Light Spirit Epic Chapter 708: Traveling for Trials (11)


Chapter 708 Trials (11)

“Mmmmm, it looks fine.” Albert sniffed the plate full of sashimi, and grabbed a fork, “It smells fine. I’m going to start. “

“It’s so long-winded.” Bedivere had already wrapped several pieces of sashimi with a fork and shoved hot sauce into his mouth.

The crispness of the fresh fish and the spicy and spicy taste of the chili sauce spread in the werewolf’s mouth, and he suddenly felt that this journey was not too bad.

“Hal, eat more meow, too.” Seglade was patiently tending to his seven-year-old brother, slowly feeding the sashimi into the little black panther’s mouth.

“Spicy, spicy.” The child doesn’t seem to be used to spicy food.

“A little spicy, just be patient. Don’t put chili sauce for fear of bacteria.” Seglade is still coaxing the child to eat.

“You are cats, and you always eat raw fish. Are you afraid of bacteria in the fish?” Bedivere said wryly with a smile.

“There are also many kinds of cats.” Albert gave Bedivere a blank look, “Don’t embarrass that kid, don’t force him to meow if he doesn’t like spicy food. It’s okay to eat sashimi that doesn’t like spicy food. , the big deal… it’s just diarrhea meow.”

The Blue Panther Brothers gave Albert a blank look at the same time. By the time they were distracted, Howl had grabbed his fork and shoved quite a few sashimi into his mouth without the spicy sauce.

Seifer is mad: “Hal! What are you doing meow!? How can I listen to that uncle talking nonsense meow!”

“But people don’t eat spicy meow!” The little black panther is still arguing, “I would rather have a stomachache than spicy meow!”

Safir frightened his younger brother and said, “Okay, I’ll put on a diaper for you when you go back, meow. That way you won’t be afraid of stomach pain meow.”

Little Hal panicked, blushing and said, “No, don’t meow!”

The crowd immediately burst into laughter.

Travelling with a child is especially troublesome. The werewolf ate quietly, letting the people at the table continue to mess around. Surrounded by a large group of cats while eating, such a lively scene has not been encountered in Bediveville for many years.

Cherish the moment you have while you have it. Because you never know when this happiness will be lost again.

Seeing the werewolf, Albert suddenly wanted to make fun of Bedivere. He pretended to be mysterious and said quietly: “By the way, do you know a legend that is very popular recently, meow?”

“Oh, what legend meow?” Bedivere didn’t go fishing, Seglade did instead.

“It’s the legend of the ghost ship.” Albert didn’t care whether Bedivere was fishing or not, as long as someone ignored him, he began to chat happily.

“Al, don’t talk nonsense.” The werewolf couldn’t help interrupting Albert, “These days are very evil, nonsense will always get it right. It’s better to talk less.”

Yesterday Bedivere ranted to the captain, saying that sea beasts would attack the ship in order to eat honey. I didn’t expect it to be true, and it almost made the whole ship sleep in the sea of ​​ice forever.

It can be seen that lying and lying is an unacceptable thing, it is best to keep your mouth shut and say a few words less.

The werewolf said this backfired. Albert thought Bedivere was frightened, but instead continued to joking: “Hehe, this is not nonsense. Many of my hunter friends have seen it with their own eyes, and this is true.

You know meow? The legendary ghost ship—[Wandering Dutchman](), is said to be active in this cold Arctic Ocean.

That used to be a nasty pirate ship. It is said that because the crew members were arrogant and indiscriminate, after they looted the 666th cargo ship, they were sent by heaven!

—All crew members disappeared overnight, and the ship became a ghost ship, carrying the spirits of one hundred and sixty-two crew members. Back home! “

“Wow!” Seglade felt a chill down his spine and his hair stood on end. The leopard man with the fur standing up all over his body looks like a ball of blue fur. He was both afraid and curious, and asked tremblingly: “Of course, then, meow?”

“And then?” Albert laughed even more triumphantly: “[Wandering Dutchman] would haunt the dark and foggy weather – like today – and then it would approach the victim’s boat .

These long-dead wraiths do not know they are dead, and still repeat their pirate deeds, savagely hunting ships at sea. Once you get caught by the ghost ship, it’s over!

It is said that such empty and dead ships are often seen drifting past in harbours near the ice ocean. When the rescuers boarded the boat, they would find that there was no sign of any fighting on the whole boat, but none of the people on the boat were spared, and they all disappeared!

The coffee in the ship’s dining room was still hot, the bread was only bitten, and newspapers that seemed to have just been read were scattered on the ground. But the whole ship is gone! They all mysteriously disappeared within minutes! It was as if they were suddenly dragged away by a ghost, caught in another dimension, and never came back! “

“Wow!” Saifer also shuddered: “Okay, so scary!”

“Nonsense.” The werewolf took a sip of coffee and put more sashimi into his mouth: “These gods and ghosts are just used by stupid humans to scare children. Do you believe it? Besides, there is no fog at all today. When we caught the fish, it was still cloudless and the sky was clear.”

“Yes, yes, meow! This is not scientific at all, meow!” Brother Blue Leopard nodded in agreement, while little Howl shrank in his brother’s arms and shivered.

“Huh, really meow?” Albert pointed out the window: “Isn’t that fog or what meow?”

The crowd looked in the direction the tiger pointed. Sure enough, I don’t know since when, a thick layer of white fog has already been covered outside the window. The fog smeared on the ship window and stained the glass with a hazy mist.

The werewolf pretended to be calm: “Sea, the weather at sea is changeable, and it is normal to occasionally fog up. This doesn’t mean anything at all.”

“Yes, yes meow! This is too scientific meow!” Brother Blue Leopard nodded again in agreement, while Little Howl shrank even tighter in his brother’s arms.

Albert smiled disapprovingly, showing a look of [I knew you would say this] disdain. His fingers were still pointing in the same direction, and he sneered: “That meow, what is that thing in the fog?”

There is indeed something, looming in the thick fog. Bedivere reluctantly looked at the window, only to feel his scalp numb.

The dilapidated hull, broken in two, the mast that rests on the hull at an angle, and the black sails that are broken like rags and old and moldy, all squeak in the north wind, squeaking terror sound. That sound was not much different from a ghost call.

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