Light Spirit Epic Chapter 745: Spying on the Evil Domain (1)


Chapter 745 Spying on the Evil Domain

Bediver opened his eyes, and it was ten o’clock in the morning. Yesterday’s hard work made him rarely oversleep.

The white bear Elaine, who was supposed to be laying on the carpet, and the tiger man Albert, who was supposed to rest on the other bed, have disappeared at this moment.

The werewolf crawled up in worry, thinking if these two guys who had never met before woke up and ran into each other, would they fight?

He had to get up in a hurry to change clothes and rush out of the room.

Clap! Keng! bump! Outside the house was the sound of swords screeching.

Crap. Bedivere’s heart sank even more. Al and Elaine really got into a fight.

He rushed out of the hotel in a hurry, shouting to the outside: “Don’t fight! Stop it!”

In the outskirts of Edinburgh, in the deserted hotel compound, a tiger and a white bear are training with wooden swords for training. They were stunned when they saw the werewolf rushing out and shouting this sentence, and looked at Bedivere.

Even the landlord who was trimming the trees in the yard turned around and looked at Bedivere dissatisfiedly: “What? I trim my own yard, do you have an opinion?”

“No, but, uh—” The werewolf looked at the people present suspiciously: “Al, Elaine, aren’t you fighting?”

“Who’s fighting? Don’t think everyone is as naive as you and fights when you see strangers.” Albert snarled fiercely: “This kid was brought by you, right? Swordsmanship—completely—completely—no—ok—well, I’m instructing him.”

“Yes, yes.” Elaine blushed, scratching her head in embarrassment.

“By the way, why are you so clumsy? If you are so stupid and want to take the Knights of the Round Table Exam, aren’t you afraid of being screened out in the first round?” Albert looked at Ian with contempt. Ryan, as if looking at a useless little trash.

If he knew how cruel Elaine was when he transformed, Tiger would never have laughed.

Let’s do it. “The werewolf shrugged helplessly:” Don’t make too much noise, it will disturb the neighbors. “

“Oh, you can rest assured about this.” The landlord of Senezel continued to trim the branches of a large tree in the yard with large scissors: “This is the suburbs, and the houses are so widely spaced that no noise can be made. No one will notice. The night of summoning spirits is over, so you can do it.”

It’s almost as if he’s encouraging the two boys to keep fighting. Bedivere was even more helpless.

There are two days until the exam begins. Although Bedivere promised the prophet Mutani, he said that he would have a good rest these two days.

But, do nothing and wait for the time to pass? That’s not at all in Bedivere’s nature.

The first thing he thought of was to use these two days to improve his strength.

And, not only to improve himself, but also for Albert’s sake, to improve the strength of the tiger.

Bediveville had secretly made the decision to qualify with Albert to become a Knight of the Round Table.

When it comes to improving strength, the first thing that comes to Bedivere’s mind is someone. In other words, a prop in someone’s hand.

Olin’s [Forest Seed].

The female coordinator who acted with Bedivere yesterday used a wonderful tool called the [Forest Seed].

That thing can be ever-changing, and it doesn’t need to consume the user’s photons (magic power) to move, that is to say, orcs can also use it.

If they can get it, if Bedivere and Albert can also use it, their strength will be greatly increased, and they will also have a great advantage in the trials of the Knights of the Round Table.

The only problem is that it appears to be a druid occult. Can this kind of secret art be spread out? This is a mystery.

However, it’s worth a try. Why not? Prophet Multani is such an enlightened person, maybe he is willing to teach the werewolves to use the power of the forest seed.

After making up his mind, Bedivere walked over to the landlord of Senezel, and while pretending to watch the landlord trim the trees, he asked casually, “I thought the Druids were all about nature. Wouldn’t you change the appearance of nature at will?”

“Pruning is another matter.” The old man replied rightfully, “Even the tree itself does not know which parts are good and which need to be discarded as soon as possible. The aging and sick parts can help trees grow better. This is the same as cutting heads and nails for humans, and there are no special taboos.”

“That’s right.” Bedivere replied casually.

“Hey—” The landlord knew that Bedivere came to talk to him because he wanted something. He didn’t bother to go around the werewolf and asked bluntly: “What do you want to ask? Just tell me if you have something to say.”

Bediver was embarrassed for a while after being exposed, so he said hesitantly: “I want to see your Lord Prophet again. I want to learn the righteousness of your Druids.”

“You want to learn to use the power of the [Forest Seed], right?” The old man once again pierced the werewolf’s lies.

“You, how did you know…”

The old man smiled wickedly: “Hey hey hey hey, Olin who was on the mission with you last night is my granddaughter. What do you think?”

(My God, the world is so small.)

“Okay, okay.” Bedivere was so embarrassed at this point, “Yes, I want to learn to use the power of [Forest Seed]… Can’t you? Is this ability really true?” only to the druids?”

“Yes, it’s never rumored. Give it up.” The old man said bluntly.

Deville couldn’t help but feel another disappointment. But think about it, how could such a powerful ability be imparted to outsiders?

The old man said in a seductive tone: “However, if you are willing to join the Druidism——“

“No, thank you, but no.” The werewolf hurriedly interrupted the old man. He is definitely not into teaching, no matter how big the temptation in front of him is. The Druid’s life attitude is very different from his, and the werewolf doesn’t want to easily provoke an unknown religion.

“Phuhuhuhuhuhu…” The old man laughed again, as if the prank was successful, and said proudly: “I knew it would be like this. The prophet Muthani told me yesterday that you would Ask similar questions. And if I asked you to teach, you would definitely say no.”

(Yes, everything was predicted by the prophet, worthy of being a prophet.)

” However, the Prophet also said that if you are unwilling to join the church, you don’t have to force you. I have what you want, and I can send it to you without joining the church. It’s up to you to do it yourself. .”

The old man took a small seed from his bosom.

Forest Seeds! ?

However, something is wrong. It’s a little smaller, and the color is different from the real forest seed.

It has a wonderful pale blue glow.

“[Sacred Tree Seed].——Strictly speaking, it is actually the ancestor of [Forest Seed].” Old Senezer handed the tree seed to the werewolf: “It is [ The original form of the Forest Seed], the things that can be changed are relatively limited. But relatively, it is also easier to manipulate.——Of course, you have to learn to communicate with it first.”

When Bedivere took the tiny seed, he could feel the slight agitation in it.

“It’s…talking to me,” the werewolf sighed. This wonderful agitation really seems to be a kind of speech.

“Yes, it’s talking.” The old man sneered, “One day, you will learn to communicate with it. Work hard.”

“Well, but…” Although it seemed a bit greedy to do so, Bedivere asked the landlord Senezel cheekily: “Is there one more? I want to give it… to Ai Er.”

Albert is the one most in need of strengthening right now. Werewolf thought.

“There are so many demands.” The landlord raised his brows, showing a helpless expression, “[Sacred Tree Seed] only produces a seed every ten years. Give the seeds to you who are not druids. Please don’t be greedy, okay?”

Let’s do it. “Having said that, the werewolf didn’t dare to make any more demands,” I don’t want this kind of thing, I’ll give it to Albert, is that alright? “

The landlord looked indifferent: “Whatever you want. The seeds have been given to you. What you do with them is entirely up to you. But—” The landlord turned his head and glanced at the tiger man youth in the distance: ” I advise you not to do anything superfluous, and give the power you have to others. It hurts one’s self-esteem, especially that arrogant cat.”

Old Senezel’s insight was no less than that of the prophet Mutani, and Bedivere suddenly found the old man terrifying.

“I will try to give this thing to Al without hurting his feelings.” The werewolf said depressedly, in fact, he had no idea.

“I hope you can succeed.” The landlord squeezed out a malicious grin again: “However, even if it can be given to him, whether he can hear the voice of the sacred tree seed and whether he can use the tree seed is all unknown. Good luck to you guys, hehehehehe——“

When the **** old man laughed maliciously, the werewolf knew there was more to it.

“…Stop playing. If you have extra tree species, just give it to me.” Bedivere suppressed his anger and pleaded, “On the other hand if you have anything to do, hand it in. Do it for me.”

“That’s good.” The old man Senezel laughed even more evilly. He handed the large scissors in his hand to the werewolf: “Hey, hey, hey, help me do the gardening first. Then I will repair the roof of the hotel. It’s getting rainy and humid, and I’m afraid it will leak again this year.”

“Yes, yes, but what about the tree species?” The werewolf felt cheated: “You must have extra tree species, right?”

“Anyway, it’s enough to get something that can help you strengthen your abilities? Don’t worry, I’ll help you find a way.” Go back to the house.

Bediveville feels cheated. But he had already promised to help the landlord with gardening and roofing, so he had to finish those chores first.

He holds the razor-sharp scissors, secretly hoping that old Senezer will keep his promise. Otherwise——kacha! He forcefully cut off a branch the size of a finger, the size of which was exactly the same as a part of a human being. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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