Light Spirit Epic Chapter 83: Choose from the Emperor (Part 1)


Chapter 83: The Emperor (Part 1)

The next morning.

“Are you ready?” Arthur asked.

The group nodded and walked towards the gate of Rome together.

“Stop! Who are you? Bring out your clearance documents!” shouted the guard guarding the gate.

Arthur silently took out the document.

“Oh, the knights of Pantoracken? Your business has been announced. Wait a moment, the carriage to take you to the capital will be here soon,” said the guard.

“We’ll just find a way to get to the capital,” Arthur said dispassionately.

“I’m sorry that’s impossible, knight,” said the guard. “You know what’s going on in Rome right now. We can’t let foreign knights walk the streets of Rome just like that. Please cooperate. “

Kay and Arthur looked at each other and had to compromise.

The approaching wagon is pulled by two horses clad in armor and anti-gravity thrusters. The incomparably luxurious carriage is indeed a standard ceremonial vehicle used to receive foreign guests. In contrast, Arthur and his party were dressed in rustic clothes, and whoever saw a **** like them sitting in such a luxurious carriage would feel inappropriate.

“Oh, put a mirror on a horseshoe to generate propulsion? Luckily they can figure it out.” Bedivere measured the car curiously, as excited as a child.

“Sit me down, don’t be rude.” Arthur said angrily.

“Oh, what a lively child.” The Roman knight who had just stepped into the carriage laughed. This man is burly and imposing, wearing luxuriously designed but very practical armor, it can be seen that he is a soldier of very high status.

“Who are you?” Arthur asked.

“Belisarius is just a warrior,” the knight said.

“It turns out that Your Excellency is the well-known General Belisarius. I am really terrified to ask you to **** us, General,” Arthur said.

“Where. His Majesty the Emperor thinks that even in this eventful time, the basic etiquette should still be fulfilled.” General Belisarius said, “Besides, I’m only the lowest ranked among the ten Roman generals, and I have a lot of power in my hands. I have no real power, and I have been very idle, so I have no choice but to take charge of this kind of diplomatic reception.”

When the others looked at each other and didn’t know what to say, Belisarius continued: “Actually, you don’t have to be so nervous, I’m on your side.”

“What do you say?” Arthur asked tentatively.

“The attitude of His Majesty the Emperor is indeed fluctuating. For Rome, no matter which side it ally with in the war, it must be in the most disadvantaged position at the forefront. Therefore, His Majesty’s highest priority is not those who are benevolent and righteous, but It is the one with whom the alliance is most assured of victory and the most benefit.”

“Wait a minute. Your Excellency means that the Hungarians also intend to discuss an alliance with His Majesty the Emperor?” Kai asked.

“They were earlier than human beings. They sent envoys to talk about an alliance from the beginning.” The general said, “Do you know how much effort it took for His Majesty the Emperor to finally delay the situation until you came?”

“In other words, Your Majesty doesn’t want to form an alliance with the Hungarians?” Arthur was even more puzzled.

“Your Majesty only wants to form an alliance with the strongest.” Belisarius said bluntly, “What he means is that you come and decide the outcome with the Hungarians, so that His Majesty can clearly understand who will be in this war. It has the greatest chance of winning. The Eastern Rome was not long after its founding, and it was a period when everything was waiting to be rebuilt, and defeating a battle was the worst outcome that could never be tolerated. As human beings, of course we want to help human beings, but we must also see that human beings have the hope of winning. Help. Rome also has to survive, I hope you can understand…”

“I can understand. Rome has the difficulties of Rome, especially the geographical location is right between the human world and the Hungarian world, and the war is the most tormented by the war.” Arthur said, “So wartime Rome All civilians were allowed to take refuge in Pantoracken, and all the materials lost by Rome during the war were borne by the Allies. These were all specified in the treaty.”

“I know. Your Majesty must be very happy to see such favorable conditions. The only question then is whether you are strong enough to win this war,” the general said.

“What does His Majesty want to see to be satisfied? The simple statistics of troops are clearly listed in the document.” Arthur said.

“It’s a pity that His Majesty the Emperor is also a martial artist. He is not interested in documents and data at all, and he never believes in things on paper. What he believes is always what he sees with his own eyes.” The general said, “So please Prepare yourself mentally, as the means used by His Majesty to make a decision is a duel.”


“Although it’s just my personal guess.” Belisarius said, “but according to the ancient Roman tradition, let the envoys of both sides duel in the arena, and Rome only helps the victor. This is probably His Majesty’s plan. .”

“You can see who is stronger without offending the envoys of either side,” Kay said. “It’s very cunning, but it’s a really smart move.”

“I’m sorry, but there’s no way around that.” Bellisarius sighed, “Rome only fights sure battles, and it’s been this way since ancient times. But, as I said just now, I’m on your side. I don’t like those beasts who only know how to loot. It’s better to be allied with them than to kill me. Although I can’t help you, I can provide you with information and let you Easier to defeat the Hungarian envoys.”

“Wait a minute.” Bedivere couldn’t help asking at this time, “Since the other party also knows that the alliance will be decided by a duel, didn’t they have sent the strongest warriors in all the orcs? Why can’t we send Celestial Knights to fight here? Wouldn’t things be much simpler if we also sent Celestial Knights here?!”

“The celestial knights are not allowed to enter Rome, just like the patriarchs of the Huns are not allowed to enter Rome. Such powerful warriors entering the Roman border will only make the situation more tense, which is the last thing His Majesty wants to see. Yes.” The general said, “I don’t know if you guys are second to the knights of the Heavenly Throne, but you are here right now as your council’s choice, and I just hope your council is right.”

“Or maybe the stupid council never thought about a duel at all, they just saw the alliance as a foregone said, “They probably thought that no matter how ruthless Rome was, it would always be fine. Wouldn’t really run off to ally with the orcs. “

Belissa was anxious: “What the **** is your council thinking? Are you kidding? His Majesty the Emperor is serious. If humans were really so unsatisfactory, His Majesty would rather form an alliance with orcs to attack Europe. Your Majesty can really do it!”

“Relax, General. Don’t pay attention to Sir Kay’s jokes. The Council is serious. Although we may not be the strongest knights below the Heavenly Knights, we are sure to defeat the warriors sent by the other side.” Arthur said coldly.

“To be honest, I’m a little skeptical when I see your group. It’s not polite to say that, but aren’t you just a bunch of little devils?” , battle-hardened warriors. Do you really have a chance of winning in a duel with them?”

“As long as you plan your battle well, yes,” Arthur said calmly.

The general hesitated for a while, but the look in Arthur’s eyes didn’t seem like a joke, and gradually he believed, “Well, it seems that you are sure. Anyway, I decided to help you, let me I believe it to the end. I will send someone as much as possible to check the information on the orc envoys to find out their strength. You should prepare well for the duel.”

“Thank you, Your Excellency, first.” Arthur nodded arrogantly and politely.

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