Light Spirit Epic Chapter 627: Dawn (6)


Chapter 627 Decisive Battle at Dawn (6)

“Humph.” King Arthur hummed, watching what El would do next.

A bright light shot down from the sky, no, from the moon, and fell on Albert.

Fluid energy filled the tiger man boy’s body, dazzling in the morning fog. They overflowed everywhere, forming a thick white mist, surrounding Albert’s side.

El stretched out his wings, and the huge wings were like baton, indicating the change of the white mist. The white fog began to disperse in the battlefield, and it became more and more intense!

The tiger boy flapped his wings.

Wow! ! Immediately, the white fog surged out. That concentration, that range, it can no longer be called fog, it is more like a white tsunami!

The fire in the battlefield was covered by this living white wave, washed away, and became smaller and smaller! The fire is fading fast!

“It can really put out a fire. What is that?” Arthur muttered inadvertently.

The so-called fluid energy is actually ——

“[Moonlight Senerate].” Merlin also muttered in a low voice, “A nano-scale ultra-miniature golem that can convert entropy energy into photons, and then be braked by photons. It was originally sealed by the ancients. It is the darkest and most dangerous part of the black history. I didn’t expect it to be used again after hundreds of millions of years.”

“Nano golem?” Arthur frowned: “That thing… is it omnipotent?”

“It is indeed omnipotent.” Merlin looked at the fading fire in the battlefield: “As long as they are given enough energy, billions of nano-scale miniature golems can achieve everything in the world. Even if one night builds one Cities are also entirely possible.”

Needless to say, the heat of the flame has long been absorbed by these nano-golems and converted into photons. The heat quickly subsided, and of course the fire couldn’t burn. For the golems, this is just a little effort (a big meal)!

Arthur looked at all this, and thought of killing Albert.

Not only King Arthur, but everyone present, as long as they belong to the human camp, are thinking the same thing at the moment.

——This tiger boy is a potential threat. If not handled properly, he may even bite the king’s throat.

The fire gradually weakened, and the field of vision of the battlefield began to become clear, and the escape route could be seen. Seeing a chance of life, the army of orcs fled. The foxes even dropped the golem, crawled out of the cockpit, and ran wild on all fours.

“Uh, Arthur?!” Kai’s suspicious voice came from the communicator.

“Don’t chase the poor thieves, let them go.” Arthur ordered.


“This is an order!”

Having been told this, Kai and the others did not dare to continue killing the enemy, so they could only watch the remaining troops of the hundreds of thousands of orcs retreat.

The fire was also completely extinguished after ten minutes, leaving only the charred corpses and the smell of burning in the air.

“Ha, ha, ha…” Controlling those miniature golems seemed exhausting. Albert’s physical strength has been overdrawn to the limit, and the fur on his body has begun to petrify and peel off.

“Ugh!” His eyes darkened, he completely lost consciousness, and fell powerlessly to the ground.

Arthur just before the tiger man fell to the ground, accurately hugged a princess and caught the other.

At the same time, a certain memory flowed into the mind of the King of Knights.

A Khajima woman lying on a bed, skinny and skinny due to illness. It was nine cold winters, but the woman was wearing thin clothes, and she didn’t even have a quilt to keep out the cold.

Her husband, a tiger man also ragged, sat quietly in front of the woman’s bed.

“What did the doctor say?” the woman asked in a low voice.

“…he did his best. Damn it! If there were enough antibiotics——“

“It’s okay, Gilbert.” The woman closed her eyes, her face as calm as water, “I have a request. . . . Please send me to the pit of death.”

“What? Do you want to die? There are monsters there—”

“I know. Just because I know.” The woman’s voice thinned and became ethereal: “This is the child’s birthday… birthday. I have nothing to give him. But… ….use my dying body to feed monsters…”

“…you’re crazy!”

“I’m serious, Roble,” the woman pleaded in a low voice, “no more hungry than a child.

Let the monster eat me and feed the child with the milk of the monster;

Use my skin to keep you warm.

Only by doing this will you be able to survive this year’s harsh winter.

Only by doing so…everything…makes sense.

Please…stay alive. “

After speaking, the woman fell asleep forever.

The man mourned quietly at his wife’s bed for ten minutes. The cry of a baby resounded in the house, and the baby was clamoring for hunger and cold.

Roble took a dagger from his waist and stabbed his wife inside.

Skillfully, cut the fur of the Khajima woman. Just as he has done the same thing a thousand times over.

“Don’t be noisy!” He rudely threw the **** tiger skin on the baby. At the same time, he went out with the woman’s body in his arms.

In the evening, he came back with a leather bag of demonic beast’s milk, but his body was covered with blood spots.

While feeding the baby, he wrapped himself and the baby in tiger skins and shivered in the cold night.

——It’s just us.

The death of an individual is in exchange for the life of another individual.

Everything in the world is like that.

The cycle of Karma (Fate. Destiny) is the endless cycle of life and death, cause and effect, void and chaos.

——And who can say what is right or wrong?

King Arthur came to his senses and landed firmly on the ground. The hallucination just now still pounded his mind.

The King of Knights looked at the unconscious Albert——Two lines of tears were oozing from the corner of the tiger boy’s eyes.

“Mom…” the tiger man murmured.

Arthur was unmoved. No matter how tragic the opponent’s life experience is, the Knight King has no reason to pity him.

However, he admired the woman’s dedication. Out of this pure admiration, the King of Knights completely dismissed the idea of ​​killing Roble and his son.

He picked up the tiger boy and walked to Merlin: “Has this guy been cured yet?”

The Master smiled bitterly: “If Your Majesty didn’t cut off the tiger’s arms impulsively, I would have healed it faster.”

“…Noisy.” The King of Knights ordered through the communicator, “Kay, Frey, Leon Dickens, you all go back to Brindisi with me. Palinlore continues to stay behind. Here, let me know as soon as there is any news.”

“But, Your Majesty——“

“You can stop it, right?” King Arthur put on a tough attitude, he didn’t have time to reason with Palinlor: “I only need an hour to come to rescue, you just need to hold here for a while.”

And, after this fiasco, it’s hard to imagine any large-scale incursions by the orcs anytime soon. Prague should be safe – temporarily.

“Your Majesty.” Boles, who was hovering in the air, also landed with Elaine.

“It’s just in time. You also stay and help defend the city.” Arthur saw that it was not reasonable for the Grand Duke of Palinlore to guard Prague alone, so he added Bols to it,”—- –Is it okay?” He asked Mage Merlin for a moment.

“Of Merlin winked at the dragon man golem. He just spent a lot of effort repairing Bols, and he should have let him rest for a while.

But the dragon man golem lost the key to the wall of the world, in fact, there is not much use value, it might as well be placed in Prague to defend the city.

No. Maybe this is a good idea. Boles happened to be staying to guard Stonehenge. Some hunch tells Merlin that there will be time for them to use Stonehenge.

King Arthur glanced at Elaine. The dragon boy was shrinking behind Bols, showing half of his face to peek at the King of Knights.

“If you want to stay, just stay.” Arthur had already guessed the thoughts of the young dragon man, “Just don’t make trouble, kid.”

The King of Knights commanded the Grand Duke of Leon Dickens: “Take Roble with you, and we will talk about everything when you return to Brindisi.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Celestial Knight Leon Dickens carried the unconscious Khajiit Patriarch, “but why Brindisi?”

“Because Greenville is there,” Arthur said without hesitation.

The crowd cast a subtle glance at the King of Knights.

King Arthur immediately felt the discord in the atmosphere, and immediately changed his words: “Because Greenville’s medical skills are superb, he can save this guy.”

“Pfft… Of course, Your Majesty.” The Grand Duke of Leon Dickens smiled slyly and jumped on the cavalry.

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