Light Spirit Epic Chapter 809: The expedition is different from the first


Chapter 809 of the expedition to another world

At the same time (?), King Arthur’s bedroom, six o’clock in the evening. “You can say **the first*(..)”

Clap! The King of Knights jumped out of the vent and landed firmly on the ground.

In other words, not very secure. The deformation magic on his body has not been lifted, he is still in the form of a teenager, and his body cannot be controlled well. When he landed, he lost his balance and sat on the floor.

“Ow!” Arthur rubbed his **** as he got up, but he didn’t expect something to fall on his head, pressing him down.

“Ow! It hurts…” Shixing got up and rubbed his forehead.

“You are so heavy! Get out of the way!” said the King of Knights angrily.

“Oh haha, sorry sorry.” Shaxing laughed like an idiot and moved away from King Arthur’s back, both of them now using transformation magic, looking like two children playing.

“When will this magic be unraveled?” King Arthur’s compact civilian clothes had turned into a fluffy robe, which was too inconvenient to move around, and he was busy rolling up his sleeves and trouser legs.

“I don’t know, it’s said that it varies from person to person.” The evil star was very convenient, and immediately changed back to his original golden youth form: “Don’t worry, even if there is an emergency, I will Protect yours.”

“Well, you’re really reliable.” Arthur agreed casually. He was worried that he could not hold the Sword of the Holy King.

Although Merlin is made of mithril and has been made very light, the Sword of the Holy King is still a physical sword and has its own weight. Arthur’s body of a seven-year-old child is still weak, and it is difficult to walk with this long sword. The king of knights had to take the sword off his belt together with the scabbard and put it on his shoulders: “It’s better for us to keep a low profile until my body changes.”

“Yes, as you wish, boss.” Shaxing agreed half-sarcastically, turned into a little flying dragon, and crouched on the knight king’s crown again, yawning: “I should probably It’s such a comfortable nest to take a nap.”

(This guy definitely did it on purpose.)

“Before you fall asleep, can you help me find the target?” The King of Knights walked forward cautiously, sneaking in the castle.

When he passed the first corridor, he was already amazed by the grandeur of the castle: “I didn’t expect such a secret to be buried in my bedroom.”

“Are you sure this is part of your bedroom?” Sha Xing squinted his jewel-like dragon eyes and looked around. “We climbed up the ventilation duct, and shifted a good distance. Structurally, we Should have left your castle, somewhere above London. But I feel like the breath here is underground.—-It’s not scientific, you know?”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m afraid the passage we’re going through is not a real ventilation duct, it’s something that acts as a portal. And we foolishly plunged into the trap that the enemy had laid.”

“You must be joking.” Arthur wanted to retort something when he heard a slight noise in the corridor opposite. The wary King of Knights retreated into the shadows of the corner, completely hiding himself (and the evil star).

Click, click, click. Something was approaching, and the footsteps were getting closer. The thing was wearing the heavy armor of a knight, and every step made the joints on the armor rub against each other, and these friction sounds echoed wonderfully inside the armor.

—It’s like walking on its own with an empty armor.

Arthur looked halfway out of the gloom, just in time to see the thing crossing the corridor.

On closer inspection, he saw that the slightly mutilated armor didn’t even have a helmet, and the whole body was covered in rust, at least a thousand years old. The armor, which walked like a headless horseman, looked both eerie and hollow.

The thing did not find Arthur, and after passing by, disappeared around the corner at the end of the corridor. When he recognized that the enemy was far away and everything was safe, Arthur breathed a sigh of relief and said, “That’s—”

“Golem.” “Ghost.” Arthur and Shaxing said at the same time.

“What?” They stared at each other in disbelief.

“Are you stupid?” Shaxing said of course: “That is clearly a ghost! Look at the armor that can walk, what is it not a ghost?”

“You’re stupid.” Arthur replied in a cold tone: “That’s the golem—a golem that has infused magic in its armor and makes it act according to the commands given!”

Shaxing retorted unconvincingly: “Golem manufacturing technology only appeared in modern times, look at the rust on that guy! It has at least a thousand years of history, how could you humans make golems in that era? Such a delicate armored golem?”

“Don’t forget the technology of the ancients!” Arthur pushed back, but he didn’t think it was interesting to continue arguing, so he didn’t bother to quarrel with the evil star: “Hmph, whatever! Let’s keep up with that. Golem, let’s see where he can take us.”

“Are you crazy? If you were discovered by the ghost—” The Shaxing still stubbornly referred to the thing as a [ghost].

“We ran away. The golem was so slow and clumsy that it couldn’t keep up with us.” Arthur added, “And my body should be about to return to its original shape, right?—right?”

The evil star remained silent. This is the only thing he can’t explain clearly, and he prefers to keep silent.

The King of Knights gave the evil star a white look.

“Okay, let’s follow.” Shaxing whispered, “but it’s better to keep the distance away. It doesn’t matter, I can detect the breath of the ghost, and I will never lose it.”

“You better be.” Arthur picked up his holy sword, stood up straight, and stepped out of the shadows. As a child, his body was so weak that the weight of the holy sword was enough to bend him over.

If he looks like this now, if he is seen by the golem, I am afraid that he will only die. King Arthur sighed and could only sneak in the castle carefully.

At the same time, Husky, who turned into a big wolf dog and carried a leopard boy on his back, also sneaked carefully in the castle.

This place is as huge and intricate as a labyrinth, and the castle is so eerie that it can devour everything. Husky simply couldn’t find his way out with his sense of smell.

Therefore, he wandered around the bottom of the castle for a long time, constantly hiding in the shadows to avoid the headless armored knights who were patrolling around.

Click, click, click, click. Following the sound of icy and hollow footsteps, the headless armored knight passed through the corridor, shaking off a lot of rust in the middle. Husky poked his head out of the shadows and sighed as he watched the distant knight.

Ki…” Little Howl seemed to wake up, and there was a slight commotion on the wolfhound’s back: “How did you become like this—“

“Shh, don’t talk, keep your physical strength.” Husky whispered, “Hal, I will protect you and save you from here. I will do what I say.”

If the leopard boy of Yousi used all his strength to grab the big wolf dog: He Meow. Just like… brothers… meow. “

Little Halton paused for a while, his not sober mind seemed to be struggling to think: “Husky…We are friends, right?”

We are friends Wang. “The wolf dog walked quietly in the dungeon, fearing that the sound would attract the Headless Horseman.

“Then…” The leopard boy hugged the wolf dog tightly: My words… leave me… run away alone. “

“Only that, I can’t do it.”

“Please leave me meow…If you run behind my back, neither of us…can’t escape meow. You run away first…then go…call someone Come and save me meow.”

Ski said firmly: “I will never leave my friends and run away alone. Believe me, there is always a way to escape.”

“Haas—” They wanted to continue arguing, but the footsteps of the headless armored knight could be heard again in the corridor in front of them. Husky hurriedly shrank into the shadow of the corner, and tried his best to hold his breath. Not even the slightest sound.

The guy seems to have noticed the previous quarrel between the two teenagers and has gradually approached the shadow of the corner. If it goes on like this, it will find two teenagers.

Click, click. It was only five yards from the duo.

Hasky swallowed and pressed his body against the wall, hoping that his form would be completely hidden in the darkness and would not be revealed.

Click, click. The Headless Horseman came closer, only three yards from the two.

Hal also swallowed his saliva and held onto the wolf dog tightly. The warmth of Husky’s body passed from his back to the body of the Leopard Boy. At this moment, he only felt that if he could die with his friends, it would be a good choice.

Click, click. The ghost armor was only a yard away from the two teenagers, and they came closer, as if they wanted to penetrate the darkness and grab the two in the shadow on the wall.

There is no way to hide anymore. The wolf dog’s forelimbs have used enough strength, and he intends to make a flying pounce first. Maybe they smashed this monster to the ground, and they still have a chance to break through?

But the headless knight is ready for a long It pulls the sword from its waist and raises it high, ready to drop it at any time, slicing all the creatures rushing out of the shadows into meat sauce !

When Husky made up his mind to sacrifice himself and create escape opportunities for his friends, he was about to fly with all his strength, but something came out from under his feet!

He was going to continue flying over regardless of what it was. But Howl stubbornly grabbed the canine boy’s neck and prevented him from saving.

“Squeak!” That’s a mouse. It was frightened by the Headless Horseman and flew out of the hole in the wall, just to be the scapegoat for the two teenagers.

The Headless Horseman didn’t even bother to use his sword, but raised his foot and stomped hard: Zha! ! —Rats were trampled into meat mud! Its flesh splattered out and landed on Husky’s cheeks, and the wolfdog only felt a burst of nausea!

Click, click, click. Seeing that the “suspicious things” here had been cleaned up, the headless armored knight turned around and walked away along the corridor of the dungeon. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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