Light Spirit Epic Chapter 897: Fighting for Tianyuan (15)


Chapter 897: The fierce battle in Tianyuan (fifteen)

A true swordsman spends his life seeking his worst enemy, constantly looking for the strongest as his opponent in order to surpass himself. There was this kind of aura all over Solar, and Bedivere could understand without even asking.

But the werewolves have no interest in that at all.

“You might think I’m strong enough to be your nemesis. But that’s just an illusion, Mr. Solar.” Bedivere couldn’t wait to clarify the matter to the other party, hoping to get rid of this one. The entanglement of the sinister magic swordsman: “I don’t want to compete with you, and I don’t want to be a powerful swordsman. I just came to take the test to become the power of the [king]. My goal in life is completely different from yours. , please don’t confuse me with you.”

“Really? It’s so disappointing, my friend.” Solal’s disappointment was written on his face: “Never mind. Even if you don’t want to, we’ll still have a chance to fight. I’m taking this exam, Not to be a knight of the round table at all, but to meet a good opponent like you. One day, we will talk with swords, my friend.”

“We’ll talk about it then.” The werewolf replied gloomily. If possible, the werewolf didn’t want to fight this lunatic at all. But Solar was right at all: Since this is a selection test for the Knights of the Round Table, a duel between candidates is always inevitable.

Whether Bedivere can get to that point and meet the magic swordsman Solar on a narrow path is another matter.

In the middle of the night, everyone chatted for a while, and after explaining what happened, they all fell asleep.

Albert snores, curled up in his makeshift sleeping bag wrapped in a parachute cloth.

Palamidis slept on a rock beside his son, murmuring a lot of ambiguity, drunk. Seglade put a damp cloth on his father’s forehead and took a nap.

Bediver stands guard outside the camp, watching closely for anything that might happen in the field.

The other companions also found a corner, leaned against the stone, and fell asleep around the bonfire.

In this tranquility, Elaine, the white bear, who was seriously injured and unconscious, was haunted by nightmares and could not sleep peacefully.

In the dream, he recalled himself as a child. In the research institute of the fox people, he was abused by the foxes in every possible way and lived a cruel life.

He was often trapped in a tiny iron cage with no time to turn around. The foxes are constantly piercing the body of the bear man with spikes, on the one hand, to stimulate the regeneration ability of the bear man, and on the other hand, it also brings great pain to him, so that he can become a nurturing [dark man]. ] hotbed.

The foxes performed inhumane experiments on the polar bear boy, dissecting his body and implanting various instruments. They cut Elaine’s internal organs wantonly, and watched how the internal organs repaired themselves in the bright red.

Peeling, cutting flesh, bone. Every day of the polar bear is spent in severe pain. Those days were like being in hell.

In this great pain and darkness that consumes the soul, there is only one belief to maintain Elaine’s mind, so that the white bear boy will not be completely swallowed by despair.

It’s just——

“Ugh…” A hand was placed on his forehead in the murmur of the bear man.

Elaine, who was sweating profusely in horror in the nightmare, gradually calmed down her painfully twisted watch.

Xiong Wei opened his eyes, and in the blur of tears and sweat, he saw the figure of the man through the firelight.

Although the appearance and outline are completely different, the vague aura on the man gave the white bear a feeling of familiarity and nostalgia.

“Brother…?” The unintentional words of Elaine, who was delirious, seemed to be the truth that was instinctively perceived.

The hand withdrew, and with the figure, instantly disappeared into the darkness. The residual warmth from that palm still remained on Elaine’s forehead.

Tonight, the reincarnation of Karma (Fate) is still spinning quietly and silently.

Until the moment of the end (liberation).

The next morning.

Husky woke up early, or he didn’t sleep well at all.

Even for such a lively, innocent, energetic canine boy, there was so much happening last night that Husky’s eyes were slightly haggard. If Lian Yin hadn’t called her son to report safety last night, the situation would have gotten worse.

“Are you awake?” King Arthur waited by the child’s bed, as if he woke up early and was here to take care of the child: “What are you going to do today? Are you going to rest in bed for a day, or Continue yesterday’s game with Hal and the others?”

The weekend isn’t quite over yet, and Husky could have continued to “play” today — it’s up to him if he wants to.

“Go, go, Wang.” Husky rubbed his eyes: “Husky has promised Hal, and he will finish the task. Of course, he must keep his promise.”

“Okay.” The king of knights nodded and patted the dog boy’s head lightly: “If you can reach level 5 or above today, I will admit that you are qualified men, and I will give you a gift. .”

The dog boy wagged his tail when he heard that he had received a gift: “Gift? What gift?”

The king of knights smiled mysteriously and sold a word: “Look forward, you will love this gift. By the way, before going to Edinburgh Castle, do you want to drop by to visit your mother? “

The dog boy thought hard for a while: “Well… I don’t want it anymore. If you go too early, you will make a noise with Mommy. I’ll go to see Mommy tonight.”

He may say this out of consideration, or out of fear and guilt. Only Husky knew that.

King Arthur didn’t ask any more questions, and stood up from the chair happily: “Then quickly wash up, we’ll go out after breakfast.”

“Yeah!” Husky jumped out of bed quickly and ran off to freshen up.

At the same time, in the East African Plateau, Bedivere, who got up early, washed up by the river and started his morning exercise.

He has about ten minutes to practice kung fu before the other companions are fully awake and can come out, which of course only includes the most basic punches.

Even so, the werewolf’s fists were still swung, and the punches were fierce, making crisp echoes in the air. This reminded him of the simple life of a hundred years on the snowy plains of Western Siberia.

Even with the drastic changes in circumstances that put Bedivere in this involuntary situation, with morning exercises, he was able to pack his mind and get back on his feet for a new day’s journey.

His concentration, the pilgrimage-like process of martial arts continued until he had someone peeking behind him, and Bedivere stopped.

The werewolf turned his head and saw that the peep was the magic swordsman Solar. Although he had already named everything to the other party last night, the lunatic Solar was still very interested in Bedivere, and even Bedivere’s morning exercise came over to watch.

“Oh, Solar, good morning.” The werewolf tried to be polite, even though he was very unhappy.

“Good morning.” Solar gave Bedivere a smile that was genuine, at least not forced: “So hardworking, my friend. This kind of intense work early in the morning. Practice. However, if you swing your fist so fast, are you not afraid of straining the joints of your arms?”

Bediver froze for a moment, not knowing how to answer.

(What’s your business with my joint strain?)

“…Just get used to it.” Bedivere thought for a long time before replying reluctantly.

“Hey, are you coming for breakfast?” Albert shouted from the camp, when the tiger was throwing the dried thunder lizard meat into a bowl to make broth: “You guys If you don’t come to eat, I’ll eat your portion too?”

Bediver washed his face with the river water, stopped talking to Solar, and walked to the camp. He still seemed to feel Solar’s burning gaze, and that gaze fell on the knuckles of the werewolf’s arm.

“Ow… my head hurts…” Palamidis yelped as he covered his forehead. The big cat was having such a riot last night, and now he is finally suffering from a hangover.

“Deserved.” The werewolf sat down on a large rock and took a bowl of broth from Seglade: “I don’t understand why you, who are invulnerable to all poisons, can get drunk so easily.”

The leopard warrior tried his best to defend himself: “Because the mushroom soup is good for the body, my body should not be able to eliminate the beneficial substances as harmful substances, so I got drunk.”

The people present gave Palamidis a blank look, but what he received was a shrug from the big cat.

After a night of rest, Elaine the white bear also recovered from the injury. He got up slightly haggard, and when he opened his eyes, he saw Chanel’s face with a gentle smile.

“Good morning. Here, use this to wipe off the sweat.” The elf girl handed over a cold towel. It was a towel frozen with ice cubes made of saltpeter. It felt cold and comfortable.

“Thank you.” The bear man took the towel with a blushing face, buried his face in the towel, and felt the comfort and pleasure brought by the cold.

“Hmm, that’s great, I really want a girl to bring ice towels early in the morning.” Albert glared at Elaine unwillingly.

“You? You’re more suitable for this.” Chanel picked up two sticks, took out a piece of red-burning charcoal from the bonfire, and handed it to the tiger, deliberately pretending to be affectionate and coaxing: “Come on, open your mouth! ——“

“Ahahahahaha, don’t make such a joke, meow.” The tiger shrank back halfway, and continued to drink his stewed broth peacefully.

“Ow…so hot meow.” Saifel also woke up and was drinking broth while blowing. The cat’s tongue is really afraid of being hot, and it can’t swallow the broth without blowing it cold.

“It’s almost over, we’ll be out soon,” urged Palamidis, looking at the sky at the same time.

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