Light Spirit Epic Chapter 706: Traveling for Trials (9)


Chapter 706 Trials (9)

“Daddy…” Maybe it was because he was tired from playing, and Xiao Ha fell asleep the moment he picked it up.

A touch of warmth flowed into the heart of the Knight King, as if he was holding his own son. He picked up Xiao Ha, tried to shake off the weird thoughts in his heart, and quickly changed clothes for the child and himself.

“Why so long—” Greenville, who was waiting outside, wanted to say something.

“Shh.” The king of knights stopped his queen and said in a low voice, “He finally fell asleep, so just send him to bed and let him rest.”

“Oh, so cute.” Greenville watched the child’s sleepiness melt immediately, quickly forgetting the commotion in the bathroom just now.

When the couple put the child on the bed and covered the canine boy with a quilt, the queen retreated to the king’s side.

“Look at how cute Xiao Ha is.” She leaned on King Arthur’s chest thoughtfully, “I really want a child… If there is a child, everything will be completely different.”

“Greenville, didn’t we say, don’t mention this again?” A rare pain appeared on the face of the King of Knights: “This is something we can’t do anyway. , don’t worry about it.”


“Let’s wait for a while.” Arthur suppressed the irritability in his heart and whispered, “If the problem can’t be solved, we will… go and adopt one. I need descendants to inherit the throne, but Not now. Mu Ran acts, once the incident is exposed by the media, there will be a lot of pressure from public opinion.”

His wife gave King Arthur a displeased look: “You know that death will take face.”

“Sorry, Greenville. But right now, Great Britain needs political stability the most. I’ll make it up to you. Well, just tonight, make up for it—“

“You’d better do what you say.” Queen Greenville’s fingertips stroked the king’s chest restlessly.

Wang was teased and laughed: “Hehehe—you naughty kitty.”

With a smirk from King Arthur, the two embraced and kissed. The king picked up his queen, walked towards the bedroom, and closed the bedroom door.

“Daddy… Mommy…” Xiao Ha was talking in his sleep, and while half asleep, he vaguely heard the sound of pop, pop, pop from the next room. It was a sound the child used to hear in the middle of the night as a child, and it was as familiar as his lullaby.

The canine boy thought his parents were together again, that the family was reunited again. He smiled contentedly in the haze and fell asleep peacefully.

At the same time, late at night, on a cargo ship in the Arctic Ocean.

The giant sea beast rammed again, opening a hole in the bottom of the boat.

“Oh, **** it!” Bedivere nearly vomited from the violent shaking of the boat, “Stabilize the boat! Run to the shore!”

“No way!” The captain struggled to steer the helm and tried to stabilize the hull with several sailors: “The bottom of the boat is already flooded, and the speed is getting slower and slower! If this goes on, we won’t have time to get to the shore. Will be sunk by sea monsters!”

“I’ll figure it out!” cried Bedivere.

“Then why haven’t you come up with a solution yet?!”

“That’s because he has been attacking from the bottom of the water.” The werewolf said reluctantly, “If it doesn’t come out of the water, I will—”

“Wait!” The captain stopped and looked at the young werewolf suspiciously: “Are you… a landlubber?!”

I guessed it. A look of embarrassment flashed across Bedivere’s face, but he immediately defended himself: “The water in this icy sea is so cold that even if I can swim, it’s no use.”

The captain looked at the werewolf suspiciously.

“Don’t say it, just do what you should do – I will do what you should do.”

And what the werewolf should do is to pull up his [Magic Bow—The Fire of Nare] and be on guard at the bow.

The sea beasts overturned the river and the sea, stirring up huge eddy currents on this otherwise calm sea. From time to time it leaped out of the water, so fast that it ripped off one of the ship’s masts.

If it goes on like this, the ship will definitely fall apart before docking! Everyone pinned their hopes on Bedivere. I hope the werewolf can shoot the sea beast in one fell swoop before the sea beast leaps out of the water next time!

However, will things really work out this way?

The wobbly hull, combined with the darkness in the middle of the night, made it difficult for the werewolf to aim. It is early spring, and winter has not completely passed. The polar night phenomenon in the Arctic Circle is very obvious, and there will be no sunshine until noon!

With the light of the stars and the moon alone, it is too difficult to target the sea beasts flying out of the water at high speed!

Since you can’t aim, then—!

The witty werewolf shouted: “Someone, find a way to collect the honey on the deck!”

The candidates present are really not ordinary people. Most of them are calm in the face of danger. Under the call of the werewolf, they take action immediately!

The ice bee honey on the deck has a wonderful ice blue fluorescence at night, and the deck has been completely wet by the sea water after the sea beast jumped several times, which makes the collection of honey much easier!

The candidates poured out together and ripped off the sails of the boats – the cargo ships are powered by photon engines, the sails are really just decoration, not much use.

In this life-and-death baldness, the captain also acquiesced to this sabotage and sent several crew members who were not at the helm to help. With the joint efforts of dozens of people, the sail turned into a giant rag, and the honey was sucked up by dawdling on the deck!

The white sails soaked up the sweet, icy honey, which also shimmered icy blue in the night. It’s even a bit beautiful – if it weren’t for this life-or-death situation, many people would definitely stop to watch it.

However, there is no time to hesitate. Bedivere immediately used the maddening technique, turning his body into a ten-foot-tall wolf.

The giant werewolf ripped off the other mast of the ship with one hand and rolled the shimmering sail on it.

The mast made of giant wood instantly turns into a string of candied haws. No, just a fishing rod!

“You want to eat honey? Here it is!!” Bedivere used all his strength and threw the mast like a javelin!

Whoosh! ! The mast drew a parabola in the dark night sky, climbed obliquely, and plunged obliquely into the sea!

Touch! The provoked waves are estimated to be sweet – the honey dissolves in the water when it touches the water surface, and the blue fluorescent light illuminates the entire sea surface!

“Why is it getting brighter?” the captain exclaimed in disbelief.

“The honey of the ice bee is quite special, it will convert the salt into sugar and fluorescent substances. Magic, you know.” The werewolf even saved the time to shrink, and directly used his huge fingers to pick up the magic bow and pull it full. bow!

“Roar!” Only then did the fast-moving sea beast reveal its true colors.

Under the reflection of the fluorescent sea, the huge sea snake swirled and danced, rushing towards the sweet and greasy honey ball!

“It’s the Chaos Sea Serpent! (pronounced: Levita)” Captain Senezel exclaimed.

Even though he is familiar with various sea beasts, he has rarely encountered Chaos Sea Serpents. It is said that this sea snake is a subspecies of Chaos Troll (), which can be said to be a Chaos Troll in the sea. The same incarnation of Chaos, each sea snake has a different form, but they basically maintain the outline of a “snake” – which seems to be the most convenient form to swim in the water.

And this chaotic sea snake is even more special. It has dragon-like sharp horns on its head, and its body is covered with dragon scales. It looks too similar to a dragon. It is simply a snake-shaped dragon—Panlong!

Using the fluorescent light on the sea, the werewolf locked onto the beast in an instant. Although the sea beast didn’t do anything wrong, it threatened the navigation of the ship and could only be destroyed!

The werewolf shoots the magic bow without hesitation. [Magic Bow—The Fire of Nare] burst out a shock wave. The devastating impact hit the sea snake directly, this blow should be enough to make the sea snake into meat sauce!

Clap! ! The Chaos Sea Snake was blown away by the shock wave and flew out nearly a nautical mile. However, it is unbelievably strong, its life is unbelievably tenacious, even if it is hit by the magic bow with all its strength, it still does not die! It keeps peeling off the lina armor from its body, I am afraid that these lin armor have suffered fatal damage for it!

The chaotic sea snake, which was severely injured by a single blow, and whose scales and armor were scattered, was furious. Crazy because of the severe pain, the sea snake not only did not escape, but flew over and attacked Bedivere on the boat!

Crap! With this strength, this angle of attack, if Brady dodged, the sea snake would crash into the cargo ship and smash the entire cargo ship apart!

At that time, not only Bedivere will die, but the entire ship will fall into the cold sea of ​​ice below zero. No matter how good the water is, no one will survive this sea of ​​ice!

The only thing Bedivere can do now is——

The werewolf maintains a wild beast, leaping out of the cargo ship and leaping into the ice sea! !

At the same time, the fist in his hand gathered more photons, and the sharp claws of the light aimed at the sea snake coming towards him and stabbed it out! !

Zazazazazaza! ! The werewolf’s sharp claws plunged into the head of the Chaos Sea Serpent. The light in the claws also exploded in the body of the sea snake!

This is the real use of [Moonlight Wave]!

Although Bedivere can wield its sharp claws and make a long-range attack moonlight wave, the power of that will attenuate drastically with the flight distance, and it is basically ineffective if it flies less than 30 feet.

The moonlight waves that attack from a distance are just an expedient measure used to restrain the enemy.

The moonlight wave, which really has powerful lethality, is a close-range blow of the werewolf, and then the photons gathered in the claws are detonated in the opponent’s body to produce terrifying destructive power!

Because it’s so cruel and too risky to use, Bedivere almost never uses it. Only at this juncture of the difference between life and death, did he use this trick to kill!

Injected from the wound, a turbulent stream of photons scurried through the body of the Chaos Sea Serpent. Like a hundred thousand sharp chainsaws, cutting the monster’s body non-stop!

In just a quarter of an hour, the monster was completely dismembered! Its flesh was broken into tens of thousands of pieces and fell into the sea!

Meanwhile, Bedivere ran out of power and fell into the sea of ​​ice!

(It sucks.)

(So tired.)

(Even a single struggle is exhausted.)

(This time, are you really going to die?)

(Or, to turn into an eternal ice brick, sunk in the deep sea like this?)

(…It might be a good ending.)

(Goodbye, Renine, Husky…)

(I love you.)

Just as the werewolf gave up everything and let his body fall freely, a blue shadow emerged from the cargo ship.

He galloped and turned into a giant cheetah at the same time.

Blue leopard shadows gallop across the sea. This rippling sea is no different from the endless plain to him!

Zefir made a precise jump and caught Bedivere.

Of course, bite.

“Ow!” The werewolf who was bitten by the cheetah’s fangs suffered a sharp pain, and the werewolf, who woke up from the pain, miraculously found himself rescued: “Safir?!”

“Yo!” Once the giant leopard caught the werewolf, it immediately flew towards the direction of the ship: “Why don’t you call us meow for such an interesting thing?”

“Oh, you… don’t talk! Bit me to death!” said the werewolf hastily.

“Hehe.” Saifer spit out Bedivere in the direction of the ship’s deck, turned back into a human form, and landed on the deck neatly.

“Ow, my legs!” The werewolf kept complaining as he covered his legs and got up. If you use more force, or shake a little while running, the giant leopard’s tiger teeth can definitely crush the werewolf’s thigh bone!

“Better than drowning meow?” Zephyr smiled hilariously.

“Anyway, thank you—” Bedivere was still thanking him, and another blue leopard shadow had rushed out of the sea of ​​ice. As if he could run on the water in order to show himself, Seglade ran for a distance and came back with something from the sea.

“This is?”

“The egg dropped by the sea snake just now.” When Seglade returned to the deck, he carefully held the Chaos Egg as if he had obtained a treasure.

The captain shouted quickly: “Throw it away! We can’t take another sea snake hatched!”

“No, Chaos Demon’s eggs are very rare!” Bedivere said quickly, “and what it will hatch next time is related to its owner, not necessarily a harmful beast!”

For example, Grand Duke Hall’s former mount Lion Wallace.

“You know a lot, meow.” Seglade handed the Chaos Egg to Bedivere: “You defeated this, or it’s yours, meow. What you do with it is up to you, meow.”

“Then, good night——” Bedivere put away the Chaos Egg, and the half-dead werewolf really collapsed at this time. He lay on the ground and snored.

On their first day in Great Britain, they encountered so many incidents. This journey is bound to be an uneven journey.

Something seems to be missing?

“Bedyville! —” Albert was trapped in the toilet all night, no one rescued him, and the tiger’s **** blew all night in the cold cargo ship’s toilet:” —I hate you!!”

Fortunately, he doesn’t know much about ice bees. If Albert was told that the ice bee’s honey could instantly detoxify the bee, and if he was told that the last bit of honey was also thrown into the sea by Bedivere, he would definitely hate Bedivere even more. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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