Light Spirit Epic Chapter 630: Preparing for the battle for Yu Chenhui (2)


Chapter 630 Preparing for the Battle of Yu Chenhui

Arthur left the operating room and walked less than ten yards when he saw the evil star around the corner.

Golden Shining in human form, wearing golden armor, folded arms, back against a stone wall, waiting bored. ♀

The King of Knights sneers. It’s impossible for this guy to be waiting for Arthur. Shaxing should be waiting for the “she” he said before, right?

“Isn’t she here yet?” Arthur teased.

“I didn’t come. Hmm—-” Shaxing knew that he was fooled, so he stopped and changed the topic, “Your arm…” “It’s okay, it will be fine soon. “The Knight King hurriedly hid his injured arm.

Xinghuilong, whose eyes are as sharp as knives, has already seen the mutation on the opponent’s arm: “Hey, the side effects of concentrating dragon blood have begun to appear? Your arm is now as hard as a stone?” Don’t worry, the petrification will be lifted soon.” Arthur said indifferently.

Actually, his left arm was almost completely shattered after the previous injury. The spurted blood is rapidly petrifying, turning into a red crystal-like substance, and at the same time, it is closely combined with the arm armor of the black dragon armor, in a state of semi-assimilation.

The evil star certainly saw through it all. He couldn’t help but smiled lightly: “Take off the dragon armor quickly. If you continue like this, you will really assimilate with the entire dragon armor, and I’m afraid you won’t be able to take it off in the future.” “That’s fine, at least you don’t have to worry about it. The problem of insufficient defense.” King Arthur waved with his intact arm, “I’m starving to death, I’ll go to lunch first. Just wait and say hello to the lady for me by the way.— —Well, who’s here?” “Charlotte.” Shaxing replied without hesitation. As soon as the words are out of my mouth, I immediately regret it!

“Oh, damn!” Arthur stared at the evil star: “You chromatic dragon! How dare you target Lancelot’s sister?! Don’t you know she’s underage?” “I want you ♀” The evil star blushed and avoided Arthur’s gaze, “I like who is my freedom.” “And you are a long-lived big lizard, even if converted to human age, you are an adult uncle, you Is it okay to have a face?” Arthur continued to scold, as if to scold along with his friend Lancelot, “You are a dragon, just go back and find a female dragon to be your wife, don’t harass the underage girl. Ah! Do you hate dragons so much?!” These words splendidly stabbed the evil star’s point of death, making Xinghuilong’s face turn into a pig’s liver: “Anyway, I have lived in vain for so many years. I am an adult dragon, but my mind is still as naive as a child. Anyway, I am an unqualified dragon, and I will never be as great as my father.” “So, are you giving up on yourself?” Arthur continued to ruthlessly stab the evil star. Achilles heel.

“That’s right, I gave up on myself.” Sha Xing turned his face away, feeling extremely ashamed: “You can leave my business alone, okay?” Of course not.

“Charlotte is the sister of my adopted brother Lancelot, which is my half sister. Of course I can’t ignore your idea of ​​hitting her.” King Arthur put on a serious face: “And you… ……You are my friend, and I can’t ignore it.” Sha Xing was stunned for a while.

Seeing that the dragon was stunned, the King of Knights continued: “Before Charlotte becomes an adult, stay away from her. When she becomes an adult, if you are still interested in her at that time, and she does not despise you, I will I can help match you.” The light of hope rekindled in Jin Twinkling’s eyes: “You, are you willing to help me?” Arthur quickly warned: “Only once. If she doesn’t like you, you should give up. Dare to continue If you pester Charlotte, even if you are a dragon contracted with me, you will still cut it.” “Of course.” The evil star put away his lost face: “At least one chance.” God knows if that is a chance. . The King of Knights thought. If the evil star is still interested in Charlotte after a few years, and Charlotte doesn’t have a favorite man, then it’s okay to match them. ♀

What should not be together will always be separated. What should be together, even with races, identities, ages… tens of thousands of differences, they will eventually come together.

Palamidis and Vivian, two people who could never have had an intersection in their lives, didn’t they also make a pair.

Maybe there is such a great power in the world as love, which can make the impossible possible, turn corruption into magic, and create miracles that no one can imagine.

Arthur, who has witnessed many miracles, also began to believe that there are miracles in this world.

Perhaps, only the miracle created by [love] can truly save this twisted world.

“Don’t give up on yourself.” Arthur whispered, “Shaxing, since you are a dragon, you should live like a dragon wonderfully, freely and without any scruples. You will definitely be better than your father. Live brighter, you have inherited all the will and strength of your family of four. You have inherited all their love.

——So, please don’t give up on yourself. “”I know. “Shaxing smiled knowingly,” Needless to say, I’m trying to do it. “”That’s good. “Arthur has no problem seeing the evil star, he turned and left immediately,” see you later. “” Arthur. “Xinghuilong stopped the knights

A piece of paper

Wang: “You’ve changed a lot. I once said you were a monster, and now I take my words back.

Even though your body is more and more like a monster, your heart is more and more like a [human]. “The King of Knights chuckled and shrugged: “You too, stupid dragon. “He walked away without looking back.

At the same time, in the military camp on the outskirts of Brindisi, Evan suddenly woke up from his dream.

“Ugh!” When he got up, the hangover and the smell of alcohol on his body made him vomit again, and the floor beside the bed was soiled.

“Oh, really spirited.” Grand Duke Hall just walked into the tent, his eyes met Evan who was spitting rainbows, and he immediately turned his face away: “You said there was an emergency military situation yesterday? Hurry up and say… …Well, go outside the camp and say.” Ivan crawled out of the barracks clutching his aching head, his armor still dirty, covered with blood and vomit from yesterday’s battle. As soon as he climbed out of the tent, he took a deep breath of fresh air, and immediately said: “The key to the World Wall has fallen into the hands of the orcs.” “What?” The situation was so serious that even Hall was shocked: “This is Is it true?!” “It is absolutely true.” Evan gasped again, he was almost exhausted from hunger, but in order to finish his words, he was holding on with amazing willpower, “It is said that there is also a way to prevent the wall of the world from being destroyed. Open emergency measures, Palamides and the others have rushed to the control room of the World Wall and activated this [Second-level Security Protocol]. However, I need Arthur’s help! Where is Arthur?– —-” “Oh, this is the first time I’ve heard of it.” Arthur appeared behind the Grand Duke Hall, and he heard everything Evan said just now.

“Ah, Arthur!” Evan was so happy that he almost jumped over.

“Okay, okay, just stand there and talk, don’t get close.” Arthur stepped back, deliberately keeping a yard away from the half-dragon boy. The smell of wine on Ivan is really terrible!

“So, where is this [Control Room of the Wall of the World]?” the King of Knights asked.

“Uh,” Evan looked confused: “I don’t know either.” When he parted ways with Vivian and the others, Evan was not informed of the location of the Wall of the World control room, of course he couldn’t answer.

“You useless bum.” The King of Knights’ expression changed immediately, and he almost wanted to slap him.

“Don’t worry, I know the location very well.” Merlin appeared behind Arthur at this time, but he didn’t come to find Arthur, but scolded Evan as soon as he came up: “I thought you were last night. Just told Arthur about it. Why didn’t you say it? You useless **** bastard!” “Uh, **** **** repeats…” “Because you’re a double bum!” Merlin cursed even more furiously road.

Arthur shook his head and turned to Merlin: “Do you know how to get to the [control room]? How did you do it?”” Simple, I put a tracker on that big cat. I can easily track it wherever I go.” Merlin said this, but it was actually another matter. There is probably no such powerful tracker in the world, allowing Merlin to track a weak signal thousands of miles away.

“Is that so?” Arthur kept calm, picked up the compressed ration stick in his hand and took a bite, “Hall, prepare the dragon cavalry for me, and I will set off as soon as I am full.” Hall stared intently. Holding Arthur’s injured left arm: “Your Majesty, you have just experienced a big battle, you should rest your body first!” How can a king who is not well-prepared go to the battlefield?

“There is no time for that.” King Arthur looked disapproving, as if the dilapidated body did not belong to him, “The enemy will surely gather the last force and use all means to defend the control room. Palami Dies and the others have no chance. I am going to save them, there is no time.” “Twenty-four hours.” Evan made up a lie casually: “Palamidis and the others said that they would wait twenty-four hours before the Go and attack the wall of the world. It’s too early to go You have to coincide with the time when they marched and attacked together to maximize the chance of success.” Arthur was stunned for half a second, doubtful: “Really? “”Your Majesty,” even the Holy Spirit’s crown on Arthur’s head added, “you need to wait for the Holy Spirit and the [King’s Realm] to cool down completely. Without the help of the Holy Spirit, it would be very difficult to attack the Great Firewall.” And [King’s Realm] is completely cooled and must wait until tonight.

“It’s really troublesome.” Arthur muttered in dissatisfaction, “Okay, let’s go tonight. At seven o’clock tonight, everyone is ready for me!” “Yes, Your Majesty!” Everyone Kneel and salute.

Although his heart was full of doubts, Merlin saw that Arthur was in poor condition and did not persuade Arthur to leave immediately.

Perhaps it would be wisest to let Arthur take a break and recharge his energy before attacking the wall of the world.

They never imagined that the Palamidis team would suffer huge losses from Arthur’s delay — one of them would be lost forever, and the other would be affected The fatal blow of his life.

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