Light Spirit Epic Chapter 722: Conflict in the sea of ​​ice (2)


Chapter 722 Conflict in the Ice Sea

Tristan hesitated for a moment in shock when he saw the werewolf suddenly appearing.

And the werewolf left the murloc prince alone, jumped up immediately, and fought against the frost avatar floating in the air!

Whoosh! The incarnation of Frost floating in the air punched the silver shadow, and the sound of the wind was sharp and steady! This perfect blow is enough to shatter most of the warriors in the world!

Bump bump! The giant’s fist was blocked by some force. Bedivere swung his fist at an astonishing speed, and his supersonic straight punch sent a powerful shock wave, the shock actually offset the opponent’s punch!

“Ha ah ah ah ah ah!!” The werewolf then drew a paw. Four vacuum blades shot out with dazzling light. The moonlight wave directly tore the fist of Frost Incarnation, and even tore it into a body of Frost!

“This! Impossible!!” Evan, who was watching all this, couldn’t help but exclaimed.

The werewolf fell, and when everyone was surprised, his claws had pressed against Tristan’s throat: “It is better to stop in moderation, His Royal Highness Prince Tristan of Iceland.”


At that moment, the murloc prince Tristan must have had infinite embarrassment on his face.

It is indeed a rare miracle in the world that someone can make this arrogant prince look ugly.

“I don’t want to make you embarrassed, but—” The angry werewolf pointed to the little black panther not far away: “You frightened the child. Apologize to little Hal!”

“What?! My uncle—“

The werewolf’s sharp nails pressed harder against the murloc prince’s throat: “No matter how hard the frost dragon armor Xianweier gave you, it can’t resist my moonlight knife. Do you want me to cut your throat now?”

“Why, why would you know!?”

“Oh, I know, I know everything about you,” Bedivere mused to himself, though he couldn’t say it anyway.

“Listen.” The werewolf slowed down and persuaded: “It’s just a boat ride, there’s no need for you to get so excited. Everyone takes a step back, and everything is negotiable. All adults, just a few words of disagreement. Do you want to be ridiculed by children who use knives and guns?”

Tristan was silent, staring intently at the werewolf in front of him.

“Yes, yes! Teach him a lesson! Fix him well for me!” Captain Senezel is still booing: “Let that mighty guy taste the taste of defeat!”

“Shut up me too!!” The werewolf roared, “This is because of you in the first place!”

“Ugh!” The captain’s hand, still waving happily, immediately froze.

“Why don’t you just let the two candidates get on the boat! You have nothing to lose! Why are you so nervous?!” Bedivere roared angrily: “You were willing to take a step back and let them get on the boat, and all these disputes are over. It won’t give birth! Why are you so stubborn?!—If you continue to make trouble like this, your boat will fall apart! Then we will all fall into the sea and the exam will fail, so you and he will be happy, right?! “

Clap la la la la la. A tearing sound came from the deck, interrupting everyone’s conversation.

Bedevier is absolutely right.

After the battle yesterday and the day before yesterday, the cargo ship was already shattered, and even as the sailors hurriedly patched it up, many structural flaws were inevitably left behind.

Now, this poor cargo ship, through the violent drag of the Ice Crystal, has accelerated its cracking process even more! If the werewolf didn’t stop it in time and let the boat be dragged for a few more nautical miles, it would definitely shatter into a pile of sawdust, and the whole boat would fall into the sea of ​​ice!

“Why do you want to make things so complicated that one person can take a step back?” The werewolf looked at Tristan and said, “You think that when you arrive at Great Britain with a broken ship, the examiners will let them go. Ever? You underestimate Great Britain and the Round Table Trial!”

Tristan remains speechless.

“Enough.” Evan on the side came over and persuaded: “This is right for the werewolf brothers, Tristan, you have gone too far. It’s time to stop.”

“Well, maybe it’s a good choice to let the whole boat sink into the sea of ​​ice and let you all fail.” The fishman prince said still unconvinced.

“You’ve been cut to pieces before that.” Bedivere threatened with the ferocity he had just shown in a split second.

The murloc prince looks at the werewolf. Obviously, pampered and spoiled since he was a child, he has never been threatened like this.

“You’re an arrogant orc,” he said.

“To each other, our arrogant Prince Tristan.”

Murloc squinted hostilely: “And you know a lot about me. Very interesting.”

The werewolf also narrowed his eyes hostilely: “It’s not funny at all, I get bored when I look at you. What are you doing so handsome? When I was a child, I was obviously more funny and likable.”

“What are you talking about? How could you possibly know me—“

The werewolf doesn’t speak, but he looks at Tristan with a serious look that forces the murloc prince to stop his protest.

Seven years of no see, Bedivere actually had a face-to-face with Tristan under these circumstances, arguing as soon as they met.

But the werewolf didn’t care. The other party can no longer remember Bedivere, this friend is no longer a friend. Even if he is hated by the other party, he doesn’t care about losing this former friend.

—Or, is it easier to lose? Because it is impossible to lose more, he doesn’t need to worry about it anymore.

The two looked at each other for dozens of seconds, and the atmosphere was silent for a while. Everyone present thought that the werewolf and the murloc would fight in the next second. But more than ten seconds later, they still didn’t do anything, they just confronted each other with hostility, fighting with each other with their eyes.

Then, Tristan finally gave up: “Okay, you’re ruthless. I’ll fight you here, there will be all harm and no gain, so I will let you go for the time being.”

“Oh, thank you for raising your hand?” The werewolf sneered.

“We will have a good fight. It’s in the trial of the Knights of the Round Table.” Tristan said bitterly: “At that time, I will tear you apart, tear your hands and feet off one by one, and tear you apart. The flesh on your body is gouged out piece by piece, and then you, who turned into a stick, will lie down in front of me and lick my boots.—I won’t let you die easily until you cry and beg for mercy. Just wait !”

It is hard to imagine such vicious words coming from the mouth of this handsome young man. Tristan did change, cruel and arrogant.

Or, is this his true face? In the past, when he regarded Bedivere as a friend, the murloc prince, who spent the daily laughter with the werewolf boy, had been hiding this cruel and arrogant face?

God knows. Bedivere suddenly felt very tired and lost his longing for the murloc prince. Give him up, maybe this is the best ending.

The murloc prince pushes aside Bedivere’s claws and retracts his frost avatar. He stood up and gave a fake smile to the leopard boy not far away: “I’m sorry, little guy. Did you scare you?”

“No, no meow—” Little Hal still huddled behind his brother and replied in a low voice.

“Now—” Tristan walked up to the captain again, smiling with a smile on his face: “Can my brother Evan and I get on the boat? Or, what else do you want to do, you have to let me Can you tear this ship down?”


Captain Senezer had a dark face, and although he was reluctant, he nodded: “Come on board, don’t do any more damage. You are such a troublesome bastard, even if you can successfully reach Dabuliang. It will be brushed down eventually. A person who is annoying will never be a great Knight of the Round Table.”

“You know shit, old man.” Tristan smiled disapprovingly, pointing at his [brother] Evan: “That guy’s dad hates me a hundred thousand times more than me, but that **** is not only a round table A knight, or one of the founding heroes of Great Britain, is a heavenly knight. What if you hate it? People with strength can climb up no matter how much they hate it!”

“I can’t pretend I didn’t hear what you said just now.” Evan on the side pushed his eye frame with his index finger again: “I’ll settle the account with you when I go back, Tristan [brother]. “

Even the always friendly Evan showed a vicious aura in an instant, and Bedivere couldn’t help but shudder when he saw it.

Neither are the two guys the werewolf knew. They have changed a lot, the city government has become much deeper, and they are no longer good men and women.

Albert, who is still lazy and stupid, is more lovable, although the tiger is also full of various shortcomings.

Just as Bedivere wondered, Tristan had waved to his submarine [Ice Crystal] and hit it off: “Okay, go do your thing, disband!”

“Come on, Your Royal Highness!” A large group of beautiful mermaid sisters stuck their heads out from the tactical deck of the submarine and waved goodbye to Tristan and Evan in a coquettish manner: “Your Royal Highness, come on too!”

Evan also waved a few times at the merfolk with a smirk—of course, that smile was fake.

The warp submarine once again plunged into the crack of time and space and disappeared without a trace, leaving only the murloc prince and half-dragon youth, and a large group of angry bachelors on the deck.

But they didn’t fight. Fighting will only hurt the crumbling ship, and that’s an outcome no one wants to see.

“Goo—” A gentle gasp from the murloc prince’s stomach eased the tension Oh, we haven’t had lunch yet, right, Evan? “

“It’s true that I haven’t eaten. Today’s trip is too rushed, there is no time at all.” Ivan whispered, holding his cheeks, as if thinking about it seriously.

“Captain, I remember that this ship has meals?” The murloc sneered and said to Captain Sirnas, “Since we’ve all been on your ship, it’s alright to grab a meal?”

“You won’t like it. The kitchen here produces dark dishes.” The werewolf thought to himself, almost blurting out.

“Do you think I’ll let a nasty guy like you eat?” The captain grinned, the flesh on his face vibrating maliciously: “There’s still half a day to go to shore, so just endure it with an empty stomach.”

“Oh, you’ll let me eat.” Tristan sneered, with a sly gleam in his eyes: “If my nose isn’t wrong, you’re hiding a batch of ice puffer fish, black blood cod, and frost. Ghost eel? I’ll pay, I want all of these fish.” () “Act of the Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vickers, if it is found that its content is in violation of national laws , please delete it, the position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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