Light Spirit Epic Chapter 628: The decisive battle at dawn (7)


Chapter 628 Decisive battle at dawn (seven)

At the same time, somewhere in the Arctic Ocean.

The fleet of three ships is moving fast, and five hundred kilometers ahead of them, there is a terrifying dark army gathering.

The black mass squirmed, twisted, and twitched, like a swarm of maggots vying for carrion on the corpse.

Such a scene, through the periscope of the [Ice Crystal], was reflected in the pupils of the murloc prince Tristan. He couldn’t help swallowing a mouthful of saliva, his heart beating faster.

The contamination of dark particles on the earth is already so serious. This large number of dark creatures is not inferior to the pure land of Elaison at that time.

The Elysian Lands ultimately destroy the darkness by detonating planets.

What about Earth? Want to repeat the mistakes of Elaison?

Is there really any salvation for this planet?

Ryder the Rabbit, next to Tristan, is also watching this. He was hit no less than Tristan.

The rabbit subconsciously touched the ring in his hand and whispered, “I have something I want to explain to you first.”

“What?” the murloc prince asked briefly.

“This [Lord of Time and Space—Andrew Lalot], in addition to being able to connect to the [mirror world], can actually connect to another world.”

The murloc prince’s face muscles slightly moved: “Huh?”

“[Void] (Void)——A space without any matter, time, energy, absolute [space].” Ryder rubbed the ring more vigorously, looking very uncomfortable.” It is not as gentle as the mirror world. [Void world] will actively **** everything around it. If it is sucked in… it is death – drifting endlessly in eternal silence, never to return Not coming.”

Tristan remained silent, continuing to monitor distant enemies with his periscope.

“Okay, I just wanted to say,” Ryder muttered in a lower and lower voice. No one paid him any attention, which made him feel very embarrassed: “Usually I use the blue light of the ring to circle, it is safe, you can leave it alone.

But when I switch to the red light from the ring, please run away, as far as possible. “

“What about you?” Tristan asked sharply: “Can you escape in time?”

“I… can escape. Probably.” Rabbit replied vaguely.

It’s no wonder you can escape. It is a skill that is used only with the mentality of perishing with the enemy. Once the black gate of the void world is opened, it will definitely **** away the user and a large number of enemy troops, leaving only one ring.

This is the price of using forbidden powers.

“Don’t use it.” Tristan saw through Ryder’s thoughts, “If you cherish life, don’t use it. We fought this battle to live, not to die.”

Everyone knows this big truth.

But the harsh reality complicates simple truths that everyone knows.

Rabbit sighed. He has long been alone in this world and has nothing to worry about. He is the kind of person who is dead and has no heartache. He vaguely felt that this was the fate he was about to face.

The rabbit who has always been for profit, for a cruel world that he should have hated so much, and for a group of strangers he doesn’t really care about, standing here, facing this boundless darkness.

How contradictory, how unreasonable.

But it was the path he chose.

I don’t know since when, Ryder has been infected by the stupidity of Bedivere, and has become a fool who can only do stupid things.

There are too many “smart people” in this world, so the world is so distorted. Perhaps what the world really needs is “idiots” like Ryder.

——As long as the “idiots” in the world are not dead, there may be hope for the world.

While Ryder was thinking about it, the Ice Crystal suddenly accelerated, pressing the rabbit’s small body against the back of the table and chair.

In order to seize the opportunity, the fleet attacked at high speed before being discovered by the dark army, and attacked the enemy with an incomparable momentum!

“All guns open, fire!!”

Three ships charge against an army of a million dark creatures. Skidplatney’s Ark took the lead, deploying a powerful shield, while blocking the attacks of monsters, and at the same time, thousands of turrets protruded from the wooden shell of the Ark and fired together!

One bunch after another, powerful cannonballs were fired. These cannonballs are solid warheads, each weighing 100 kilograms. When hitting the enemy, the enchantment on them is activated, and the resulting super vibration and explosion are enough to disintegrate the dark creatures!

The shells hit the twisted monsters, knocking them into the air. The huge kinetic energy made these monsters fly out in a straight line, hitting more monsters! The continuous super vibration is transmitted from one wave of monsters to another, and after it needs to penetrate more than a dozen monsters, it will involve more enemy troops with a big explosion!

The Silver Shadow spacecraft also caught up with Skidplatney’s Ark, hiding thirty feet in front of the Ark, escorting the battleship in the Ark’s protective cover, covering the blind spots where the Ark’s firepower could not take care of it.

“Good job! The super-shock bomb works!” Palamidis, who was at the helm, exclaimed excitedly.

“Don’t be noisy! It will distract me!” Vivian scolded her husband. She is using thousands of hairs to control the artillery system of the spacecraft. The Silver Shadow is equipped with an unusually large number of turrets, which can only be completely controlled by this female succubus.

Tens of thousands of scorching beams are the product of entropy magic. They continue to scorch the swarming enemy army with a high temperature of more than 1,000 degrees. Melt down!

Palamedis controls the ship to avoid the oncoming and crashing enemies, while monitoring the ship’s dashboard: “The overheating problem of the turret is more serious than expected! Boy, it is not ready. ?”

“It’ll be ready soon!” Bedivere had been waiting on the tactical deck of the Silver Shadow for a long time, and the fire of the magic bow Nalle in his hand had accumulated amazing energy in the long-term charge.


Whoosh! ! At the moment when the photon bowstring cracked, a shock wave shot out, like a highly condensed storm tornado, bursting in the enemy formation! !

“Wave Cannon Fire!” Tristan shouted at the same time, his Ice Crystal instantly accelerated and drilled in front of the Silver Shadow. The main gun of the warship was ready to fire, and sprayed deep into the line of hundreds of enemy troops in front of him. Red beam cannon!

“Main gun fire!” Chief Tut also ordered. The main cannon of Skidplatney’s Ark roared, shooting out a dazzling giant light!

Whoosh! ! The three powerful attacks exploded in one direction, like a giant hand, mercilessly tearing apart this rotten darkness!

Sweeping past, the dark creatures were all shattered in this strong shock wave, disintegrated in the high-pressure water flow, and turned into fine dust in the photon storm! Tens of thousands of dark child creatures disappeared instantly!

A path to the entrance to the World Wall looms!

“Attack at full speed!!” Patriarch Tut ordered, and the three spaceships rushed into the dark tunnel with thunderous force.

Seeing that the middle door was wide open, the surrounding dark creatures rushed to **** them hysterically, but were driven away by the fleet with even more frantic shooting!

“You all go! We’re blocking this place!” Tut shouted through the communicator, “Hurry up! There’s no time!”

“Good luck to you!” Palamedis drove the Silver Shadow into the wall of the world.

“Good luck to you too!” Tut wished, as if saying a final farewell.

“Let’s go too.” Tristan stood up and held out his hand to Ryder.

“Go? How to get there——“

“The bomb launch is ready!” the merman operator on the side shouted, “The emergency exit is open. Good luck, His Royal Highness!”

“Huhu.” Tristan sneered and took Rabbit’s hand. The floor under his feet suddenly opened, and the murloc prince pulled the rabbit and fell down.

“Wow ah ah ah, what are you doing?!” Ryder instinctively grabbed as he fell down.

“Clap!” Tristan hugged the rabbit and landed firmly on a huge torpedo.

Whoosh! ! The torpedo was just launched from the muzzle, and the huge acceleration almost threw the rabbit and the murloc prince! But Tristan had already magically created a thick layer of ice under his feet, keeping himself firmly glued to the torpedo!

“Woooooooooo!!” The rabbit endured the oncoming wind pressure, and the hairy bunny face was comically twisted by the wind.

They ride on torpedoes and gallop to the wall of the world!

“You’re crazy!” Ryder yelled, nearly biting his tongue.

“Hahahahaha!” Trisean laughed refreshingly, without fear: “I wanted to play like this!”

He’d seen Arthur fly at his enemies on a giant dragon cannon, and he thought he could do the same crazy thing, and finally did it cool!

“But… how do you handle the impact?” Ryder asked worriedly.

“Bump? What bump?”

“What? Haven’t you thought about it?!”

Boom! ! The torpedo has hit the wall of the world with a deafening roar!

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