Light Spirit Epic Chapter 811: The expedition is different from the first


Chapter 811 of the expedition to another world

Seeing that there was nowhere to run, Husky hurriedly asked his friend: “Hal, is there any more [burning medicine]?””That’s the last meow.”But* *Words**shou*(..)” Little Hal replied in a low voice: “This kind of dangerous potion is forbidden to take out of Turks, and I managed to bring two bottles of meow secretly.” Husky was stunned. After a moment: “Don’t you have any other potions?” “Sorry meow…” Hal whispered.

Husky said nothing. Since it is no longer possible to rely on Hal’s props, the wolfdog can only find a way by himself. He slipped from cover to cover the moment a headless horseman turned around.

The Headless Horseman turned around, but saw no movement, and continued pacing away.

Husky watches carefully in the dark, looking at the stairs in the distance. They’re only fifty yards from there, and they’ll be there quickly if they run in a straight line. The problem is this group of patrolling armored knights. Even if they can get rid of them and rush to the upper floors, these guys will still be in hot pursuit, and it is impossible to escape with the mobility of the wolf dog (Husky).

It’s too difficult to grab the space between their backs and turns, and the difficulty continues to increase as time goes on.

What exactly?

While Husky is at a loss, Hal reaches out and grabs a shard on the ground. It should be a part that fell from those life support devices, the size is like a screw, and its function should be similar.

“Husky…” The black panther boy crouched on the wolf dog and whispered, “I will throw this out, and you will run in the opposite direction when it makes a sound.” There is also this trick.

“Understood.” Husky lowered his weight, ready to sprint.

Whoosh! Hal threw the little screw out. The orbit of its flight is almost impossible to see in the dark environment, but it landed on a glass container in the scene, making a crisp sonorous sound, which was particularly harsh.

Those headless knights are all golems. They used spirit magic to add orders to their armor. They only know how to act according to a few orders. Heartless puppets.

So, while they’re agile and lethal, their brains don’t work — or rather, they don’t have a brain at all.

Therefore, when they heard a sound somewhere in this laboratory, they did not suspect that it was the bait of the enemy at all, and they all looked in the direction of the cross talk.

An opportunity to escape is thus created.

“It’s now meow!” Hal whispered.

Husky didn’t need a reminder from his friends at all, he had already rushed out and sprinted in the direction of the exit. He tapped the ground on the pads of the front toes of his limbs without making a sound.

Thirty yards! Get out of this hellish place soon!

But Howl’s “magic” has failed, and the headless knights lost interest in the place where the sound was heard, and turned their heads to continue their search!

“It’s not over, meow!” Hal had expected this to happen, he had already prepared another screw and threw it out before the Headless Horsemen noticed them!

Clap! The screw made a barely visible arc in the air, knocked **** one pod, and then it bounced back and landed on another! This continuous crackling sound once again attracted the attention of the Headless Horsemen, and taking this opportunity, Husky continued to run forward again!

Fifteen yards! With a distance of several life-support capsules, Husky could already see the stairway not far away. The big stairs lead to the upper floor, as long as you climb there, you can leave this dark and eerie ghost place!

But Howl’s “magic” failed again, this time faster, and the Headless Horsemen were once fooled and began to ignore the sound of the decoy. They all turned their heads and seemed to be looking in the direction of the exit!

If you rush like this, you will be spotted, and you will be caught up immediately!

“Husky, change direction meow!” The Leopard boy hurriedly said, throwing out the small screw in his hand at the same time.

Husky immediately understood the trajectory of the screw thrown by Hal. He turned his head and ran in the opposite direction from where the screw was thrown. At the same time, he changed his running trajectory obliquely, hiding his figure among the surrounding glass containers.

The screw didn’t hit any pods, this time it hit a headless horseman.

Boom! —The screw and the armor collided, making a very low muffled sound!

All the Headless Horsemen immediately turned to look at the Headless Horseman who was hit. And the headless knight who was hit turned around and ran in the direction the screw came from!

But Husky has run away and is running in circles and is no longer where he was. Under the cover of darkness, when the large number of knights rushed over, they also ran against the wall and quickly approached the upper exit!

Howl does his last “magic”! He threw the screw in his hand with all his strength and smashed it into a life support capsule in the distance. It was so powerful that it smashed the life-saving capsule directly!

Clap la la la la la! The broken glass fell to the ground, and the sound was very loud. The dark green liquid inside the pod also kept pouring out, spilling everywhere, and seeping along the gutters on the floor.

The moment Husky hurried upstairs with Hal on his back, he inadvertently glanced at the shattered survival capsule.

Then he was startled. He even regretted looking back at himself.

The humanoid that fell out of the survival capsule turned out to be ———— a canine boy!

The whole body is black and black, only the belly, limbs and face are pure white. Although the hair was morbidly pale green under the contamination of the liquid, and it was sticky into a ball, it looked very embarrassed, but there was absolutely nothing wrong with the appearance! The canine boy and Husky looked strikingly similar, they were definitely canines from the same clan.

His clan? However, why are his clansmen appearing here at this moment? !

And, what surprised Husky even more was that the canine boy looked so much like Husky himself! It’s almost like it was carved from the same mold! Even people of the same race should have slight differences in appearance. How could they look so similar? Could that guy be Husky’s twin brother?

This is so irrational that it leaves Husky’s head blank.

Clap clap clap clap clap clap clap! A burst of hurried footsteps gradually approached, and dragged on, the headless knights are coming! Not having time to hesitate, Husky turned his head and ran up the stairs before the headless horsemen found them.

At the same time, Sudan, next to the sixth waterfall of the Nile.

Probably because it is close to the river and the terrain is unexpectedly high, this tropical area is unexpectedly cool and comfortable late at night. The werewolf Bedivere, who was sleeping comfortably in his sleep, was awakened by a sudden shaking.

“Ummmmmmmm…five more minutes of sleep…” He didn’t want to wake up at all.

The shaking stopped.

Then, something burns his nose. Because of the sudden burning pain, Bedivere jumped up immediately: “Ow! What are you doing?!” “Hmph, are you finally awake?” Palamidis took back the charcoal in his hand. This nasty big cat just scalded Bedivere’s dog’s nose with this red-burning charcoal stick.

“Palami—this is not fun at all!” Bedivere got up and said angrily, looking at his companions who were sleeping soundly around him. Al was still whispering in his sleep, pulling the quilt over for more.

“Is it time for a shift change?” Bedivere rubbed his eyes helplessly, and then touched his burning nose. The heat of the charcoal seemed to remain on his nose for a long time, and he wondered whether he would be burned into a blister.

“Before changing shifts, there is something I want you to see.” Palamidis leaned his body on the edge of the raft and looked down: “Look there.” “Huh?” The werewolf also looked down. go down.

Looking down from the canopy of the big tree they were on, there seemed to be something under the tree.

A small black shadow wriggled sadly and depressedly.

That’s a big bad wolf. It was chopping at the trunk of the tree, as if it wanted to use its sharp claws to climb up the tree, but because of its own clumsiness, it could not succeed for a long time.

“It’s that **** again.” Bedivere instantly recognized the big bad wolf. The wound on the werewolf’s right shoulder was still aching, and the wound was created by the wolf who grabbed food.

“He looked very hungry, so he followed our scent here,” Palamedis said. “This kid has been plucking tree trunks all night, and the sound is annoying.” “Give it an arrow. It’s over.” Bedivere angrily said. But he quickly retracted his words. Shooting animals in your own camp is not a smart move. The smell of blood attracts a large number of predators, keeping them sluggish all night.

Bediver thought for a moment, then grabbed a stick and planned to hit the wolf with a blunt object to drive it away.

“Stop it! You’re such a cruel person.” Palamidis stopped Bedivere: “I think I’d better give him something to Hit him away as soon as possible.””You drive What a joke. Our food—” “It’s plentiful, we can’t finish it, and taking it on the road will only add weight.” Palamidis interrupted Bedivere, as if he already knew what the werewolf was going to say.

Bediver glared at the leopard warrior.

“What?” Palamedis glared back at Bedivere.

“If you had planned to feed it, wouldn’t you be fine? Come and ask me!” Bedivere scolded in a low voice: “Palamidis, why are you doing things so nonchalantly, like a little boy? It’s like a man.” “Oh, no.” The leopard warrior suppressed the blue veins that were about to appear on his forehead: “I can feed it, but it’s useless. The one who complains about it is you, the food should be fed by you. “

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