Light Spirit Epic Chapter 900: Lost in Tianyuan (3)


Chapter 900 Lost in Tianyuan (3)

Lancelot put down little Howl and handed the crutches to the little black panther, while he was busy complaining to King Arthur: “Your Majesty, I have brought Howl here. I have to hide from Vivi. Ann said that it is really not easy to bring this child out to play. Next time, please ask Your Majesty to do it yourself.”

“Hahaha, I’ll talk about it next time.” Arthur grinned.

And Howl looked suspiciously at Husky, who was lying on the ground, and the murloc prince lying on the back of the canine boy: “Ha… Husky? What are you doing meow? ?”

“Hal, help!” Husky shouted, dumbfounded.

Hal, with a cane, reluctantly came over to help his friend. Unexpectedly, before he got close, Prince Calvin jumped off the back of the canine boy and looked at Hal in disgust: “Oh! Black cat! It’s really unlucky! Don’t lean over!”

“Ahahahahaha—” Hal reluctantly smiled, the other party seemed to be a very small child, unable to tell the difference between a cat and a leopard: “I’m a leopard… and I have it and it’s not all black Yes, look at the spots on my body—“

“I don’t see it! In short, black cats are very unlucky.” The little murloc prince turned his face away and ran back to his maids.

“What’s up with that guy–?” Hal asked in a low voice as he lifted Husky up.

“Husky doesn’t know how to woof either.” The canine boy gave Prince Calvin a hostile look, and touched his tail at the same time, for fear that the tail would be rubbed too much and lose hair: “What a shame. Polite guy, when he came up, he said he was a dog, and he used his tail as a toy.”

“Then, if it’s not my business, I’ll go back to protect Queen Greenville.” Lancelot saluted King Arthur.

“Go, my queen depends on you for protection, Lancelot.” Arthur nodded and watched the knight leave.

Then the King of Knights turned to look at the group of children: “Since everyone is here, let’s start the game?”

“The start of the game is—that guy is here to play as well?” Husky winked violently at the King of Knights, trying to express his disgust.

“Oh, did I forget to tell you, Husky, Howl?” The king of knights smirked again: “Prince Calvin is also here today for training… er, games. Now that you’ve decided to play together, let’s form a team. Let’s get along well.”

“Husky is not so sure that he can get along well with that kind of person—” The canine boy gave the little murloc prince once again, the kind of rude, self-talking, arrogant and presumptuous guy, How do people get along with him?

“Alright, alright——” Hal pulled Husky to lie down on the bench beside him: “Anyway, let’s go to the game world first and then meow.”

“Humph—” The canine boy lay down on the bench, pulled down his hood and put it over his forehead.

A shock of electrons knocks Husky unconscious for a few seconds.

When he regained consciousness, he was already in the simulated world of the game.

He and Howl are standing in front of the bonfire at the Altar of Eternity, in the same gear they were when they logged out of the game.

And Arthur also brought the murloc prince into the game, and seemed to spend a lot of time explaining the basic gameplay to the prince.

When Husky saw Calvin wearing an ornate mage robe and holding a gleaming gold staff, he was immediately off-balance: “Oh? How can he be so well equipped? Wang?”

“Because Calvin is a prince, haha.” The little murloc prince’s words immediately aroused further dissatisfaction from the canine boy.

“Okay, very good—” Husky rolled a glance at King Arthur: “Uncle, please don’t tell Husky, this guy is of the same rank as us?”

“That’s right.” The King of Knights smiled, “Calvin’s initial level is Level 2. Mages start with Level 2, because they have to bring two magic tricks. You can’t call him no magic at all, Killing monsters with your bare hands?”

“Very fair.” Husky said with a slight dissatisfaction: “Husky really doesn’t know how to start the profession as a mage.”

“Even if you know you can’t choose. [Mage] This class is only open to players who can already use magic.” The King of Knights shrugged.

The subtext is: You orcs don’t know how to use magic in the first place, so what are you mixing with the mage?

Husky and Hal looked at each other, speechless.

“Well, humans are really inconvenient.” Calvin’s appearance is almost identical to him in reality, but there is no “mermaid” race in the game, and he is now playing the game as a “human”.

… Therefore, he also began to complain one after another: “The mermaids are obviously able to cast spells with bare hands. You humans must have a staff to use magic*, and there is a limit on the number of times you can cast spells per day—so weak the race.”

“Oh, but humans can use almost all kinds of magic, but mermaids can only use ice spells? In terms of talent alone, humans are indeed the weakest. Just because they are the weakest, they are also the strongest. You will understand this one day.” King Arthur smiled mysteriously: “So, Your Royal Highness, please do as the locals do. Don’t complain too much, just experience this game as a [human].”

After speaking, Arthur opened the inventory and planned to click the [Logout] button—

“Uncle Arthur?” Husky exclaimed hurriedly: “Please don’t tell Husky, you are going to leave Wang like this!? What about our schedule today?”

“Itinerary?” The king of knights was stunned for a moment before recalling: “Oh, right. You took the witch’s quest to collect materials for enchanting, right?”

Arthur clicked on the inventory again: “I have other things to deal with today, and it is impossible to play with you all the time. You are also used to the gameplay of this game, it is time to be on your own. This is for you, It’s my [farewell gift].”

An item is sent to Husky’s inventory.

It’s the Town Portal Scroll.

“With this, you’ll be able to teleport to any area at will — of course, only in areas your level allows.”

“Even so…” Husky still had no idea. If Uncle Arthur doesn’t come along, the team seems to be in trouble — especially after adding new members.

“Husky, Howl, you are all grown up, you should be able to take care of yourselves, right?” The King of Knights didn’t have the slightest doubt about this, or he didn’t care at all: “It’s no big deal, the worst The situation is that I die three times in a row, delete the file and replay it——If you can die three times in a row in one day, you deserve to be deleted, right?”

Unable to retort, Husky pursed his lips.

It is an inevitable truth that people die when they are killed. In the game world, if there is no halo of immortality, they are actually just a group of ordinary teenagers.

Without their Uncle Arthur, the canine teens have to play with extra caution this time around. Leveling up requires a lot of experience points, and it is already rare to die. Downgrading due to death is even more depressing. If you can’t die, you can’t die.

Arthur glanced at the little murloc prince not far away. Calvin was using his staff to connect his two magic skills – Frost Arrow and Ice Mist. The little prince was so busy that he didn’t have time to pay attention to the conversations of Arthur and the others.

“Then,” the King of Knights clicked the logout button again: “I’ll take my leave first, I wish you all a good time.”

The Knight King turned into a ray of light and instantly logged out of the game, leaving only the canine boy and the leopard boy looking at each other dejectedly.

The murloc prince on the side didn’t bother to care about anything, and concentrated on “trying out” his new magic, throwing ice fog everywhere and throwing ice arrows wildly.

“Um… what are you going to do?” Husky didn’t like the wayward murloc prince very much, but they were already a team, so Calvin didn’t seem to be approachable, so he could only reluctantly Inquired about the intention of the murloc prince: “Would you like to come with us? Or do you want to walk around by yourself and familiarize yourself with the environment?”

Prince Calvin shrugged: “It’s the same wherever you go. I’d better walk with you and see what interesting things you can come across.”

“But we’re going to do the quest now meow—” Howl opened the item list: “Let’s start with the low difficulty first meow. It takes ten wild boar fangs—“

” Calvin heard from His Majesty King Arthur that you are looking for materials for weapon enchanting, right? In other words, you need to find all of these materials to complete the task? Or, you only need to find some of them, and the rest can be spent What about the money?”

Husky was stunned for a moment before answering: “Probably it can be solved with money.”

“That’s easy.” Calvin leaned over and looked at the list (Husky subconsciously avoided the murloc prince), and his eyes fell on the list: “The right way to do it is not to start with the simplest, But start with the hardest. Maybe when we take down a certain high-level monster and get a lot of money, those trivial little monsters don’t have to be fought.”

The canine boy and the leopard boy looked at each other. The reason is this, but it is too risky to fight against high-level monsters as soon as you come up?

“Hey, hey, there’s Calvin here, no problem!” The murloc prince patted his chest to guarantee the ticket: “Look at Calvin blasting those monsters with magic!”

“How many times can you use your magic tricks in a day?” Husky asked The Murloc Prince replied in a dignified manner: “Frozen Arrow is the same scale as Ice Mist. Fifteen times. Thirty magic is definitely enough.”

“No, it’s not thirty, you only have fifteen.” Husky knew that something was wrong and sighed: “Since it is magic, the number of uses of them is the same, not superimposed. “

“Ah? Is that so?” The arrogance of the little murloc prince immediately disappeared: “Why didn’t His Majesty King Arthur explain this clearly—Humans are so troublesome, you have to count the number of times you use a spell.”

Prince Calvin as a murloc can use magic without restriction. As long as his mental power can sustain it, in theory, how many spells he uses is not a big problem.

But he’s playing as a [human] now, and he won’t get used to it right away. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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