Light Spirit Epic Chapter 713: Explore the mystery of the mystery


Chapter 713 Exploring the Mysterious Ship (V)

He took a breath… or the giantess who took a breath of “hot” gas, and couldn’t help but take a step back.

“We have to go.” She whispered to persuade, even pleading: “As if you have never seen it. [Siyuan Firebird] is the **** of destruction in the legend of the giants, and it has nothing to do with it. Relationships are never good.”

“God?” Arthur sneered: “There is no **** in this world.”

He slaughtered gods. The Seat of Kama, the only **** who controls the fate of the world, was also defeated by the king of knights.

Arthur doesn’t believe in any other little gods, nor does he take them seriously.

If that thing caused the volcanic eruption, if that thing was the source of all calamities, then the King of Knights couldn’t back down.

For the peace of Iceland, even if the Siyuan Firebird in front of him is really a god, the King of Knights must destroy it!

“Oh, I knew you would do this.” Kai sighed, he knew his brother better than anyone else.

“Hehehehe——” The King of Knights took out the spare concentrated dragon blood from his waist and drank it recklessly: “Let’s make a scene!”

He drank a lot of dragon blood, and his whole body changed into golden red dragon scales, and his heat resistance and fire resistance suddenly soared dozens of times. In this land of flowing rocks, which was unbearably hot, the King of Knights felt relieved at this time.

“Kay, what are you doing?” Frey asked in a low voice. Kai can’t increase fire resistance like Arthur can, so he can only quit?

“You don’t have to worry about me,” Kay said, taking out the salamander’s scales.

“Ow?” The salamander Luke was summoned, wagging his tail like a puppy with joy when he saw Frey and Kay.

Despite their best efforts to be cute, salamanders are not that “cute” in size. This guy has been delicious and delicious for seven years, and he has grown very large, like a full-grown dragon, thirty feet long.

If he grows another pair of wings, he may be able to match the real with the dragons – the dragons are just flying lizards.

Kay leaps from Frey’s shoulder onto Luke’s back. Although the distance from the molten rock surface has decreased a little, it is still within the range he can tolerate.

“Luke, keep your distance and deal with it carefully.” Kay ordered, “Frey, go and support Arthur.”

The giantess shrugged helplessly. Although he was very worried about the safety of his husband, the safety of the king was indeed more important, and he could only concentrate on helping King Arthur in the battle.

At the same time, on the Arctic Ocean, [Ghost Ship—Wandering Dutchman].

Bediver and others are also in a tough fight.

The black fog giant kept chasing after everyone, and the two giant swords in his hands were swayed randomly, forcing everyone to jump left and right, so embarrassed.

Bediver knew in his heart that this was an unwinnable battle. The only thing you can do is find a way to get out.

But right now, I can’t even get rid of this monster.

Dark Spirit—Captain David Jones, composed of cloud-like dark sons, both incapable of killing, and extremely swift in action. Just dodging his attack was already exhausting.

Furthermore, everyone battles on the tattered deck of the ghost ship. The opponent floats in the air, and of course will not be affected by the harsh terrain. Bedivere and the others were the opposite. While dodging, they had to pay attention to the various traps on the ground.

If they are not careful, they will step on a broken wooden floor with one foot, and the whole foot or even the whole body will sink in and lose their freedom of movement. If things turn out like that, then it will be over, and the giant sword of the black mist giant will directly smash them to pieces!

In fact, such a terrible thing has already happened.

Albert accidentally stepped on a moldy board on the ground with his left foot, losing his balance and sinking into it.

“El!” Before the werewolf could exclaim, the giant sword of the black mist giant had already arrived and fell on Albert’s head!

“Ouch!” The tiger man called out in advance, anticipating that he would die in severe pain.

Bedivere didn’t think much, hurriedly gathered up his strength and punched!

Pounds! The supersonic punch raised a vacuum wave. The vacuum wave hits the black mist giant’s blade impartially, temporarily dispersing the monster’s black mist sword!

The Dark Spirit hesitated.

“Quick! Pull him away!” yelled Bedivere.

Zefir rushed over desperately, and the Leopard Man, who was proud of his high speed, was like a blue lightning, saving Albert in the nick of time!

In the next instant, the Dark Spirit Giant’s Black Mist Sword took shape again, and slammed it down, smashing the floor where Albert was just now!

“Thank you, thank you!” Albert was still terrified, thanking Zephyr while gasping for breath.

“Hehe.” The big blue cat smiled awkwardly, “It’s natural to take care of your companions, you don’t need to thank meow.”

“Stop talking!!” Seeing that his boxing was slightly effective against the Black Mist Giant, Bedivere immediately cast a series of punches: “I’ll hold it here, you all go to the cabin and find something!”

“What is it?”

“Pearl! It’s probably a very huge pearl!” Bedivere shot out dozens of vacuum waves in a row, and the vacuum waves exploded on the black mist giant’s body, constantly breaking the giant’s body composed of thin mist, hindering its movement. !

“Pearl?!” Tiger and Leopard were confused. How could a pearl have anything to do with exorcising evil spirits?

“The reason, I don’t know very well!” Bedivere was busy, the vacuum wave began to be ineffective, and the speed at which the giant regained its shape gradually caught up with the speed at which it was scattered.

The werewolf had no choice but to open his claws and attack with moonlight waves: “But it must have some effect! Go and find it! It’s better than nothing!”

The sharp vacuum blade swept across, tearing the black mist giant’s form into countless pieces. Although the monsters are still recovering and reorganizing, the vacuum blade has a wide range of fire, with a wide range of continuity and attack surface, enough to temporarily hold back the dark spirit’s actions.

However, Bedivere’s physical strength is limited, and it is impossible to continuously use the moonlight waves. Yesterday’s battle had severely exhausted his physical strength, and now he is at a decisive disadvantage!

Seeing this, the Tigers and Panthers had to trust Bedivere and act immediately.

“Okay, okay!” Albert reluctantly looked at the deep pit on the deck from which they escaped with great effort: “Just die! “

He, along with Zephyr, gathered his courage and jumped into the pit.

“Hehe.” The werewolf smiled smugly. Although he was exhausted and sweating profusely, it seemed worth it.

When someone doesn’t ask why, doesn’t hesitate to believe what you say, and even puts his life at risk — that person is your trusted friend.

Perhaps they hadn’t completely forgotten about Bedivere. Even if history has been tampered with and memory no longer exists, there is still a part of their heart that remembers Bedivere, a former friend.

Scholars die for confidants. This battle, even if you lose your life, is worth it!

“It’s just you and me now.” Bedivere sneered, drawing out his [Magic Bow—Nare’s Fire].

The magic bow is slightly bent, and a dagger is tied to one end of the rough wooden handle – it is the hydra tooth dagger obtained by the werewolf when they hunted the hydra – and when he does this, he can completely The magic bow is swung like a spear.

“Let’s dance!” He provokes the Dark Spirit by drawing circles with his spear. Although it was a battle that could never be won, he was in high spirits.

“Shashashashashashashashaxiaxiaxia!!” The monster roared.

The werewolf responded with fierce complaints and sarcasm: “You can’t say anything other than [Sasha]? This IQ is really worrying.”

The dark spirit was silent for a while, then suddenly raised his sword and fell!

Bediver smiled, fearlessly, raised his magic bow (gun) to meet him!

Compared to the huge blade, the spear resembles a twig. It is no longer a “question of whether it will be broken” —– but, as long as the giant sword is shot down, Bedivere will be shot to pieces with a gun!

But, is that really the case?

The moment the hydra tooth dagger collided with the monster’s black fog sword, a miracle happened!

In contrast, one is a giant tree and the other is a twig.

The twigs miraculously blocked the giant blade that was as invisible as a mist! The moment the giant blade was hit by the tip of the dagger (long spear), it immediately disintegrated into a black mist, as if it had been broken up by a powerful impact!

Bediver’s conjecture is correct. Something similar happened before: Bedivere once blocked Argus the Leopard’s lightning spear with a Hydra dagger.

Using a weapon to resist the electric current would have been impossible.

After careful research, Bedivere came to the conclusion that the Hydra Tooth Dagger itself has a weak and special enchantment – it deflects the energy field.

It can completely reverse the original energy field (or force field) and turn it into an energy field (or force field) with the same strength but the opposite direction!

If it collides with the current, the moment the dagger touches the electric field, the energy field will be deflected and flipped, creating an electric field that is exactly opposite to the original electric shock. The positive and negative charges canceled each other out, finally blocking the supposedly deadly 100,000-volt current attack and saving its user (Bediver).

Now, in the face of Dark Spirit’s Black Mist Great Sword, the Hydra Dagger wields the same power (Characteristic The great sword in the monster’s hand is originally a mass of dark shadows, fog-like shadows. It relies on a set of enchantments that bind the Dark Sons into the shape of a sword.

This is similar to how lightsabers are generated, but the essence is very different. The enchantment of a lightsaber is much more stable and constantly loops in a spiral, trapping photons within it.

The construction of Dark Spirit’s great sword is much simpler, but it only uses the most basic enchantment to “pinch” the shape of the sword.

To disperse this fog sword, a normal shock wave is sufficient. That’s why Bedivere’s vacuum punch works.

But to hit the vacuum wave, you must hit a supersonic punch, which is a great physical drain for Bedivere.

Well now, with the Hydra Dagger, a werewolf can do the same thing as a full punch with a light swing of the sword! The only thing to pay attention to is the timing of the block!

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