Light Spirit Epic Chapter 747: Spying on the Evil Domain (3)


Chapter 747 Spying on the Evil Domain



As Bedivere put the last patch on the cracked roof, his stomach started to protest too

It’s lunchtime

I hope the lunch provided by the old man here is really edible and not some kind of dark food.

When the werewolf went around the kitchen to take a look, he completely collapsed

This is exactly the same as the galley in Captain Senezel’s cargo ship. It’s dirty and old just looking at it.

The dark dishes from the galleys of the cargo ship can’t be eaten at all, and the food here is definitely not much better

Are these guys going to die by cleaning the kitchen a little?

“Oh Betty” Albert walked out with a bowl of bisque “it was on time it was time to eat”

“Don’t you smell the rotten smell in this soup?” Bedivere frowned violently, almost squeezing his brows out

“It’s not that exaggerated” Al’s nose seems to be broken. “There is a kind of salted fish that tastes like salted fish. Don’t worry about it.”

(How hungry must you be to drink this bowl of dark food)

The werewolf sat down at the table, but it was like sitting on pins and needles without a moment’s peace. Before him was a bowl of thick soup, a loaf of bread that was as black and hard as a stone, and a few slices of smoked meat

Even the black charred meat that looks like normal smoked meat also has a faint smell in it

My stomach hurts after eating this lunch

“Eat it while it’s hot and it’s not good when it’s cold” Old man Senezer casually drank his bowl of thick soup. Is someone used to dark food immune to diarrhea

The werewolf squeezed out a fake smile. He saw Al and Elaine eating happily and couldn’t help but join these two idiots

But do you want to eat it? Can Bedivere not eat it? He is asking for it from the Senezer landlord. Now he refuses this lunch, I am afraid he will anger the other party

“I’ll eat your bacon if you don’t eat it again” Albert stared at the werewolf’s plate with a shameless look

Bedyville gave the tiger a blank look and everything I did was not for you, the **** tiger

The werewolf had no choice but to pick up the bowl of thick soup and try his best to hold back his breath and pour the soup into his stomach

Sure enough, there are stinky salted fish that stink, but tigers and white bears can drink such stinky things


Some sort of umami exploded in Bedivere’s throat

It seems to be concentrated in the deliciousness of thousands of fish. Although it has a rancid smell, it is unbelievably fresh

What is it?

“The werewolf could not help but exclaimed

“Oh, this is a traditional fish soup in Edinburgh made with special pickled and salted fish.” The old man sneered and said, “How can I not think that something so stinky can be so delicious?”

It’s true that Bedivere ate an amazing, can’t look good, can’t smell the soup

The werewolf took a few bites off the stinky and delicious soup and grabbed the black bread to eat

Crunchy thought it would be hard as a stone. Bediveville didn’t expect much from this bread, but the dark dish surprised him instantly

This is not a simple bread, this black color, this fragrance should be the black beans attached to the bread. The part that the werewolf thought was mold was actually a fine frost of rock salt

Who ground black beans and mixed them with flour to make this bread who ground rock salt so finely and lightly spread it on the bread

It’s unbelievable that such rough food is so finely cooked

The werewolf solved the black bean bread in an instant and dealt with the slices of bacon. He didn’t believe that these slices of obviously charred bacon couldn’t be delicious.

Once again he lost to this dark dish that wasn’t charred at all but lumps of finely crushed black pepper

The bacon is refined just before it rots to retain its freshest taste without being inedible

Pepper removes the fishy odor in the meat and improves the meat quality and restores the most authentic meat. Elasticity

God’s work

It’s a magical masterpiece

Who cooks today’s lunch?

—Bedivere quickly turned to look at the old man Senezel

No absolutely not

However, this old man is not a chef’s material, and his body does not smell of cooking fumes

So who made such a rotten ingredient so magical

“Oh you’re done” A woman comes out of the kitchen with the last plate of snacks


Last night in the dim light, Bediveville already thought Olin was very beautiful

Now there is plenty of light in the dining room at noon, the Druid coordinator looks more charming

She didn’t pay attention to the werewolf’s gaze and placed the plate of snacks in her hand on the table, and ordered in a queenly arrogant tone: “Eat dessert after dinner”

“Oh, Miss Olin, you are so nice” when a big cat sees a woman, it drools like a dog when it sees a bone

No wonder this guy, Albert, eats so much. It turns out that the cook is a beauty and everything she makes is “beautiful”

The werewolf reached out and grabbed a “dessert” to take a closer look

That thing is a little rabbit made of flour. It turned translucent white under cooking. You can see the jam filling hidden in it

Bedevier almost cried: Is it necessary to make such a delicate dessert for a dessert? How can one bear to eat such a cute rabbit?

“How long did it take you to do this?” Bedivere tried his best to suppress his surprise and emotion and asked Olin as if nothing had happened: “If you spent all your time cultivating your skills, you would have been much stronger. times”

“Damn you stupid dog who doesn’t know the wind” Olin scolded: “I was taken care of by you last night and now I will cook something delicious for you in return. If you don’t eat it, even if you don’t eat it, it’s sneering there

(Oh, it was a return gift)

“Oh, you still know what etiquette is.” The werewolf thought in his heart that one sentence was indeed another sentence in his mouth

As soon as these words came out, Ou Lin was completely irritated: “Boy, we went out to make a move, I promise not to kill you”

A good girl

Bediver ate the crystal bunny in one bite, chewing and chewing the wonderful food, feeling the fruity aroma of it slowly spreading

Then he said calmly: “Well, it’s very good. I accept this gift. Let’s not quarrel. If you have business affairs, ask me to discuss it.”

Olin saw that Bedivere didn’t mean to quarrel, and she was so angry and stupid that she suppressed her anger and pulled out a chair and sat down at the dining table: “It’s not me, it’s my grandfather who has something to discuss with you. Grandpa—“

“Puff hoo hoo hoo hoo…” The landlord Senezel kept snickering on the side and was forced to stop laughing at the call: “Okay we… po hoo hoo …let’s get down to business”

The werewolf kept cursing and wishing the old man Senezer to hurry up and die from laughing too much, bursting blood vessels and dying

The old man glanced around and confirmed that no outsiders were eavesdropping within ten miles before he said with confidence: “This task was not assigned by the Brotherhood, but from… an organization within Great Britain”

So the Druids and the government of Great Britain do have contacts with the werewolf.

“However, the nature of this task is rather special. It is not easy for us Druids to intervene, so we need the help of you people who have nothing to do with the sect”

(borrowing a knife to kill)

The old man Senezel glanced at the werewolf tiger man and white bear man present: “Especially the aliens, you are the most suitable for doing this, it will not cause anyone’s suspicion”

(Because we are not human, can we be enslaved by you to help you do those dirty deeds)

“Don’t sell the mission content.” Bedivere can’t wait any longer

This is obviously a very bad task. The old man is so sneaky and intends to use the hands of Bedivere and others to complete this matter. I am afraid there is a lot of tricky tricks

Let’s hear it first and then if the mission is really bad, I’ve made up my mind to immediately dismiss the werewolf

“Hey, what are you nervous about?” The old man grinned and showed all kinds of malicious intentions between his eyebrows and eyes: “I just want you to destroy an underground church with a cult”

Religious conflict knows it will be like this. Bediveville is bouncing off his chair. Even a guy with a spring on his **** can’t bounce as high as he does

“No thanks but no” Bedivere shouted, lest he could not refuse fast enough before landing, “We don’t–want–participate–with–

Thank you very much but this task—we—we—do not—accept—

“Oh” the old man narrowed his eyes and looked at the werewolf slyly. The words were full of irony: “Are you sure this is really not a religious conflict.

That cult is notoriously evil and it’s already notorious in Great Britain and even if you don’t do it there will always be someone out there to uproot the cult – and none of this has anything to do with our druids “

“However, this is your mission” The werewolf wouldn’t believe the old man’s tricks. He knows that the cunning and clever old man of Senezer can only believe half of his words, and he will suffer a loss if he believes more.

“I just heard about it from a relevant department of the government—please call me to report” Old Senezer sneered: “And I’m afraid you have heard of the name of the cult.”

The old man slowly spit out a string of familiar syllables:

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