Light Spirit Epic Chapter 80: Try it out on the edge


Chapter 80 Temptation to the Frontier (Part II)

“Really? It’s so cold, it’s rare to be in the same boat, and Dad doesn’t even come to see his lovely son’s face.” Kay said, “(quietly) And he owes me two hundred gold coins for the drink.. …”

“Less stinky beauty.” Arthur replied thoughtfully, while thinking about the words of the Grand Duke of Leon Dickens.

“Guests, how can you do this? It’s already stipulated that pets are not allowed on board.” A sailor protested as he walked into the cabin, “If you don’t get rid of the pets you bring as soon as possible, we will not be allowed to bring pets on board.” Please disembark at the next port!”

“Pets?” Atherton felt confused, “We have no pets, and we have never had pets…”

“Then what happened to this dog? It got out of your luggage!” the sailor angrily exclaimed.

A big silver dog hiding behind the sailor poked his head out to look at Arthur, then shrank back as if afraid of being blamed.

Arthur looked at it, hesitated for a moment, and then said, “Bedevier?”


“No need to pretend, your collar betrayed you.” Arthur said coldly.

“…Che, can’t you hide it?” the big dog whispered.

“Dog, the dog is talking?! Monster!!!!” The sailor was so frightened that he turned around and ran.

“Change back to me, right now.” Arthur said angrily.

“But, my clothes…” Bedivere whispered.

“I don’t care if you run naked or whatever, no matter how embarrassing you are, you’re asking for it! It’s clear that you should not come to Rome with you. Are your ears just a decoration?” Arthur roared.

“But…” Bedivere turned back into a human form, but still squatted in shame to cover his lower body, “Can you lend me a pair of panties?…”

“No, it will stick to dog hair!” Arthur said angrily.

Kai Xiao, who was beside him, bent over and continued to snicker while leaning against the wall.

“You don’t have to be so angry.” The orc boy squinted at Arthur as he put on his clothes. Kai’s clothes were obviously too loose for Bedivere, which looked very funny.

“Don’t ignore me, I’m trying to get you back to Iceland right now,” Arthur said coldly.

“You’re so naughty, is it so hard to tell you to stay in a safe place?” Kai said, half serious and half joking.

“But, but… this war is actually because of me, right? I can’t do it for you to go deep into danger while I hide and enjoy it in a safe place.” Bedivere Say.

“You don’t even think about it. If you follow me, we will be even more dangerous! We have to take care to protect you, and we have to take care of ourselves. Once you fall into the hands of the Hungarians, won’t everything be over? What is the war? We don’t have to fight at all, we just lose.” Arthur said angrily.

“But…” The orc boy thought for a while, “If it was at that time… I would rather die than let them get the last key of the World Wall. Don’t worry, the key will be combined with I will disappear from this world together forever.”

Arthur looked at the orc boy, and after about half a moment, he said, “Idiot, don’t say death easily. I will never let that happen.”

“I also know that Arthur won’t put me in danger.” Bedivere whispered, “So I’m just talking. Please forgive me for my willfulness this time.”

“Next time, I’ll chop off your hands and feet, so you won’t be able to go anywhere.” Arthur seemed to have lost his temper, but he still spoke viciously.

Long! ! The ship shook violently. For a time, everyone thought that the ship had hit a reef, but after a while, the siren on the deck sounded. “Pirates! Pirates!! All ready to fight!!”

“Aren’t we already in the Inland Sea? How come there are still pirates?” Kay asked.

“The Hungarians,” Arthur said without hesitation, picking up his weapon and rushing out.

There was a panic on the deck, and the sailors were hoisting their sails and firing light guns into the distance.

“Where’s the pirates?” Arthur yelled.

“There!” a sailor responded, pointing to a small boat in the distance.

It was just a very small boat that could carry no more than ten people. And there are no other ships.

“Just a few pirates, what are you nervous about?” Arthur asked suspiciously.

“Arthur,” Kay pulled Arthur’s sleeve, “you must see this.”

“Wha—” Arthur looked in the direction Kay pointed, “——Oh, what the hell!”

A blue figure running at high speed on the water. Without any tools, just use your feet to run on the water at an unimaginable speed!

“What the **** is that? Hedgehogs?” Arthur screamed.

“The Leopards!” cried Bedivere, “be careful of their speed! They’re charging this way!”

Ivan raised his dual guns and fired at the blue figure for a while, but the light bullets could not catch up with the guy’s speed. The guy even played with the oncoming light bullets. Dodge in an instant!

“Strange, monster!” Evan exclaimed.

“Here he is! Hold on tight!” Kai shouted.

The hull made a terrifying loud A huge hole was knocked out by the blue figure in the center of the boat. The boat immediately lost its balance and flooded with water. Huge whirlpools on the sea are dragging the boat to the bottom at great speed.

“No way, run away! Fortunately, the shore is not far away!” Kai said.

“You forgot there were two landlubbers here?” Arthur cried.

“You…” Kai said helplessly, “Hold on to me! With so many people, I don’t know if I can escape from the whirlpool. Whoever gets left behind deserves it!”

“Wait a minute!” Evan shouted quickly, “Did you include me in the ‘two land ducks’ you said? No?!”

“Are you kidding me?!” Kay was about to cry when he saw Ivan, “Listen, I can’t swim ashore with the three of you! If you all grab me, then we’ll just drown together. Dead!”

“Damn!” Arthur stomped. “—Forget it, Brady and Evan grab Kay and run together. I’ll find a way to swim to the shore myself.”

“Hey, are you okay?!” Kai said worriedly.

“It’s only one nautical mile, you can always get to the shore with a few strokes of suffocation.” Arthur said bitingly.

“Then… good luck.”

“Arthur.” Bedivere looked at Arthur with unease in his eyes.

“I’m fine.” Arthur said, “Now, run!!”

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