Light Spirit Epic Chapter 714: Explore the mystery of the mystery


Chapter 714 Exploring the Mysterious Ship (6)

The battle between the werewolves and the dark spirits continues.

The dark spirit giant did not give up, and attacked with another sword!

Bedivere, who had just stabbed a shot, had no chance of closing yet, and was about to be flattened by the opponent’s giant sword!

Unexpectedly, the werewolf pulled another weapon from his holding ring at this time: another hydra tooth dagger!

When the Hydra was hunted, the elephant people had already made a lot of snake-tooth daggers, and Patriarch Tut sent a lot to Bedivere and Albert—this thing is almost mass-produced, Not uncommon.

But Albert was stupid and only took one as a souvenir, completely unaware that this dagger was such a “good thing”. Bedivere, on the other hand, is very first (greedy) to see (little) (conveniently) clearly (appropriately), and secretly hides a large number of them.

Albert said that werewolves had a lot of good stuff hidden and never used them, and that’s true. But he didn’t despise people and didn’t use them, but because these things were seen by acquaintances, it would be very troublesome to explain, and it was best to avoid them as much as possible.

Speaking of which, at the moment when the black mist giant’s sword was about to smash Bedivere, the werewolf stabbed lightly with the hand without the spear, and the hydra tooth dagger accurately stabbed the black mist great sword superior! The enchantment of the Black Mist Great Sword was immediately reversed, and the entire sword immediately disintegrated into a cloud of mist!

Bediver rolled to avoid the mist, and when he got up again, the monster had restored the two fog swords in his hands.

Of course. Dark spirits cannot be killed. Even if its Black Mist Sword is destroyed 10,000 times, it can quickly reassemble.

However, werewolves have also found a way to restrain their opponents. A small knife touches a giant sword, but the giant sword is helpless. This kind of miracle is rarely seen in the world!

Keep coming if you want.

As long as the werewolf’s stamina can hold on, it doesn’t matter how long it will last!

At the same time, Iceland, Eyjafjallajökull.

Arthur avoided the gushing magma, raised a huge one-hundred-foot-long blade of light, and swept toward the Origin Firebird.

The **** was startled by the sudden attack and began to fly out of the molten rock pool, deftly dodging the knight king’s sword.

Arthur truly understood its majesty when it soared into the air. The huge firebird is a hundred feet tall, and its whole body is made of pure flame.

Arthur also understands that this Origin Firebird is indeed a kind of god—the Holy Spirit!

“Wild Holy Spirit! How rare!” exclaimed the Holy Spirit Crown on the Knight King’s head.

“Is there really a wild Holy Spirit?” Arthur wondered: “I think all the Holy Spirits are man-made and sealed in the Pure Land of Avalon?”

“Not all. Some ancient Holy Spirits existed before our Ming round table system.” The Holy Spirit Crown looked excited: “The primitive humans worshipped gods, and when they worshipped idols, the collective spirit shaped the contours of the gods. They are the unconscious combination of countless groups of people, a special kind of thinking body. When this thinking body merges with the photons in nature, it will shape the real [God].”

Of course, this [God] is nothing but a group of photons. The King of Knights couldn’t help snickering.

“Be careful, the wild Holy Spirit is very powerful, really as powerful as God!” The Holy Spirit Crown warned: “And most importantly, it can’t kill.”

It is precisely because the Holy Spirits cannot be killed that the Round Table System seals the Holy Spirits in the Avalon Pure Land, lest they be rampant in the world.

However, Arthur maintained the exact opposite opinion: “Oh no, it kills.”

The left hand of the King of Knights turned instantly, and a jet of black flames spewed from his palm.

That is the black flame of [Destroyer Demon Sword—Gods Ragnarok].

That is, the terrifying flame that burns all existence and wipes out [existence] itself.

King Arthur used this sword to point directly at the throat of the God of Fate, coercing [the Seat of Karma] to rewrite the fate of the world.

If he really pierced the throat of the God of Destiny with a sword, the world would be a whole new look.

“Are you going to use that kind of thing to kill a god?!” Frey, who just caught up, couldn’t help showing an uneasy look: “Your Majesty, don’t! After all, it’s a god! It will be punished!”

“Do you have any other way?” Arthur asked the giantess.

“Can we… er, seal it?”

“Let me remind you first,” the Holy Spirit Crown continues to harass the King of Knights: “The round table system does not have this function. Avalon’s portal, there is only one in the world.”

Right in Camelot—too far to use!

Even if it can be used, it is unlikely that the Siyuan Firebird will obediently run into the door.

Or… no?

Arthur naturally thought of a way: “Frey, you attack the right flank, I will attack the left flank. First wrap it and lead it out of the crater!”

“But, Your Majesty?!” Frey was even more puzzled. Introducing the God of Destruction, the Origin Firebird, to the outside world will only cause more damage! Is this really okay?

“Greenville, would you like to come?” Arthur was already calling his queen.

What is the King of Knights thinking?

At the same time, the Arctic Ocean, the ghost ship — the hesitant Dutchman.

The young tiger and leopard split up and searched the dark cabin.

It’s still spooky here. Fortunately, Bedivere used himself as a bait to lure the dark spirit, Captain David Jones, away, and the tiger and the leopard were not chased by any strange things along the way. temporarily.

However, with such a big ship, in such a dilapidated and dark environment, finding a pearl from this ghost place is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Unless you know where to look, it’s all in vain.

Albert had a plan in mind for a long time. Even if he didn’t know what to do, he still wanted to try it.

He consulted with the Leopards to have Zephyr search the upper cabins.

And the tiger man himself ran to the lower cabin, which had been soaked in water.

Walking down the stairs, the cabin is mostly submerged in front of you. The water looked bottomless, and the waters were so dark that it was impossible to tell what dangers lurked in the water.

Tiger took a deep breath: “Well…it’s nothing scary.”

He jumped into the ice water.

Bone-piercing cold immediately pierced through the tiger’s fur, eroding his muscles, blood vessels, and nerves. For ordinary people, it only takes five minutes to fall into the sea of ​​ice and convulse to death.

In order not to freeze himself, Al has pre-applied a thick layer of grease all over his body. That’s a technique commonly used by Warcraft hunters to combat extreme environments, and I didn’t expect it to come in handy in this situation.

This increased his activity time in icy water by tens of minutes — but long-term activity in icy water is still deadly.

He is racing against time, paddling desperately, to get to his destination as quickly as possible: the engine room of the boat.

And his only light is a glow stick in his hand.

That thing is waterproof and filled with fluorescent chemicals that light up when shaken when broken. However, its lighting range is not wide, and it is very difficult to use it to see the road in front of it.

While the tiger was paddling furiously, hundreds of shadows silently followed him from behind.

And the Tigermen didn’t notice. He couldn’t see the situation behind him at all.

At the same time, the leopard man Zephyr was also running around in the upper cabin, hurriedly rummaging through the rooms, hoping to find the big pearl that Bedivere spoke of.

However, a huge dark shadow has been approaching from behind him.

When Zephyr walked into a crew lounge, rummaged through the corners of various furniture but found nothing, and was about to leave, a large group of monsters blocked the door.

These monsters are a combination of various octopuses, squid, anemones, corals, but it doesn’t have the beauty of the above creatures, instead, it looks like a rotten mass of meat. In other words, this mass of rotten sea creatures is a form of one of the sea creatures that devoured other sea creatures.

Apparently, the monster has been infected by the dark son, becoming violent and bloodthirsty.

It keeps squeezing into the room from the door of the room, squeezing the small room smaller and smaller. It continuously exudes a foul-smelling, highly corrosive liquid from its body. Ordinary people get a drop of this liquid, and it will quickly melt into a pool of blood!

“Oh, **** meow.” There was no way for Zephyr to escape, and his complacent speed didn’t work in such a small space. In desperation, the young leopard had to take out a pair of photon daggers to fight!

At the same time, Bedivere on the deck was “fighting” with the Dark Mist Giant.

The giant swept with a sword, and the werewolf immediately stabbed with a spear. The Hydra dagger points on the opponent’s giant sword, disintegrating the giant sword!

However, the Black Mist Giants are no idiots. After several unsuccessful attacks, it has improved the weapon.

The Black Mist Greatsword, which used to have a broad blade and relied on its huge striking surface to kill opponents, has become two slender long knives.

The trajectories of the long knives are still deadly, but their impact area has been greatly reduced. It is very difficult to stab this kind of long knives head-on!

Just one small change, and the werewolves are in a tough fight in no time! He tightened his nerves, using his extremely good dynamic vision, to deal with it carefully.

Once the block is missed, he will face the fate of being cut in half by a long knife! This made his battle suddenly full of pressure!

“El, Zephyr, hurry up!” The werewolf was sweating profusely and said to himself, “I’m afraid I won’t last long!”

At the same time, Albert, who had sneaked into the bilge, also reached the engine room. This is the only place in the bilge that is not completely flooded.

The design of the old boats was very unscientific. At that time, people arranged the engine room at the bottom of the boat to facilitate the use of the transmission.

In this way, the power generated from the engine is transmitted directly to the propeller, which propels the boat forward.

But the ancients never considered that once the bottom of the boat entered the water, the engine would stop working. From the point of view of modern people, this is simply a stupid design.

To make up for this shortcoming, the old engine compartment is relatively well insulated against water and flooding. This also explains why the entire bottom tank is flooded, except that there is still air here, and the water is only submerged to waist-deep.

Once Albert’s upper body was out of the water, the tiger shivered, roared and danced, and kept moving to keep his body from freezing.

After he had warmed up a little, he began to look around, trying to find what Bedivere referred to as the pearl The dark, flooded, and silent engine room was terrifying to the extreme. This is probably the most terrifying scene Albert has ever reached in his life.

In order to drive away the fear in his heart and to find the target as soon as possible, Albert broke apart all the remaining light sticks in his hand, and dropped one every time he walked forward.

He never imagined that the green light from the glow sticks illuminated the entire water area, and the faint green color made the engine room even more ghostly.

“There are no ghosts in this world, there are no ghosts in this world, there are no ghosts in this world.” Albert murmured like a spell, in order to strengthen himself.

But he was very unlucky, and he really encountered the thing he didn’t want to encounter at this time.

Countless black bugs were swimming in the water, and they quickly gathered into groups and rose from behind Albert!

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