Light Spirit Epic Chapter 828: Escape to the Demon Marsh (4)


Chapter 828: Escape to the Magic Marsh

“Tsk tsk, what is that?” Albert pinched a sweat, and they were almost smeared by the black sticky thing just now. 『Word**first*

“It’s a high-pressure fountain of oil.” Palamidis had already steered his raft forward, far away from the big oil column: “This swampy site is sinking. Water pressure and crustal activity will Overwhelm the buried oil field, and the oil will spew out from the ground like a fountain. Of course, Sudan is the only country in the world that has such an exaggerated landscape.”

Because of the constant high-speed alternation of life and death, the Everglades’ oil reserves are enormous. This is not only a crazy swamp with murderous intentions, but also a fertile land.

“If there is a chance, I will definitely buy this swamp.” Albert grinned: “If this oil field belongs to me, I will be rich.”

“Before that, you have to kill all the monsters here—you can do it.” The dark elf girl Chanel continued to pour cold water: “Stop talking, okay? You are distracting me.”

“Meow—” Albert knew that he was completely hated, and couldn’t help but shut his mouth in despair.

“But our course seems to deviate a bit.” Bedivere looked at the compass attached to the corner of his jacket: “Is this really okay?”

“Don’t worry, it’s just a little detour.” Chanel also looked at the compass and said, “I have to choose a safer way. — Turn right ahead, two o’clock. — In short, keep going south. Is it right to walk? As long as you walk along the Nile, you won’t get lost.”

People look at the Nile River on the side of the swamp from a distance. The whole swamp was huge and chaotic, and even the great river that ran through it became bizarre twists and turns, going around like a big snake. The chaos here is so disturbing, I really want to get out of this magic swamp as soon as possible!

“Wait, what’s approaching us—” The elf girl listened attentively: “Under the water, um, the sound is so small—“

“Palamidis, use the greatest power you can produce, full speed ahead!” Bedivere hurriedly said.

“What? Just a little thing like that—“

“Oh no!” Chanel exclaimed in a flustered tone that had never been seen before, and everyone felt bad: “Swamp python!”

A giant three-hundred-foot-long python burst out of the water, and this guy is definitely the top predator on the Sudanese Everglades food chain!

Its sharp teeth as long as knives can easily crush a hippo, and each piece of its silver-black snake scales is as large as a shield and as thick as a wall, making it impenetrable and indestructible! The Lin piece unloads the water flow, minimizing the friction between the water flow and the snake’s body, so it crawls fast and quietly!

The quietly approaching death – this is the nickname for the Sudan Swamp Python. It swims in the swamps and ditches of the Great Swamp, swiftly like a curved silver-black lightning, its momentum is low-key and scary. When the traveler feels that he is being targeted by the giant python, it is too late!

“Still being targeted!” Chanel exclaimed unwillingly: “I have clearly avoided their activity area carefully!”

“There’s no point in looking into this now.” Bedivere set up a bow and kept shooting. Together with Albert and Elaine, they met the trailing swamp python with a rain of wooden arrows: “Give it to me. Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot! There’s always a way to stop it!”

But their shots were almost useless, the arrows fell on the python and bounced off immediately, not hurting the python at all — not even slowing it down!

One hundred yards, fifty yards, thirty yards, this behemoth chased at an unimaginable speed, turning the entire swamp upside down! The fish, insects, birds and beasts in the swamp were afraid that they could not avoid it, and they all fled far away!

If it goes on like this, the raft will be bitten to pieces by this huge monster, and everyone on the raft will be swallowed alive. It’s just a matter of time! How to do it? !

Bediveville drew a full bow and put dozens of wooden arrows on the bowstring: “Don’t shoot yet! Wait for it to get close!”

Since it is futile to shoot casually, it is better to seize the moment!

“His—” The distance is close enough, and the swamp python has snarled and pounced! Its open mouth is wider than a raft, and taller than Elaine, the tallest white bear among them! This guy really intends to swallow everything in front of him!

“It’s now! Shoot!” the werewolf shouted, a rain of arrows in his hand instantly spilling out. His two companions also drew their little wooden bows and shot wildly!

Who told it to open its mouth so wide? Countless arrows were pierced into the snake’s mouth, and dozens of arrows more precisely pierced the tonsils of the snake’s throat.

As the gatekeeper of the throat, the tonsils are more sensitive than any part of the mouth, and the pain when it is penetrated by an arrow is extraordinary!

The sudden pain caused the swamp python to twitch, and the unstoppable twitch made it flinch and plunge into the mud before hitting the raft!

“Meow hahahaha! Deserving it!” Albert laughed cheerfully, watching the mighty and mighty snake fall and eat shit, his heart was not very comfortable!

“Don’t laugh! It’s here again!” cried Bedivere.

The more reluctant the boa constrictor was, it climbed up from the quagmire and made a comeback, shortening the chasing distance at a fast speed!

It opened its mouth slightly, and sprayed venom from its venomous snake teeth. The dark purple terrifying liquid flew towards everyone. Fortunately, the leopard warrior at the helm made a sharp turn and used his dexterous drifting technology. Dodge the attack of Venom!

The poison fell into the swamp, making an amazing sound of corrosion, and even the purple gas that came out was a poisonous gas, so poisonous that countless fish floated to the surface!

“This **** just doesn’t know how to give up.” Palamidis said angrily: “Bedivere, if we don’t try to stop it, we will be wiped out!”

“I know! I’m thinking!” the werewolf hurried.

More venom splattered, and to avoid the blows, the raft swung to and fro, nearly throwing everyone on board. Bedivere did his best just to hold on to the raft to avoid falling into the swamp, and there was no way to draw a bow and shoot!

“Oh no!” Chanel screamed: “No! Can’t turn left ahead!”

It’s too late, Palamidis has no choice at all in order to avoid Venom’s attack. He twisted the raft to the left, and at the same time he felt a sudden movement in the swamp dozens of yards in front of him!

While he was wondering what it was, the ship quickly approached the area of ​​change.

“Grab firmly!!” Chanel saw that everything was irreversible, so she had to remind everyone loudly.

Pounds! ! ——The bottom of the boat seemed to have been hit by a heavy hammer of dozens of tons. The raft that was supposed to be extremely heavy with seven people sitting on it was thrown into the air by a powerful impact!

It took Bedivere half a second to figure out what it was: an oil fountain!

The black viscous liquid sprayed out sharply from the swamp, under the combined action of water pressure and crustal movement, sprayed hundreds of thousands of tons out of the swamp surface. The impact of this spray is stronger than any high-pressure water cannon in the world. It just burst at the level of Palamides’ raft, blowing the whole raft into the air!

“Wow ah ah ah ah ah!” In Albert’s exclamation, the boat was already three hundred feet above the ground.

The raft was originally suspended by the anti-gravity device, and coupled with this sudden impact, it was a matter of course to fly high.

Fortunately, the raft was built by the three Leopard fathers to be really strong, and Palamides must have done a lot of reinforcement work on the raft last night to make it under such a sudden and violent impact , still not broken!

It’s good not to fall apart, but—

Crap! The werewolf immediately thought of the next question. Their spacecraft also has two full-fledged fuel-jet thrusters attached to it. The bottom of the ship was covered with oil and was in an extremely flammable state, and a little spark was enough to set it on fire!

While everyone was still falling with the raft in the air of more than 200 feet, grasping everything that could be grasped, and trying their best not to let themselves be thrown down, Bedivere rushed over, reaching out and grabbing the stern of the boat. Two jet thrusters ripped off!

As he expected, the edge of the thruster had been stained with oil, and the flames ejected from the spout of the thruster (kettle) were starting to ignite the oil on it!

If the fire spreads, the whole ship will burn and become out of control!

It all happened in half a second. Seeing such a dire situation, Bedivere didn’t even have time to think about it for a second. He threw the two injectors out, praying at the same time. The raft will not be stained with flames!

Whoosh——! The two jet thrusters turned into two incomparably violent fireballs in the air.

It goes without saying that the outer shell of the thruster is a warp kettle, and the inside is a high-energy compressed fuel taken from a lighter dagger.

When it burned with such a violent momentum, the inside and outside were eroded by the high temperature of thousands of degrees at the same time, and the magic in the warp kettle gradually collapsed!

Clang! Two jugs knocked on the head of the swamp python and the impact hit its critical point.

Red light flashes, as if the whole world collapsed in an instant, compressing the surrounding scene into a single point. This process lasted only ten thousandths of a second. After the critical point of collapse, expansion, expansion, crazy expansion followed!

Pounds! ! ——The two jets that exploded at the same time fused together to make a loud noise.

Without the support of the subspace, the high-energy compressed fuel was instantly released in a tiny space in a kettle, and the resulting big explosion could be described as earth-shattering! !

The raft, which was in the process of falling and fell parabolically to the surface of the water, was propelled by this sudden explosion, and the flight trajectory immediately became a straight line, and it flew hundreds of yards in an instant!

“Oh!——” The people on the boat almost vomited, and Bedivere was thrown off the boat because of the shock, falling into the swamp full of death traps! () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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