Light Spirit Epic Chapter 695: Death Fight for White


Chapter 695 Death Fight for Baiyin (2)

The werewolf has a special way of running in the snow, which he is demonstrating to Albert. “Speaking **first*.. Al had to learn quickly, because he tied himself to the other party with a climbing rope, and if he couldn’t keep up with Bedivere, he would only be able to drag Beddie’s back.

They slammed the ground on all fours, like real beasts, scurrying forward in the snow, leap after leap. That is not so much [running] as it is [jumping].

They use this special way of moving, facing the wind and snow, and moving forward quickly. The speed has indeed increased, but the physical consumption is amazing.

Of course, the werewolf Bedivere, who has been smelted into steel, will not feel tired at all because of such trivial matters. It was only Albert who was tired.

Al ran for about a kilometer and was out of breath: “Hu, huhu, no, it’s not good! Hugh, rest for a while!”

“…You’re useless!” The werewolf complained, “Just hold on!”

“Really, really can’t do it!”

“…hold me,” the werewolf whispered.

“What, what?!”

“I’m backing you! Hurry up!” Bedivere’s voice was full of displeasure and impatience.

“This is too much—“Albert blushed, “I’d better hold on—“

(It’s annoying to be twitching.)

The werewolf ignored the opponent’s protest and directly carried the tiger youth. Just as the tiger man was about to struggle away, Bedivere’s body became huge.

He becomes a silver wolf about ten feet long.

“This is… Madness?” Albert looked at the silver wolf and sighed: “No, that’s not right! You are combining [Beast Transformation] and [Madification] at the same time!” Wild animalization]!?”

“Haven’t you seen it before? Why all the fuss.” Bedivere snorted helplessly.

Before, in order to rescue Albert from the silver-backed snow monkey, Bedivere had used [Beastization] a long time ago.

Even so…

“You know less than 1% of the people who use [Beastification] among orcs?!” Albert exclaimed, “You know even fewer people can use [Beastification]. , even less than 1/1000 meow?!”

“You know, there are fewer than ten orcs in the history of our orcs who are proficient in [Berrification] and [Beastification] at the same time?”

“Is it so rare?” Bedivere replied disapprovingly as he ran forward.

(Actually, you’ll be beastly too, stupid Al. Why did you forget?)

“Who the **** are you, Bedivere?” Albert murmured, “Why do you have…so much power?…Why are you so special?”

(I’m not special.)

(Just fighting for survival so far. Looking back, I have become like this.)

(What’s so special about living to live?)

“Al?” While Bedivere was stunned, seeing that Albert didn’t speak again, he suddenly felt bad.

He stopped and turned to look at the young tiger man on his back.

Albert fell asleep with the cold.

“Oh, **** it!” Bedivere was startled: “Why didn’t you speak when you were freezing to death?!”

Albert wakes up and finds himself immersed in hot water.

Hot pool? In this wilderness?

What’s even weirder is that the young tiger people know the structure of this pool.

Under the pool is a kind of stone with a magic texture. It is this strange stone that collects photons in the environment, converts it into heat energy, and heats the pool.

This hot pool is the same pool in the backyard of Bediveville’s house. Al had only taken a shower there once, but the memory was still fresh.

How did the open-air bath in Bediveville’s backyard end up in a place like this? !

Just like before, in this kind of wilderness, a small wooden house and a pool ran out of thin air. It’s all weird to the extreme!

“Don’t worry.” Bedivere waited by the pool, only soaking his feet in the water: “You’re not dead yet, I’ll put [Holy Spirit— Cabin in the Woods] before you freeze completely. It was summoned. Thanks to it you didn’t die.”

“Holy…Spirit?” Where did Albert vaguely hear this word, but his mind was like a mess, and he couldn’t remember so many things at all.

The hot water was hot and comfortable, and Albert, who was still dazed, was about to bury his head in the water and let the whole body feel the comfort of the hot water. But he suddenly thought that this pool of hot water is also the footbath of the werewolf Bedivere, and immediately lost his heart, and even his mind became clear.

He thought of the single most important thing, and immediately exclaimed: “[White Snow Armor]! By the way, what about Armor?!”

“It’s still there. It hasn’t seen us yet.” Bedivere chuckled, “We’re almost completely invisible in [the cabin in the woods]. The **** of armor can’t see it. You kid can rest slowly and recuperate. Okay, let’s go.”

“No…!” Albert endured the numbness and numbness all over his body and got up from the pool: “We… can’t delay any longer! Let’s hurry… capture the **** of armor! “

His frozen body is not as strong as his will. Once the once frozen blood circulates again, it will inevitably cause a sharp pain like a thousand needles puncture all over the body! No one can bear the pain!

“Woooooooooo…!” Albert twitched his body and plunged his head into the water again.

“Hello,” Bedivere looked at the hilarious and pathetic behavior of the tiger man, wondering whether to discourage or help.

“You look like this, even if you arrive at the **** of armor, you can’t help me.” The werewolf finally chose to dissuade him: “Give up, you just stay in [the cabin in the woods] and take good care of your wounds. I will deal with [Armor God] alone.”

“No!” Albert is always stubborn in strange places, and this time too: “I’m going too! I must go! Luffy is still waiting for me, I can’t let that kid wait in vain! “

Albert had only one vision in his mind at this time. The scene of a cat boy shivering in the cold wind, waiting for his master to return.

Thinking of this, Al felt that he had to work hard.

Seeing such a stubborn Albert, the werewolf youth sighed: “What a strange guy. He is so weak, short, powerless, and stupid, but he always wants to fight against fate and never admit defeat. .”

“I know. But that’s who I am.” The young hunter said, “Even if my hands and feet are frozen and amputated, I will follow you; even if I can’t help, I will die in the claws of the snow-armored god. Next, I have to challenge it too. Because Luffy is waiting for me. That kid…he believes in me.”

The werewolf responded with a moment of silence. The previous contempt and ridicule towards Albert gradually disappeared from Bedivere’s face.

“Al, it’s great that you’re still the same Al.” He murmured earnestly.


“I…have a medicine that can make you feel painless and invigorated after drinking it, even if you are singled out with the God of Armor.” It’s huge. . . would you like a drink?”

“What’s the price?” Albert asked suspiciously. Of course I wouldn’t drink it if I didn’t ask.

The werewolf is blunt: “The price is…you will lose some of your memory. Or, something in your memory will become [never born].”

——The price is, consume your Karma (Fate).

“Just…that’s all meow?” Albert was moved, “Here, let me use it.”

When the werewolf frowned, he thought that would put Albert in the dark: “Are you sure? You might forget your parents…or worse, you remember your parents, but They will forget you.”

“Even so—” Al said stubbornly: “I want to drink. Now, now.”

In desperation, Bedivere took out a bottle of red potion from his waist.

This bottle of medicine is the one he drank when he was on the verge of death.

“I won’t tell you what it is and how it got there.” Bedivere handed the vial to Albert. “Even if you knew, you’d still drink it, right?”

“That’s right.” Albert grabbed the potion bottle.

“A small sip is fine. Drinking too much is useless.” The werewolf hurriedly explained that he was afraid that the other party would drink the medicine indiscriminately.

Grumbling. The tiger man youth poured the medicine into his stomach. No more, no less, just a sip.

His body has undergone subtle changes.

As you think, as you wish, as your heart desires, it will come true at once.

His frozen body suddenly no longer fears the cold.

He found that his body became as strong as Bedivere, and the muscles in his whole body were as if he had been practicing non-stop for decades, without the slightest bit of fat, all strong and refined muscle structure!

Although, compared to Bedivere’s figure, it is still a lot worse!

“What is this? Super fitness pills?!” The tiger man couldn’t help but spit out.

“I wanted to say [yes] to you, but it’s not at all what you think it is.” Bedi sighed, “Come on. The medicine only works for an hour. In an hour, you’d better be I can defeat [Armor God]. Otherwise? Just wait to die!”

Albert shrugs his shoulders, now that he’s out of luck. Can only fight.

“I’ll transform into a demonstration to show you. However, by now, I’m afraid you already understand it — after drinking that potion.” Bedivere transformed into a giant silver wolf.

“I really understand… meow?” Albert was still skeptical, but his body reacted naturally and began to become wild beasts.

He instantly becomes a giant white tiger. The mad beast moves so well, almost as skilled as Bedivere!

“I…I did it!? Really did it?!” He exclaimed in disbelief

“Don’t be surprised, let’s go. If you drag on, the effect of the medicine will wear off.” Silver Wolf rushed out as soon as he finished speaking.

“Wait for me!” Bai Hu hurriedly followed. In this ice and snow, the visibility was only ten yards at most. If you don’t keep up with Bedivere, Albert will be lost in no time!

Bediver also said that in this ice and snow, a person who gets lost will surely die!

May be the fear of death is urging, or it may be the relationship between the potion. Albert found an endless stream of power pouring out of his body. Bedivere, who had been struggling to catch up before, could easily keep up with Al now. This wolf and a tiger scurried away in the cold wind, and soon approached their goal!

The true face of the snow-armored **** passed through the cold storm and snow, and appeared in front of the two of them.

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