Light Spirit Epic Chapter 81: Try it out on the edge


Chapter 81 Temptation to the Border (Part 2)

Kai grabbed the two teenagers and jumped violently, jumping far away, almost away from the whirlpool, and then he rowed hard and swam towards the shore at a very high speed. Arthur knew that Kai would only be free. The area of ​​influence of the vortex is already safe.

“It’s too late to summon the evil star now. Well, there’s nothing to be afraid of…” Arthur saw a wooden board floating on the water, jumped out, and landed precisely on wooden boards.

As soon as he got on his feet, the boat behind him immediately broke in two and sank at a higher speed, creating a larger whirlpool and stirring up a faster current.

Arthur knew there was no time to hesitate any longer. He jumped and jumped to another plank in the distance. He just clicked on the plank, and immediately used its reaction force to jump to another foothold further away. superior. Fortunately, the battle just now caused the ship to scatter a lot of fragments, enough for Arthur to jump out a long distance.

“Don’t try to escape!” A voice recalled from behind Arthur, and when Arthur reacted, the man had already rushed towards Arthur. There was no way to escape in mid-air, so Arthur had no choice but to raise his lightsaber and slash it!

Pop! The photon claws used by the opponent just collided with the sword of the lightsaber! The quality of the weapon immediately showed a difference under the collision, and Arthur was knocked several dozen feet away.

“Wow.” Seeing that there was nowhere to stay, Arthur took a deep breath and plunged into the water. The shore is not far away, and if you struggle again, you can always reach the shore before you drown. But Arthur didn’t start paddling, but slapped the water with all his strength, turned and jumped out of the water.

If he hadn’t done that, he would be dead now.

The orc chasing after swiped with a claw, just in time to meet Arthur who raised his lightsaber to take the attack, and the lightsaber collided with the opponent’s photon claws again.

But this time, Arthur deliberately minimized the damage of the lightsaber.

“Hmph, do you want to fight against me with such a lousy weapon?” the opponent said contemptuously.

“No, that’s exactly what I want.” Arthur sneered. Photon weapons colliding together generate a powerful reaction force, and always the side with the lower photon concentration suffers more. As a result, Arthur, who fought against the opponent’s powerful weapon with the lowest output, flew out like a rocket under the collision.

Swish swish. Arthur slid a long way down the beach before finally coming to a stop. He felt excruciating pain as if his hands and feet were broken, but he finally made it to shore safely. The shaking of the boat had not completely left him, but he was at least standing on stable land at the moment.

“Is it a trick? You really know how to use your brain, knight of Pantoracken.” The leopard warrior also caught up at this time, standing a few steps in front of Arthur. His green leopard eyes stared at Arthur Yuan.

Arthur had a real chance to get a good look at the opponent at this point. It was a leopard man with a special azure-colored fur all over his body, and his strong figure was vividly displayed under the tights that had almost no armor protection. It is this kind of life-threatening tactics of completely abandoning protection that allows him to have this incredible speed.

The other party said, “I’m the [Wind Whisperer] of the Gric (Leopard People), Chetovia Coves. Sign up, knight of Pantoracken.”

“As a pirate, you really pay attention to etiquette.” Arthur sarcastically, the other party’s funny cat face does not seem to be suitable for such serious words, “Silver of the North Sky Knights of Pantoracken Knight, Arthur Kelton.”

“Kelton?” Coves looked puzzled, “Boy, are you kidding me? Kelton people call their family name Kelton, as if they are telling others that [I don’t have a family name] Who can you fool with your obvious pseudonym?——Boy, I’ll ask again, what’s your name?”

“As a Hungarian, you know a lot about the culture of Pantoracken,” Arthur said, “but I’m sorry, I can’t tell you. If you want to know, you can only use your brain tricks. The answer was found in my severed head.”

“What a pity.” Leopard Man shook his head and flashed his photon claws. The three light blades of the terrifying claws emit a cold white light. “The correct name could have been engraved on your tombstone. Now I’ll just have to put ‘Arthur Kelton’ on your tombstone.”

“This tombstone may be inscribed with Chertavia Kuwaii.” Arthur said. He held up his lightsaber, which flickered with unsteady flickering light.

“It’s ‘Corvez’!” Leopard Man angrily said, “Don’t engrave my name wrong on the tombstone!!”

Then he immediately realized that he had been fooled again. He was so angry that his blue hair stood on end: “Damn You are really impatient, I will do it for you!” After saying that, Coves immediately flew over.

Arthur raised his lightsaber to block. But at this critical moment, the blade of the lightsaber suddenly disappeared!

Arthur knew something was wrong, but at this moment it was impossible to even dodge. He knew that what awaited him next could only be death, and the opponent’s photon claws would definitely tear him apart. It’s too late to say anything!

But the leopard man’s photon claws stopped at a critical moment, less than an inch away from Arthur’s throat.

“What a disappointment.” Coves said, putting away his photon claws. “Let’s save today’s duel for the next time. Good luck, boy. Next time even if your weapon breaks again, I won’t. Water again.”

Arthur said nothing, his face as ugly as death.

“There will be a period later, Arthur. Anonymous.” The Leopard Man took a leap, jumped to the sea in an instant, and then galloped away on the water at a very high speed.

The young knight slumped to the ground. Only then did he feel how tired he was and how sore his limbs were.

“That guy…really ran away?” Kai came over and asked, dragging Bedivere and Evan, who were half-drowned.

“For the time being.” Arthur gave a big shiver, “Come on, get out of here before that guy changes his mind and comes back to us.”

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