Light Spirit Epic Chapter 629: Preparing for the battle for Yu Chenhui (1)


At the same time, Rome’s front line, Fort Brindisi, infirmary.

“You’re really going to trouble me, Arthur.” Greenville looked at the injuries of Robles and his son.

She picked up the tiger boy’s arm to check the pulse, and poked the tiger’s face a few times, “This child’s problem is not big, it’s just fatigue and malnutrition. Take a few drops to rest. It will be better.”

The Healer turned his gaze to the Khajiit leader again.

“This guy’s problem is serious. He lost a lot of blood, his body was eroded by dark sons and became inactive, and—“

She looked at Roble’s two severed arms, which were kept in an ice pack.

“I am afraid that the lost arm can no longer be connected. The erosion of the nerve by the dark son is irreversible. Even if the arm can be barely connected, it will not be able to be used normally in the future.”

“Exactly what I wanted.” Arthur said something very vicious.

Greenville rolled her eyes at Arthur: “Okay, I’m going to start surgery on the big cat, you all go away.”

Everyone present began to walk out of the medical room, but Arthur stood still and had no intention of retreating.

“Why don’t you go? Do you really want to be here watching me operate?”

“Isn’t it possible?” The King of Knights shrugged, “Roble is a scheming guy, I’m afraid he’s plotting against you in the middle of the journey. It’s better to leave a personal guard for safety**.”

“You don’t have any arms, can you still plot against me?” Greenville laughed.

“You never know what these cunning orcs can do.” Arthur replied very seriously, “Come on, I’ll just stand there and won’t disturb your work.”

“Standing here is enough to disturb my work.” Greenville was already full of anger at this time, and the Grand Duke of Leon Dickens was giggling, making the girl even more angry.

“Please, Greenville.” Arthur still wouldn’t budge. What an unreasonable piece of wood.

“Okay. But there is one condition.” The girl surreptitiously reached out and touched a cylindrical object on the table in the medical room.

“Oh, what kind of bar —– Ah!” Arthur hadn’t reacted yet, and was immediately sprayed with something. The liquid with a pungent smell ran into the eyes of the king of knights, causing extremely stinging pain!

“Ouch, what is this?!”

“It’s a disinfectant spray. It’s a sterilization process that must be done before surgery, you know.” Greenville took the canister of disinfectant spray as a prank and kept spraying it around the King of Knights. The choking smell made Arthur almost suffocate!

“You can…*cough*, prepare a sterile suit for me!”

“Didn’t you say that these orcs are tricky, so be careful? It’s better to put on your shiny armor and be on guard here, Your Majesty!” Wang was speechless.

“Um huhuhu…” The Grand Duke of Leon Dickens, who was watching all this from outside the door, had his stomach crooked with laughter, and he struggled to squeeze out a sentence: “You…you continue to fight, I will first Take a breath.”

He slammed the door of the infirmary shut.

Greenville shook her head sullenly and began to prepare for surgery. She quickly set up a sterile tent with thin tape, sent Roble in, and isolated Arthur.

“You’re still covered in germs, don’t come in, just watch outside.” She put on a mask and gloves, and sterilized the inside of the tent while fiddling with various surgical equipment in an orderly manner.

“Um…” Greenville injected the sedative into Roble’s arm, and the big cat muttered in a low voice, as if in a dream.

“I’ll be fine right away, bear with me.” Greenville replied softly, as if the other party could really hear.

Arthur simply sat on the ground and waited quietly for the operation to take place. Greenwell raised the scalpel and made the first cut——

“How have you been?” Arthur asked suddenly.

Greenville stopped angrily, “It’s okay.—Are you trying to disturb my surgery?”

“I know you are highly skilled and won’t be affected by this ** noise.”

“Tsk!” The girl almost wanted to throw the scalpel in her hand at the boy.

“That… Greenville, I just want to say thank you for everything you did for me in Avalon.”

“Of course, do you want to watch you die?” the therapist replied absentmindedly, while his hands were busy stitching and mending the tiger man’s scarred body. “Don’t worry about me. The elixir that Master Merlin gave me made me the same existence as Lian Yin and Charlotte.

Although ** will no longer be affected by the petrification penalty and my body will age more slowly than normal people, I’m still roughly human. “

“Hmm…” Arthur replied absentmindedly, but he was constantly worrying about how much “human” Greenville retained.

“I’m fine, really.” Greenville knew what the knight was worried about, and quickly advised, “You really don’t have to worry about my health.”

She took Roble’s arm out of the ice pack and began stitching up the bones with steel wire.

“When this is all over…” said the King of Knights, plucking up his courage, “Where shall we go to play together? Let’s go shopping again… to the amusement park… or something.”

“Pfft.” The girl sneered through the mask, “Is this a date with me?”

Arthur is silent.

“I’ll think about it.” Greenville replied perfunctorily, holding back a smile. She tugged at the sutures, engaging Roble’s armbone.

“!” The tiger patriarch woke up at this time, the anesthesia seemed to have expired, and he jumped up in pain: “What are you doing to me?! Damn human!”

Greenville was startled, and before she could react, Roble had already rushed towards the girl desperately. Armless, the tiger opened his mouth full of sharp teeth and bit at Greenville! !

“Wow!!” the girl screamed, thinking she was going to die this time.

Pop! ! The tiger’s teeth dig deep into the flesh, but it’s not Greenville’s neck, it’s King Arthur’s arm! The King of Knights circled around the girl at lightning speed and stretched out his arm to block the bite!

The tiger man pierced through the black dragon armor with all his might! The arm bone of the King of Knights was almost bitten off, making a dangerous gurgling sound!

But Arthur’s expression was as calm as water, and it didn’t look like the arm was about to break: “Calm**, Chief Roble. Now you are being operated on to join your arms, unless you don’t want those arms anymore. Otherwise, it’s better to lie down and make less noise.”

“King Arthur…!” Hidden in the tiger man’s eyes was the anger that could ignite a person, almost shooting out with his low roar.

“You’re a prisoner, so don’t be pretentious.” Arthur taunted the other party with vicious words, and suppressed Roble’s arrogance: “Lie down if you don’t want to die, don’t let me say it a third time.”

Roble had no choice but to open his mouth, blood gushing out of the knight’s arm. Arthur took a step back, and Roble lay back on the operating bed at the same time.

“You need to stop the bleeding…” Greenville muttered, looking at the horrific wound on Arthur’s arm.

“Don’t worry about me, continue to operate on him.” Arthur spat dragon flames from his mouth, burning the wound on his arm. The wound quickly converged in the flames, and the blood stopped instantly.

“There’s nothing I can do about you.” Greenwell turned to Roble and said, “Okay, relax**. I’ll give you another anaesthetic—“

“Don’t inject him with anesthesia, just operate like this,” Arthur interrupted.

The therapist was shocked: “How could this be possible!”

The King of Knights began to be full of delusions: “If he faints again, he will wake up again in the middle of the operation, and he will bite you madly when he is confused. I don’t have so many arms to save you, you can do it yourself. Right.”

“Nonsense! Who would go crazy!” Roble snorted dismissively.

Arthur came after a fierce chase: “Patriarch Roble, are you afraid of pain?”

“A coward is afraid of pain!”

“That’s fine.” Arthur’s face showed a cruel and cruel smile, and the words made the tiger patriarch difficult to ride a tiger.

“Fa, I don’t care what happens.” Greenville took courage and walked over to retrieve the sewing tool, “It’s really stupid and tore several muscle keys. You are Add pain to yourself for no reason.”

“Hmmmm…” The tiger man patriarch hummed, vaguely speaking.

Greenville pierced the muscles of Roble’s arm with a needle, and the moment the two muscles were connected, the tiger man twitched in pain.

“Does it hurt?” Arthur sneered at the side, “If I remember correctly, your youngest son was also sent to the Fox people’s research institute.

According to the testimony of one of my knights, that kid was gutted by foxes and underwent a major transformation with his internal organs. Moreover, no more than half anesthetics were used in the whole process. That pain is probably a hundred times stronger than this little pain. “

Roble was silent for a while, Greenville’s needle once again passed through another muscle, and the piercing pain struck the tiger man’s nerves again.

As if to coordinate with Greenville’s actions, Arthur continued to speak at this rhythm: “What do you do with your children, I can’t control. But you allow the foxes to draw members from each clan, Thousands of orc children are sent to the same institute, doing inhumane research in that hellish facility.”

“Um!” Another needle was pierced into Roble’s body, causing the tiger patriarch to sweat.

“Answer me, Roble.” The king of knights asked ruthlessly: “You will win this war with humans at all costs. Who is uglier than us humans?”

“Um!!” Greenville pulled the sutures hard and took up the wound, the pain made Roble twitch again!

“One…” The tiger man took a breath: “Everything is for winning, if we can win…we can live a good life. If we can’t win…we can only wait to die!”

The King of Knights sneered and said slowly and quietly: “This world is not only about winning and losing. If you win, the world may not be better; if you lose, things are not necessarily as bad as you think. “

“You are too naive——“

“Perhaps.” Arthur didn’t give the other party room to refute, “but what are you? A child who would rather eat his wife and save life, but push him to death without hesitation. You are more stupid than me, More naive.”

“How are you——!”

“Come on, Roble. It’s not too late. Take your kids back and live a solid life.

I won’t make it difficult for you any more, and I will even try to help you live a better life within my power. Although it is impossible to get rich and rich, at least they can eat and wear warmly, and they can get life-saving medicine when they are sick. This is what I can promise you. “

“Noisy! Who wants your alms!”

“I’m not doing you a favor. You have to work for human beings and earn what you deserve. Although life will still be hard, you can live without losing your dignity.” Arthurton After a pause, he sighed: “Better than starving to death, or being killed.”

“Stop talking! Shut your stinky mouth!” Roble closed his eyes, shrank his ears, and pretended not to pay attention.

This is the biggest concession Arthur can make. Even such a proposal would not be accepted, and Roble was stubborn.

King Arthur sighed, shook his head, and said the last sentence stubbornly: “Sure. There must be a way for humans and orcs to coexist peacefully. I will find it, I will.”

After speaking, the King of Knights strode out of the operating room.

Roble still closed his eyes, enduring the pain of the surgery. Under Arthur’s sincere persuasion, the tiger man’s thoughts changed subtly — the sutures closed his broken body, but his closed heart gradually opened.

He knew that if things went on like this, the orcs would indeed be slaughtered by King Arthur. The only way to survive is to bow down to the king.

No. If Wang had this intention, he would have killed all the orcs long Ken’s offer of such generous conditions is indeed the biggest concession to the orcs.

[Are you going to live with a minimum of dignity, or die forever? ]—— This is the true meaning of what the King of Knights just said.

Robble felt enormous pressure: trying to keep his last ** pitiful dignity, but fearing that King Arthur’s patience would reach the limit, he would get angry and exterminate the orcs.

Do you want dignity or life?

As the will gradually collapsed, Roble’s body became more and more numb, and he lost consciousness in the middle of the operation.

At the same time, Albert, who was lying on another bed in the operating room, had already woken up. He heard all the conversations between King Arthur and Patriarch Roble.

He also heard Arthur’s words to Roble: “A child who would rather eat his wife than save his life, but push him to death without hesitation.”

This sentence is ambiguous, but it makes the tiger boy very mind. A deep and boundless darkness began to brew and ferment in El’s heart.


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