Light Spirit Epic Chapter 757: Blood battle in the evil domain (3)


Chapter 757 Bloody Battle to the Evil Domain

Same time. “The **first*.. the dungeon of Edinburgh. In a broken cult church.

Facing [Evil Spirit——Blood Demon]. The people were in a hard fight.

Bediver kept dodging the numerous spikes that approached him. At the same time, you have to be careful of the two sharp claws of the **** demon. He is getting weaker and weaker now. Only then did he see the wounds on his legs continue to bleed.

This is not a scar from fighting the Bloody Demon. This is before the werewolf and the half-dragon man Ivan. a wound left.

The wound is not deep. It should have crusted over by now. But now it has no tendency to heal at all. Instead, it “boiled”.

——The countless blood in the wound turned into particles and poured out. floating in the air. And continue to fly towards the Ru blood demon. Absorbed by demons.

This dark spirit has fought werewolves before. “Wild” dark spirits are completely different. It is Morgan’s creation. Although it was abandoned because it was not perfect. But for a long time, he continued to **** the flesh and blood of the sacrifices. has reached a certain level. Has a “special ability”.

Powerful spirits defy the laws of nature. Focus on yourself. Laws that distort the world at a distance.

This is the spirits themselves.

Bedivere recalls from Arthur’s previous account. There are almost infinite numbers of spirits. And each has its own style. Just can’t think of it. Nothing can’t be done.

For example. There was once a Holy Spirit. Allows objects in contact to ignore the laws of inertia. It can quickly swing objects weighing tens of thousands of tons. There is even the ability to compress space. Or create the Holy Spirit of gravity-free space.

The name of the dark spirit in front of him. What is it. Is it just to draw the blood from the wounds on everyone’s body?

Bediver gasped: whatever its [law]—it can draw blood from wounds on the living. More faster chapters to come. Makes people anemic quickly. Just this “phenomenon”. It was already terrifying.

Same time. Ivan also controls the incarnation of the storm to compete with the dark spirit. The air giant fist incarnated by the storm can quickly smash the body composed of dark spirit flesh and blood. Very beneficial when fighting Dark Spirits.

However. He had been whipped by Bedivere in the previous duel. The wound was an inch deep. Worse than a werewolf. Under the influence of the [law] of the dark spirit. Ivan’s big wound soon boiled. A large amount of blood flew out from the wound. Sucked away by the **** demon.

Therefore. Ivan’s face gradually turned pale. His movements also began to slow down.

“Get out of here.” Upon seeing this, the werewolf immediately shouted to the half-dragon youth: “Stay away from this dark spirit. If you don’t want to be drained of blood, just hide and attack from his influence.”

Wen also thought of this. It was planned to be implemented. But the werewolf said so. Instead, he made a fuss: “You don’t need to remind me. I’m also ——– woo. More chapters coming sooner.”

A flurry of gold stars danced before his eyes. The half-dragon youth had obviously lost too much blood. Started to fall into a state of cerebral hypoxia.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh. . Standing still in the middle of a tense battle is like dying. How could the Dark Spirit Rumored Demon miss such a great opportunity. It has fired dozens of spiky tentacles at Evan. If hit. There must be countless holes in the half-dragon youth. Then he immediately drained the blood of the half-dragon.

Evan tries to dodge. But now the whole body is powerless. The blood loss was worse than expected. It seemed that he was doomed this time.

A silver shadow flashed quickly. Take Evan away. Hundreds of yards in seconds.

Young Long came back to his senses. It was the werewolf Bedivere who rescued him now.

Silver Wolf threw Evan to the ground. At the same time changed back to human form. He found that the wound on his leg was no longer boiling. That is to say, this distance is not affected by the dark spirit.

“Why did you save—“

“You’re doing a long-range support attack right here. Update as soon as possible” The werewolf didn’t even have time for Evan to ask questions. Directly ordered: “That guy is a dark spirit. There must be some way to smash it and purify it. You are responsible for finding it.”

He tore the sleeves. Quickly bandage the wound on the leg with a strip of cloth. Squeeze should be able to slightly stop the loss of blood from the wound. Let Bedivere hold on a little longer.

“Why are you—“

“Listen. I don’t have time to fight with you again. If we don’t cooperate. We all die here.” Bedivere took out the Hydra dagger and bit it: “And the demon won’t stop at all. .If you don’t destroy it.It will escape from the dungeon.Murder in Edinburgh.

The city is full of unarmed citizens. They will become the food of this dark spirit in an instant. And that dark spirit kills more. The more it grows. Kill more. This will be a **** catastrophe. Unless we can stop it. “

Evan thought for a while. The first update is indeed the case. He had no room for rebuttal. Even if you don’t want to. He still took out his sniper rifle and said: “Okay. Let’s work with you for a while. That doesn’t mean we’re reconciled. Our partnership is only until we beat this monster—“

The werewolf didn’t listen to the half-dragon youth at all. Has sprinted past. Fight with the **** demon again.

Blue veins protrude on the half-dragon youth’s forehead. He raised his gun with anger on his face: “That’s why I hate you guys.”

Dozens of light bullets rained down on the dark spirit blood demon. The needle-piercing tentacles it stretched out to attack the crowd shattered.

As soon as the enraged Dark Spirit turned around, he saw Evan firing a cold gun in the distance. The werewolf had already flew straight to its feet. The two hydra daggers in his hands were drawn out.

The special enchantment on the Hydra’s dagger instantly disintegrates the flesh of the Dark Spirit—similar to other Dark Spirits. The blood-ruining demon just uses the force field to bind the blood and internal organs. Pinch out the outline of a person. And the Hydra dagger is best at disrupting this force field. Update as soon as possible

Clap la la la la la. What happened next made the werewolf extremely regretful. Because the left leg of the disintegrated demon became a lot of blood. The dirty, sticky blood poured down feebly. Drenched Bedivere all over. Not to mention those sticky pieces of meat.

Albert on the side makes a disgusting look. Seems to be mocking Bedivere.

“You stay quiet.” The werewolf threw the Hydra dagger in his hand. The blood-ruining demon is sweeping towards Albert with its giant claws. Its giant claws were just stabbed by the Hydra dagger and disintegrated immediately. So a torrential rain of blood drenched the tiger head-on.

“Oh no…” Albert didn’t have time to dodge. Just got drenched. He immediately became like Bedivere. Gooey all over.

“Beddie. Remember.” The tiger wiped the blood from his face. cursed bitterly.

“Of course.” The werewolf took back his Hydra dagger. He rushed up and chopped the other giant blood claw of the dark spirit: “I saved you again. Update what you owe me as soon as possible.”

Bump bump bump. . Dark Spirit didn’t give the two friends time to talk at all. It had already regenerated two **** claws and slashed. The spiked tentacles on his body stabbed out more recklessly. Forcing Bedivere and the others to dodge in embarrassment.

Ryan has been hit. He was stabbed in the chest by the spiked tentacles. The spikes quickly drew blood from the white dragon.

Touch. Ivan’s light bullet came in response. The tentacles of the shot monster. Saved the White Dragon Man once before he was drained of blood.

“Damn.” The werewolf watched as the battle got worse. But powerless. They did not have the means to defeat this dark spirit. This guy has grown too big and too ferocious. Not even Bedivere’s magic bow could destroy it with a single blow. And if it can’t be eliminated in one fell swoop. It regenerates quickly. This battle is simply endless.

Damn. Only to retreat. Go back to meet Olin. Think again. .

But. The **** in front of him was so fierce. How many of the people present were able to get out. .

Ryan gets up. Covering the hole in his chest. As if nothing had ever been born. Continue to raise the sword to attack.

Stupid people have the benefits of being stupid. They never know to be afraid. Never know fear. Elaine was almost killed by the dark spirit just now. However, he still has the courage to challenge the gods in front of him. Never thought to back down.

It’s also because he’s so desperate. The battle brought a little turning point.

“Haha.” Elaine sideways dodged Dark Spirit’s other tentacle thorn. Let the opponent’s attack only grazed from his lower abdomen.

Meanwhile. He wielded the Earthshatter with all his strength. The giant sword was suddenly pulled out from the ground. Hit a strong shock wave. Blast to the dark spirit Ru blood demon.

Eat this savage move. Half of Dark Spirit’s body was blown away. The waterfall of blood that made up its body flew out. Landed on the ground hundreds of yards away.

The gravel and dust from the giant sword fell on the dark spirit. The first update made this group of **** things even more bloody. Dilapidated.

Wen observes everything from a distance. The dark spirit was cut away from half of his body. There is a beating heart. There was also a dagger stuck in it.

The [Ritual Dagger] used by the High Priest just now.

This dark spirit is clearly a blood-sucking, flesh-eating monster. It should be composed entirely of blood and flesh. Why is there such a discordant dagger hidden in the body.

Why not ditch this seemingly useless clutter. Prefer to keep it in its very center.

Evan thinks something is wrong. He relies on his intuition. Shoot the heart tentatively.

A light bullet hit the heart of the dark spirit blood-ruining giant at high speed. It was about to penetrate the heart of the monster.

Touch. Unexpectedly, the dark spirit quickly reorganized a blood claw. Wave your hand. knocked off the oncoming light projectile.

The thing is consciously protecting the dagger on its heart.

Evan frowned. Shouting: “One more time.”

“What?” Bedivere asked in the same voice from a distance.

“One more time.” Evan pulled the trigger and shot. At the same time lift your throat. Roared: “Break the monster’s body. Let its heart be exposed.”

The werewolf only hesitated for half a second after hearing this. Immediately he nodded. At the same time, he called out to the white dragon people: “Did you hear me. Elaine.”

“Oh, the dragon man has already rushed up.

Knowing that Elaine is a huge threat. The dark spirit blood-ruining demon claws out. The spikes all over his body shot towards the white dragon. They were so dense that it was almost impossible to dodge. .

The werewolf revealed the two hydra daggers in his hands. Disintegrated the blood claws of the dark spirit;

Evan also shot. The light bomb blew up most of the spikes. Open a **** path for the white dragon people.

Zazazazaza. A dozen or so tentacles still pierced Elaine’s body. But the White Dragons need to keep their teeth tight. Take the attack directly. He was already two yards in front of the monster. It is the best distance to use the Earth Splitting Sword.

“Hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhn Then exhaust the power of feeding. Pull the giant blade diagonally.

Boom. . ——–

The destructive [Earth Splitter] exploded in front of Dark Spirit. Dark Spirit’s upper body has just been reorganized. It was blown away by the powerful shock wave of the Earthshatter.

But. Countless flesh and blood gathered into a group. Glued to the monster’s heart. Desperately protect its heart.

“It’s useless.” The werewolf had raised his magic bow. Pulled out an arrow.

Touch. . The magic bow converts a powerful shock wave. Almost zero-distance bombing on the body of the monster.

The flesh that protected the heart was blown away. But the heart is still alive.

“Haaaaaah.” Albert desperately threw the lightsaber in his hand. The blade of the lightsaber pierced the monster’s heart without a hitch. Dig deeply.

Meanwhile. The dagger that was inserted into the heart of the Dark Spirit Rumored Demon was also vibrated. Rotating at high speed in the air. Draw a gorgeous parabola.

“Die..” Evan has already run up. Manipulating the storm to turn into a punch.

Two invisible air fists slammed into the ritual dagger. Work together from both sides. Crush this evil dagger to smithereens.

Clap. . A black gas leaked from the cracked dagger. What’s hidden in this dagger. This is the “essence” of the dark spirit.

Concentrated dark smoke is contained within the dagger. It is the real dark spirit — Ru blood demon. A sealed dark spirit.

The giants previously made of blood and flesh were but puppets created by the dark spirits. That kind of thing can be rebuilt as many times as it is but there is a black fog in front of it. This is a cloud of particles composed of concentrated darkons. Can be “killed”.

Bedivere pulls out the fire book he borrowed from Olin. into the air. He had long expected that there would be a chance to use this thing again. So be prepared. Carry the fire stick with you.

The fire stick ignites a flame. Rotating rapidly and falling. The werewolf also drew a full bow. Aim at the fire. It also aimed at the dark fog of the dark spirit. Take advantage of the moment when the three o’clock are in a line. Shoot an arrow. .

Touch. . The magic bow shoots photon arrows. The photon arrow instantly transformed into a powerful shock wave. The shock wave hit the flames, causing magic interference. It suddenly turned into a powerful flame tornado.

The fire tornado engulfed everything. Flying out like a snake dragon. The black mist that swallowed the dark spirit in one bite. The moment it swallowed the dark spirit, it also coiled into a huge fireball. Inhale everything around you. compression. Then ——

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