Light Spirit Epic Chapter 723: Conflict in the sea of ​​ice (3)


Chapter 723 Conflict in the Ice Sea

This fellow Tristan has a really sensitive fish nose. As soon as this statement came out, the captain was startled, and Bedivere was also startled.

However, that didn’t change the captain’s mind.

The stubborn Captain Senezel grinned: “Yes, there is such a batch of fish. So what? Once I land, I have a whole market channel to sell fish, why should I sell fish to you two haters? guy?”

“Oh, you will. Otherwise you will lose everything.” Evan on the side pushed his glasses again. The glasses reflected the sunlight and flashed Bedivere’s dog eyes.

The captain is obviously not going to be simply fooled: “Hehe, all the money is lost? How do you say that—“

“Because these kinds of fish are easily perishable. In addition, during this period of Iceland’s volcanic eruption, minerals in the volcanic ash polluted the seawater, which further shortened the shelf life of marine fish. Judging from the current situation, that batch of The fish can only be kept for two more hours at most – they will all stink before you land and sell, and you won’t make a penny!”

Is there such a thing? —Although, the werewolf’s puppy nose can also vaguely sense that there is some kind of rotting smell in the boat.

What the **** is Tristan thinking?

“I’ll give us a good price and sell the fish to us,” said Tristan, the murloc prince, with a hilarious smile: “It really doesn’t matter if I skip a meal. But I can’t allow you to waste your money—these kinds of fish. Eat it a few hours before it’s almost rotten, it’s the most delicious, and it’s a waste if you don’t eat it!”

“Is there such a thing, meow?” Little Howl asked his brother Seglade curiously.

The blue leopard youth nodded slightly. Some fish—actually most marine fish—tast their best just before they rot.

Because the lactic acid in the meat will completely break down at this time. Fully deacidified meat can be exceptionally delicious—foodies with a bit of common sense know that.

The captain looked puzzled, but he could tell from Tristan’s seriousness that the murloc prince wasn’t lying.

Anyway, people are nobles and nobles, and they pay attention to eating and living, so they won’t deceive people on this trivial matter.

Thinking of this makes Senezel discouraged: “Okay, I’ll sell you the fish. But you idiot, do you think you can handle this batch of fish? Their guts and blood are highly poisonous. , once it is not handled properly, the fish will be stained with even half a milligram of poisonous blood, and you will be poisoned to death if you eat it.

Tristan took out his wallet from his pocket, took out about thirty Icelandic gold coins, and put them into Sernas’ hands: “As I said, you can just sell us the fish. What should I do? You don’t need to worry about this batch of fish.”

He is serious. He probably has absolute confidence that he has a way to deal with these poisonous fish!

If all this is true, he is indeed handsome! Albert looked at Tristan and Evan in disbelief. There must be one of these two people who has superb cooking skills!

Captain Senezel is busy ordering money. Thirty-six gold coins—that’s a good price, but it’s not so much more than the price of that batch of fish. Tristan was accurate, as if he knew the number and type of fish by smell alone.


Albert, who hated Tristan and Evan in every possible way just now, now admires them a little bit.

Although arrogance is a disgusting vice, people with real strength, when arrogant, are really a little handsome!

…just a little bit!

“And this boat doesn’t have fishing equipment.” Tristan started walking slowly toward the cabin, presumably targeting the galley.

He had already noticed that it was a cargo ship and not a fishing boat, so he wondered: “Who helped you catch such a hard-to-catch fish?”

The captain is busy collecting the money while setting his sights on the werewolf Bedivere.

“Well, I know.” Tristan turned his head and glanced at the werewolf, “There are two guys on this ship, and this is the only one.”

Albert had just admired Tristan, and was immediately provoked by the words of the murloc prince, furious.

“Hahaha, don’t be so angry, I’m just telling the truth. Unless you can catch fish with your bare hands.” Tristan gave the tiger a vicious sneer.

“You Meow—“

Bedivere restrained the tiger and turned to Tristan, “Can’t you just say a few words and go to your luxurious lunch?”

“I’m planning to do this.——Come on, I’ll invite you to this meal. It’s a temporary peace. Or are you afraid of poisonous fish?”

“Who’s afraid of you! Eat it!” Albert was easily provoked by Tristan: “However, you’d better eat the processed fish first! Let’s see if the poison won’t kill you—!”

The werewolf pressed Albert harder: “But we’ve had breakfast——“

“Eat more and you won’t die.” Tristan had turned his head and walked into the cabin, “There are so many fish, come and eat whatever you dare to eat, don’t waste it.”

That’s what he meant. The fish was caught by Bedivere, and if too much was not eaten and wasted, the werewolf also had a large share of the responsibility.

As Tristan said, don’t be rude. [Not wasting] is indeed a virtue—a rare virtue for this arrogant and proud murloc prince.

“What do you do?” Bedivere asked the three Leopard brothers as he followed Tristan: “Are you coming too?”

“I, we won’t eat meow.” Saifer smiled wryly. The two leopard youths also have a child, so they can’t risk the life of Little Howl.

“Goo——” The little black panther had a thunderous belly.

“Didn’t you just eat meow?!” Seglade asked in surprise.

Little Hal gave Bedivere an embarrassed look, then turned to answer his brother: “Yes, but they’re still hungry—“

The leopard boy secretly stuffed all the spicy fish on his plate to Bedivere. He ate almost nothing today, so it’s no wonder he’s not hungry.

“I really can’t do anything about you meow—” Seglade scratched his head: “Let’s follow along to see what’s going on, if people don’t die, eat it meow.”

In fact, they themselves are very greedy. Legend has it that the puffer fish is amazingly delicious, and they really wanted to take the plunge. If you don’t try it now, you may never have the chance again!

“Don’t worry.” Evan also walked past Bedivere, pushed his glasses, and flashed the werewolf’s dog eyes again: “With me, I will never let you eat poisonous food. fish.”

He appears more confident than Tristan. Maybe he’s the chef?

The crowd followed Tristan into the kitchen, and before they entered, they heard the hysterical scream of the murloc prince:

“Ah! This is the kitchen?! This is the rat’s nest, right?”

Speaking of which, the galleys of this cargo ship are truly amazingly dirty – every stateroom on this ship is amazingly dirty, except that everyone was numb after being on the ship for over two days.

When the werewolf probed in, Tristan just happened to pick up the rusty and dull sharpened kitchen knife of the former chef, and shouted in panic: “This thing can also be used to cut meat and vegetables?! This thing is made Do you dare to eat it?!”

(So, it’s dark food.)

“Unbelievable!” Tristan waved to everyone who wanted to come in: “Back off! I’ll remodel this kitchen first.”


While the werewolf was still in doubt, the murloc prince was already leaning against the kitchen table and tapped lightly with his finger.

This has a wonderful effect.

From the murloc prince’s fingertips, a burst of frost begins to spread.

Although I knew it was an ice-based modeling magic, it still felt amazing to see the kitchen transform so quickly under a burst of frost.

The frost spread, instantly covering the surface of every appliance in the kitchen. The original dirty and sloppy kitchen began to be covered by white colors.

As the saying goes, out of sight is clean. Is it really?

Scientific analysis, indeed. At the very least, every dirty surface in the kitchen was covered with an inch of frost. The bacteria beneath it will also be cut off by the frost.

And these frosts come from the moisture in the air. There are bacteria in the air too – so what? Even the cleanest kitchen can’t keep bacteria out of the air!

In other words, although this frozen kitchen is not absolutely sterile, its cleanliness is comparable to that of an ordinary kitchen.

“Wow!” Little Howl was taken aback.

“It’s better to be white.” Tristan smiled with satisfaction: “White is really a clean color.”

He took another look at Little Hal with disgust: “Black is much dirtier.”

“Woo meow—” The little black panther huddled behind his brother aggrieved.

“He’s just joking, don’t mind it,” Evan said.

“Look what you’ve done to my kitchen!” Captain Senezel just arrived, and when he saw the white and frosted kitchen, he was furious.

“Don’t worry, this spell will be lifted as soon as I leave, and it will definitely give you a dirty kitchen, you cheapskate.” Tristan said with a sneer.

There’s always something wrong with this.

“Okay, you have a clean kitchen, but what about the kitchen knife?” Albert asked in disapproval. Tristan can’t use frosting on that disgusting rusty kitchen knife, can it?

But he immediately realized how stupid his words were.

Tristan, who is proficient in ice shaping magic, has no trouble making an ice kitchen knife.

In fact, the murloc prince already has a crystal clear ice blade in his hand. It looks endlessly sharp, and it cuts meat and debones everything with ease, which is comparable to the expensive kitchen knives in the hands of first-class chefs.

“Let’s get started.” Tristan waved: “Bring the fish.”

He’s the master swordsman. Tristan really is the chef.

Bediver never imagined that His Royal Highness, a pampered prince, would cook for himself.

Oh no. He has cooked. During the days of the Knights of Arthur, when they lived together as a group on the small farm in the London countryside, Tristan was also responsible for cooking.

Bediver also ate Tristan’s meal. It didn’t taste particularly good, but it wasn’t particularly bad either.

Thinking of this, the werewolf feels very nostalgic.

Evan helps bring the fish from the freezer. The fish were stored at just the right temperature, without icing to detract from their umami nor prematurely rotting by heat. The captain’s fish storage skills are indeed commendable – although he also miscalculated, the fish will spoil in another hour.

“I don’t have much time, so I’ll add it.” Tristan started to handle the fish. He decomposed the fish with high speed and precision, hollowed out the guts, removed the bones, and instantly separated two white pieces of fish.

The white flesh of the ice-sea puffer fish is as beautiful as a work of art. They were placed in an ice tray that Tristan had conjured, and people couldn’t tell which was fish and which was ice.

Knife is really good. But what about security? Who can ensure that this fish is not stained with half a drop of poisonous blood?

“Evan, let’s do it—oh no, move [Eye Stan has just made a plate of sashimi, in which there are about thirty slices of white puffer fish.

The werewolf got it right away: Tristan is asking Evan for identification.

The half-dragon man Yiwen chuckled, and then took off his glasses and leaned in front of the fish to watch carefully.

His eyesight has not deteriorated. This guy usually wears glasses, as if to seal his excessively strong eyesight.

When he took off his glasses, the half-dragon eyes began to glow faintly with golden light. He used the eagle (dragon) eye technique to scan the plate of fish to ensure that the plate of fish was not contaminated by a drop of poisonous blood.

He can see every tiny particle between matter! His eyesight is much stronger than before, and now he can use it as a microscope? !

“Well, there’s no problem with this plate.” The half-long youth said indifferently, as if what he said was the truth: “I have carefully checked every molecule in it, and they don’t contain any toxic impurities.”

He can see the molecular structure of objects!

“You must be joking with me.” Albert murmured.

But the werewolf learned from Ivan’s incomparably flat tone that what the other party said was the truth. There is no need for him to lie, and there is no need to show anything in front of these people.

He can actually see molecular structures.

No wonder Tristan is so No matter how skilled he is in cooking and his knife skills, there may be times when things go wrong. But Evan’s eyes will help the murloc prince sort out mistakes.

Those godlike eyes are the treasures that chefs dream of. With it, it is safe to handle even the most dangerous food!

Bedivere has to admit that Tristan and Evan are in a lot of ways seamless. The tacit understanding between the two is so good that people hate it!

Tristan was even more relieved. He used his god-like dexterous hands and the same fine knife technique to quickly deal with one poisonous fish after another.

Ice sea puffer fish, black blood cod, frost ghost eel, these most poisonous and difficult to deal with high-level fish, under the knife of the murloc prince, but a piece of cake – they really become a piece of cake Plates—their snow-white meat slices are lying quietly on beautiful plates like ice sculptures, waiting for people to enjoy.

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