Light Spirit Epic Chapter 694: Death Fight for White


Chapter 694: Death Fight for Baiyin (1)

The next morning. “You can say **the first*(..)”

Albert got up, only to find that there was one person missing from the cabin. ——Beddieville doesn’t know where to go.

The young monster hunter was startled, thinking he had been betrayed. But he immediately heard the sound of a knife swinging outside the house.

What a sharp, crisp sound of a knife. Judging by Albert’s years of experience with weapons, it’s definitely a top-notch knife. Unexpectedly, the savage living in the deep mountains and mountains like Bedivere actually hides such a rare treasure!

The curious tiger man got up, picked up a blanket and threw it on and ran outside the house. As soon as he opened the door, he was stunned by the sight in front of him.

In the snowstorm of the northern country, a werewolf youth is practicing martial arts.

Bediver seemed to have no contact with this ice and snow, only wearing a pair of shorts, exercising in the cold wind of minus tens of degrees.

He bares his upper body, full of steel-like muscles, and keeps punching. Only at this point did Albert understand that the so-called “rare sword” did not exist at all.

The hoarse sound that sounded like a sharp blade cutting through the air came entirely from the fists of the werewolf youth!

Every punch from the werewolf is powerful and lightning fast. It is such a fist, piercing the air, tearing space and time, making an unimaginably crisp sound!

Albert pushed his dynamic vision to the extreme, barely able to see the trajectory of the werewolf youth’s punches. The dynamic vision of tiger people is dozens of times better than that of humans, but it is still very difficult to see!

That fist might have surpassed the speed of sound!

“My God!” The tiger man youth couldn’t help exclaiming.

“Oh, are you awake?” Bedivere stopped to punch, “I’m sorry, I woke you up from my morning exercise?”

“What are you… your fist… this is unscientific!” The tiger man was a little incoherent in surprise.

“Don’t ask me.” The werewolf youth shrugged: “Practice and practice, and you will become like this.”

“If you punch at that fast speed, your hand won’t hurt?!”

“It hurts at first. But gradually I get used to it and it doesn’t hurt anymore.” Bedivere shrugged and stroked his elbow.

“Is this the kind of exercise that allows you to use magic, meow?” the young hunter couldn’t help but ask.

“Magic?” A dazed look appeared on the werewolf’s face, and after thinking for a while, he suddenly realized and replied: “Oh, you mean [Moonlight Wave]! — No, that’s not magic. It’s very similar to magic.”

He raises his left arm.

The left arm, which looked no different from a normal arm, gradually faded away, revealing its true colors.

It shone dazzlingly silver in the northern sun — Bedivere’s left arm was actually a metal prosthesis.

It’s ingeniously crafted, it doesn’t look like something from this era at all, it seems to come from a distant future, some kind of super-tech product.

“I’ll only demonstrate once. Watch it.” The werewolf smiled mysteriously.

The fingernails of his left hand begin to glow. Pure white glow. The metal arm seems to be able to absorb photons from the air and condense on the fingernails – this is a mechanical arm, as long as the photon mirror is installed, this trivial thing can of course be done easily.

The werewolf youth took a step back and quickly waved his arms.

Swipe, swipe, swipe! ! Four vacuum light waves shot out. Shaped like a crescent moon, these four terrifying waves of light flew dozens of yards away, slicing through the wind and snow along the way.

“Yes, that’s the magic…” Seeing this strange light wave again, Albert still felt incredible.

“It’s not magic,” Bedivere explained, “I just wave my claws at speeds faster than the speed of sound. When objects move faster than the speed of sound, a lot of incredible physical phenomena naturally occur. The photons from the claws are projected out, which is also one of them.”

“Unbelievable. Such a subtle attack can be done just by throwing a punch at a high speed meow?”

“Yes, just a high-speed punch. That’s the secret of [Moonlight Wave].” Bedivere chuckled, “If you punch at supersonic speed, you might be able to hit a vacuum wave too. Try it out. Try it?”

“No need, thank you.” Albert rejected the other party, “I still want to keep my arm.”

A man waving his arm at supersonic speed is clearly beyond the limits of [biological] and belongs to some kind of great [miracle].

The werewolf Bedivere in front of Albert was obviously in a state of madness, year after year, day after day, constantly practicing the same moves before he attained his current attainments. , turning his body into the perfect weapon.

—What is it that makes you work so hard?

In addition to being surprised, Albert only felt a touch of sadness.

Bedivere disapprovedly took out a bottle of red potion from his trousers and took a few sips: “Go and prepare. In two hours, we will go out to chase [Snow White God]. I don’t want to lose it. If you have a small life, prepare yourself.”

“What about you?” Al looked at Bedivere, who was almost naked. “Don’t tell me, you’re going to fight like this. Do you think you can beat that monster just by running naked?”

“You don’t understand.” Bedivere smiled disapprovingly: “The highest state of a warrior is to run naked. Only by running naked can your potential be pushed to the limit, and you can display abilities beyond your imagination.”

The young tiger man squinted at Bedi’s pants: “Please don’t count me, thank you. If I’m going to die under the claws of [White Snow Armor], I’d rather dress decently and die. Like you Running naked and dying… shameful.”

Bediver responded with a malicious laugh, not taking Albert’s words to heart.

He won’t die at all, let alone be allowed to die.

This is a “world where Bedivere shouldn’t exist”. This world does not have the fate of his “death”, how could he “die” in this world?

Two hours later, Bedivere, along with Albert’s master and servant, were on a sleigh and headed deep into the West Siberian plain. The photon engine behind the sled shoots out a blue light, which constantly shines and reflects in this icy land.

“Are you sure your tracker is not malfunctioning?” The more he went, the more confused Albert became: “Because, if we continue to go north, we will go to the Arctic Ocean.”

Bediver ignored the tiger youth. It was him who should be complaining.

Under Albert’s various annoyances, the werewolf youth finally put on his clothes – a thin shirt – before going out. He finally did not run naked.

However, the thin clothing made him uncomfortable. He was used to walking in the wilderness without a shirt on, but suddenly wearing such a coat always felt in the way.

There is no way. In order to “die decently”? The logic of the monster hunters is ridiculous, did they intend to die from the beginning?

While Bedivere sneered inwardly at the hunters’ stupidity, a distant shadow caught his attention.

That thing was exactly what they were looking for!

“It’s about to stop! Hold on to me!” The werewolf youth braked suddenly and stopped the sled.

The huge kinetic energy also caused Albert’s master and servant to slam forward, and with a wow, El was pressed on the back of the werewolf youth.

“What are you doing, meow! Sudden braking—“

“Shh!” The werewolf quickly jumped off the sleigh and leaned his body’s center of gravity on the ground as much as possible: “All down! The Snow White God is five kilometers ahead!”

“That’s so far?” The young monster hunter also learned to lie on the ground like a werewolf, “but, it can’t see us from this distance—“

“It’s dynamic vision is very strong, and our movements will be detected if we move too much. Once the coward is detected, we will run away, and we can’t catch up with our current equipment!”

The werewolf was crawling on the ground, slowly crawling forward, “Follow me, slowly—“

“Don’t be kidding! You want us to climb five kilometers from here, meow?” Albert’s little servant said first, “How long will it take without jacquard, just crawling on this ice field Five kilometers, we will freeze to death!”

“…Will you?” Bedivere suddenly turned around and looked at the two cats behind him suspiciously.

Albert was stunned. That’s right, with the physique of the werewolf Bedivere, it shouldn’t be a problem to crawl against the ground for five kilometers in this ice and snow. But Bedivere definitely didn’t think about it, others don’t have such a strong physique!

“You know meow, this will never work.” Albert immediately thought of giving up, “This is crazy.”

“Um…” The werewolf showed an embarrassed look, “So, you shouldn’t follow. If you can’t keep up, don’t force it, hurry up and go home.”

It was originally an unintentional sarcasm, but Bedivere’s words entered Albert’s ears, but it was particularly harsh.

“Okay, okay!” The tiger man gambled, “I’m here with you. We’ll die if we die, let’s hurry up.”

“Huhu…” The werewolf Bedivere suddenly showed an evil smile, which made Albert suddenly feel a little bit of malice in the werewolf’s heart: “Very well, you are going to die, whatever you want. I and you again. Not familiar.”

(Not only unfamiliar, but never friends.)

(What does it have to do with me when you are dead?)

“…Ruff, stay here and wait for us to come back.” Albert instructed his catman servant.

“But, Master!”

“How much of the warm medicine we brought?”

“This is crazy! Five kilometers! Climb to it!!”

Albert is stubborn. This guy has been stubborn in some wonderful places since before: “The thermal suit on me still works, plus the thermal medicine, it will be able to survive.”

“…Also, there are still twelve bottles.” The cat man said timidly. Years of working together made Cat Man understand his master. He knew that once Albert became in this state, no one would persuade him.

The tiger man smiled indifferently: “Very good. You keep two bottles and drink it for yourself, okay? I’ll take the rest.”

The cat boy is anxious: “Please give me a little more time! Collecting the medicinal materials in this snow field will definitely be able to prepare more warm medicines!”

“The problem is, there is no time at all.” Bedivere interrupted the Cat Man, “Come if you want, get out if you don’t, don’t get in my way.”

Ruff squinted his green cat eyes into small slits and looked at Bedivere hostilely.

“Okay, Luffy.” Albert quickly stopped the quarrel between the two: “You just stay here. I’ll go with Bedivere, that’s it.”

“Master… at least take these two bottles of thermal medicine—“

“I can’t let you die, Rufu.” Albert stubbornly rejected his servant, leaving two precious bottles of potion to the cat man: “If you die, there will be no one. Go back and report my actions. I don’t want to die without knowing, and the people in the future don’t even know how I died – they will laugh at me. You don’t want to be made fun of when the master is dead, Right, Ruff?”


“Is this the legendary death to save face?” Bedivere suddenly interjected coldly.

“What the **** are you talking about, bastard!!” The cat man was furious.

“Shut up!” Al once again stopped the quarrel between the werewolf and the cat man: “Okay, let’s settle it this way, don’t have any more troubles. Luffy…if there is fate (Kama), See you soon.”

Even with all the helplessness and reluctance, the young hunter left with the werewolf youth, leaving only the cat-man boy crying in a low voice in the snow.

“A good parting.” Bedivere sneered as he crawled forward.

“Yes, you devil won’t understand.” Albert ignored the werewolf’s sarcasm and replied casually: “By the way… that [White Snow Armor], you have seen what it looks like before. Do you look like meow?”

“Of course I’ve seen it, why do you ask?” The werewolf continued to crawl forward, his movements were mechanical and refined, and there was almost no excess energy consumption at all.

“Even the hunter organization has never had information on [Armor God].” The tiger man also followed and climbed forward, but his movements were obviously a lot stiffer, and the leather armor on his body also hindered his progress. , making him crawl very hard.

In order to distract himself and not feel so cold and tired, he continued: “No one has ever seen the appearance of Kaishen, because all those who have seen it look like a cat are dead. … .You are really lucky, Mr. Bedivere.”


“The armor **** only ate your wife and children, but did not take your life.” Albert pointed out the contradiction.

The werewolf fell silent again, still crawling forward mechanically, unmoved.

“I’d rather die.” Bedivere climbed about ten yards before whispering, “But I’m not dead. I’m not allowed to die, not now, not in this world.”


The snowstorm is getting bigger and gradually drowned out the conversation between the two.

“Tsk!” The werewolf retreated again and crouched beside Albert: “Follow me, don’t get lost! If you get lost in this kind of wind and snow, even if you are not attacked by the **** of armor, you will die!”

“I know!” Albert threw a rope to the werewolf: “It’s a climbing rope! Tie it up! Let’s move together so we won’t get lost!”

“However, it also restrains my movement, which is good!” Bedivere was still struggling, but he had no choice but to tie the rope around his waist: “Are you cold? Do you want to drink some heat preservation medicine first? ?”

“No!” Al responded with a louder and louder voice, resisting the call of the wind and snow, “Still hold on!”

“Then, run!” cried Bedivere. “In this wind and snow, the God of Armor can’t see us! It can’t run even if it sees it! — Follow me to do the action, and bend down. Body, lower the center of gravity and run!”.du00.() “The Legend of the Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find any content that violates national laws, please delete it Handling, the stand is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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