Light Spirit Epic Chapter 726: Conflict in the sea of ​​ice (6)


Chapter 726 Conflict in the Ice Sea

With a sneer, the murloc prince has cast his vicious gaze on the tiger man Albert.

“Your tiger friend has been infected with a poison, and only I have the antidote for this poison.”

“What, what? Me?!” Albert jumped up: “You didn’t say fish—“

“It has nothing to do with the fish. I put poison on your utensils.” Tristan gestured.

Albert had a thin layer of frost on the iron fork he just used to eat. When Tristan brought the plates and utensils to the restaurant, he spent too much time playing with the utensils—the werewolf cursed inwardly, he should have paid more attention.

“Relax, it’s not a deadly poison, but within a week, your flesh will fester and die. Every day you spend your body bleeding and pus, and you die tragically without dignity.” Tristan looked at Albert with vicious eyes: “This is the most appropriate way to die for the guy who once killed the whole world, right?”

“You meow—” Albert wanted to do it, but he only felt a sudden itching all over his body. The intense itching reaction made him have no time to talk to Tristan, so he had to use his claws on his body. Crazy catch!

“It’s so itchy! It’s so itchy, so itchy! What the **** is going on?!” The tiger simply took off his shirt and rolled on the ground while scratching it. If it weren’t for the urgent situation, he would never have made such an embarrassment in front of everyone.

“Like a leprosy cat, hehe—” Tristan glanced at the tiger and smiled cruelly: “Just scratch, scratch. This itch will never go away until you die. It will continue to torment you at that moment. You will fester from scratching and eventually have to dig out your own intestines to strangle yourself and take your own life.”

Very vicious.

Seeing his friend suffer, the werewolf was angry, really angry.

“Why Al? Why don’t you use poison on me, you scumbag!”

“Hahaha, how can you be poisoned? You still have to concentrate on playing with me–and I never play with dirty guys.” Tristan laughed cruelly: “Sit down. This bet. It’s about to start!”

Inevitably, Tristan’s heart was so black that he wanted to force Bedivere to death.

Evan on the side not only did not step forward to stop this absurd thing, but raised the corner of his mouth, pushed his glasses, and smiled cruelly, watching all this with the heart of watching a play.

(Monster! A real monster!)

(In the past seven years, what have you become?)

(Are you still the same Tristan and Evan I knew?)

(Are you still the friends I used to know?)

(What made you monsters?)

The werewolf’s face twitched and his eyes flashed fiercely. If he could, he would be crying right now. But the werewolf has grown up, and he has left the age where he can cry directly if he wants to.

He restrained himself and sat down pretending to be calm: just bet. But what are the stakes? “

“The stake?” Tristan was puzzled for a while, apparently never thinking about the answer to this question: “What more stake is needed? In this match, you die or I die, and the dead won’t pay you any more. The stake. In other words, the stake in this gamble is our lives.”

The werewolf shook his head gently: “You are wrong.

The dead are gone, but that doesn’t mean the people behind him will live in peace. If you want to bet your life, it means you have to bet everything in your life. “

Tristan frowned slightly upon hearing the werewolf’s words. Even that frown was extremely elegant, just in line with his noble status.

“You might be right.—Well, let’s hear it, what’s the stake? If I eat poison roe and die from it, you can cut off my head and go back and find it. My mother will receive your reward. My mother – Queen Lilith I of Iceland – can turn her palm into the cloud and turn her hand into rain. Any wish in the world, as long as you can think of it, she can for you.”

“I don’t need those things.” The werewolf sneered indifferently: “If I survive this bet—“

He cleverly swapped a concept, and Tristan didn’t hear any flaws in the concept.

“If [I survive], I want [you] to grant one of my wishes unconditionally.”

The murloc smiled funny: “I’m dead then, how can your wish come true?—but, well, whatever you want. Even if I die, my mother will still grant your wish, This is consistent with the conditions I just set out.”

It’s not actually the same, there are subtle differences between the two. Evan was worried, he noticed the abnormality in Bedivere’s words, but he couldn’t point out what the abnormality was, so he had to remain silent.

“Then, on the contrary—” Tristan also offered a condition: “If you die, I will cut off your head, take it back to the laboratory in Iceland, and use the brain-extraction technique to remove everything in your head. Squeeze it dry. You guys seem to know a lot about us, so let me investigate.”

The werewolf glanced at each other: “That’s all?”

“That’s all.” Tristan glanced back: “Looking at your poor appearance, I know that you are poor and worthless, and it is not a pity to die. What possessions do you have worthy of me to take? Forget it.”

It seems right to say that, but I always find it irritating.

The werewolf looked at Albert on the ground. The tiger was so itchy that he took off his trousers, leaving only a pair of shorts, where he kept scratching. The three Leopard brothers hurriedly surrounded the tiger to cover their shame, and occasionally helped El scratch a few itch.

“If I die—you can get Albert and make him your slave. You can play with him however you want.” The werewolf whispered, “I saved his life, He owes me. Use his body to pay off the debt.”

“Oh, what a beautiful thought!” Tristan laughed, as if he had heard a great joke: “Even if you lose the bet, I have to save my [property]. You can save this tiger, do you think so!? You really plan for your friends.”

The werewolf is silent. It was the most foolproof strategy he could think of. Albert would at least be saved — albeit at an unimaginably high price.

“Very good, I also want to have a cat to play with.” Tristan smiled cruelly: “But you won’t want to know what I’ll do with him. This pet is pretty cute, it’s sure to be a lot. Can’t find toys for the Vikings with their **** wives — huh huh —“

“You bastard!!” Albert cursed viciously, but he was so itchy all over his body that he didn’t even have the strength to curse.

“I don’t care — do with him what you want.” The werewolf involuntarily tightened a sphincter somewhere. Poor Albert was just sold.

“Then—don’t procrastinate, let’s get started.” Tristan patted the table lightly: “To be fair—Evan, get me out of here.”

“Uh, what?” Evan was stunned, this was obviously different from what he imagined.

“I said, get out of here!” Tristan repeated.

Evan, who has supersightedness, can see the poison contained in the roe, which is equivalent to cheating. But Tristan actually chased away Evan.

He wants to play fair. He is serious.

“You’ll regret it. I’ll collect the corpse for you later.” Evan said savagely, pacing outside the restaurant: “It’s better for a person with a bad character like you to die. Just try your best.”

Evan doesn’t like Tristan, he wants Tristan to die?

Aren’t they called “brothers”?

“Now, the guy in the way is gone.” Tristan conjured up a spoon and flipped it between the two roes quickly and lightly, dislodging them.

” And I’ve also messed up these two roes countless times, and now even I don’t know which one is poisonous and which one is non-poisonous. Evan is the only one left — and he won’t come back to help me.”

“Choose one to eat.” Tristan said indifferently.

Bediver looks at the two roes on the plate.

Both grains are dark and borderless, but with a golden halo, very beautiful.

Both are perfectly spherical with no defects.

But one of them is extremely poisonous. If you eat it you will die.

The werewolf swallowed again, his heart racing.

“Oh, did you back off now?” Tristan grinned: “It’s not impossible to back off. If you could kneel down and lick my boots, I might consider letting you go.”

“I’m just thinking, who should take it first. If both are poisonous and you lie to me to take it first, wouldn’t I be dead?”

“That’s good—” Tristan also guessed that the werewolf would say this, and he took out a gold coin: “Then flip the coin to decide. If you want to be fair, then you toss.”

It is the currency of the Kingdom of Iceland, with a very high gold content, and it is heavy in the hands of a werewolf.

The obverse of the coin features an ice crystal rose and features the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Iceland. On the back is the face value of the currency, a big “1”, lined with two swimming mermaids.

The exquisite workmanship is unmatched in the world. This also proves how meticulous the mermaids are in the details. Such meticulous guys will never cheat in the competition.

After confirming that the coin is not fraudulent, the werewolf asked: “Heads? Tails?”

“The front, the side with the national emblem.” Tristan replied without hesitation: “May my kingdom bless me.”

The werewolf flipped the coin and watched as it flipped through the air hundreds of times before falling. He grabbed the coin in one hand, faced Tristan, and slowly opened his palm.

is the front.

“Good luck. Although it’s just a bit of **** luck.” The werewolf said coldly and sarcastically.

“Do you think so?” Tristan was even more proud: “I have never lost a coin toss since a long time ago. My luck is absolute, and no one has ever beaten me by luck.”

(Why are you so sure?)

“In my life, I have encountered countless dangerous battles. I survived these dangers because of luck.” Tristan boasted triumphantly: “I have been lucky since I was a child. God’s favor, you can’t win against me.”

His arrogance stems from his own strength. This strength is multifaceted. Not only does he have powerful magic and swordsmanship, but he also has good luck against the sky.

With all this, Tristan must have been rampant over the years and lived a more dashing life than anyone else.

But he will regret it. The werewolf looked at the murloc prince viciously: “Then eat it first. May your good luck not kill you.”

“Huhu.” Tristan sneered, picked up the spoon, scooped up the roe that was closer to him, and put it into his mouth.

His face flushed with intoxication, and the roe was probably delicious. There is only one in the world, one-of-a-kind, the delicacy of heaven.

The murloc slowly swallowed the roe down his throat, enjoying its wonderful aftertaste. After a quarter of an hour, he found that he had not died from the poison, so he smiled proudly to the werewolf: “I’ve finished eating. It’s your turn.”

Although the voice was gentle and comfortable, beautiful like a song, but in the ears of the werewolf Bedivere, it was like a whisper of death.

Obviously, the fish roe that the murloc prince ate was a non-toxic roe, which is hard to find in the world, a treasure among treasures.

Then, the remaining one, a small black ball in this gorgeous ice tray, is probably a poisonous thing, a highly poisonous thing that can poison people to death thousands of times.

Thinking of this, the werewolf couldn’t help but feel a little apprehensive.

“Hoohoo.” The murloc prince was already in the air, and he sneered at Bedivere: “I repeat: it’s not impossible to retreat. If you can kneel down and lick my boots, I might consider letting you go. Of course, the conditions have changed now. I want you to be my puppy, after I go back, I will definitely strip your clothes off, put them in a cage and have fun. , to humiliate you in a different way every day. You will definitely pass [quickly].”

At that moment, Bedivere was actually looking forward to it. Just for a moment. If he was still the kid he was, he might naively agree.

However, when people grow up, they can understand the malice in the world; they can deeply realize that there are many cruel people and cruel things in the world. Because of this, the chills seeped out from the werewolf’s body. Having seen Tristan’s cruelty, he understood how a murloc prince would play with those he hated. In the hands of the prince, life would definitely be worse than death.

“Hehehehehe.” The werewolf laughed and laughed wildly: “Tristan, Tristan, you underestimate me too. Do you think I’m the kind of person who fears death?”

He scooped up the poisonous roe on the plate with a spoon: “What’s your good fortune? Let’s show you what real luck against the sky is!”

He gulped the roe with ease. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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