Light Spirit Epic Chapter 829: Escape to the Demon Marsh (5)


Chapter 829: Escape to the Magic Marsh

“Bedie!!” Albert quickly grabbed the werewolf’s arm, preventing the werewolf from flying away from the raft!

However, the impact was so great that even Albert was pulled over! The two of them fell off the raft at the same time, and were about to fall into that terrifying swamp full of murderous intent!

“Grab!—” Elaine stretched out her hand and grabbed Albert’s left leg: “Grab you!”

The clothes the tiger used to wrap around his waist was also torn off in the impact, revealing his bare bottom. “You can say **the first*(..)”

“Yah!~~~~~~ hooligan!” Chanel, the elf girl, screamed.

After the impact of the impact wears off, the ship continues to fall from the sky! The bear man pulled hard and pulled the tiger and wolf back together, and the two fell on the deck of the raft following this momentum.

The moment they fell, the whole raft sank at the same time, splashing countless splashes on the water! It was like a pebble bouncing on the water surface. It bounced up and down dozens of times before finally returning to stability, and continued to fly in the air under the action of the anti-gravity device!

“Ow, it hurts so much…” Albert kept complaining when he was pulled back by Elaine. His leg was so badly injured that it was almost twisted off by the white bear.

“Before, put on your pants!” Chanel has a bigger opinion than Tiger.

“Not the time for that!” Bedivere yelled, drawing everyone’s attention back to reality.

During the big explosion just now, the swamp python was interrupted for a moment. But it suffered little damage from the explosion, just a few scales off its head. This guy shook his head a few times, cleared his mind, and immediately chased after him without giving up!

“Wow, how thick is this guy’s skin?!” Palamidis couldn’t help exclaiming.

“Damn.” Bedivere also cursed in exasperation. They have lost two jet thrusters. If even that kind of explosion can’t kill the python, then they have nothing on hand to kill the monster!

I can’t use magic, and I don’t even have a decent weapon in my hand, but at such a time when I encounter such a monster that defies the sky—doesn’t let people live? !

“You bastard.” Blue veins popped up from Bedivere’s forehead. He drew out three high-energy flaming arrows and drew his bow: “Chanel, do you still have that oil fountain?”

“What? You still want to get close to that horrible thing?”

“Just tell me!” the werewolf said rudely.

“…Okay, one o’clock ahead!” the elf girl commanded.

“…hope you’re not killing yourself.” Palamides steered the boat in that direction. In fact, he had no other choice but to believe in the werewolf. The closer the swamp python that followed, forced them to be cornered!

Whoosh! At the same time as the ship passed by at high speed, the black liquid column on the side also rose up. A huge amount of oil spewed out, thirty feet high, one of the largest even in the oil geyser in the Sudanese Everglades!

The oil rained down from the sky, but the raft went so fast that it fled far before it got caught in the oil rain. On the contrary, the huge swamp python couldn’t hold back its momentum and was headed towards the oil fountain!

“Die!” Bedivere has ignited a high-energy flaming arrow, and the arrow is aimed at the oil fountain with precision! The flaming flame drew a red trail in the air, it fell into the black sticky fountain, and instantly ignited the oil column!

Boom! ! Even the people on the raft, who had escaped a hundred yards away, could feel the astonishing heat from the violently burning oil geyser.

The column of oil instantly turned into a column of fire, rising into the sky with an explosion. The flame fountain reflects everything around it, and the fire is brighter than the sun!

The serpent had no time to stop the castration, and had already plunged into the pillar of oil. It was drenched in flaming oil and completely engulfed by the flames! Looking from a distance, only the figure of the giant snake can be seen struggling in the sea of ​​​​fire!

“Haha! It’s finally dead, you **** snake!” Albert shouted loudly, wagging his tail.

“Before that, please put on your pants—“Chanel turned her face away, deliberately not to look at the tiger’s butt.

“Wait —– he’s not dead yet!” the werewolf exclaimed hysterically, making everyone almost jump in fright!

Yes, how can such a small fire kill a swamp python? This extremely intractable monster has incredible toughness. It can endure the pain of burning flames, spew out of the fire column, and continue to catch up!

Clap clap clap clap lol! The flames burned frantically, roasting the surface of the giant snake’s body to a crisp, its scales burst open one after another, making a popcorn-like sound-although the sound was amplified ten times!

It has transformed into a veritable fiery serpent, its oil-soaked body burning violently, and its cracked scales glowing with an incredibly beautiful red light!

And it’s going to go crazy and eat Bedivere — this guy’s obsession with chasing food is horrible!

“One more time!” Bediveville has set up the flaming arrow: “Chanel, find another oil fountain!”

“No more!” The elf girl complained angrily: “Do you think that is a very common natural phenomenon?! It is a miracle that we can see the oil fountain three times in a row in one day, and the probability is so small that it is only a hundred One in ten thousand!——“

“But!” The werewolf seems to often encounter miracles. He is so used to being favored by “miracles” that he has become self-willed for no reason: “There will always be more, always!”

“Stop dreaming!” Chanel roared like a man.

“Stop arguing! — here we are!” Zephyr’s cry interrupted the argument between the two.

The meeting point of the cyan river and the white river reflects the turbulent huge waves. There have been countless scholars arguing over this meeting point, believing that the Qinghe or Baihe is the real source of the Nile. But their quarrels are always in vain, in fact, the two rivers are the source, regardless of each other!

Yes, the waters ahead are the White Nile and its confluence with the Blue Nile, [the great fusion of blue and white].

The torrents of the two rivers collided for many years, creating a large area of ​​alluvial flat land, and the terrain is no longer as pitted as the Sudanese Everglades. Although it is still full of swampy atmosphere, and the swamps are full of thick moisture, the deepest part of the water here has never been knee-deep, and there will be no poisonous insects and beasts infested——here you can fight with peace of mind!

“Chanel and I stay on board to support!” Palamedis commanded: “Everyone else disembarks and disperses their guard!”

Papa Papapapapapapa! ——The figures of the five orcs jumped out of the raft at the same time. They tumbled a few times in the shallow water of the swamp, stirring up several waves, and then stopped smoothly.

And the crazy, red-hot swamp python also caught up with them.

“There is no way.” Bedivere raised the big wooden bow and looked at the crazy snake from a distance: “Since you want to die, we will kill you together!”

At the same time, Great Britain, home of the Knights of the North, Fort Edinburgh.

Amid the cold wind and snow in early spring, this steel castle towering over a thousand-foot cliff is silent in endless stillness, almost unchanged from seven years ago.

This castle, reinforced by heavy magic and protective barriers, was once used to withstand the shelling of Viking warships; the thousands of photon cannons on its walls have driven countless Viking warships; and Now in peacetime, the castle is almost no longer used for combat, and the alliance between Great Britain and Iceland is rock-solid, and the knights seem to have no reason to fight the Vikings any more.

But the castle never sat idle. Existence is meaningful, even in a decommissioned castle.

On this lazy holiday morning, a sassy golden meteor pierced the sky and passed over the fort.

That is the dragon ride of the knight-king Arthur.

As if welcoming the king, the castle opened a huge gate leading directly to the mechanical warehouse used by the king.

“Here.” Arthur drove the dragoon, carefully driving the anti-gravity airship into the base.

“Well, aren’t we going to the playground, meow? How did we come to such a place, meow?” Leopard man Hal, sitting in the back row, asked nervously.

“Could it be that there is also a treasure hunt game here?” Husky asked, sitting in the back row of the Dragon Rider, wagging his tail.

King Arthur smiled mysteriously: “Haha, that’s half right. There’s more fun here than a playground.”

“Really, really meow?” the little black panther called suspiciously.

This knight’s castle with iron walls seems impossible to have any entertainment facilities. There are also interesting things in this kind of place, and it is more fun than the playground? how is this possible!

Also, the knights are dead brains, their heads are harder than concrete, and they are filled with knowledge of fighting and killing. This kind of talent can’t build a playground in a bunker.

“Come on, Uncle Arthur won’t lie to you.” The king of knights drove the dragon cavalry into the warehouse and moored on a prepared deck, and picked up the inconvenient little Hal from the back seat: “After playing [that], I guarantee that you are satisfied and want to play again in the future.”

I’m looking forward to it more and more meow. “Hal sniffed the pungent smell of engine oil in the warehouse, and looked at the metal-colored set around him, wondering for a while.

“Your Majesty.” Cameron, the Knight of the Round Table who came to meet him, has walked into the warehouse: “The system is ready. Do you want to start testing?”

“Well, please.” Arthur nodded slightly.

Cameron looked at the King of Knights and froze again.

“Speak straight.” Arthur saw through his subordinates’ actions and asked unceremoniously.

“Okay…” Cameron, the Knight of the Round Table, squinted again at the two little devils brought by the King of Knights: “Your Majesty, I’m sorry, even adults find it difficult to test the [Dragon Knight System]. On these dolls, I’m afraid…”

“Yes.” King Arthur’s eyes wandered to the ceiling, all his thoughts said: “That’s it. Set the difficulty to the lowest level, cancel all pain feedback, and increase the safety protocol to the highest. Just initialize a map like this. .”

Cameron was stunned again: “…that’s it?”

“Anything else missing?!” The King of Knights became impatient.

“They’re kids…the **** stuff in the system——“

“Cancel all the bleeding Don’t ask me to be wordy again!”

“But the system is not perfect, I’m afraid something will be missed by chance…”

“Everything will be fine, don’t worry about it, okay?!” Arthur said impatiently.

“Then… well.” Cameron finally reluctantly agreed, turning around and leading the group into a system deep within the castle.

“Difficulty? Pain…? Bleeding manifestation? Initialization?” Husky repeated King Arthur’s words in a low voice, bewildered.

“Follow up.” Arthur smiled at the dog boy and walked behind Cameron: “You’ll understand right away.”

Husky followed the King of Knights suspiciously, and the group soon disappeared into the steel corridor of the castle. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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