Light Spirit Epic Chapter 707: Travel for Trials (10)


Chapter 707 Trials (10)

The next morning, the werewolf Bedivere was awakened by some kind of pressure.

What pressed on Bedivere was not the legendary ghost press, but the big **** of the angry tiger man Albert.

Albert took revenge on Bedivere as soon as he recovered from his paralysis this morning.

“Ow, what’s the matter? Cheapskate Al.” The werewolf whispered, while trying to push away Albert who was sitting on top of him. But yesterday, he pulled the magic bow and shot twice in a row, and then used the true moonlight wave. At this time, he was already exhausted, and his sore arm was no match for the weight of Albert’s whole body.

“No shit.” Al was still angry when he spoke, pressing harder on the werewolf: “I was abandoned in the toilet by you yesterday, and my frostbitten **** is now just venting its dissatisfaction to you. , this–also–count–is–little–breath–meow?”

(From the perspective of ordinary people’s values, this is naked. Naked. Naked and stingy.)

Bediver reached out and tugged at Albert’s tail: “I understand, I understand. I’ll accompany you. Now move your **** away.”

“Humph…!” Albert was still reluctant to move his ass. The weight of his whole body rested on the werewolf’s stomach, making Bedivere very uncomfortable.

“Okay, you asked for it yourself.” In desperation, the werewolf tugged at Albert’s tail!

“Meow!” The tiger man’s tail was pulled, and his whole body felt numb! He jumped up and roared: “Bastard, want to fight meow?!”

“Hey, hey, your tail is still in my hand, who will win a fight?” The werewolf sneered as he got up, playing with the tiger’s furry tail.

The kid Albert stumbled and looked at Bedivere aggrievedly: “Let go of my tail, meow. I’ll forgive you if it’s a big deal—“

“What the **** are you two playing?” Saifer’s head popped out from the edge of the upper bunk, looking at the wolf tiger and the two orcs, smiling evilly.

“Nothing.” Bedivere blushed and let go of Al’s tail: “I’m starving, let’s go eat.”

“Oh, that meal meow—” Saifer had eaten a dinner rationed by the ship last night, and he showed fear on his face: “Don’t say I didn’t warn you meow. Be careful of your stomach meow.”

“So scary?!”

“It’s on a par with our dad’s dark cooking meow.” Seglade also stuck his head out and blurted out. The next second he was confused again: “Oh, yes, you don’t know my dad—don’t mind meow.”

Bedevier certainly knew Palamidis. He also ate one of Palamides’ dark dishes, the terrifying bowl of wild vegetable porridge.

Well, in that case, the werewolves can already understand how terrible the food rations on the ships are. That kind of thing is still left to the captain and the others to eat, and Bedivere has to find another lunch for his belly.

The problem is, he and Albert went out empty-handed and didn’t bring any rations at all.

I’m an adult, so I won’t starve to death on the road, right? The werewolf had an idea and thought of a way.

He smiled slyly: “Come on. Let’s go fishing.”

There are more species of fish in the Arctic Ocean than one might think, and almost all of them are edible. In order to resist the cold, the fish store a thick layer of fat in their bodies, and the meat can be said to be plump and sweet.

If you can get a few fish from the sea, it’s enough for Bediveville and the others to have a full lunch.

“But, you’re not a landlubber, meow?” Saifer asked suspiciously while walking on the deck.

“I am, but it doesn’t matter.” Bedivere never thought of putting himself into the water, “Zefel, Seglade, it’s up to you.”

“We meow?” Even Seglade showed a look of doubt: “But we don’t want to jump into that icy sea to swim, meow. It’s so cold, meow.”

“You don’t need it. Just being able to run on the sea is enough.” Bedivere smiled mysteriously.

“What are you going to do?” Captain Senezel saw the werewolf Bedivere leading a large group of orcs onto the deck, and he couldn’t help but nervously approached to investigate the news.

“Captain, I want to catch some fish for lunch, is this legal?”

The captain’s **** changed from doubt to confusion: “Fishing? … We are on the high seas, and fishing should be legal. Just don’t overdo it.”

The werewolf nodded in agreement. Whether he was going too far, he wasn’t even sure. Stop when the captain calls it.

“I’m curious about what you’re going to do.” Albert crossed his hands and waited to watch the play, “Without a fishing rod and no fishing net, you can’t go into the water, so you can catch fish?”

“You’ll understand.” Bedivere walked to the edge of the deck, and in front of him was the vast sea: “Zefel, Seglade, are you ready?”

“Okay meow.” “Let’s start meow.” The two big cats answered in unison.

The werewolf took a deep breath and focused. He concentrated all his strength on the fist of his left hand.

Pounds! Punch out. The fist rubs against the air, creating a thick, round pop. Of course, this is the straight punch of the werewolf Bedivere that surpassed the speed of sound!

Whoosh! The supersonic straight punch produced a wonderful physical phenomenon, and a vacuum wave was shot. This is the vacuum wave that Bedivere is proud of, and the principle is the same as that of the moonlight wave!

A powerful vacuum wave hit the sea surface, punching a hole ten feet deep!

That wasn’t enough, the werewolf punched out in a series of punches. Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa! The waves are splashing, and the pits on the sea are constantly expanding!

Shock can be transmitted not only through the air, but also through the sea.

The fish in the sea were dazed by the impact of the vacuum wave, and the undulating waves threw the fish into the air! The blue leopard brothers had already understood everything when they saw this place. They rushed out together, galloping on the sea, and at the same time, caught the fish that were thrown away!

“Is this okay?!” Albert was really taken aback. This is not so much fishing as it is to “catch” fish.

“Huhu,” the werewolf retracted his fists and wiped his sweat: “You must have missed a lot of good things when you were squatting at home last night. Oh no, you are not squatting at home, you are squatting in the toilet—– –“

“Go to hell!” A furious Albert kicked the werewolf off the boat.

“Wow, it’s so dangerous, meow. Why didn’t you pay attention, meow.” Unexpectedly, on the way back, Zephyr rescued Bedivere, who had fallen into the water.

“Huhu—” The werewolf looked at Albert with a triumphant smile on his face.

“Caught a lot of fish!” Seglade also returned to the deck with a pile of fish. These fish were all stunned by Bedivere’s fist wind, and they could only lie on the deck in a daze, barely struggling.

“But, how can I eat?” Albert was counting the fish, which were colorful and dazzling, there were about two hundred of them.

“I advise you not to eat fish indiscriminately.” Captain Senezel came over to join in the fun. “Some fish, such as this pufferfish in the ice sea, are highly poisonous. There are problems with brightly colored ones. I will help you to distinguish and provide a kitchen for you to cook fish, but you have to give me half of the fish. Is it fair?”

“As you wish.” Bedivere is very generous. There are more than 200 fish here, and the five of them will definitely not be able to eat them all. How about giving a little to the captain: “But aren’t you the crew? I thought the crew could eat fish every day, and I’m tired of it?”

The captain said of course: “Boy, have you forgotten? This is a cargo ship not a fishing boat. My boat is not equipped with fishing equipment.”

Is this… a fallacy?

The werewolf stayed silent, watching the captain divide the fish. He now found that the captain picked out a lot of brightly colored fish for himself, and left the ones that looked innocuous and edible to the Bedivere gang.

“You keep that poisonous meow for yourself?” Albert asked curiously.

“You don’t know something, little brother. If you take care to remove the poisonous internal organs, poisonous fish like puffer fish can actually be eaten, and the meat is delicious and can be bought at a high price. But dealing with puffer fish requires very clever cooking skills, not here. A cook can do it.”

“So you plan to keep all the poisonous fish and sell them at a high price when the boat docks?” Saifer sneered, “The captain is really a shrewd businessman.”

“Oh, each take what he wants.” Captain Senezel made no secret of his greed. “You’ll be satisfied with one meal, and I’ll earn an extra. It’s a mutual benefit.” “

Seglade glanced at Bedivere, as if seeking the werewolf’s approval. How do you see this deal, the captain made a lot of money, or is it better to cancel?

“Just do as you say, Captain.” The werewolf’s heart is very lenient, so let the captain take advantage of it, “I’m dying of starvation, get this done quickly, I want to eat Fish steak.”

“Of course.” The captain picked up the fish at a quicker speed, and sorted the fish in an instant. “This pile belongs to you. They are all non-toxic fish. Take them to the cook and cook them.”

“Your cooks cook all dark dishes. I think it’s better not to cook, just eat sashimi,” said the werewolf stubbornly.

The captain sneered: “You like it. Such fresh fish is delicious no matter how you eat it.”

Ten minutes later Everyone in the kitchen watched the cook slaughter the fish alive, and then they felt regretful. It wasn’t because the fish was unclean – on the contrary, the rusty blunt knife in the chef’s hand that seemed to have countless bacteria stuck to it turned everyone off.

Fortunately, the finished product on the plate was not as bad as I imagined. Snow-white sashimi, loaded with six large plates.

“This is a gift.” The chef brought a plate of chili sauce. The bright red and dazzling chili sauce was mashed with countless fresh chili peppers, and then marinated with Haiyan. Just looking at it made people’s head sizzle. smoke.


“It’s best to mix some chili sauce with sashimi, which can kill bacteria.” The chef turned to other things.

(Oh, you know how unsanitary your cooking process is?)

The werewolf sneered, keeping the almost blurted rant in his heart. He carried a large plate of sashimi into the ship’s dining room, sat down with the group, and prepared to eat. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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