Light Spirit Epic Chapter 756: Blood battle in the evil domain (2)


Chapter 756 Bloody Battle to the Evil Domain

[Ritual Dagger] is not a simple dagger. “Yan**shou*.. It is an evil sacred object spread in cults, an artifact that hosts a “god”!

That’s exactly what the Twilight Cultists do with their daggers for human sacrifice: to feed the evil god! !

That’s right! This is the “research result” that Morgan left behind. Create evil spirits, and then use the technology of dark sons to turn evil spirits into dark spirits! These wicked guys make and play with the gods’ dark technology!

The Dark Queen Morgan has gone to the Dark Continent, leaving this group of cultists to fend for themselves. But this group of Dusk believers did not stop there, but continued to strengthen these evil dark spirits by means of human sacrifice!

Before dying, the high priest awakened this dark spirit with his own blood and flesh, just so that the two invaders could not eat and go!

Dark spirit—the blood-ruining demon, while pulling out the high priest’s entrails and pieces of meat, he formed his own body with the blood that had been splashed all over the ground!

A large mass of meat squirms in the waterfall of blood. The high priest’s heart, which should have been pierced by the dagger, beat again, with the cult ritual dagger stuck in it.

The body is covered with thorns composed of flesh and blood, and the two sharp claws are actually blood plasma flowing at a high speed. This 30-foot-tall evil **** is extremely brutal and **** and ugly!

The blood-ruining demon uses some kind of attracting magic to continuously absorb the surrounding blood, sucking all the blood and viscera from the corpses of the other high priests on the ship, and using these flesh and blood to continue to grow itself!

It simultaneously turned to the two remaining living men on board, casting malicious glances at Bedivere and Evan.

——Of course, the so-called “gaze” only came from the two deep black holes in its head.

In its eyes, this is two more delicious flesh and blood!

“Oh, damn!” Bedivere jumped out of the boat almost at the same time as Evan. Of course they don’t want to fight against the dark spirits on that rickety boat that could fall apart at any time!

Because these two guys are landlubbers.

“Hmph, how many years? It’s still a landlubber!” Ivan sneered at the werewolf at the same time as he landed.

But as soon as he finished speaking, he was shocked by his own words: Why would he know that Bedivere was a landlubber? !

But that’s not the point. Evan put aside this doubt and focused his energy on dealing with the dark spirit.

Meanwhile Elaine had pulled Albert out of the water, hovered in the air for a while and landed on the shore.

“Cough, cough, you meow, I even lost my weapon! Pay me!” Al was still cursing.

About 30 cultists rushed behind them, guards from the perimeter after the tower was blown down. They were not deployed in the tower and thus survived.

The werewolf had no choice but to throw the lightsaber from his waist to the tiger when he saw that Albert had no weapons in his hands.

At the same time, he swiftly avoided the **** claws of the bloodthirsty demon and shouted: “Elaine, take care of Al and that kid! I’ll take care of it here!”

Albert had no choice but to fight the cultists with Elaine, while Bedivere and Evan continued to attack, provoking the bloodthirsty demon to lure it away from the Tigermen.

Bedivere is not worried about Albert and the others, but the group of cultists who look weak and die at a touch. These guys rushing over to die is actually equivalent to sending fresh blood and internal organs to the dark spirits. If they don’t stop them, the blood-ruining demons will grow too strong to deal with!

However, something worrying happened! Since the blood-ruining demon discovered those cultists, its target was the cultists. It feinted with its giant claws, but was actually secretly waiting for an opportunity.

It’s huge claws slashed out, pushing Bedivere and Ivan back, and at the same time shooting a huge spike from behind!

The spikes were directed at the unsuspecting cult guards, pierced through the forehead of one of the cultists, and pierced through the abdomen of the other!

A powerful suction immediately **** blood and guts from these cultists. These two unfortunate ghosts were squeezed to dryness within a few seconds, and they were dehydrated and shrunken like a dry corpse that had been dried for thousands of years!

“My meow!” Albert looked dumbfounded at the sight.

“Humph!!” Ivan had already controlled the storm incarnation to attack, and the invisible hand of air crushed the needles of the blood-ruining demon.

But it’s too late. The dark spirit has gained more flesh and blood, and has grown almost unstoppable! The monster shoots hundreds of needles recklessly, attacking all the targets on the scene indiscriminately!

Bediver and others have been through a lot of battles, and it’s not difficult to avoid these needles. But all those cult guards were hit, and they were all pierced by blood-red needles! In the next second, the blood-ruining demon had greedily drained these people. A shriveled person fell to the ground, all in a hideous form under the tragic death. The scene was cleared in less than half a minute!

Only Bedivere, Albert, Elaine, and Evan remain on the battlefield.

And in front of them is a huge three-hundred-foot-tall bloodthirsty demon with a pile of indistinguishable internal organs in the center, a blood plasma storm in its outer shell, and the outermost layer of which is wrapped in clumped blood. Scales as hard as crystal!

The full-bodied blood-ruining demon roared, coveting everyone in front of him!

Having squeezed the life force out of dozens of humans, this **** is more violent and more powerful than any **** the werewolf has ever encountered before!

“Oh, damn—” Bedivere sighed.

At the same time, Vivian’s research institute, basement.

After crossing the long corridor, the group finally came to a room that was tightly sealed.

High security electronic locks are only available to a few of these users. To enter the room, the cornea needs to be verified, a password is entered, and a voiceprint test is performed.

The security is so heavily guarded that anyone who doesn’t know it will think there’s some terrifying treasure inside.

Actually, there is only one “treasure” here.

After the door opened, the little black panther riding on Seglade’s arm saw a huge glass container in the middle of the room.

The glass is extremely heavy, and the container is filled with some sort of bluish liquid.

What’s even more bizarre is that a stone statue was soaked in those liquids.

Stone statue of a Leopard.

“…This is your dad, little Howl,” Arthur introduced in a low voice.

“This is… my dad, meow?” The Leopard Man boy widened his eyes, looking at the Leopard Man stone statue in the glass container.

“…Father overused some kind of power in a war seven years ago. Since then, his body has been in a petrified state.” Saifer whispered: “So …you haven’t seen your dad since you were a kid, it’s not because he doesn’t love you meow. He’s just…he hasn’t woken up yet meow.”

Little Howl stared intently at the stone statue. Although most of the stone statue of Palamides was immersed in the life-support liquid, only one head was exposed, but Hal still saw a certain temperament peculiar to his father from the big cat. He believed it right away.

“But…Dad is cracking me…?” he asked uneasily. The little black panther had good eyesight, and of course he saw those widening cracks in Palamidis. This is almost like a stone sculpture that has been left for thousands of years and has begun to weather and destroy.

“Really…no problem meow? Will Dad really wake up again meow?” he asked even more disturbed.

“…Seven years ago, your mother, Vivienne, was petrified too.” Arthur continued, “but she was de-petrified after three years—probably because she was a succubus. The reason—don’t worry, your father Palamidis is an emerald knight, who is almost the same as your mother. He will definitely be able to get through this and recover his body to meet us. “

“…That’s right. It would be nice if I could do that, nya.” Saifer muttered in a low voice. For the past seven years, he and his brother Seglade have prayed every day that their father would wake up.

But…the blind can see that Palamides is getting worse. If the stone statue was not soaked with a special organic gel to prevent the stone statue from continuing to crack, the stone statue of Palamidis may have been completely cracked a few years ago, turning into a pile of rubble, which can no longer be restored.

Their father’s life is dying. Do nothing, just wait, and Palamidis may not survive this year.

But what can one do with a deeply petrified statue?

Even the omnipotent Great Mage Merlin has no choice.

As time passed, the hope in the Blue Panther Brothers’ hearts gradually turned into disappointment and despair. Even Vivian was infected by this desperation, and hardly ever came to visit Palamides in this room.

The only one who doesn’t despair and still thinks the big cat will wake up is probably the king of knights. In other words, Arthur is just wishful thinking that his once most loyal subordinate will be resurrected again.

“Well, the panther is waving its tail restlessly, as if asking for something.

“Hal, what’s the matter, meow?” Seglade took care of Hal from a young age and grew up knowing his younger brother’s temperament: “Want to visit Dad, meow?”

The young man replied in a low voice, showing shyness on his face.

The child wants to see his father up close*.

(*Note: Everyone present didn’t know that Little Hal’s real father was not Palamidis. They thought Little Black Panther was the biological son of Palamy and Vivienne.)

After disarming the safety guards, Seglade put his brother down from his back and let the little black panther walk over by himself to take a good look at the stone statue of Palamides, which was sealed in a huge glass container.

The leopard boy stepped forward, stretched out his small paws, and pressed lightly on the glass.

He stared at the big watery cat eyes, staring at the stone statue in the glass container.

“Dad…” For the first time since he was born, looking at his father so closely, the Leopard boy had a feeling he had never felt before.

Even if it’s just a stone statue that doesn’t move.

He spreads his arms and hugs the outer walls of the glass container tightly. As if doing so would be equivalent to hugging his dad.

Another crack begins to appear, extending across Palamidis’ cheek. Arthur and the others watched all this calmly.

“Enter Little Howl’s information into the computer in the lock, so that he can visit his father at any time.” King Arthur told the Leopard Brothers: “He has the right to do so.”

(I am afraid that there is not much time left for Palamides.)

“As you order meow.” Saifer clenched his fists, suppressed the pain in his heart, and replied in a low voice. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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