Light Spirit Epic Chapter 896: Fighting at Tianyuan (14)


Chapter 896: The fierce battle in Tianyuan (fourteen)

Whoosh! ! ————-

Fall! The three of them fell from the sky to the ground thousands of feet at a very high speed!

Palamidis had significantly lower wind resistance than the other two, and quickly caught up with the werewolf and the old professor.

The floating island where they are located is very high from the ground. If they want to fall to the ground, it is estimated that there is a long distance. Bedivere watched in despair as he kept falling, thinking that this was the last scene he saw in his life!

After tens of seconds, they will fall to the ground, smashed into flesh!

Clap! The big cat caught up with Bedivere and grabbed the werewolf by the waist with one hand.

Whoa! Palamidis also grabbed Professor Paul’s arm with the other hand.

“Sure!” Palamidis shouted, although no one could hear him during his rapid fall.

Pop! The “wings” composed of sky blue crystals changed again on the back of the leopard warrior.

No, the wings are too small. Just a backpack or something.

“Hey—” Palamedis held his breath hard, and more golden pyroxenite crystals emerged from him, blazing brightly, presumably discharging.

The Light Stone Crystal Backpack also begins to emit a dazzling aqua blue light. The speed of the three people’s falling gradually slowed down, which seemed to be partially offset by the anti-gravity generated by the light stone.

“Okay, great!” cried Bedivere, in a cold sweat. “Keep it up, Palamidis! I can already see the ground!”

They are about a thousand feet off the ground. According to this momentum, it should be able to land on the ground smoothly without falling to death?

“Don’t…talk to me!” Palamidis flushed: “You guys are so heavy!—I’m dying—“

The glow of the crystals all over his body is sometimes strong and weak, almost as if the electricity is running out. The werewolf just remembered that Palamidis had consumed a huge amount of electricity during the decisive battle with the Dark Spirit, and it has not been replenished since then!

“No way!” Palamidis ran out of electricity, and the light stone crystal on his back immediately lost its light, and of course it no longer produced anti-gravity.

“Wow ah ah ah ah ah!” The three screamed and fell to the ground!

Touch! — A loud bang passed, and Bedivere’s whole body hit the rocky ground, feeling like he was about to fall apart. But he miraculously got up, and although the whole body was in severe pain, there was no particularly serious injury.

“Everyone… how are you all?” The werewolf turned to look for Palamidis and Professor Paul.

“Ow…it hurts so much.”

"呜!呼呜嗯嗯嗯嗯!"帕拉米迪斯的状况就比较恶劣了,大猫半个身子插在泥地里,只露出下半身。 He was wearing only one pair of pants, and the sight of his **** twisting and twisting was so hard to look at.

“Can I ask you to pull him out, Professor?” the werewolf sighed blankly.

“Don’t.” Professor Paul looked at Palamidis’s writhing cat’s **** with a dull expression: “Let him plant it there, maybe a cat tree will grow. “

“You guys!” Palamidis finally struggled to climb out, his face was full of dust, unimaginably dirty: “It’s too much, meow!”

Bedivale and Professor Paul burst into laughter.

“What do I do now?” Professor Paul looked up at the sky: “Isn’t that group of Bigmies chasing after them?”

“They dare to chase after them? *hic*, let’s see if I don’t kill them all!” Drunk cat wielded a spear in protest.

“Anyway, let’s meet Al and the others first.” Bedivere sniffed the surrounding scent.

Fortunately, the place where they landed was not too far from where they went to the floating island. With the keen sense of smell of the orcs, it is not difficult to trace the footprints and find the way back to the camp.

After returning to the camp, they will be more powerful and stronger, and Palami has an artifact in his hand, even if he is besieged by the Bergmi people, don’t be afraid.

“Go this way.” The werewolf who thought so pointed the way: “I hope Al and the others are not in trouble.”

“Do you really think so?” Before Palamidis took a few steps, he felt a faint smell of blood in the wind.

“Did they encounter the Begmies too?” The werewolf quickened his pace.

“Not necessarily, the creatures on the plateau, *hic*, aren’t just the Begumi.” Palamides ran staggeringly, but he was worried about the sons in the camp, himself Drunk and still insisted on running.

They ran for about a kilometer and could already see the bonfires on the campsite and the corpses of a large number of demon beasts.

“Did there really be a battle?” Bedivere continued to run towards the camp, and glanced at the corpses of the thunder lizards: “What a big monster, they actually won the battle?”

As soon as they approached, Albert, who was standing guard outside the camp, had already waved at the werewolf and shouted, “Yo, Beddy! What are you doing, it took a whole night?”

“Oh, you wouldn’t want to know.” The werewolf looked helpless as he approached.

The tiger squinted at the werewolf group. Followed by Bedivere came Palamidis, who was full of alcohol with only a pair of pants, and then a white human, dressed even more wildly, like a savage.

“Wow——” Seeing the werewolf soaking wet and smelling of alcohol, Albert immediately had a very bad association: “You guys had a great time tonight. I didn’t expect that. Ah, your nightlife turns out to be full of philosophy—“

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Bedivere couldn’t help laughing and laughing, walking to the camp to rummage through the available clothes, and Chanel turned her face away in disgust as he approached.

“Palamy, Professor!” He threw two parachute cloths to the two of them.

“Wait, Dad—” Before the big cat could get dressed, Seglade stopped Palamidis drunk and dirty, and immediately stopped: “Come with me, Go to the river and wash up before meowing.”

“I’m sorry, *hic*, that’s not very good meow.” The big cat wrapped the parachute cloth around his waist, barely covering his lower body.

“If you want to come with me, come with me—” Sagrad said helplessly, pulling his drunken father to the direction of the river. Who is the father and who is the son is a bit confusing.

“I didn’t expect there to be a lady here, I’m rude.” Professor Paul quickly put on his clothes and saluted Chanel beside him: “I am Professor John Paul from the Folklore College of St. London University in Pantolaken. I came here to observe the culture of the local aborigines, and I met your friend by chance, so I came here. I have offended you just now, please forgive me.”

(This guy speaks right in front of a lady.)

“I understand.” The elf girl Chanel also nodded: “So it’s a university professor. It’s really hard for you to come to such a wild place. You’re in charge of the research, shouldn’t it be Bergmi? people?”

“Exactly.” Professor Paul and Chanel began to chat.

On Bedivere’s side, he was staring at a stranger in front of the bonfire.

“Solar?” The werewolf looked at it for a long time before asking in a low voice full of doubts. He thought he was still drunk, and hallucinations appeared in front of him.

“Oh, we meet again, my friend.” The magic swordsman Solar had long wanted to come over to talk to him, but he never got the chance. Seeing that the werewolf took the initiative to talk to him, he nodded to Bedivere: “It’s great that you are back safely.”

Bedivere took another half a second to make sure that this Solar was not an illusion in his mind. After he was stunned, the werewolf said: “What [great]? Why are you in such a place?”

“Oh, speaking of our great hero.” Albert leaned over to Bedivere to explain, of course it was a sarcastic commentary: “Thanks to this great hero, we have Didn’t get eaten by the army of lizards! This hero also sacrificed his own ship and killed hundreds of beasts. He helped us out of the siege! He said that he has been looking for you to duel. Seeing that your team is besieged by monsters, look But the eye only helped! You said how great he is!”

The werewolf gave Albert a stern look, embarrassed by the tiger’s unbredness.

But Solar was not angry, just smiled tolerantly: “Although the facts are described as exaggerated, it is basically like that, ahahahahaha.”

“So…you saved El and the others?” Bedivere looked at the corpses of Thunder Lizards outside the camp. There were about three or forty of them, and each one was over thirty feet long. He couldn’t help but marvel in admiration. Said: “It’s a good skill to defeat so many large monsters.”

“Ahem! He beat most of them, yes.” Albert interrupted, stating that he had killed quite a few Thunder Lizards himself, and that the credit was not solely on Solar.

“You’re doing well too, Al.” The werewolf gave the tiger another look and said perfunctorily, “Hey, you’ve been on duty all night, aren’t you tired? Go and rest, I’ll take over here. Good.”

“Ow…” Tiger knew that he was perfunctory, and his face showed obvious dissatisfaction: “Okay, I’m going to bed. Don’t wake me up, hum!”

The werewolf watched the tiger go away with a wry before he elongated his face and said to Solar: “So, you are here for—me—Mister Solar?”

The magic swordsman thought for a while before saying, “As far as the result is concerned, yes.”

“Why? We fought on the battleship deck made you hate it?” The werewolf frowned. Before this, his life had nothing to do with this magic swordsman. The only chance to meet was in the initial exam to fight for the magic sword. That little dispute over the bracelet.

That’s just a trivial matter. Logically, werewolves shouldn’t be hated by this Magic Swordsman, or should they be targeted?

“You must think it’s strange, my friend.” Solar whispered, “but you should know very well that we are actually the same people. It is because we are so similar that I have feelings for you. Interest. I look forward to a real contest with you – no conditions, no means, and a fight to the death.”

Bedivere’s back felt a chill after hearing this. This guy Solal is definitely a dangerous person, he may be a lunatic, and he has indeed been eyeing Bedivere. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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