Light Spirit Epic Chapter 693: Goodbye to Silver (5)


Chapter 693 Reunion with Silver Five


Albert is the wounded. Bedivere naturally gave the tiger man the only big bed in the house.

However. The young hunter could not sleep.

He surreptitiously observed the werewolf youth on the sofa. Bedivere drank too much and slept soundly. Snoring loudly.

Although Bedivere looks like a very decadent young man. Albert was jealous.

In the dim light of the fire. The steel-like muscles of the werewolf were fully revealed. Each of these muscle fibers radiates power. Bedivere is full of refined, fluid muscle structures. Not half a lump of fat. There is no excess fat.

He’s not like those muscular guys who like to show off their strength. Exercising the body is redundant;

Neither like those warriors who prefer to use weapons. The first update focuses the physical exercise on the upper body.

His muscles are well-proportioned. Full of streamlined beauty.

That is. I have been exercising my body non-stop for decades. A muscle that can be trained.

That is. For hunting. To fight. Specialized body shape for better performance of each movement.

That’s the figure of the strongest hunter.

Like a firstborn. Like wild hungry wolves. Bedivere became a miracle created in this Siberian wilderness. A perfect hunter.

Compare with. Albert, these monster hunters. Simply ashamed.

What drives you so hard. Is it really just for revenge?

“Master.” The cat boy Luf, who was sleeping on the floor, lowered his voice and asked, “You haven’t slept yet. I’ll be watching Shimeow for the first update.”

“No. Not much.” Albert turned his face away: “That guy snores too much.”

“I don’t like that guy,” the cat man whispered. “He has a dangerous aura about him. There has never been such a figure in the hunter group. He may be a rebellious hunter.”

“Um…” Albert muttered in a low voice: “Other people’s business. Let’s leave it alone. After all. He saved my life.”

“But. Such a suspicious guy”

“Farewell. Go to sleep.” Al suppressed the servant’s words.

Bediver moved his ears. Pretend not to hear anything. Still lying on the sofa in a [big] shape. Snoring loudly.

Same time. The second capital, London. Elsenburg. Prime Minister Merlin’s studio.

“Merlin.” As soon as King Arthur came in, he asked: “I sent you the information in the past. Have you analyzed it?”

“Oh. Yours is a video of the Dragon Rider.” Merlin was writing the scroll with a pen in one hand. The other hand holds the seal over the document. But his eyes fell on the monitor beside him. Look at that video.

The footage is played just in time for the scythe of the Red Reaper to pierce Arthur’s griffon shield. The scene that fell on the arm of the king of knights.

“Stop.” The prime minister hurriedly stopped the video at this moment. and zoomed in. projected on a white wall.

“You want to ask. Why is his scythe able to penetrate the Griffin shield with absolute defense. Right.” Merlin smiled mysteriously.

“Um…” King Arthur crossed his arms. lean against the wall. He had a hunch that Merlin was going to talk a lot again. Update as soon as possible

“The principle is actually very simple.” Merlin said. The hand is still busy: “Although your griffon shield can make [photon vacuum area]. It deflects all attacks. But its [method] still stays in the category of physics.

The weapon of the red-robed **** of death is different. It probably modifies the [Dharma] of the world. Forms an attack of [Causality Change]. therefore. No matter how strong your shield is. It can also penetrate it. “

“Causality change attack.” The King of Knights was confused for a while.

“Don’t think about it. You have seen and heard of similar weapons.” Merlin gestured with both hands: “For example.

“That thing…it actually exists.”

Merlin looked at King Arthur with a contemptuous smile: “Your Majesty, your memory is really poor. The one we recovered from the control room at the Wall of Worlds seven years ago. More chapters sooner. er].”


Seven years ago. Arthur only found the petrified Vivian and Palamedis in the control room of the Wall of the World.

At the time, Arthur was only focused on other things. He didn’t particularly care about the weapon in Palamides’ hand.

The ancient spear. It is [Meteor Gun Eternal Neil].

“Now that I think about it…it seems that there is such a thing. Later, I returned the spear to the elephants.” The King of Knights pondered while holding his chin: “I knew it was such a precious treasure. I tried to keep it. Ah.”

“And that [Eternal Neal] characteristic.” Merlin saw Arthur’s mind wandering. He quickly brought the topic back to the right track: “It is what distorts the law of causality. [Causal law change attack]. By modifying the Karma (causality) of this world. It can do a special thing: once the spear is thrown. It must be will penetrate the heart of the target.”

The King of Knights took a deep breath: “Really. I thought it was just a Nordic legend”

“You look too much at the intelligence of ancient people. Your Majesty.” Merlin smiled disapprovingly: “These weapons that can modify the laws of causality are very special. But they really exist.

Eternal Neil launches an attack on a target. The first blow may not go straight through the target’s heart. But the chain of events that followed. Ultimately it will [penetrate the target’s heart] as a result.

From the moment it was first shot, something was sure to happen. How is the process. Use it at all. That’s the scary part of [Causality Change Attack]. “

King Arthur shook his head. Still can’t believe it all: “So here. I’m being watched by that **** of death. I’ll definitely die.”

“Theoretically,” Merlin replied calmly. “The moment the **** of death attacked you. Your [death] was already established.

The scythe. It will eventually run through your body. kill you. No matter how you struggle. Anti-blocking. You can’t deny your own death. You can do it. Just prolonging his own death. “

Merlin’s Law. With that mysterious voice back then. almost the same meaning.

The world is doomed. No matter how you struggle. It just extends its lifespan a little bit.

The King of Knights shuddered.

“Hehe. You don’t need to worry so much.” Merlin saw King Arthur with a serious expression. He quickly persuaded: “There must be other rescue methods. Give me some time. Let me think about it.”

“You better hurry up…” Arthur said worriedly. More faster chapters to come.

At this point in the studio’s oppressive atmosphere. A pair of palms emerged from under Merlin’s desk.

Arthur looked over suspiciously. A face rose from under the table.

That’s an orc. correct. A subspecies of werewolf. A canine.

His head and ears are covered in grey-black hair. Only the face is a circle of pure white. It looks funny and cute. Ugly like a born.

The watery pair. Big blue eyes. It was cunningly aiming everywhere.

Wacky. Wild and funny. This man’s face was vaguely similar to someone’s profile. Who is it?

“Who is this Wang?” the child suddenly cried.

Arthur also asked at the same time: “Merlin. This is the first update”

“Hey. Ha.” Merlin hurriedly covered the documents on the table with both hands: “Don’t come here. These documents are very important. Stay away from the table.”

“But. Seems like a lot of fun.” The guy started swiping around with his dog’s paws. He knocked over a bottle of ink. The black of the ink spreads across the table. In an instant, several manuscripts were contaminated.

“No.. Lotus. Where are you.. Lotus..” Merlin shouted hysterically. While busy packing documents. Just in case more manuscripts are messed up.

“Husky.” Merlin’s female assistant rushed in immediately. “You’re messing up again. You’re naughty.”

“Mommy.” The dog wagged its tail happily. Waving two dog paws blackened with ink. Shouting: “Look. It’s all black. It’s funny.”

“What’s the situation.” King Arthur looked at the chaotic scene. A moment of helplessness.

“Uncle.” The guy finished framing Merlin’s files. Immediately, he waved his ink-stained arms and rushed towards Arthur: “Uncle smells like Daddy. Does uncle know Ha’s Daddy?”

“No. I don’t know.” Arthur avoided the child. But the studio is full of clutter. Very bad for dodging. Arthur saw that he was about to be pounced on by the ghost.

“Stop it. Husky.” Lian Yin held the dog boy at the last minute.

“Phew.” Arthur breathed a sigh of relief. Look at the child’s dirty hands. Can’t help laughing: “Lian Yin. Is this your child? Where is the naughty.”

“Sorry. Your Majesty.” Lian Yin’s face flushed red: “Originally. When I was working. Ha was taken care of by the neighbor’s aunt. But the aunt is sick today. I had to take him with me. I’m really sorry for causing you so much trouble. Ha. You apologize too. Hurry up.”

“Hmm. Sorry wow.” The guy has no idea what he’s doing wrong. But I was reprimanded by my mother. He had no choice but to admit his mistake: “Ha shouldn’t have asked uncle strange questions.”

“No. Not that.” Merlin exploded with anger: “You shouldn’t fiddle with things on my desk. You shouldn’t knock over my ink. You destroyer.”

He holds up a manuscript. The child’s palm print has been printed on it: “Look at the good deeds you have done.”

“Ha I don’t understand Wang. Uncle Merlin also took a chapter and stamped it on the document. Ha, can you help me?”

“Not good. Not good at all. My stamp and your palm print are two completely different things. Who wants your palm, etc. What did you do?”

“Ha helped Uncle Merlin. Look. So many documents are covered.” The dog pointed to the scattered documents. These documents were supposed to be reviewed by Merlin. All are covered with Ha’s palm print. of. Bright red dog paw prints danced on the paper.

“Pfft…” Arthur turned his face away. Smile secretly.

“Lian Yin. You stay after get off work today. I have to have a good talk with you.” There was a haze on Merlin’s face: “Of course. You have to get this guy out first.”

“I’m really sorry. Master Mage.” Lian Yin looked guilty.

“I know Lian Yin’s Arthur Road.” I am responsible for sending this child back. “

“How can I trouble His Majesty King Arthur.”

“It’s okay.” Arthur leaned in front of the child. Take a closer look at the canine boy: “Such a cute child”

“Hehe” laughed slyly. The palms have been shot. Arthur didn’t even have time to dodge. The two dog paws of the canine boy have left two black paw prints on Wang’s face: “Uncle will also stamp it.”

Arthur suppressed the anger in his heart: “Yes. Seal it. I’ll take you home. Don’t disturb the Prime Minister’s work here.”

“I’m really sorry. Your Majesty.” Lian Yin covered her face. There is no place to be ashamed.

“Where.” Arthur pushed the dog boy with one hand: “Follow me. Ha. How old are you.”

“Ha eight years old.” The child gestured excitedly, waving his paws. More ink was splattered on the Knight King’s armor.

“Well. Is it still so naughty at the age of eight.” The King of Knights showed a tolerant smile: “Very spirited child.”


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