unimpressive: “This is our last batch of anti-gravity devices, and we hope it can hold up to the destination, meow.”

“Hahaha, it doesn’t matter! It’s only half a day’s journey, and it’ll be there soon!” Albert smiled broadly.

“Yes, we still have hot air balloons when it really doesn’t work.” The werewolf also said. Only then did he realize that what was wrapped around the waists of Palamidis and Professor Paul was the hot air balloon made earlier.

There was also a serious lack of fabric in the team–no real clothing or a little thing–the biggest problem was that if those two balloons were to be used, they would have to be called off by Professors Palamidis and Paul. Pants… It is estimated that many people will have opinions.

A drop of cold sweat dripped from Bedivere’s forehead.

Smack zi zi zi zi! Palamidis has released electric current from between his palms, activated the photon mirror, and propelled the spacecraft.

In order to prevent the spacecraft from spinning in place, Bedivere also has to activate the mirror to generate a propulsive force of the same magnitude.

The werewolf then tried to release an electric current from the palm of his hand – the same principle as he uses electricity to drive the turtle’s tongue whip, so it shouldn’t be difficult. Soon, a constant and steady current was generated in the prosthetic limb of his left arm, powering the photon mirror. The two photon mirrors work at the same time, and the left and right rear sides of the spacecraft steadily push the spacecraft forward.

Everything went more smoothly than Bedivere had imagined. Although there are more passengers, the propulsion of this ship is greatly increased, which is completely enough to inefficiently affect the negative effects of increased mass. The entire ship accelerated to the ideal speed within a few tens of seconds and galloped to the southeast.

They are still on the East African Plateau, but the terrain of the plateau is relatively flat. This plateau, which has this thunderstorm all the year round, is constantly flattening the ground with electric shocks, and turning the light stone on the ground—the smouldering migmatite into a It becomes countless floating islands and rises into the air.

This scene is as if the thunderbolt has its own will, reaching out from the clouds and pulling the rocks on the ground into the air!

“Looking at it like this now, I still think it’s amazing.” Albert sighed in a low voice. There are countless peculiar natural landscapes in the world, and this one is definitely one of the most peculiar landscapes – although after understanding the principle, it is not so magical.

“Speaking of which, apart from the pyroxene that can absorb lightning, is there any other ore that can store energy?” Bedivere asked casually, looking at the lonely scenery on the plateau in boredom.

“Ah, there is also a kind of ore called [Heliolite], which can generate electricity as long as it is exposed to sunlight.” Palamidis explained, “If there is a symbiotic ore of Heliolite and Lightstone in the world, If there is plenty of sunshine in that place, you can expect to see another continent with floating islands in the air.”

In the morning, soak up the sun and the island rises into the air; once night falls, the island sinks back to the ground as if to rest. What a wonderful landscape it must be.

Tiger scratched his head again: “What about other than that? I always feel that there are many strange ores in this world that I have never heard of?”

“Do you really want to know?” Chanel couldn’t help but said, “There is a mine in southern France that is rich in a mineral called [Dragonite], which has a strong ability to absorb heat. When the night is cold, it can It will release the heat slowly, the French like to use this to make thermal insulation, although the dragon stone is very precious, only the nobles can afford it.”

“No wonder, I finally understand why you’ve been so cold all the time—Ow!” Before Albert could finish speaking, he was hit hard by the hilt of the short bow in Chanel’s hand.

“Norway also produces a mineral called [Echostone], my friend,” said the magic swordsman Solar. “It can absorb the surrounding noise and produce an effect similar to sound insulation materials. It absorbs Noise can also generate weak I always feel that you are talking about some useless building materials.” Albert narrowed his eyes and looked at Solar.

“This meow, it’s hard to say meow.” Seglade looked at the wind at the bow, and added: “The dragon stone should be able to be used as a heat-insulating armor, meow. The echo stone can be attached to the armor. Eliminating the noise from the body should be good for stealth operations meow.”

“Look.” The elf girl winked at the tiger: “It turns out that it’s still a question of IQ? The same ore is a treasure in the hands of some people, but it’s not even a waste in the hands of other idiots. The key It is whether you know how to use the characteristics of things themselves.”

Albert was taunted and speechless, pouting and pleading: “Well, I’m an idiot.”

The crowd laughed softly.

At that time, Saifer was nervously looking at a group of creatures on the left side of the spaceship. After confirming that it was a group of Thunder Lizards, he immediately called everyone: “Eight o’clock, what’s more!” () “Light Spirit” Acts only represents the views of the author Raven D Vickers. If you find any content that violates national laws, please delete it. The stand is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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