Light Spirit Epic Chapter 826: Escape to the Demon Marsh (2)



Chapter 826 Escape to the Magic Marsh


This special accessory was originally given to candidates during the round table trial to limit their use of magic

If you wear the magic bracelet, it proves that this guy is a candidate for the round table trial

Is he an orc? A werewolf transformed into a wolf with [Beastization]

No, when Palamides was on the deck of the battleship, he had already carefully observed that there were no other orcs among the candidates besides their group. If there were such prominent characters as werewolves, leopard warriors with sharp eyes like knives Even more unlikely to miss

And even if he is a werewolf, why can this guy become a big bad wolf? Isn’t the magic bracelet able to seal all magic?

“Palramidis, I’ll say it again, get out of the way” the werewolf Bedivere raised his bow and shouted rudely: “If you don’t get out of the way, I’ll shoot with you”

“You need to be so nervous, aren’t you just a candidate?” Palamidis smiled: “And he also saved you, how can you avenge your revenge”

“I don’t care. I didn’t like this guy from the beginning—my intuition was right. He turned into a wolf and approached us with absolutely no good intentions”

“If he can turn into a wolf, it’s probably your clan.” Palamides dragged the wolf out of the crocodile’s mouth again: “Is it really okay to shoot your own clan?”

Bedivere’s face was depressed when he said this. He knew very well in his heart that this wolf was definitely not his own. This guy must be someone who knows how to use shapeshifting to turn himself into a wolf. Just a human mage

But there are exceptions, what if it is true

If there is such a case, if Bedivere shoots his own rare clan, wouldn’t it be sinful

Bedivere sighed before putting down his bow: “It’s okay not to kill him, but we absolutely can’t bring him back to camp. This guy has ulterior motives. I don’t want to go on the road with a ticking time bomb.”

“Huhuhu is stingy to put it bluntly” Palamidis dragged the big bad wolf out of the beast’s throat and placed it on the shore: “At least give him some treatment – his forehead is so hot it’s burning “

The werewolf watched Paramedis clean and bandage the wolf’s wounds without a word

The **** panther found a large piece of bark and filled it with water; he used the parachute cloth he carried with him to hold a small bag of water and tied it into a spherical water bag and put it in the bark bowl.

“What do you want?” Bedivere gets impatient despite the speed at which the leopard fighters do it all

“Look at it” Palamidis poured out a lot of snow-white powder from the jug. This is the saltpeter powder they refined last night. He poured the powder into the water in the bark bowl and wrapped the parachute cloth. Bag of water placed on the water surface with the bark bowl

The magic happened: the saltpeter dissolved in the water quickly absorbed the heat of the water in the bark bowl, and the water in the bowl cooled quickly, and the water in the cold bowl made the bag (covered by the cloth) above the water quickly coagulation

It didn’t take long for the bag of water in Palamidis’s hand to become a real ice pack. A large ice cube was wrapped in a gelatinous parachute cloth

“Look, I don’t need [magic] to conjure magic”, the big cat boasting a curly beard

“It’s really fierce. I didn’t expect that saltpeter can be used in this way.” Bedivere snorted: “Is this learned from the Turkic elephant people?”

“Not quite — this is a trick I learned a long time ago in the Orc Army” Palamedis put an ice pack on the wolf’s forehead to help cool the wolf:

“In those toughest years when we didn’t even have a decent weapon, we were taught to use every available resource to survive in the wilderness

Making gunpowder to kill enemies and open up wasteland to make ice cubes to stop bleeding and heal wounds are the most basic alchemy knowledge – although they were originally derived from the pharmaceutical experience of elephants”

In a sense, Palamidis is more comfortable with this exam than anyone—because he already has too many similar wilderness survival experiences

Grey wolf howled and seemed to be tormented by the pain, but he recovered unimaginably fast and probably would be able to get up again soon

“Enough is enough, just leave this guy here, he’ll make it through—at least until rescue arrives,” Bedivere urged: “We still have our own schedules, not too much time. When I’m busy”

“Of course” Palamides wrapped the wolf’s belly a few times with cloth and left a few pieces of jerky as a thank you gift for the wolf

He stood up and patted his **** after finishing everything swiftly: “I’m curious how he got here. He has nothing on him. Does he really run on two legs?”

“How is that possible?” Bedivere smiled disdainfully to hide the looming fear in his heart: “If a candidate can run and catch up with the anti-gravity spaceship we made, what tools are needed for this test. I don’t care if he runs on two legs or on four legs. There is absolutely no way he can run more than a thousand kilometers in a day—without the help of magic”

“That’s right about you” Palamidis tries to get rid of the wonderful thoughts in his head

If you can’t use magic, even Palamidis, who is good at running, can’t run so fast. It’s even more impossible for this big bad wolf to surpass this leopard warrior who is proud of his speed

Absolutely impossible unless——

“Maybe he just got separated from his comrades for 1,000 kilometers a day…that’s really beyond the limits of living things”

(unless there is external help)

The two collected a lot of useful resources and left the big bad wolf where they were, happily returning home

When they got back to camp, it was full daylight. The two leopard youths who got up early were diligently packing the raft, clearing the dry leaves that were used as mattresses, and stuffing everything that could fit into the warp jug. Go in and replace the anti-gravity device to move the raft from the top of the tree to the river

In this way, the raft is ready to take off at any time

“Yo Beidi you’re back meow” Albert (full.naked) was grilling fish by the river He didn’t seem to know that a lady came last night

“Well you’d better get dressed” Bedivere looked at the naked Albert and couldn’t help laughing

“Why meow here are all men—“

“Oh—“Chanel just came back from the woods picking firewood and greeted everyone from a distance

Albert’s **** was sprayed with a large circle of black paint. It looked like he was wearing a pair of black pants from a distance. No wonder Chanel didn’t show up right away

“Hey there’s a girl” Albert jumped up in shock: “And she’s a beauty—“

The fair skin of the dark elf girl can be bright in the sunlight. The blind man has a morbid beauty that has always been white and flawless. The tiger’s heart is rising, and he knows that something is wrong and hurries to find a place to hide

— When Chanel approached, the tiger was screamed immediately when he was approaching: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


She grabbed a stone and threw it at Albert’s flustered tiger. She was gorgeously hit on the forehead and turned twice before fainting

“Oh my God” the elf girl said angrily: “Do you orcs like to play tricks? You are a wolf like this, and so is this tài tiger”

“Please don’t confuse me with him” Bedivere sullenly picked up a leaf to cover the tiger’s vital parts: “What happened to me last night was force majeure; this guy did it himself”

“Hurry up and go out after breakfast” Palamidis sat cross-legged around the campfire and hurriedly chewed a few bites of grilled fish

The fat and juicy grilled fish was grilled just enough to make a crunchy crunch in the big cat’s mouth. A small amount of fish oil was splashed. The aroma drove everyone who had not eaten breakfast almost crazy

“Well, that’s what you made yesterday.” Bediveville also sat in front of the fire and ate and couldn’t stop staring at a big shelf behind the raft

Palamidis made dozens of pieces of sapphire-coated fabric last night. From a distance, these things looked beautifully reflective and silvery like a piece of metal foil. The big cat used a wooden shelf to connect the metal foils to form a circle. Shield-shaped weird structure

Just like the earliest photon mirrors described in the history books—works from the tenth century BC

“I still don’t know how the photon mirror is made, but it’s so big that we don’t have enough power to drive it”

“There will be some after I finish eating”The leopard warrior continued to chew the grilled fish and eat it happily

While Zeffer and Seglade were eating and playing with their newly-built spears, the wooden handle of the spear came from needless to say, and the sharp and slightly curved spear head was the source of Bedivere yesterday. The wild boar tooth of the beast that was snatched back late

The two leopards didn’t seem satisfied with the idea of ​​making the boar’s tusk into a dagger and changed it to a spear, but since they’re in charge of raising the shield for defense, the spear is indeed better than having the dagger because the shield can be raised at the same time as the spear. The attack achieves the integration of attack and defense

Palamidis hurriedly finished the grilled fish and went to help his sons strengthen the two-sided wooden shield with crocodile skin. When the other members were all packed and ready to go out, the leopard warriors also used resin to fix the crocodile skin in place. Two very strong shields are made on the surface of the wooden shield

With these equipment, they can feel a little more at ease tonight, even if there is a monster attack, they can fight against it tonight

Albert got up after fainting for a while and found himself wearing a robe — or a fragment of a robe — at least to cover his ugliness

“You are not being kind, there is a beautiful girl in the team who didn’t know me in advance.” As soon as the tiger jumped on the raft, he complained violently: “If I knew that there was a woman, I would definitely put on clothes at the first time.” “

“God knows if you’re going to continue playing tricks—you slept naked last night,” Bedivere said coldly

“Yesterday is yesterday, everything is nothing, don’t talk about it together.” Albert tried his best to explain to himself in front of the elf girl: “cough… In short, I am not the kind of change you imagined. So uh—“

“Chanel of Orleans, which belongs to the Knights of Saint Lily of France”, the elf girl introduced herself with a stern face

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mademoiselle Chanel, although our first meeting wasn’t very pleasant—I hope you can forget about these unpleasant things”

“Humph—Gumbling guy” Elf girl turned her face away she didn’t like Al

“Huhuhu” Palamidis laughed softly and got on the boat and handed the two large crocodile skin shields to his two sons: “When you are all ready, then go out”

“Yes, let me see what you do with these photon mirrors” The werewolf activated the anti-gravity devices at the four corners of the raft while staring curiously at the big cat

The raft floated and the jet propellers mounted on the rear of the raft also ignited, spewing steady flames and pushed the raft up the Nile, but its speed increased very slowly because there was one more person on board and one more equipment. Many ships almost doubled in weight

Paramedis sat cross-legged and just sat behind the mirror when the werewolf was about to offer to throw away the deadly heavy set of mirrors

“Alright, stay away from me, be careful of getting hurt” what happened to him when he stretched out his hands between his palms

A spark flashed between his fingers

Paramidis creates electricity in the body

“I can’t believe you don’t wear a magic bracelet” Chanel asked in surprise: “Why can you use lightning magic?”

“This is not magic” Bedivere watched the fur on Palamidis stand up and was gradually illuminated by the golden electric light, and couldn’t help but explain: “It is because of his special constitution that he can create electricity in his body”

Yes, as a green knight, Palamidis can change his form on a small scale and create electrical discharge organs in his body to produce electricity.

But after all, this is not magic. The electricity that can be made is not strong. At best, it is similar to the level of electric eels in nature. Even ordinary people may not be electrocuted.

However, this power is more than enough to drive the photon mirror

“Look I don’t need [magic] to be able to [magic]” Palamidis repeated what he had said to Bedivere with a little smugness while grabbing the edge of the photon mirror with both hands

The “circuit” is switched on. This large photon mirror works very well although it is only a crude item. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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