Light Spirit Epic Chapter 82: Try it out on the edge


Chapter 82 Temptation to the Frontier (True)

In the evening, in a small hotel on the border of Rome.

“How? Can it be fixed?” Bedivere asked worriedly.

“No. Originally, the lightsaber was designed to be waterproof. However, the fierce fighting in the water and the immersion in sea water caused the battery to enter the water through the crack. Everything else can be repaired, but this battery is the biggest problem, not There is absolutely no way to get a replacement within the jurisdiction of the Knights.” Arthur said frustratedly.

“Can’t you just remove one from the light gun or something?” Evan asked.

“Light saber batteries use five times the energy output of light gun batteries,” Arthur said. “Even if you’re a genius and can adjust the interface to fit the lightsaber, it’s impossible to achieve such a large output. “

“Then…” Kai wanted to say something, but stopped immediately, “No, I can’t give you the battery of my long gun, or I’ll have no weapons.”

“Alas.” Arthur sighed, “It’s impossible for Roman folk to get weapons. It’s dangerous enough to come to Rome this time, and I don’t have any weapons. Can I be more unlucky?”

“Intuition tells me that’s not what you’re worried about,” Kay said.

“…That’s right.” Arthur said deflatedly, “That leopard man, my intuition tells me that even with a decent weapon in hand, I can’t beat his speed.”

“How is that possible! Arthur loses too?” Bedivere exclaimed in disbelief. “Arthur, you’re just kidding us, aren’t you? Just scare us, right?!”

Arthur shook his head: “I just hope we don’t have to meet that pirate again and reach Rome smoothly.”

“But my intuition tells me that he will continue to appear and trouble us.” Arthur said solemnly, “So… before we enter Rome, can you kid quickly take your body The hair is dyed?!”

Bediver frowned at Arthur, then looked at the package of hair dye on the table: “No.”

“Why?! I just want you to dye your hair, do you need to resist? You think that mimetic collar is omnipotent? That thing can fool ordinary people, but it can’t fool the eyes of the Hungarians! Do you want them to find you at a glance?!”

“But this is the proud silver hair of our family, how can we just dye it! And why choose this disgusting khaki dye? It’s ugly!”

“If you want your silver hair to be dyed smoothly, this is the best choice.” Arthur said, “Don’t push it again, just dye it for me.”

Bedivere resisted desperately, “No taint, no taint, in short, no taint!”

“You—this—stink—little—son—!” Arthur’s face turned red, then purple, and he immediately grabbed Bedivere and went to Drag in the bathroom, “Look at me drowning you with dye!!”

“No!!!!” The orc boy struggled, as if he had never struggled so vigorously in his life, “Kay! Evan! Help, help!——“

“Good luck. God bless you.” Kai prayed for Bedivere, half pity, half mischief.

“Ah!!!!!!” In the bathroom, Bedivere screamed, “No, not there!——Don’t touch here——and there too No! It hurts, ah!!!!”

“Is this… is it really dyeing hair?” Evan asked suspiciously.

“Better not ask what happened inside,” Kay said with a sneer.

After the slaughtering wailing from Bedivere, Arthur came out of the bathroom drenched, panting, and disheveled.

“Ugh…” Bedi sobbed softly and crawled out, the hair on his body was properly dyed golden yellow (the silver hair turned out unexpectedly under the action of the khaki dye) s color).

“Not bad,” Kay said.

“Not bad?!” Bedi immediately said, “Look at this disgusting yellow! My body has been defiled! How can you tell me to have the face to see my dead clansmen in the future?”

“They’re all dead, how do you see it? Not to mention it’s just dyeing your hair, how can you say it is so serious.” Kai sneered, “At least your integrity is still there.”

“I hate,” Bedivere said, wiping away tears.

“Huhuhu, hate it, boy. If you hate it, you’ll get used to it.” Kai laughed.

“It’s such a big fuss about such a small thing, this is a little kid who has never seen the world.” Arthur scolded, “The dye will run out in two or three months, so what are you afraid of.”

“What if I can’t get it off? Am I wearing this disgusting yellow hair all my life?”

“Don’t worry, if the color doesn’t fade, I’ll take responsibility and shave all your hair off. You’ll be a real ‘human’ then.” Arthur sarcastically said.

“Arthur, I hate you,” Bedivere said sadly.

“Hate it, boy. It’s numb to hate it,” Arthur said.

“Uh, there is still a patch on the **** that is not dyed.” Evan said suddenly.

“Noisy!” Bedivere hurriedly covered his **** with his hands.

“You will dye it yourself, right?” Arthur’s eyes flashed coldly, “Or do you want me to dye it for you again?”

“No, no, I’ll do it myself!!!!” The werewolf boy ran into the bathroom with his tail tucked.

“Evan, I hate you too!” The werewolf boy stuck his head out of the bathroom and continued to curse.

“Hate it, we don’t know each other well anyway.” Evan showed a cruel and funny sneer.

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