Light Spirit Epic Chapter 626: The decisive battle at dawn (5)


Chapter 626 Decisive Battle at Dawn (5)

Touch! ! ! After a low but thrilling muffled sound passed, the golden light in Stonehenge gradually subsided.

Arthur broke into a sweat. The enchantment of Stonehenge is still strong enough. Stonehenge cannot be damaged even if the dark creatures in it have performed a dark burst.

Thanks to the solid Stonehenge barrier, everyone is finally safe, temporarily.

“Merlin, close Stonehenge.” Arthur ordered while putting away his sword. The golden light completely passed, and the King of Knights saw a figure in the center of the stone circle.

The dying Roble.

The tiger patriarch fell to the ground with his back to the sky, dying.

The moment the barrier was lifted, Albert rushed over desperately to check his father’s condition.

Arthur watched from a distance. He didn’t have to look closely to know that Roble was helpless.

Even though the time was very short, the dark son still eroded Roble’s whole body. Every drop of vitality on his body has long been devoured by Anzi. The flesh on his body was broken into countless petals, like red lotuses stained with blood.

A broken body, a broken soul, any problem can be fatal.

“Dad…” The tiger man knelt beside Roble, and the white mist emanating from him enveloped Roble’s body, constantly repairing the wounds of the tiger man patriarch.

“…Is it El?” Roble murmured in a voice so faint that almost no one could hear, “Remember! Kill…all humans. …..”

“Don’t say that at this time, save your energy!” Albert whispered.

“Humanity is…the enemy! Only when all of humanity is dead…we can…live well!”

(Still talking such nonsense!)

Arthur walked towards Roble and his son, and the sword of the holy king in his hand never let go for a moment.

“Merlin, find a way to bring this guy back to life,” ordered the King of Knights.

“But, Your Majesty——!”

“Do it right away.” Arthur put the tip of his sword on Albert’s back, “and you, stay away from me.”

Al reluctantly took a half step back, “What do you want to do, meow?”

“It’s so noisy, get out of here!” Arthur kicked Al away, came to Roble, and said in a coercive tone: “Patriarch Roble, I’m asking you for the last time: Do you want to surrender? ?

If you surrender, I will save you, stop the fire, and give you and your army a chance to survive——although there have been many casualties, there are always many people who will survive;

Otherwise, you all die! I want to kill you, kill your son, and kill every orc on this battlefield, and even burn their bones to pieces!

Whether to die with hatred or live with shame, the choice is yours! “

After recovering a small amount of strength under Merlin’s treatment, Roble stared at the King of Knights with vicious eyes, and the resentment in his eyes never subsided.

His answer was unexpectedly calm: “I choose to die. Since we are defeated, kill all of us orcs! You have this right. If you don’t kill us, we will come back with you humans. We will meet again. There is absolutely no room for reconciliation in this war. Either you die or I die!”

“That’s good.” Arthur raised his sword, but the tip of his sword did not point at Roble. Instead, he turned the blade: “Let’s start by killing your son!”

He unexpectedly stabbed a sword, and before Albert could react, the sword of the holy king had stabbed into the heart of the tiger man.

“Wow!” Al widened his blue eyes and spat blood: “Is this… a joke?!”

“No.” Arthur twisted the blade abruptly, and the spinning holy king’s sword immediately created a big hole in El’s chest, completely smashing the tiger boy’s heart!

The pain caused Albert to lose consciousness and collapse to the ground in an instant!

“Kill one first.” King Arthur said to Roble in a cold and ruthless tone, “I heard that your eldest son is also being transported to the slave ship in Pantoracken? Don’t worry, I will kill him when I go back. .”

The strong murderous aura on the King of Knights is approaching, and the sword in his hand is ready to pierce: “Now, it’s your turn.”

“…No, don’t!” Patriarch Roble begged for mercy in a low voice, “You can kill me, but…don’t hurt Robert! He is my last hope!”

Why is it always brother. Why don’t you care about me. The dying Al lay on the ground and wept silently.

King Arthur showed a hideous face, like a demon: “No, kill it. The loser must die. Orcs and humans cannot coexist, that’s what you said.

If that’s the case, I’ll be a ruthless devil, kill all of you orcs, and cleanse this earth completely! I do this, are you satisfied? “

“No…!” Roble spat out a mouthful of blood and burst into tears: “No!!”

Without saying a word, Arthur slashed an arm of the Khajiit patriarch: “It’s too late!!”

Blood spurted, Merlin cast a protesting look at the King of Knights: “Do you want me to save him?!?”

Arthur glared at the archmage: “Continue the treatment, if he dies in the middle of my speech, it will be difficult.”

Merlin reluctantly continued to use magic to prolong Roble’s life, and used momentum magic to block the wound to temporarily stop the bleeding from the wound on the tiger man’s arm.

“Woooooo…” Roble’s eyes were dark, he had lost too much blood, and he knew that he was about to die. His attitude softened: “Okay…well…I surrender…surrender! Don’t hurt…Robert!”

Unexpectedly, Arthur drew another sword and slashed Roble’s other hand away: “You forgot your manners!”

“Ugh!” Roble lost his arms and almost went into shock. But he stayed awake with strong willpower and finished his last words: “Please. Please…leave us alone!”

The King of Knights was silent for a moment, seeming to be thoughtful.

Then, he replied in a slightly disappointed tone: “Very good. I’ll let you go.”

A ray of light flashed from the Holy Spirit Crown above the Knight King’s head, and the two Holy Spirits who were still setting fire on the battlefield were immediately released from their summons and disappeared without a trace.

Arthur turned and kicked Albert hard: “Get up! I know you’re not dead.”

Albert was still depressed and wanted to lie down like this and couldn’t sleep. However, he really won’t die. Even though he was seriously injured by a broken heart, the fluid energy in his body still supported the life of the tiger boy and quickly repaired the broken organs in a short period of time.

Arthur kicked again: “I cleaned up the arsonist Holy Spirit, but the fire will not simply be put out. If you don’t get up and think of a way to put it out, let the 300,000 orcs burn to death. No sympathy for them.”

Al got up while vomiting blood, but his eyes were blank: “Don’t talk like I have a way to put out the fire.”

“Er…” Roble pleaded in a low voice, “Please… do something.”

The tiger man turned his face away, avoiding his father’s gaze: “I hate you. Humans and orcs are a bunch of **** bastards.”

“Then just stand by and let these **** **** die.” The King of Knights sneered.

(…I hate it because I can’t do it.)

Wang pointed out Albert’s thoughts sharply: “The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. Since you still hate them, it means you still care about them.”

The tiger man boy was silent again. In that white fog, the wound on his chest was almost completely healed, and the self-healing speed was comparable to that of a succubus.

He finally sighed: “Knight King, I will settle this account with you one day.”

Then, unfold his huge white wings.

It took off in an instant!

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