Light Spirit Epic Chapter 725: Conflict in the sea of ​​ice (5)


Chapter 725 Conflict in the Ice Sea

It was a decent-looking middle-aged man with black head and black eyes, but with weird yellow skin, who looked a little thin!


“Hmm, hooligan? The ruthless stubborn Yier—” The man carefully manipulated his crab claws, moving it to his neck.

A strange device was stuck to his neck. He tapped the device several times before finally speaking: “Test, test. Can you hear what I’m saying?”

“…hear well, your translator is working.” King Arthur replied, “So stop waving your **** arm in front of me. Those tongs look too much like weapons. , will disturb my knights.”

“Oh, sorry.” The man really stopped.

“Tell me now, who are you and where do you come from?”

The man looked at the king of knights and understood that the king was wise to this point, so he no longer had any reservations, and said bluntly with confidence: “Your Majesty is wise. I am from—[Ashia]—also It’s the people from the [Dark Continent of the East]—Nanliang Kingdom. My name is… Li Daoyuan.”

He said he came from the dark continent of the East!

The knights were startled again, and they drew their weapons, almost immediately wanting to slash the visitor from the Dark Continent. As far as they know, the Dark Continent has been completely infected by Anzi, and the people from it must have died, or turned into some kind of Anzi infected creature! In theory, there are no exceptions!

“Dark Continent?” King Arthur carefully scrutinized the appearance of this foreigner. Although the race is different and the appearance is very different, this middle-aged man is still [human], and it seems that he has not lost his temperament due to the infection of the dark child. , and not violent.

“Explain it to me.” King Arthur still put his safety first, and he asked the matter clearly before saying: “How did you survive in the dark continent? Are you really not infected by Anzi?”

“Oh, of course not.” The man had a slightly smug look on his face: “We have protective clothing, which can block the erosion of [darkness]. As you can see—this is the protective clothing, the [detoxifying armor] ].”

“Unvoiced…armor?” The King of Knights savoured that wonderful sound carefully. It should be something transliterated, derived from the local language of the oriental people.

But it’s a crab shell… hilarious crab shell.

But it’s really powerful. It kept a living person hiding in molten rock and survived for so long. —This alone is enough to prove the particularity of this armor.

“Okay, I’ll trust you for now. — Kai?” The King of Knights turned his head, “Go and contact my chancellor Merlin. Let him do a detailed physical examination of this man. If he cheated We, let him have a good death—“

“As ordered, Your Majesty.” The Knight of the Round Table, Kai, turned around and made a phone call to contact Prime Minister Merlin. While the call was still on, he turned around and looked at the man again: “Can’t you eat? What a pity.”

“I’m not a crab, please don’t eat me, thank you!” Li Daoyuan said helplessly: “And my IQ is fine, so I don’t need to fix it.”

The other party heard all the previous words. Kai stuck out his tongue in embarrassment.

At the same time, a cargo ship bound for Great Britain.

“Let’s all sit down.” Tristan sat down on the frosted chair, apparently he thought the tables and chairs in the ship’s restaurant were too dirty, and wanted to add a [bacteria barrier] himself.

The table and chairs covered with frost are indeed pleasing to the eye. But….?

The people in Bediveville looked at each other, wondering if they should sit in those frosted chairs. But there is not much time, and the sashimi can’t be eaten without eating it. The werewolf still mustered up his courage and took the lead in sitting down, facing Tristan.

Fortunately, it’s not as cold as I thought. This is a high-temperature ice made by magic, and its freezing point should be above zero.

“No problem, it’s not cold.” The werewolf beckoned to his friends: “Sit down.”

“Hope it doesn’t stick my **** to the chair.” Albert sat down suspiciously.

“Hehe, years ago, I would have done such a vulgar prank. —But now? No. I wouldn’t be so childish.” Tristan smiled disapprovingly.

A fork made of ice appeared out of thin air in his hand, probably due to the shaping magic. He used a fork to fork a piece of sashimi on the first plate of sashimi and chewed it in his mouth: “According to the agreement, I will try the poison first. If I don’t die, you can eat it with confidence.”

He justly tested the poison and started eating. After trying one plate after another, he chose the best fish fillet to eat from each plate, and the white snowflake fish fillet slowly slipped into the mouth of the murloc prince, making everyone gluttonous.

Albert can’t wait to pick up his fork when Tristan finishes eating a piece of fish from the last plate.

“Wait a minute! It will take a minute before the puffer fish poison!” warned Evan on the side.

“I don’t care if it’s poisonous or not! Can’t wait to eat it first!” Albert forked a piece of fish and stuffed it into his mouth.

chew, chew. The initial sweetness comes from the elegant orchid-like aroma.

chew, chew. The flesh of the fish melted on the tip of the tongue like ice and snow.

This is the highest quality fish in the world, and they are just the right time to eat, the meat is tender and smooth, sweet but not thick, fat but not greasy, and ordinary meat can’t be compared with it.

chew, chew. Trace after trace, layer after layer, the muscle fibers of the fish shattered between the tiger’s teeth, overflowing, and oozing the gravy.

It’s smooth and chewy, snaps without sticking, tougher than gummy candy, yet softer than pudding. It’s an indescribable, delicate chew full of infinite texture.

Chew, chew, swallow. The moment the fish slipped into the throat, the infinite delicacy and aroma exploded in the throat. It was not only the sound of nature like a bird, but also the sound of battle horns like ten thousand troops marching. The elegant taste and the strong delicacy are integrated into one, like the unvoiced voice in the forest with thousands of people singing in unison!

“Woo—” After the tiger ate the first slice, tears kept falling.

This is delicious food! For the first time in his life, Albert felt so fully alive.

This is life! Eating pig food that is not as good as bran may fill one’s stomach, but it cannot make people truly understand [survival].

The real, [survival] touch comes from the encounter with god-level food! Some things, even if you can only eat once in your life, even if you go bankrupt and die, you don’t want to miss it!

Albert was thinking so at the moment. To be able to eat so delicious, even if he will die of poison in the next second, it is all worth it!

Good. “Bediver also pretended to be calm, but kept gobbling it. The whole meal was very quiet, because people were so busy eating the sea, they didn’t have the time to talk to other people.

When you thought that more than 300 fish would definitely kill this group of people, they swept away most of the fish in an instant.

“It’s great, I’ve never eaten such a delicious fish meow in my life!” Little Hal sighed after he was full, with a blush of happiness on his face.

“Haha, the quality of this fish is really good, and it’s the right time to eat it.” Tristan breathed lightly, and he still pretended to rest gracefully on the back of the chair when he was full.

“The last piece, I want it.” Albert snatched the snow-white fish with a fork and stuffed it into his mouth. The monkey was anxious and greedy, and he didn’t look like he was full, even though his severely bulging belly had betrayed him.

“It’s fortunate that there is only so little fish and meat, otherwise—” The werewolf looked at the tiger’s watch that still wanted to be dissatisfied: “If you eat it again, you will really break your belly.”

Albert hiccupped and struggled to speak: “My business…not yours!”

This kid will definitely have gastroenteritis, just wait and see. There was a vicious curse in the werewolf’s heart.

“Okay.” Tristan rested for a while, and suddenly laughed sinisterly: “I invited you to dinner, so today’s rudeness is dismissed. Please give me more advice in the future.”

He doesn’t look so friendly, not at all in a hopeful and “instructive” attitude from Bedivere.

What else does the other party want to do. The werewolf told himself intuitively.

“Speaking of which, do you want another dessert?” Sure enough, Tristan started the next step.

“His Royal Highness, what do you want?” The werewolf frowned and asked tentatively, “Even if it’s just today, can’t we live together peacefully?”

“We will be peaceful and fair, and I don’t want to destroy this broken ship.”


The insidiousness and ferocity on Tristan’s face was even more revealing: “I won’t fight you, but—let’s make a bet?”

“Bet?” The werewolf had an even more ominous foreboding.

“Evan, bring up that plate.” Tristan ordered.

What is coming is still coming. The werewolf looked suspiciously at the half-dragon youth who brought another plate from the kitchen, and kept muttering in his heart, wondering what medicine was sold in Tristan’s gourd.

The plate is intricately carved into a bracelet, made entirely from Tristan’s ice sculpting technique, and is covered in reliefs of dragons and ocean waves.

It’s so delicate that it still looks so elegant under the vulgar lighting of a cargo ship’s dining room. The werewolf knew very well that this thing would be destroyed due to the disappearance of the magic effect in the near future, and could not help but sigh inwardly.

Through the plate’s crystal-like lid, something small can be seen inside the plate. Evan carefully lifted the lid and let the contents of the plate be displayed in front of everyone.

That thing was about the size of a mung bean, and there were two of them in a perfect spherical shape. They were as black as ink buckets, but a pure golden halo appeared on the surface, as luxurious as black gold.

This is… roe?

There are only two, which may be extremely precious roes.

The werewolf swallowed. Everyone present swallowed their saliva. The little black panther Hal couldn’t help reaching out, but was stopped by Evan: “Don’t move, it’s very dangerous.”

“This is?” The werewolf glanced at Tristan suspiciously.

“This is the roe of a puffer fish in the Ice Sea.” Tristan explained calmly: “As you can see, it is very rare.”

Rare? As long as the season is suitable, there are tens of thousands of roes in a female fish. How could it be rare?

“Maybe you didn’t understand what I was saying.” Tristan saw the confusion on the werewolf’s face, “It’s really not that rare—poisonous words.

However, one in every million roe of the ice sea puffer fish is non-toxic. I was fortunate enough to find this non-toxic roe among the 180 puffer fish I had just processed. “

“You mean one…” Bedivere looked at the two roes in front of him.

“In other words, one of the grains is non-toxic and edible, while the other is highly poisonous, enough to kill millions of people.” Tristan laughed maliciously: “No The poisonous puffer fish roe in the ice sea is the best delicacy in the world. There is hardly any food in the world that can compare with it. A single caviar in this mere mere roe is worth 100 million Icelandic gold coins.”

This sky-high price stunned everyone present.

In front of them lay a grain of concentrated gold, an egg of black gold worth 100 million.

“However, the other roe is terrifying.” Tristan sneered: “Ice sea pufferfish only spawn in the corners near the iceberg, and these highly poisonous roes are not even close to the fish at sea. .

Once one of the poisonous roes bursts, the toxicity dissolves into the water, enough to kill all fish in a large area of ​​the sea.

We Icelanders have seen a lot: when you see thousands of fish carcasses floating in the waters near icebergs, the poisonous sea will be shrouded in death within three months. You don’t want to get near it anyway until it’s naturally degraded. “

Is just a small roe so poisonous? The werewolf stared at the two small roes in front of him.

A grain is non-toxic, sky-high price, the world’s highest delicacy;

The other one is the most powerful poison in the world, which can make people die tens of thousands of times.

One is heaven and one is hell. The two roes were so close together that it was impossible to tell them apart.

The werewolf has vaguely guessed what the other party is trying to do.

“Now, who is that?—“

“Bedivere,” the werewolf repeated.

Mr. Deville. Tristan looked at the werewolf with a malicious smile on his face: “Dare you bet me? Let’s eat each of these two roes. Those who are lucky can enjoy the highest delicacy in the world, and those who are unlucky

——Can still enjoy the highest delicacy in the world, but in the next half minute, he will go to hell. “

That’s right! Tristan spends a lot of money to buy fish and cooks it himself, and he goes around such a big circle, in fact, for this moment!

This is a very fair, one-on-one fight to the death.

It’s not a pair of but just a tongue; it’s not strength, but luck!

The werewolf was actually looking forward to this scene. This was the Tristan he knew, a ruthless but fair kid.

However, being treated like this still makes Bedivere extremely sad: “Do you really want to play so hard? His Royal Highness Prince Tristan of the Kingdom of Iceland?”

“Of course.” Tristan looked at the werewolf coldly: “You humiliated me in public, Mr. Bedivere the werewolf. This revenge must be avenged. And I thought about it, the sooner the better. Life is too short, who knows if you will suddenly die of a heart attack in the next second? Wouldn’t that be cheap for you?”

Bedivere was upset: “Oh yes, I’m so weak that I look like I’m going to die of a heart attack at any time.—and why do you think I’ll bet this with you?”

——Who would be foolish enough to gamble with his own life?

The murloc prince laughed: “Because, you have no choice.”() “Act of the Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas, if it is found that its content violates the laws of the country Please delete the content of the content, and the position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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