Light Spirit Epic Chapter 810: The expedition is different from the first


Chapter 810 The Expedition to Another Land

As soon as the monster left, Husky, who turned into a wolf dog, naturally vomited there. “K**yan**shou*(..)” was splattered with the viscera and flesh of a dead mouse, the feeling was not ordinary disgusting.

“Husky…” Little Hal trembled slightly on the wolfdog’s back.

Let’s go. ‘ Husky tried to cheer himself up.

He heard little Howl sobbing softly. He felt a warmth spreading across his back, and he knew what was going on right away.

“Don’t be ashamed, I’m just as wet,” the wolfhound whispered.

“You also—?”

“Fortunately, I am a dog now. I just urinated in the corner of the wall and drove the mouse out of the hole in the wall.” The wolf dog continued to walk forward and whispered.


“Hal, I’m so sorry for taking you to such a dangerous place.” Husky sighed in a low voice, his voice full of endless regret: “Please don’t be mad at me. “

“I don’t have a meow.” The leopard boy also replied in a low voice. Before he came to this kind of place, he was fully enlightened. If he was really scared, and really didn’t want to, Hal would have stopped his friend from the start and wouldn’t let Husky climb through that ventilation duct.

If there was a mistake, it was both of them, and Husky couldn’t be blamed alone.

“…That’s good…” The wolf dog seemed to breathe a sigh of relief: “I don’t want to…don’t want to lose your friend Wang. You are my first and only friend Wang. In I have never met a friend of the same year, Wang, who I have never met in all these years in Great Britain.”


The wolf dog walked forward silently, and was about to cross the end of the corridor: “I really hope we will be good friends in the future, good friends for life. So I will not give up your dog—“

His words stopped halfway through.

The exit to the dungeon is found, just twenty yards away in the hallway. It was both a staircase to the upper floor and a trap to the dead end.

If Husky hadn’t been alert enough to pull back immediately after a glance, he might have been spotted by the enemy at this moment. Two headless armored knights stood guard at the entrance of the stairs, strictly preventing all prisoners from passing through.

“No way, I can’t rush past me no matter what.” Hal muttered in a low voice.

“How will you know if you don’t try it?” The wolfdog replied in a low voice, ready to sprint: “Hold on to me, Hal, the bark will definitely be able to rush past.”

” Instead, he let go of his hand and jumped off Husky’s back: “I’m not going, meow. This is to rush to death meow. Brothers said that being brave is one thing, and being reckless is another. “

He knew very well in his heart that the headless horseman just stepped on the mouse with quick and accurate movements, and the agility of these enemies is much higher than that of Husky. If you rush in like this, you will definitely be chopped into meat, and you will die in a mess before you can successfully escape.

If you don’t want to do anything else, it is impossible to pass these two monsters guarding the stairs.

The leopard boy groped for a while and found a bottle of dark red potion.

“What is this?”

“Elephant human race’s [burning medicine], I finally brought out a small bottle of meow.” Howl sat down leaning against the wall: “The main ingredients are saltpeter, and various accelerants meow—“

“That’s great, I could burn those two guys to death with this.” Husky hurried to grab the potion.

“No, not meow.” Hal shrank his hand, preventing the wolfdog from taking the potion. He struggled to unscrew the bottle of the potion, carefully put it aside, and then took out a few candies.

“Uh, I secretly hid today’s noon candy…Are you hungry, huh?” Husky stared at the candy.

The leopard boy shook his head again, and smashed the candy with the outer packaging with the stone on the side. Husky thought it would make a loud noise to attract the enemy, but the candies were unexpectedly crunchy, and Hal smashed them into packs of icing sugar with barely any effort.

The little black panther just opened the outer packaging of the sugar, collected the sugar sand with sugar paper, and poured all the sugar sand into the bottle of [Burning Medicine].

“Husky, after this thing explodes, close your eyes and run towards the entrance of the stairs, meow. You only have one chance, just run over after you find the direction.”


“Trust me meow.” The black panther boy fixed his eyes on his little friend: “We are friends, right meow?”

“Yeah, I’m sure you’re fine.” Husky still hasn’t figured out what’s going on, but he believes that friends don’t need a reason.

The big wolf dog carried the black panther boy back on his back: “Are you ready? Going to sprint!”

The wolf dog jumped out of the corner of the corridor, and the two of them were already exposed to the sight of the two headless horsemen!

Hal desperately threw the sugared [Burning Potion] out of his hand!

Clap! The potion lands five yards in front of them. Affected by the shock, the extremely unstable medicine in the potion began to catch fire. It did not cause any damage to the headless armored knights, at most it only created a frightening effect for a moment. Is this really okay?

“It’s now! Go meow!” Hal yelled.

There is no other way, Husky bravely rushed over, and the two headless horsemen also raised their long swords to meet the wolfhound!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Unexpectedly, the burning fire on the ground reacted more violently at this time. The saltpeter and sugar sand in it had a violent chemical effect, and a lot of smoke was instantly emitted!

That’s right, the leopard boy with knowledge of pharmacology didn’t use that bottle of [Burning Medicine] as a weapon. Instead, he added sugar sand to it, turning the “firebomb” into a “smoke bomb.” It is impossible to win against the enemy head-on. All they can do is to use the cover of this thick smoke to escape from here as soon as possible!

Husky understood his friend’s plan instantly. The wolfhound pressed his center of gravity as low as possible, slid on the slippery floor like ice skating, slipped through the crotch of a headless horseman, and passed through the enemy’s block!

The two headless horsemen were blinded by the oncoming smoke, and they only knew how to swing their long swords for a while. It was impossible for them to hit the two teenagers sliding on the ground. Instead, they hit each other and slashed the armor of each other like cutting butter blocks!

Brush la la la la la! Husky slid by inertia and came to the stairs. As soon as he touched the edge of the stairs in the smoke, he immediately ran up the stairs! A large amount of smoke was still pouring out of the corridor behind him, and he had to run faster to avoid being completely engulfed by the smoke.

When the wolf dog ran up the upper floors of the castle along the spiral staircase, he realized that he was about to hit something.

Shu Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha — the big wolf dog scraped the ground with his claws, trying to stop himself, so as to avoid a close contact with the oncoming thing.

Wow! ? “

What appeared in front of the two teenagers was a cemetery.

No, maybe just a “morgue”?

But are these really corpses?

Thousands of thousands, sealed in ancient glass containers, are humanoid creatures.

The glass is thick and cloudy, and the liquid in the vessel is also cloudy due to its long history, glowing with a disgusting green light.

Therefore, the humanoids lying in the glass container can’t see their faces at all, and can only roughly see the outline of a [person].

It is impossible to tell whether the people in these vessels are dead or alive. But Hal and Husky had seen a similar situation, and the first reaction in their minds at the moment was:

——These are survival pods!

Like the pod that housed Howl’s dad, Palamidis, these huge glass vessels also seem to keep the creature inside from dying. and exist. Although the utensils are old, there are still some dark green liquids that are still wet from the edges of many utensils. From this it appears that these vessels have recently been opened.

——Or rather, some creatures were put in, or taken out — just recently!

The bottom layer of this ancient castle is a damp and cold dungeon, and its middle layer is dark and eerie, plus these tens of millions of life-saving capsules, it is like a biochemical laboratory.

Who, and for what purpose, set up such a distorted laboratory in such a place? !

I’m afraid they’re just food for those monsters. Such a terrible thought suddenly floated through Hal’s mind. These unexplained children were secretly summoned to this kind of **** just to be [eaten]. If the terrifying corpse Pharaoh didn’t finish it all at once, keep these children in a dungeon and keep them for the next time.

Husky and Howl are orcs with better physical strength than human children, so they didn’t die. Otherwise, they will definitely be drained of their lives, rendered half-dead, and then stuffed into this terrifying petri dish and used for all kinds of inhumane experiments.

Although all of this is only Hal’s speculation, the truth is probably eight.. nine is not far from ten. Thinking of this, the leopard boy broke out in a cold sweat.

Clap clap clap clap clap! Amidst the continuous sound of footsteps the group of headless armored knights who had been freed caught up again. Husky ran desperately in the opposite direction of the exit of the stairs, hoping to distance himself from these monsters as soon as possible.

Fortunately, there are countless glass containers here, and their existence greatly blocks the sight of the pursuers, giving the two fleeing teenagers a little more chance of survival.

Husky lowered his body and slipped between the terrariums, avoiding the sight of his pursuers. The two headless horsemen quickly lost him, and they could only look around with their “heads” in this vast area, trying to find out where the two targets were again.

But these headless knights are not idiots. When they see their target hiding, they invite friends and call for more headless knights from the dungeon to participate in the search. About thirty headless horsemen rushed to the laboratory from the dungeon and started a large carpet search, specifically to capture the two dead children who escaped, Husky and Hal.

This number, this momentum, is scary to look at.

If it goes on like this, it’s only a matter of time before the two orc teenagers are caught. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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