Light Spirit Epic Chapter 827: Escape to the Demon Marsh (3)


『Yan**first*..Chapter 827 Fleeing in the Demon Swamp

Photon mirrors collect free photons in the environment and reflect them along the mirror surface to create propulsion—this is already a decent propulsion

The speed of the boat has increased significantly all of a sudden, almost riding the wind and breaking the waves forward, and soon reached a stable speed than yesterday’s sailing


Dad’s good meow” Zephyr and Seglade cheered at the same time

“But… won’t you be tired?” Bedivere asked worriedly

“It doesn’t matter that this level of electrical energy consumes the same physical strength as I trot on the ground. There is nothing to worry about” Palamidis said disapprovingly that it was just an extremely weak energy created by his body. Bioelectricity can last for several days without any problems

Of course, since he is responsible for electricity and steering, there is no way to participate in the battle. Everyone on the ship has to deal with all the sudden situations on their own.

Seifer and Seglade stand guard with their shields and guns on each side of the bow to guard the corner of the ship, while Bedivere is on guard with a bow in front of the bow

In the middle of the boat is Chanel, who is responsible for alerting with hearing, while the white bear and tiger are holding small wooden bows to protect the elf girl

Their large raft, carrying seven people, was speeding up the Nile River and entered the Sudanese Everglades within minutes

“Oh my God” Bediveville exclaimed when he saw the Everglades from a distance

“Absolute madness” (——this is the only and most apt description of the Sudanese Everglades

In the early morning of the next day, two orc teenagers were sent to King Arthur’s bedroom

Because it was a holiday today, Arthur didn’t go out to work. The knight king in casual clothes was a little surprised when he saw the mother and son of Lian Yin knocking on his door: “Lian Yin is obviously a holiday today and you won’t accompany your son”

“Yes, I’m sorry, Your Majesty.” Lian Yin smiled bitterly when he put down Husky: “This kid heard his friend say that His Majesty is going to take Hal to play today, so he made trouble and insisted that I bring him to find him. you”

The leopard boy gave a white look

Little Howl in the wheelchair stuck his tongue out at Arthur in embarrassment

(This kid definitely did it on purpose)

“It’s okay” King Arthur pressed back the angered veins on his forehead “The children get along so well, let them play together hahaha…”

(one more and one less is not much difference)

(In the end, I left it to Greenville to take care of me, and I don’t have to worry about anything)

“That… Arthur” Queen Greenville gently covered her abdomen and walked out from the direction of the bedroom, whispering in Arthur’s ear: “I may not be able to accompany the children to the garden today. A little..too comfortable”


“The king of knights glared at his queen

(How can it be such a coincidence on an inconvenient day—)

“Sorry, I’m really sorry” Greenville’s face was pale and her stomach seemed to hurt

“It’s okay… you go to rest now” Arthur said depressedly, but kept muttering in his heart: women are really troublesome

“Hmm” Husky and Hal looked at Arthur with big watery eyes

“Is it really okay for you to take care of these two little devils alone?” Vivian couldn’t help but worry

“At least they won’t be abducted by the bad guys if I’m here” Arthur showed a subtle expression of [nothing to be afraid of] even though his knights are basically on vacation, he’s fighting alone today

Even Lian Yin is wondering if it is really okay to hand over the children to such a king who has never cared for children and only knows how to fight and kill

Sultan at seven in the morning

Countless large and small waterways spread along the middle and upper reaches of the Nile River like the veins of trees and extend infinitely throughout the marsh

Among the complex waters and rivers, the arched mounds rise from the ground like the eye of the devil in this area

From a bird’s-eye view, it is both a huge cocooned spider web and a blood-stained, rotten and tumorous talon

It loves to lure victims into this terrifying swamp and then eat these unfortunate ghosts alive and devour them with their belts and bones

This swamp is primitive, savage, evil and chaotic with a strong demonic nature

It is the Everglades of Sudan, also known as the [Swamp of Madness]

It is very different from the quiet and murderous atmosphere of the Turkic Swamp, where the killing intent is blatant and unscrupulous, unbelievable

This swamp is full of monsters, a kind of terrifying tentacle monster is especially common

They are shown as [Devil’s Tentacles] The whole body is dark red and covered with suckers of different sizes, like the tentacles of a real giant octopus, but in fact they are a kind of monster that evolved from a leech, a kind of disgusting The blood-sucking mollusks

Each of these tentacles is a separate creature, with their thick, long tails poking deep into the water and their pointed, sucker-covered heads sticking out of the swampy water and twisting and writhing against anyone who dares to approach. The creature grabs the coil and rolls it up with its sucker-like mouthparts to instantly grab the blood in the creature’s body

From a distance, there are tens of thousands of tentacles like this in this crazy swamp rising from the ground and twisting on the water of the swamp. It is the best embodiment of the [madness] of the Sudanese Everglades.

What do you say it’s no big deal

If these tentacled monsters aren’t enough proof of how crazy this swamp is—

The huge one-foot-long flying insects flying all over the sky;

And the giant flying fish that jumped out of the water from time to time to eat insects more than ten feet long;

And the 30-foot-long giant bird that fell from the sky and killed the flying fish;

And a giant water snake more than a hundred feet long that devoured birds from the shadows of the trees;

And the tentacle monsters who took the opportunity to entangle the water snake and drain its blood…

…all of this is sure to leave a very deep and very simple and direct impression:


Eating and being eaten in this crazy swamp is just a matter of life and death. This is Sudan’s Everglades

While Bedivere and the others are driving an anti-gravity raft three feet above the water across this swamp of madness

When the werewolf saw the frenzied view of the swamp, he began to wonder if his weapons were strong enough to build on a raft

In a matter of minutes he had the idea of ​​being devoured countless times by these crazy creatures in the swamp, each one dying horribly and each one dying at any time

“Turn left at eleven o’clock ahead” Chanel was not in charge of vigilance, but was in charge of navigating. Navigating this dangerous moor was not so much to be alert to possible dangers along the way, but to find a way that was less dangerous. The reason is more appropriate

“There is something coming in the three directions” Chanel is probably used to doing similar vigilance work in the original team. She grasps these things very accurately. She directs in an orderly manner

Seglade has already set up his shield and raised his gun in case of an accident. The huge flying fish jumped out of the water and faced the right side of the raft. It was a bite, but the young blue leopard slapped it with a shield and slapped it away with a hard shield. The monster’s bite at the same time pierced its head with a shot

The flying fish twitched twice and died. Its corpse slid from the spears of Seglade and was left behind by the raft. It fell into the swamp and was divided up by countless creatures at the moment

“My God” Elaine was so frightened that her whole body stood on end when she saw the inhumane scene

Anyone who falls into this swamp will be gnawed to the bone and the moor of Sudan is so crazy

But they didn’t even have time to be surprised when the three-foot-long giant centipede sprang out of the water and attacked the left flank of the raft

Albert, who had been informed of “I’m here”, had already drawn a wooden arrow and pierced it deeply into the compound eyes of the centipede, causing a burst of pain to the worm. Penetrated by Zephyr’s spear

The centipede swooped and grabbed the giant bird in the sky before it had time to fall down

The impact of the dive caused the raft to sway, and the boat almost tipped over. Elaine, who was sitting in the middle of the boat, immediately became a stabilizer — in the form of a dragon man, he spread his wings and used the wind resistance of his wings and lever arm to stabilize the hull

“Huh” After the boat rocked a few times, it finally settled down. The white dragon man was sweating. He didn’t want to fall into the swamp no matter what – the thought of so many terrifying bugs in the water would come and bite. His **** is very scary

“Damn bird” Albert looked at the countless giant eagles, vultures and crows hovering in the sky and really wanted to give these guys an arrow: “You can’t shoot them down meow”

“With the current equipment, it will probably be very difficult.” Bedivere continued to draw the bow to be alert to the front. He used the modified heavy bow to shoot a rocket and burned the huge tentacle in front of him. Convulsed and opened a safe passage. road to come

“Don’t worry about them, the bird’s swooping sound is very loud. Normally I can hear it in advance—Turn to the right at two o’clock ahead—Don’t make a noise that will distract me”

Albert reluctantly put away his complaints and continued to raise his bow on guard

Seems to hear a strange noise, and Chanel immediately shouted: “Oops—left full rudder at nine o’clock”

Palamidis, who was at the helm, made a sharp turn almost ninety degrees, drifted for several yards, and steered in front of a bubbling swamp

Fortunately, if I turned it fast enough, a pitch-black column suddenly appeared, and a black viscous liquid like cement was ejected from the bottom of the water to a height of ten feet. Texas’ point of view If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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