Light Spirit Epic Chapter 724: Conflict in the sea of ​​ice (4)


Chapter 724 Conflict in the Ice Sea

“It’s all over.” Tristan put away his skates and breathed a sigh of relief. Behind him, Ivan is still carefully examining the toxicity of the fish, plate by plate – but everyone knows very well that this finely processed fish is all non-toxic and harmless and can be eaten directly.

Because Tristan does have god-like sword skills.

After dealing with the fish, Tristan looked curiously at Bedivere and asked a strange question: “Did you use your fists to get the fish out of the water?”

‘s. “The werewolf is outspoken. The other party can easily see through the werewolf’s fishing methods, and his insight is amazing.

“Well done. The fish fainted due to the impact when they were on the water. They didn’t struggle much. This is of great significance to the umami of the fish.”

The werewolf immediately felt embarrassed when he said that. He didn’t really think that far. He used his fist style to catch fish, which was purely an improvisational method, and whether it could be successful or not, there was no such thing as a chore.

Tristan poured a plate of cold water: “However, the technique is still unskilled. —You have injured a lot of fish’s bodies, and I have to remove the damaged flesh when I handle it. Okay. Waste. Be careful next time.”

Although he knew it was well-intentioned advice, Tristan’s attitude made people angry.

“It’s all good, nothing poisonous. You can eat it.” Evan also completed the identification.

“Let’s eat at the restaurant. We have half an hour left before the fish spoils. We have to finish it as soon as possible.”

He dealt with about three hundred poisonous fish, but it only took thirty minutes. This technology is truly amazing.

“I’m going to get a plate of chili sauce—” Seglade still hadn’t forgotten about sterilizing the fish, especially the meat his brother ate in his stomach.

“What? Are you crazy?” Tristan yelled, “You eat sashimi chili sauce? Do you want to spoil this most expensive fish?!”

“woo meow—” the young leopard man shuddered with fright: “but there are bacteria meow—“

“The bacteria content on the fish fillet is far below the edible standard.” Evan added, holding his eyes, as if he was some kind of food safety expert: “You won’t eat a bad stomach, please eat it with confidence.”

“Good ya meow!” Little Hal immediately shouted excitedly.

At the same time, on the north coast of Great Britain, near Edinburgh.

“Is that thing not delivered yet?” King Arthur attached great importance to this [goods] and brought a group of people to collect it.

Cador of the Round Table, standing on the left side of the King of Knights, saw that the King was in such a hurry, and immediately checked the itinerary: “According to the regular contact, the [Ice Crystal] will arrive soon. Wait two or three minutes.”

“Arthur.” Kay, the Knight of the Round Table on the right next to the King of Knights, took the opportunity to ask in a low voice, “What do you think is in that stone egg?”

“Maybe it’s a dragon.” The king of knights replied absentmindedly: “The eggs of creatures that can survive in molten lava are either dragon eggs or firebird eggs. I just hope that the eggs are not left by the Origin Firebird. .”

“The Holy Spirit does not multiply,” inserted the Holy Spirit crown on King Arthur’s head, although only Arthur could hear it.

Wang Pu snorted and laughed. Who can say for sure. The Holy Spirit can twist the laws of the world and create his own [laws]. What’s the big deal when the Holy Spirit lays an egg.

Hearing the sneer of the king of knights, thinking that the king was thinking of something strange, Kai also smiled and continued: “I hope it is the egg of the salamander. In this way, Luke will have friends in the future, and can play happily together. .”

“Ow?” The giant lizard beside Kai made a strange groan, as if realizing that Kai was making fun of him.

Arthur returns to seriousness after a small smile. There’s a reason he values ​​the egg so much. It was hit by the [Dark Blue Wave Cannon] of the [Ice Crystal], and the Eyjafjallajökull volcano, which was supposed to be frozen, expelled this huge egg at the last moment with all its strength.

As if a creature used all its strength to expel foreign objects from its body. If the volcano… no, if the Earth is viewed as a living being, this egg is definitely some kind of [exotic] ​​that is completely different from this living being.

Intuition even told King Arthur that this unusual volcanic activity had a great relationship with this giant egg. It may be the culprit of all this, and even because it is too abnormal, it has also attracted the gods like the Origin Fire Bird.

What could be born from that abnormal giant egg?

A **** or a devil?

Is it hope or despair?

The King of Knights is both curious and disturbed by this thing. Therefore, he summoned a lot of Knights of the Round Table, and with a tough attitude, asked the Queen of Iceland to send the giant egg to Great Britain.

He’s even ready for battle.

If an unforgivable demon is born in the dome, the king will surely gather the power of the knights of the round table to destroy that ominous thing with all his strength.

Come if you want. Arthur thought silently.

With a low mechanical sound, the warp submarine, the Ice Crystal, finally appeared in front of everyone.

“Your Majesty King Arthur, I’m Acting Captain Nassandrana.” A mermaid’s voice came from the submarine, her voice sweet and graceful: “On the order of Her Majesty Queen Lilith of Iceland, the rock-melting dome is specially dispatched. In your hands. Please take it.”

King Arthur watched the mermaids slowly lift the giant egg out of the cabin with magic, and asked casually, “Where’s your Captain Tristan?”

“Your Majesty, have you forgotten?” Ms. Nassandrana, the acting captain, slowly climbed onto the tactical deck of the submarine: “Didn’t His Royal Highness take your knighthood exam, His Majesty? He should be heading to your great place now. A certain ship in Rendezvous?”

It did, Arthur remembered.

However, Tristan is an irresponsible guy. The delivery is halfway through, but you go to take the exam yourself? —The more the King of Knights scrutinized, the more upset he felt.

“Anyway, the goods are finally delivered to you.” The acting captain saw through King Arthur’s mind and quickly defended his own captain, “As long as the goods are delivered safely, it doesn’t matter, right?—Then, please Sign for.”

(Are you doing express delivery?)

The merfolk carefully placed the giant egg on the dock’s unloading rack. So far everything works fine.

“Thank you. In this way, the goods are received.” The Arthurian Dome walked over and nodded slightly: “You can disband. Please say hello to your Queen of Iceland on my behalf.”

The acting captain wanted to say something more. But at this moment, the giant egg made a sudden change, attracting everyone’s attention!

“Be careful, Your Majesty!” Cador yelled.

Seeing that the giant egg in front of him seems to be hatching, King Arthur also took a half step back cautiously, pressing his hand on the hilt of the sword: “Everyone, get ready for battle!”

The knights of the round table are of course ready for battle. That’s what they came for. Even the mermaids are on guard, lest some terrifying creatures will suddenly emerge from this giant egg!

Clap la la la la la la la la. With the sound of the egg shell breaking, countless cracks appeared on the surface of the dome.

Time stands still. Everyone present was full of anticipation and anxiety. What strange creatures will hatch from this strange giant egg? !

What kind of change can it bring to the world?

Clap, crackle, crackle. The giant egg continued to crack, dropping a lot of eggshells. The eggshell was thicker than expected, much thicker, and it looked like a lot of solidified volcanic rock!

No. That is volcanic rock, not eggshells at all!

Looking at the falling stones, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. It seems that this is indeed not an egg, just a solidified body of a volcanic rock.

After a long time, it turned out to be a worthless stone?

No. When the stone was half peeled off, their disappointment and confusion disappeared again.

There is indeed something, hidden among the stones.

Clap la la la la. The stone disintegrated completely. The outline of that thing is also fully displayed in the eyes of everyone.

A crab? “Kay was dumbfounded.

The inside of the boulder egg is still hot, and the surrounding air is distorted by this high heat, so that the outline of the creature can only be vaguely displayed in front of everyone.

However, that thing is really a crab, can’t be wrong. It has a giant crab head, and two giant crab claws.

And, it’s orange-red all over, like a giant crab that’s been cooked under high heat.

“It’s too powerful, melting rock crab! This is a new species!” Kai exclaimed, then shamelessly added: “Can you eat it?”

“Eat Nima.” The thing made a vague sound.

Everyone was shocked, and the nerves that should have been loosened were tense again, waiting like an arrow.

The thing slowly got up.

At this time, the air around it has begun to cool down, making the creature’s outline more distinct, and the orange-red on its body slowly fading, transitioning to dark cyan.

In addition to having a huge head and a pair of huge pincers, the crab also has a human-like torso and human-sized lower limbs.

“Ni Ha Hao, Wo Shi Lai is difficult to cool down—” The thing began to make a wonderful sound, but the sound was muddy and unclear, making it impossible to understand its meaning.

“A talking crab!” Kai walked up to King Arthur excitedly, and his guard was relaxed a lot: “This is definitely a new breed!”

“God knows. Maybe some kind of monster.” King Arthur looked at the wonderful creature with hostility, because the alien creature in front of him was too weird and too difficult to understand.

“Department!” The thing waved its pair of pliers and kept gesturing. The crab-shaped shell on it also cooled completely, turning a dark teal color.

It taps its head hard.

“Crack, click.” A more wonderful sound came out.

“Tsk—” It taps harder, awkward and ridiculous, as confusing as its slurred Is this thing crazy? ‘ Kay, the Knight of the Round Table, laughed hilariously.

The perceptive King Arthur has probably guessed what the other party is doing: “It’s trying to fix something.”

“Fix what? Its IQ?” Kay’s mouth was still poisonous.

It took a long time for that wonderful creature to finally give up. Everyone only heard it let out a long sigh, holding its huge head with its two huge pincers.

It took its head off!

The Red Knight exclaimed: “Si, suicide?!”

Or maybe not.

That thing took off its own “head”, but revealed the amazing inside.

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