Light Spirit Epic Chapter 825: Escape to the Demon Marsh (1)


『Yan**first*..Chapter 825 Escape to the Demon Marsh

The next day near the sixth waterfall of the Nile River

In the early spring, the tropical day dawned very early. It was about five o’clock and the sky was dyed by a burst of fish maw white

A sudden shaking woke the Bedivere Werewolf from a tossing last night. He was already tired and lay down. He didn’t expect to be woken up early in the morning. He must have a bad temper when he woke up

“What are you doing?” His hazy eyes quickly widened and stared at Palamidis in front of him

“You promised to accompany me out in the morning to collect nitrate” the leopard warrior who stayed all night but still looked in good spirits

“I don’t seem to have any… God, I’m tired from tossing around last night, can’t you be accommodating?” Bedivere just lay back and covered it with a quilt

“No, men have to keep their promises” Palamidis said rigidly: “Get up and accompany me on a trip, you’ll have a whole day to sleep after we leave the boat”

Intuition tells Bedivere that it’s impossible. Today’s trip must be dangerous and he won’t have a chance to rest at all

But it’s so annoying. Palamidis has been shaking Bedivere’s shoulders. He doesn’t give the werewolf a chance to fall asleep again. He can only accompany this guy on a perfunctory walk.

The werewolf sighed and quickly got up and changed his clothes. His original robe was taken over by Chanel and when he returned to camp he took a new one from the spare robe – which they got from other candidates One of the stolen goods

Bedivere couldn’t find a robe that fit: almost all of the large robes were cut up and used up into ropes

The remaining smaller robe is worn on the werewolf like a tight suit that gets in the way and makes him look like a pervert in a skirt

It’s no wonder that Palamidis is giggling on the side

In a fit of rage, Bedivere slits his robe and wraps it like a loincloth around his lower body while he carries a large modified bow on his shirtless shoulders

In this way, the werewolf’s dress is primitive and wild, and has its own unique style (although it still looks like a tài)

“Let’s go” he whispered as he jumped from the tree: “By the way, the bow you resized overnight seems to be very good, thank you”

The big bow is made of several reinforced woods joined to each other, and the strings made of the rubber bands of the monsters are hard and sturdy. The arrows shot with full force from this bow are several times stronger than ordinary wooden bows and can be worn through Through the hard skin of most monsters

If it wasn’t for Palamidis being so hateful, Bedivere would have spent more time praising the leopard warrior’s ingenuity, but now he’s still angry and doesn’t want to say anything other than a [thank you]

“Don’t thank you, it would be very difficult to deal with monsters without a bow of this level,” Palamedis sneered while holding a thirty-inch long rhinoceros horn in his hand. Long knife—it was made from the horn of the monster that Bedivere brought back last night

Such a tough material, the Leopard Warriors probably spent the whole night working on this thing

Anyway, the sword has been done in a decent way. The monster’s horns have their own unique cold light and are fastened to a wooden handle by ropes. Primitive and dangerous Give him more time and tools. This weapon is made into a peerless magic weapon

With this giant bow and that treasured sword, they both felt at ease for the first time walking on the banks of the Nile River full of monsters

“Now—” Palamidis walked ahead and shoved a stone into Bedivere: “This is the nitrate. Remember this smell. Try to dig some more and I’ll get some resin and it’s done.”

“Sure…” Bedivere sniffed the stone, remembering the slightly pungent smell characteristic of nitrate, and there were similar smells everywhere on the ground. He just had to follow the nose of his puppy. A lot of nitrate can be dug with guidance

“I don’t know if I can find sulphur in the Everglades” Palamidis slashed the bark on the tree with a sharp knife in his hand, and the bark split open. The fat and oily camphor trees immediately turned milky white The resin

This time Palamides collected the resin in a more efficient way: he put a piece of bark under the tree that was holding the resin, let the resin fall on the bark and then let it go on to the other tree. tree performs the same operation

“Worst case” the leopard man slashed the bark of the third tree with a knife” is that we have never been able to find sulfur and can only find it in the volcanic underground palace when we reach Mount Kilimanjaro”

“Have you given up your plans to make explosives?” Bedivere also used a log to dig out a lot of saltpeter: “I think the flaming arrows are good enough. Maybe we will have these when we reach our destination. The material becomes so worthless.”

“Hopefully so” Paramedis saw that the tree was almost cut and stopped to play with the long knife in his hand: “But I had a hunch that it wouldn’t end like this — and this knife Great, I’ll keep it even if it’s not needed for the exam”

(That’s the giant rhino horn I got back, you’re too embarrassed to say it)

“Oh God” Palamidis exclaimed at this time and looked towards the distant river bank

“What’s wrong?” Bedivere also followed the gaze of the Leopard warrior to the river bank

I saw the corpse of a huge Nile crocodile by the river. The Nile crocodile with a length of thirty feet was supposed to be the absolute overlord on the Nile River. The monsters didn’t dare to approach it, but it was bitten to death from the throat The following parts were deeply dug out and a large mass of meat seemed to have died for several hours

Bedivere recognizes that this guy is the Nile crocodile that attacked him in the river last night. If it weren’t for some talking wolf to rescue Bedivere, he would have died in the belly of the crocodile /

Of course he also briefly explained this to Palamidis last night

Palamidis laughed as he looked at the dead crocodile: “I’m right, go out with friends. Thanks to your wolf friend, this guy didn’t eat you for dessert. I should be thankful for that wolf——but I’m very curious about that wolf can even beat the Nile crocodile, what a powerful fighting force”

“It’s the so-called [life can’t take care of] for him to be so strong in combat but unable to forage on his own.” Bediveville sneered, he still didn’t like the big bad wolf

“You can scold him if he’s not there” Palamidis inspected the corpse of the giant crocodile, picked up his extremely sharp sword and cut it down: “I should be able to get something out of this dead crocodile. You go get the resin back and we should leave”

“Okay” the werewolf was eager to go back to sleep immediately and promised to go back to sleep

Palamidis used that rhino horn sword to quickly cut off several pieces of the crocodile skin of the Nile crocodile when Bedivere used to collect the resin from the bark. The skin was full of photons like steel. Hard but dozens of times lighter than metals of equal hardness are ideal for armor…though they don’t have enough tools to make armor

Palamidis tried to knock out its biggest front teeth from the crocodile’s mouth again, but the dead crocodile’s front teeth were still too strong to knock on. In the end, he gave up and pulled out five or six relatively Short teeth about a foot long – these things at least make some daggers and daggers

Seeing that there is nothing else to collect. Palamidis was about to turn and leave, but he turned around and found something in the crocodile’s throat

…a wolf

Not a teenager

Not a wolf Palamidis rubbed his eyes and thought he was wrong

The big bad wolf that hid in the throat of the giant Nile crocodile and slept soundly overnight is the big bad wolf that Palamidis and Bedivere saw last night.

This guy seems to be exhausted from fighting the alligator all night and has no choice but to hide in the throat of the dead alligator for the night

It’s a smart way to do other monsters dare not approach the Nile crocodile at all, even if the crocodile is dead, the wolf can sleep peacefully under the shelter and insulation effect of the crocodile body

—Although this is disgusting

—Anyway, it’s a beast and won’t think about it so much

“Palami—” Bedivere collected enough resources to come back to find the leopard warrior and saw the big bad wolf in the mouth of the Nile crocodile: “Damn this guy has been hiding here all the time. A place to plant”

“He appears to be badly injured” Palamidis ventures into the crocodile’s mouth: “Help me drag a hand”

“You’re going to save that guy” Bedivere is still haunted by what happened before: “Forget it, this guy almost cut off my arm last night”

“He saved you, too, and it’ll be evened out” Palamides drags the wolf out of the crocodile’s throat and the dead crocodile emits a stench from its belly Warrior Kaoru fainted

“Uh, how dare you sleep in such a ghost place? There’s really no problem with your nose” Palamidis shook the big bad wolf, but it didn’t respond and slept very deadly

“Palamie let him go” Bedivere exclaimed that the bow was full

“What are you doing? You’re such a cheapskate?” The Leopard Warrior shrugged disapprovingly

“Not” the werewolf exclaimed: “Look at his arm”

The leopard looked down suspiciously and was surprised

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