Light Spirit Epic Chapter 755: Blood battle in the evil domain (1)


Chapter 755 The Bloody Battle in the Evil Domain

Seeing the white light blazing out from under the altar, Elaine, the white dragon, changed his usual clumsiness, took away the child on the altar quickly, and protected him with his body!

Boom! ! The altar exploded, setting off a shock wave, and blasting the entire ground together with the altar into countless pieces of stone and wood, smashing at everyone present!

That’s the bomb that Ivan pre-buried under the altar!

The basement of the altar is connected to ventilation ducts. It is not a ventilation duct that a human size can pass through, but Ivan can manipulate [Storm Avatar] and manipulate the air arm freely. It was a piece of cake for him to sneak the bomb in!

“Bastard, bastard!” Bedivere got up, and he was only slightly injured in the explosion, only torn by the altar debris.

Elaine, who was very close to the altar, suffered heavy damage, but the dragon man’s extraordinary self-healing ability, coupled with the dragon scale body protection, would definitely not be a major problem. He wiped the blood from his forehead and whispered, “No, it doesn’t matter! Child, the child is not hurt!”

(It’s not “it doesn’t matter” at all!)

Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble! ! There were violent explosions from the entire tower, and the tower collapsed at an extremely fast speed! That was also the bomb that Ivan had planted in advance!

This crazy guy! He had long planned to demolish the entire tower at the unfavorable time, and let all the cultists present die! He would not care about the life and death of Bedivere and others!

“Huhuhuhuhu,” the half-dragon youth floating in the air did not forget to push his glasses. The glasses reflected full of light, blinding the eyes of the people present: “Good afternoon everyone, and farewell.”

The half-dragon flies away without looking back to track the hidden high priest! Even if the explosion couldn’t kill the werewolf, it successfully dragged Bedivere! Ivan wins this match!

At the same time, in the dungeon, in the port about a kilometer away from the tower, the high priest and several high priests boarded a small wooden boat and were preparing to escape along the underground waterway of the city.

There was a loud noise from the bombed-up tower in the distance, which made everyone panic. One of the priests was in a hurry to kick the boat off the shore, planning to die!

“There should be no problem escaping here, right?” The priests finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“Oh, don’t worry.” The bodyguard in charge of protecting the priests sneered, his laughter full of insidiousness: “No problem at all, the only problem is that you will die here! “

“What? You—” The high priest’s exclamation was still in his throat, and the bodyguard had already swung his sword! The throats of the other high priests all spurted blood, and they all fell to the ground before they could even scream!

“Now, it’s your turn.” Tigerman Albert took off his hood, revealing his smug cat face.

The high priest grinned angrily: “You actually betrayed the church?! Who ordered you to kill me?”

“Are you an idiot?” Albert laughed even more: “I’ve never been a member of your church! That’s just a nonsense from Bedivere! ——Sent from the Eastern Church I didn’t expect you to believe it! You are so stupid, you deserve to die! Hit the road!”

Albert stabbed the high priest with a sword, with paralyzing poison, and the blade of the Snow Monkey Bone Sword pointed directly at the opponent’s heart! With a single stab, the High Priest will be paralyzed in a few seconds and die instantly!

Victory and defeat! That way, the bet is that Bedivere wins!

——Or maybe not?

Clap! A light bullet came from a distance and hit Albert’s sword-wielding hand impartially.

The tiger’s hand seemed to be hit by a heavy hammer, and could no longer hold the sword. The bone sword flew out of his hand and fell into the underground river!

“Ow! Who is it?!” The tiger turned and looked at the intruder with an angry look.

Who else could it be? The obstacle is, of course, Evan.

Manipulating the air to float himself in mid-air, the half-dragon youth who rushed over at high speed at the same time stopped the tiger just in time for Albert to kill the high priest!

I didn’t expect Evan to be able to fly, and to fly so fast, it was indeed a miscalculation by Bedivere!

The half-dragon youth swooped in an instant, and stopped suddenly when he rushed in front of Albert.

Before El could react, the half-dragon youth Evan had already stretched out a finger and flicked the tiger’s forehead: “Get out of here!”

An invisible force slammed Albert into the air! The tiger couldn’t control itself, flew out of the boat and fell into the water!

Pasha! Make a gorgeous splash!

“Woo!” Albert struggled to emerge from the water, hoping to stop Evan, but was suppressed by the incarnation of the storm, and was pushed back into the water by an invisible giant palm!

“Cough! Cough, cough, cough!” The tiger was constantly struggling between drowning and not drowning. Every time he tried to emerge from the water, he would be suppressed by the incarnation of the storm, and the pain was excruciating!

“Now, it’s just you and me.” Looking at Albert struggling in the water, Evan sneered proudly, raised his photon pistol and aimed it at the high priest’s forehead:” Good afternoon and farewell!”

Bang! ! The pistol fired a light bullet.

Although the pistol’s attack power is limited, it may not be fatal at long distances, but at zero distance it is absolutely deadly. The light bullet hit the high priest’s head in an instant, and the next moment, it was able to open a scorching big hole in it!

Although it has gone through several twists and turns, Evan won this competition!

——Or maybe not!

Countless vines emerged from the high priest’s chest, forming a shield that blocked Ivan’s shot!

…Or rather, block most of it. The shattering light bullet did not smash the high priest’s face, but penetrated the leaf shield and tore off most of the high priest’s face!

“Um!” Albert emerged from the water with a vague smug laugh.

At Bedivere’s order, the tiger hid the [Sacred Tree Seed] on the high priest’s body first.

And [Sacred Tree Seed] has already accepted an order from the werewolf: when someone raises a gun to attack, it will explode a shield composed of tree vines to protect the high priest. Although the protective ability of the seed of the holy tree is limited, it can only block part of the attack.

The high priest was wounded, his face was bloody, and he was screaming like crazy.

But, at least this guy isn’t dead!

“What?” This scene was so strange that the young Banlong was shocked.

“You never had a chance to win from the start!” Bedivere’s voice echoed in the air. With the help of Elaine from the White Dragon, he rushed over quickly! The collapsing tower did not kill or trap Bedivere, it was Evan’s misstep!

“Woooooooooo!” The high priest was wrapped in vines all over his body, and a large piece of flesh was torn from his injured face, but he was not dead. The tree vine not only played the role of keeping him from dying, but also played the role of tying him so that he had nowhere to escape.

The high priest saw the werewolf approaching, thinking that his rescuer had arrived, and shouted hysterically: “Save, save me! As long as you can save me… as long as you can save me! Wealth, power, status… I can give you anything!!”

(Who cares about that?)

“Save you?” Bedivere landed on the boat lightly, pushed away Ivan’s gun holding hand with a smile, and pointed to Elaine who was still in the air.

The white dragon man is carrying the boy who was almost sacrificed just now. The entire tower collapsed in the explosion, and only Bedivere, Elaine, and the child escaped. Those cultists who didn’t escape were, of course, the damned ones.

The werewolf stared at the high priest with sharp eyes, full of hatred, anger, and endless questioning:

“The child was kidnapped by you and kept in a cage for more than a month, just to be slaughtered by you today, like an animal!

He had nothing to eat, only sewage, and was starving to death. Over the past month or so, how many times has he begged you for help, how many times has he begged, have you ever paid any attention?

——Now tell me, do you deserve to die? “

“Ummmmmmmm…” The vines wrapped the High Priest tighter and tighter, and his eyes bulged out. The cult leader, who was spraying blood all over, knew that all these people in front of him wanted to kill him, and he would definitely die this time.

“Hey hey hey hey, so you really are people from the Druids…” The high priest sneered sinisterly, he was desperate: “You think killing me will end this matter? You? Wrong!”

His broken arm miraculously moved. What he held in his hand was a real ceremonial dagger.

“In this case, all of you are going to die! Let’s all fall into the arms of [Silence]!”

The high priest’s arm is bent at an odd angle, as if some force controls his arm rather than his own muscle power.

The dagger stabbed fiercely, piercing the high priest’s heart impartially!

Seems a little wrong?

Crap! If this guy commits suicide, the bet between Bedivere and Evan will not be decided!

The half-dragon youth hurriedly raised his gun to shoot, and the light bullet hit the head of the high priest straight!

The werewolves also control the tree species, and the vines of the [Sacred Tree Seed] immediately pierced countless thorns, piercing the high priest all over!

Clap! Zazazazaza!

Light bullets shattered the head of the cult At the same time, the spikes also opened countless holes in the high priest’s body, killing him instantly!

There is a problem. In the end, who killed the high priest first?

Or, is this the high priest committing suicide?

Bediver and Ivan wondered for a while at the same time, preparing 10,000 reasons in their hearts, intending to argue with each other to the end.

But then something new happened and the two had to put the quarrel off.

The ritual dagger that pierced the high priest’s heart began to emit a sinister red light.

As if there was a statement, the ritual dagger greedily and quickly sucked the high priest’s flesh and viscera, causing the high priest to sink in from the chest!

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