Light Spirit Epic Chapter 746: Spying on the Evil Domain (2)


Chapter 746 Spying on the Evil Domain

While Bedivere was depressingly gardening, the tiger youth came over.

“Hey, Bedivere, you are so stupid, you take the initiative to do the gardening for that bad old man?” This **** tiger was so idle that he came over to sneer at the werewolf.

“Ignore me, I’m annoying.” The werewolf pointed the scissors at Albert, with a fierce look in his eyes: “Unless you want to be trimmed too. If so, take off your pants!”

“Don’t, don’t joke like that.” Albert’s forehead dripped with sweat. “I’m just here to ask you, how are you preparing for the round table exam?”

The werewolf’s anger grew even stronger.

Last night! Just last night! While Albert was sound asleep, Bedivere almost died several times.

This is a channel for buying newspapers that I have fought so hard to get. To be honest, I really don’t want to share it with a **** like Albert.

But who calls him Bedivere’s bad friend? In the end, they will still go to the round table trial venue together, and Bedivere will eventually help Tiger become a round table knight. Even if he wronged himself, he should have pulled Albert.

The werewolf suppressed his anger and said coldly, “You don’t need to worry about that. I’ve found a way.”

“But Elaine’s kid said to buy the newspaper with money. You have money meow?”

“Of course I’m richer than you.” The werewolf growled inwardly, “I’ll borrow your money for your trip!”

Of course he didn’t say this, but turned around and continued to trim the branches on the tree, with a fake smile on the corner of his mouth: “Don’t worry, everything will be fine.”

The tiger still didn’t give up, and continued to haunt the werewolf: “Bedi, I’d better contact the hunter organization. Relying on the newspaper network of the monster hunters may be able to provide convenience for the round table trial.”

“Yeah, yeah, let’s go.” The werewolf felt annoyed and began to say perfunctorily: “You look for your newspaper network, I look for mine. We will do it simultaneously to increase the chance of success. That’s it. “

“That’s a silly attitude.” Albert was immediately displeased, “If I find a useful report, I won’t tell you!”

(What a good brother.)

“Whatever you want!” The troubled Bedivere swiped at Albert with a pair of scissors. Of course, this was just to scare the other party, without real force: “Go away! Don’t bother me.”

“Hehehe,” Albert jumped a few steps away, with a mischievous evil smile on his face: “Naive! How could this kind of attack hit me!”

Boom! A branch fell from the tree and hit the tiger **** the head. It was a trap that Bedivere had just cut in half, but not completely.

“Ow!” The tiger covered the bag on his head, and yelled: “Damn, Bedi… I really have you! Remember me!”

The fool ran away, making the werewolf amused. This kid Albert and Elaine have only been together for half a day, and his IQ has dropped a lot.

Albert also used the connections of the hunter organization, probably to maintain his dignity on the verge of collapse in front of Bedivere.

The werewolf was noncommittal, leaving the tiger to make up its own mind. Don’t touch the other’s sore spot and let nature take its course, so that we can continue to make this friend with Albert. Albert’s self-esteem is too high.

Actually don’t blame Albert. Not because he was too weak, but because Bedivere and the people in Bedivere’s circle were too strong, all strong like monsters. It is difficult for the current Albert to gain a foothold in this circle, even more difficult to survive in this circle, and even more difficult to pass the test of the round table trial.

Therefore, finding a way to make the tiger stronger as soon as possible has become the most important task of the werewolf.

How can I give the [Sacred Tree Seed] to Albert without hurting the tiger’s self-esteem? This is a nerve-wracking problem.

At the same time, Chancellor Merlin’s research room.

Pop! The electric welding tapped on a piece of metal surface, and a dazzling electric spark erupted.

Pop, pop, pop! The electric welding was clicked several times in a row, and after a burst of sparks, the two pieces of metal were welded together.

Fssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! The chainsaw was cutting through another piece of metal, busy preparing the next piece to be joined.

“Is this… a decontamination armor?” Outside the assembly workshop, King Arthur looked at the half-made armor in the workshop through the thick bulletproof glass.

Why doesn’t this thing look like a crab shell at all? It doesn’t look much different from ordinary knight armor, but it has better sealing performance and is a little more handsome.

Is there really no problem with this kind of armor that only seeks to be handsome but not practical?

Merlin is at the side controlling the robotic arm of the lathe, continuously loading the armored parts. As if he could do two things with one mind, the prime minister kept talking while working: “Don’t worry, although the shape is different, the technology used in it is the same. The protective layer that blocks the shadow can be generated in the same way as a protective cover. The surface of the armor can definitely protect your majesty.”

“Really?” Arthur looked at the defuzzable armor being analyzed by the machine on the other side, and Li Daoyuan was also helping to input the armor information.

This scientist from the Dark Continent of the East provided King Arthur with all the reports that could unravel the turbidity armor without reservation. It can be seen that he is also very urgent. He hopes that the King of Knights can send someone to the Dark Continent to help him as soon as possible.

“Speaking of which, why is it in the shape of a crab?” Arthur looked at the crab shell for a long time, and finally couldn’t help but ask, “You can shape the armor into any shape, why did you choose this funny crab? shell?”

“Your Majesty, please don’t laugh.” Li Daoyuan replied helplessly and shyly: “Our [Defuzzy Armor] is not manufactured. To be honest, it is directly from Nanliang Kingdom using biological technology. It is directly extracted from the crabs that grow in the river in the south.”

“Scared?!” This sentence almost scared Arthur to death.

“In order to resist the erosion of the dark son, this kind of crab has evolved and mutated a shell that can isolate the dark son – this is the shell. What we have to do is to change the genes of the river crabs and make a the same size crab, then…kill it and take its shell.”

“Oh my god, your biotechnology has been able to achieve this level!” Merlin marveled at the side, apparently it was the first time he heard of it: “And this technology existed thousands of years ago!”

“Yes. A thousand years ago.” The middle-aged oriental man murmured in a low voice, “At that time, the war had left our country impoverished, and there was no more budget to manufacture a large number of Anzi protective suits. We were actually a last resort. This kind of biotechnology was born under the following circumstances, which directly obtains everything needed from the organism.”

“So, this is the shell of a real crab?” Arthur looked at the pits and barbs on the huge carapace, and couldn’t help but marvel: “It’s an ingenious design.”

“It’s not! It’s ugly, and it’s very inconvenient to wear.” Li Daoyuan complained: “We really don’t have a way to put on this armor. I didn’t expect it to be worn for a thousand years.”

Unless they can purify the entire Dark Continent, they will continue to wear this armor modified from crab shells.

“Speaking of which, since there are crabs in the Dark Continent that have evolved carapaces that can resist the darkness, that means other creatures can do it too?” The King of Knights held his cheeks and asked, “There are other creatures…other Humans, survive on armor developed by biotechnology?”

“Your Majesty, this is a very good question.” Li Daoyuan seemed to have been waiting for King Arthur to ask this question for a long time. He stopped what he was doing, turned around, and confronted him with a serious face. The King of Knights said:

“Northern Wei Dynasty. A great northern country that is hostile to our Nanliang also found a technology to resist the erosion of dark sons from a kind of ants.

They used the shells of these ants to make [Ant People Armor]. Its working principle is exactly the same as [Defuzzy Armor]. But——“

“But?” Arthur knew there was a following.

“Later we discovered that the [Antminder Armor] of the Northern Wei Dynasty had technical defects. Although the Northern Wei Dynasty sent a lot of spies to steal a lot of technology from the Nanliang [Antminder Armor]—– -Most of them were given to them by us – they still failed.

Their armor doesn’t have a way to completely filter the shadows from their food, so when they ingest the nutrients… they accidentally absorb a small amount of shadows.

If the amount absorbed is small, the process of dark son infection becomes extremely slow. It may not seem like a problem at first, but once the infection process begins, it is irreversible. So, finally…you get the idea.

After the Eastern Continent was blocked by the giant wall, about five hundred years later, all the people of the Northern Wei Dynasty were infected by Anzi. They were actually all dead and turned into a bunch of walking dead, zombies powered by Anko.

——So, Your Majesty, if you see an Ant-Man in the Dark Continent, be careful. No matter how normal it looks, he is infected with dark sons, bloodthirsty, ferocious and evil creatures. These Northern Wei ant-men are already dead, it is best to see one kill another, may they find real rest in death. “

After hearing Li Daoyuan’s words, the King of Knights couldn’t help swallowing. The Eastern Dark Continent is really full of dangers, and even seemingly normal people have hidden murderous intentions.

“Actually, Your Majesty.” Merlin also spoke at this time, “I can copy the armor of the crabs, and add the technology of isolating dark sons to your new armor. But there is a technical problem, it seems that no matter what Nothing can be done.”

“Oh?” King Arthur grunted. This is by no means what Wang wants to hear.

“When you put on this armor and act in the Dark Continent…how do you eat?” Merlin said unexpectedly.

“Eat, eat?!”

Arthur then remembered that although the armor could isolate the shadows, it couldn’t filter the shadows from the outside food.

If you insist on eating it, I am afraid it will end up like the ants.

If you don’t eat…a person will not die if you don’t eat for a month, but if you don’t drink water for three days, you will die. Even if you don’t eat or drink for a month, you will be extremely weak. In this state, how to fight?

And, there is one, though not the biggest question, but the most pressing one: how to excrete?

It can’t be placed directly in the armor… it! ?

Not good, too bad. These big problems are almost impossible to overcome, unless Arthur also transforms his body to become like Li Daoyuan, not eating or drinking, and only survives by extracting photons from food.

This is obviously not acceptable. Arthur couldn’t have transformed himself into a monster in order to travel to the Dark Continent. Even if Arthur is willing, the knights accompanying King Arthur are not necessarily willing. Everyone has their own lives to live, so how could the body be destroyed just like that?

Seeing King Arthur’s frown, Prime Minister Merlin quickly persuaded: “Your Majesty, don’t worry. I will find a way.”

“I hope so.” The King of Knights couldn’t hide his worries in a calm tone: “A month later, it will be the ceremony for the official relocation of the capital of Great Britain to Camilo. I plan to go out to the Dark Continent immediately after the ceremony. If the problem of feeding the armor remains unresolved, we will have to cancel the program.”

“No! Please think twice, Your Majesty! Give me a little more time!” Li Daoyuan obviously had a strong opinion.

King Arthur looked at Li Daoyuan and shook his head lightly: “You ventured through the passage of molten rock to come to Europe to find me because of a vision in the Dark Continent, right? — With all due respect, you guys The chances of the world being saved are actually…”

(Very slim.)

(Especially, after Morgan, the monster, went to the Dark Continent and made waves.)

“I don’t want to meddle in my own business. But—-” King Arthur saw the embarrassment on the face of the oriental man and persuaded: “Why do you insist on taking me to the dark continent? Why can’t you be here in Europe? Where to settle? Instead of saving a country that is almost impossible to survive, it is better to abandon all this and live in peace here.”

That’s normal. No one is willing to take a risk if they can, much less pursue an almost impossible mission.

Through the Rongyan Passage, Li Daoyuan, who came to Europe, is safe, free, and has escaped from the clutches of darkness.

Then why would he go back to that hellish place to save a bunch of people who are almost impossible to save?

“Your Majesty, I will not give up.” The strange oriental man said, “My wife and children are there, and so are my students. They are waiting for me to save them. I cannot abandon them.”

“Then go and bring them too!” The King of Knights instantly pointed out the logic I can’t abandon my motherland! But the eastern man retorted: “Even if it faces destruction, even if it is shrouded in darkness, and the whole country is smoky–I still love it. “

The words have come to this point, and the King of Knights has nothing to say.

Li Daoyuan thought that by taking King Arthur and a group of knights to Nanliang Kingdom, he would be able to save that country from the darkness.

But he was too naive. How can things be so simple.

The Dark Son pervades the entire Dark Continent, and the people there are almost helpless – unless some kind of powerful tool is used to purify the darkness of the entire planet.

Although I am very sorry for Li Daoyuan, the purpose of King Arthur’s trip is not to save Li Daoyuan’s country at all, but to find the “power tool” that may be hidden in the dark continent.

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