Light Spirit Epic Chapter 715: Explore the mystery of the mystery


Chapter 715 Exploring the Mysterious Ship (Part 7)

When the tiger man heard the movement behind him and looked back in horror, the thing had risen to ten feet. The latest chapter of this book is out. It’s refreshing to read. Come and read it! Remember.

“Out, out, out!” The tiger man’s wet fur still reacted violently, standing upright!

It’s no accident that the bunch of bugs came together, they quickly formed the outline of a person – the outline of a woman! Blood-red rays of light radiated from the mouths of two of the worms, like the eyes of a woman.

Some kind of warmth creeps in the tiger’s pants, just warming up the icy surrounding water.

Can’t blame Albert. Anyone who encounters such a hideous monster in such a terrifying environment will be frightened and incontinent. Despite being extremely embarrassed, Albert couldn’t control his lower body at all, and the shock at this moment was something he had never encountered in his life.

The group of bugs flew towards Albert, but it was like a woman hugging Albert. Al, who was half-frozen in the water and scared to death at the same time, had no room for resistance at all. He was engulfed by the swarm in an instant!

At the same time, on the cargo ship carrying the candidates.

“…Brother!” The leopard boy Hal, who was unusually honest just now, suddenly tugged at the corner of his brother Seglade’s shirt.

“What’s the matter, meow?” The young leopard patted his brother’s head comfortingly, “I’m in a hurry, I need to go to the toilet meow?”

“No! Not meow!” Hal’s anxiety was stronger than his inner urgency: “Send me there, meow on that ship!”

“What meow?!” Seglade looked at his brother in disbelief: “Are you crazy? You want to go to such a dangerous place meow?!”

Children are afraid of ghosts, and it is impossible for normal children to voluntarily run into those ghostly ghost ships. At this moment, Little Hal volunteered to go as if he was suddenly possessed?

However, Seglade looked at his brother’s face – what he saw in the face of the little Black Panther was a wit and a composure beyond his age.

Seglade does not believe in evil, nor does he believe in ghosts. But he believed in his brother. There must be some reason for Little Hal to make this sudden move.

Being able to believe without reservation, even if there is no reason, is blind kissing.

“…Okay, I’ll take you there, meow.” Seglade hugged his brother, “but you have to make sure to follow me closely and never run around meow.”

“I promise, meow.” Little Howl nodded.

Seglade didn’t say a word, and immediately used the animalization technique, turning into a cheetah.

Little Howl sat on his brother’s back, clutching the cheetah’s neck tightly.

“Hey, where are you going?!” Captain Senezel hurriedly stopped.

Seglade has already made a leap, jumping directly from the edge of the cargo ship to the edge of the ghost ship!


As soon as the cheetah landed, Hal took a bottle of medicine out of his pocket and threw it out: “Bedivere, catch it!”

His precise long-range shot allowed the bottle to land neatly next to the werewolf Bedivere. Through the thick fog, the werewolf could vaguely hear Little Howl’s cry. He subconsciously reached out and grabbed it, just in time to grab the medicine bottle thrown by the leopard boy.

At this moment, the werewolf, who has been in a hard fight and has been cut with several major wounds, is in despair. He didn’t have time to think about it at all, opened the medicine bottle, and drank the contents of the bottle!

That’s a stimulant.

As soon as the werewolf drank the potion, his adrenaline surged to an unprecedented level! The powerful hormone suppressed the pain, so that he could not feel the pain on his body at all.

The long sword of the black mist giant slashed with lightning speed, and it was about to hit and dismember the werewolf!

But in Bedivere’s eyes, this attack is like slowing down, and every trajectory of the sword can be clearly seen! A werewolf with a surge of adrenaline, his heartbeat is dozens of times that of an ordinary person, and his body’s sense of the flow of time also slows down dozens of times at the same time.

He made moves without pressure in this slow-moving world, his Hydra dagger stabbed on the Black Mist Giant’s long knife with unparalleled precision, and successfully defused this fatal blow!

“Next!” The little black panther tugged at his brother’s neck hair and motioned Seglade to turn right. The young leopard turned obediently about thirty degrees (you can tell how much from the pain in his fur), and flew forward. He didn’t run a few steps before he saw a big hole on the ground, leading to the depths of the cabin.

Segley jumped in, of course.

Papa, as soon as he landed, Seglade heard the sound of fighting coming from a room not far away!

A huge mass of meat was blocking the door of a certain room, and countless coral-like things kept shooting spikes and corrosive liquid into the room, forcing Saifel to dodge left and right, so embarrassed.

The black panther boy Hal took out a bottle from his pocket without thinking, and threw it at the big monster!

The bottle shattered, and the liquid in it burned violently the moment it touched the monster, and the fire quickly surrounded the huge meat monster!

“You even brought the [Burning Potion], meow?!” Seglade exclaimed, “How did you deceive Patriarch Tutan and bring out that dangerous potion, meow?!”

(That doesn’t matter anymore.)

“Next meow!” The little black panther said again, pulling the fur on his brother’s neck again.

“My neck is not a steering wheel, meow!” Seglade reproached loudly as he was pulled out in pain. But he still complied with his brother’s request, turned around precisely, and ran in the direction indicated by Little Hal!

He ran less than a hundred paces before Hal threw a bottle at the floor in front of him.

The bottle contains [Elixir of Corruption]. The moment the potion touches the ground, it works immediately, and a big hole is etched on the wooden floor!

“Oh, don’t meow!” Before Seglade met the bottomless hole and the faint sound of water, he was finally worried.

“Brother, please, meow!”

“Oh, it’s my misfortune to have a younger brother like you, meow.” The young leopard said with a sad face, while taking a deep breath and jumping into the big hole.

(It hurts! Don’t bite!)

Albert, who was entangled in countless black bugs, lost the strength to struggle.

(No! Don’t drill there!)


With the numbness and numbness after taking off the strength, Albert’s consciousness gradually blurred.

Um, right?

The black worms that wrapped around his body began to disperse. The feeling of being tightly bound all over the body gradually disappeared.

“Woo…” Someone opened Albert’s mouth and fed some kind of pill into the tiger’s mouth.

“Ouch!” A fishy stench spread through the mouth of the tiger, like the concentrated body of thousands of pickled and salted fish that had been fermented for decades, making the tiger dizzy!

However, the tiger people are also awakened by the smoke!

He gets up and sees Leopard boy Hal and his brother Seglade.

He hurriedly spit out the intoxicating medicine in his mouth: “Why are you guys here?!”

“No time to explain!” Seglade got up and drew his weapon.

The bugs that had just been dispelled by Howl with some kind of potion gathered together again and gathered into the shape of a woman.

“Really, is it really a ghost meow?!” Seeing this scene, even Seglade, who came to the rescue, was terrified!

“No, it’s just a bug, meow.” Hal was very calm, this seven-year-old was obviously much calmer than the two adults present!

He took the medicine he had prepared from his pocket again and threw it at the monster.

The strong-smelling repellent disperses most of the black bugs, leaving only the leader bug that controls them.

The thing has a huge, smooth and oddly rounded head. It was as if some kind of foreign body had been forcibly colonized in the head of the worm. The powerful anthelmintic was still in effect, and it had apparently left the bug leader dazed and unable to move for the time being.

“Kill it, quick!” Hal yelled.

Seglade and Albert have been numb to the horrific and disgusting sight, they have completely given up thinking, and are now only acting on the orders of the little black panther. The weapons in the hands of the two were cut out at the same time, and the bugs were dismembered without any effort!

The dead head of the thing fell, and a pearl covered with black worm blood burst out from it!

Black Pearl! And it’s as big as a human head!

Despite feeling extremely sick, Albert complied with Bedivere’s orders and picked up the pearl covered in slimy black worm blood! He put the pearl in the water and rubbed it frantically, hoping to get rid of the greasy, nauseating feeling on the pearl.

“Are you a Virgo meow?” Seglade couldn’t help asking.

“What’s wrong with meow?” Albert replied disapprovingly.

Seglade shook his head, and had already turned into a wild beast, turning himself into a huge blue cheetah: “Come up! I’m going to jump, meow!”

Albert grabbed the pearl with one hand, grabbed Little Hal’s collar with the other, jumped up, and landed lightly on the back of the giant leopard. Although there are still many places that make him surprised and puzzled, he doesn’t want to stay in such a ghost place for a moment. The sooner he leaves, the better!

Seglade leaps and uses his powerful leap as a leopard to escape from the big hole he just fell!

At the same time, Zephyr, who had just fallen into a hard fight, was surprised to see the meat monster blocking the exit burning violently. That thing was composed of the corpses of a large number of combustible sea creatures, and the bubbles filled with methane gas could hardly stop once it was burned, and instantly turned into a huge pillar of charcoal. It also set the surrounding wooden beams on fire, setting the entire ghost ship on fire!

“Why am I always so unlucky meow?” Zephyr sighed, risking being burned by the flames rammed directly into the carbonized monster corpse.

Touch! He smashed the monster’s corpse, leaving only a few sparks on his body. At the moment when Saifel hugged his head and ran out of the room, Seglade, who was on his way back, happened to pass by. He bit his brother without saying a word, grabbed Saifair and ran out!

Then in another leap, Seglade jumped out of the pit with all his companions in the cabin and onto the deck!

“It’s hot, it’s hot, it’s hot, it’s hot, it’s hot, meow!” Many of the hairs on Saifel’s body were on fire, causing the leopard to run around in a funny way, screaming like a killing cat. He rolled on the ground dozens of times before finally putting out the fire on his body.

Seglade, Albert, and Little Hal all thumped at the same time.

“Hey, if you have time to laugh, can’t you come and do me a favor?!” shouted the werewolf Bedivere, who was fighting hard. The potion just now is about to expire, and the werewolf has to fall into defeat again!

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