Light Spirit Epic Chapter 721: Conflict in the sea of ​​ice (1)


Chapter 721 Conflict in the Ice Sea

Captain Sernas’ attitude is very tough, and it seems that he is not willing to let Tristan and Evan aboard anyway.

When meeting people, first impressions do matter. And Tristan’s excessively handsome, beautiful appearance is considered to be exaggerated, and it will definitely not bring a good first impression to the men in the world.

And the murloc prince has always been a headstrong guy, and he certainly doesn’t know how to please Captain Sirnas. Instead, every word Tristan said seemed to be filled with thorns. So unpleasant, of course the captain wouldn’t let Tristan and the others on board.

“In other words, even if you said you wouldn’t let us get on the boat—” The murloc prince deliberately stepped on the wooden floor on the deck with force: “We have actually [boarded] your boat. How can you help me? How?”

This is stinging Tristan-style speech — defiant, defiant.

Those who don’t know, just hearing this sentence, will hate the murloc prince – including Albert beside Bedivere, including hundreds of candidates on the deck.

Werewolves are accustomed to this, not surprising. He knew that the murloc prince wasn’t really that arrogant, that Tristan just didn’t know how to please people.

“Don’t be like this, Tristan.” Evan finally couldn’t hold back and stepped forward to rescue him: “Captain, please bear with me? It’s not that we don’t want to board the ship from the beginning and take any shortcuts to take the test. .But we are soldiers and have always been in military affairs.”

As soon as the word [military] was mentioned, Bedivere couldn’t help but looked at Evan and Tristan’s clothes.

It was the uniform of the Icelandic navy, and although it was worn by rude Vikings most of the time, the simple uniforms on these two youths had a completely different vibe from the Vikings.

Evan’s uniform should belong to a major. The straight and simple, unpretentious dark black military uniform matches Ivan’s low-key personality perfectly.

Tristan, on the other hand, is a colonel, wearing a white and gold captain’s uniform that is both gorgeous and ostentatious. It is particularly conspicuous in contrast to Ivan’s low-key [black].

Of course, this uniform made the captain even more dissatisfied. This is clearly showing off his rank to the captain.

“Oh, it’s great to have military affairs?” Senezer said indifferently: “If you guys are really busy, don’t come to the Knights of the Round Table Trial, go back and concentrate on your work. How is your military affairs? This is good for everyone, and the world is protected, hehe.”

“We’ve already taken time off, so don’t worry about that,” Tristan said, taking off his uniform to reveal the laid-back shirt underneath. (Sure enough, I came prepared!)

“Furthermore, the matter of boarding the ship on the way has also been authorized by His Majesty King Arthur.” Ivan also took off his military uniform, and took out a document from his shirt pocket and handed it to Captain Senezel: “There should be no legal procedures. Wouldn’t it be too big of a problem?”

The two, who were serious as soldiers just now, took off their military uniforms and turned into a vacation-like atmosphere. The short-sleeved shirts and surf shorts they were wearing were surprisingly similar to Bediveville’s. Looking at this scene, Albert couldn’t help sneering.

While Evan was busy arguing with the captain, Tristan looked in the direction of Sneer. He saw the tiger man young Albert at first sight. This familiar face made Tristan’s heart full of hostility.

Oh, of course. “Dark God” Albert, who once almost destroyed the entire world, his presence will definitely make the armies of European countries uneasy – even if the current Albert has been [specially treated], Lost his original power.

Tristan looked at Albert warily, and at the same time turned to look at the companions beside him.

He was glad to recognize acquaintances from the group of orcs: Zephyr and Seglade.

At the same time, he also glanced suspiciously at Bedivere—the werewolf youth who seemed to be familiar but was extremely unfamiliar.

“I don’t care! Let all your approvals and licenses go to hell! On this ship, I am the king!” The debate between the captain and Evan became more and more heated: “I don’t care if you have King Arthur’s license! I I said that I won’t let you on the boat, but I won’t let you on the boat!!”

The men at sea are as stubborn as the reefs, and they will not change even if the wind blows, and the thunder will not move.

Even unable to persuade the captain to let them on board, despite all his efforts, Evan gave Tristan a bewildered look.

“It’s really troublesome.” The murloc prince sighed: “Then there’s no way, we robbed this ship. I’ll be the captain from now on!”

“What?! You can’t!—“

“I can. The rules for the Knights of the Round Table exam only say that candidates who [arrive on the prescribed ship to Great Britain] take the initial exam. But the rules do not state that the captain must be the [prescribed captain]. “

Tristan had a sinister look on his face that Bedivere had never seen before.

“In other words, we don’t need to follow your orders at all. Get you off the boat, I’ll take over the boat myself, and sail happily to Great Britain.”

That’s true. Tristan and Evan seem to have participated in several round table trials, they know the rules very well, and they can take advantage of the rules at will.

Captain Senezel’s face turned gloomy: “You dare?!”

“Ahahahaha—of course I dare.” The murloc laughed arrogantly: “How about we use force to solve it? You don’t have to be polite to me, let’s all get on board together! You are no match for me! Come on!?”

(Not good. Tristan, this idiot, has caused public outrage.)

Being provoked like this, let alone the crew of Senezel, even the hundreds of candidates on the deck stood up one after another, all gearing up.

“Boy, you asked for it yourself.” The captain winked at the sailors beside him, and the sailors rushed up!

Bediver carefully observed the actions of these sailors, only to realize that these guys are all skilled, and they are all secret masters of the captain. The ship carrying the candidates will always encounter various unknown risks. If there are not a few masters to escort, how can the captain dare to set sail?

The two masters rushed towards Tristan and Evan, and dozens of candidates attacked with weapons behind them!

“Really… I don’t care if it’s like this.” Evan pushed the spectacle frames on the bridge of his nose, the lenses flickering in the sunlight.

“Just to warm me up.” Tristan sneered, still poised: “Don’t take action, I’ll take care of everything.”

Kng-kang-kang-kang! The swords of the sailors and the candidates all fell on the murloc prince, and the murloc prince was about to be smashed to pieces!

“Cui—!” Bedivere exclaimed involuntarily.

However, his panic was completely unnecessary. Tristan is unharmed under the attack of the blade! The murloc prince has grown diamond-hard, crystal-clear ice crystal dragon scales all over his body, and ordinary weapons can’t hurt him at all!

“What a powerless attack.” The young murloc sighed, “The quality of this year’s candidates is worse than expected!”

He pushed away a blade and raised his right hand: “Let me teach you what a gap is!”

Touch! ! A powerful shock wave sent everyone who surrounded Tristan flying! That is a kind of diffusion-type kinetic energy magic, which can shock people into internal injuries at any time!

But Tristan’s purpose is much more than that. One of his magic tricks shocked everyone, not for himself, but for the sake of letting everyone present more clearly see the moves he was going to use next!

The so-called moves are more accurately called “summoning”. A giant appeared out of thin air behind the murloc prince, a giant composed of ice fog—the incarnation of frost!

The whole body is covered with cold air, which rolls up like a frosty whirlwind. Except for the ice fists used for attack, other parts of Frost’s incarnation are invisible and almost invincible!

That’s an incomparably complex, high-level magic. Gather the storm of frost into the shape of a giant, and then control it with [Spirituality], and you will become this giant, who only fights for Tristan, with a height of 30 feet!

If a magician with knowledge of spells sees Tristan summoning this kind of giant, he will definitely fall to the ground, willing to bow down, and have no intention of fighting again. Even the magician in the ivory tower may not be able to make such a delicate and flexible giant!

Tristan’s achievements in ice magic have reached the extreme, enough to make most magicians in the world feel ashamed!

Unfortunately, not many of the candidates present had a deep understanding of magic, let alone the horror of the incarnation of frost. Because of this, this group of dead candidates attacked.

When they wielded various weapons, thinking that they could hurt Tristan or Frost Avatar, they were slapped by Frost Avatar at a very high speed, and they fell into the sea!

“Oh, how pitiful. Is the ice sea cold?” Tristan smiled evilly and waved it. The freezing air from his hands completely froze a large area of ​​the sea, freezing the candidates and sailors who fell into the water!

“This is high-temperature ice. The temperature is slightly higher than that of sea water, which can ensure that you will not freeze to death.” The murloc probed over and explained to the candidates in the sea: “You are floating here for a few days, waiting for the marine rescue team. Come on! You can’t die, you just get a cold and pneumonia.”

He was arrogant to the extreme.

But his hubris stems from his strength. It is because of his strength that he has the capital of arrogance and arrogance. No matter how mad he is, the candidates at the scene can’t move Tristan’s hair at all, and they can’t do anything about the murloc prince, so they can only watch dryly, full of jealousy!

“Who! Who will stop him!” Captain Senezel exclaimed.

“Don’t stop me, Bedivere.” The white tiger beside the werewolf couldn’t hold back, “I’m going to teach this guy a good lesson.”

“No!” The werewolf hugged Albert desperately, preventing the tiger from rushing up. He couldn’t be more clear, the strength of Tristan in front of him was no trivial matter, and with Albert’s brute force, it was impossible to fight against him!

And, most importantly, both Albert and Tristan are friends — or former friends of Bedivere! Werewolves don’t want to see their friends fighting each other!

“Hehe, why are you so excited—” Tristan also noticed the movement on Albert’s side, and he glanced at the werewolf, the tiger man, and the three leopard men.

“Seifer, Seglade, take care of your friends. As long as they don’t disrupt the situation, I will never do anything to them. This is for your face.”

“Dang, of course meow—” Saifel said, holding his brother Seglade with one hand and Albert with the other: “Tristan is my friend, give him some face, meow. —“


“No, don’t make any more noise, meow!” Little Howl shrank behind his brother Seglade in fright when he saw the chaotic scene.

In front of Frost Avatar, more candidates were thrown into the water, and more crew members were shot away. It can operate automatically without Tristan’s monitoring, and it moves with little work, punches like lightning, and no one can get close to it at all!

Seeing this, the captain had no choice but to loudly threaten: “You, if you continue to fight like this, my crew will be gone! Who will sail for you?!”

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about that.” Tristan waved in the air.

The warp submarine, the Ice Crystal, suddenly appeared in mid-air.

To be more accurate, only a small part of this submarine has emerged, and more parts are hidden in the warp, making it impossible to glimpse its noble and glamorous appearance.

It is like an island emerging from the silent sea, but the “silent sea” is more than ten yards above everyone’s heads.

“Drag on!” the murloc prince commanded loudly.

The submarine received Tristan’s orders to shoot anchors with heavy chains from the hull.

The anchors fell squarely on the sides of the cargo ship, sinking firmly into the deck.

Then, the [Ice Crystal] began towing the entire cargo ship, heading southwest at full speed. The speed and pulling force of that submarine are the highest among the ships, and under its drag, the ship gallops out like an arrow from the string!

Inertia caused everyone on the deck to fall to the ground one after another. Only Tristan and Evan were still standing still, because they were already prepared to withstand the impact!


Little Howl fell awkwardly to the ground, knocking on his forehead, and then he began to cry: “It hurts! It hurts! It hurts!”

“Al Don’t move here, do nothing.” Bedivere got up.


“Listen to me.” The ferocious aura on the werewolf’s face instantly made Albert dare not resist.

The next second, a silver shadow flew out, instantly smashing the anchor and chains of the battleship!

“What?!” Both Tristan and Evan were startled. The cargo ship that lost its tension suddenly stopped, and an inertia in the opposite direction caused the two who were standing still to fall forward!

“Woo!” Before Tristan could get up, the silver shadow had already rushed to the front of the murloc prince and paused in front of Tristan for a moment.

The werewolf Bedivere sneers and confronts Tristan.

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