Light Spirit Epic Chapter 623: The decisive battle at dawn (2)


Chapter 623 Decisive Battle at Dawn (2)

The King of Knights fluttered his wings and a hurricane blew up. The flames on the ground were blown by the storm, forming a huge wall of fire that rolled to the east. It soon came into contact with the white fog in the air and the mud on the ground.

Pfft! Mud oil and white mist are burning! Not only can they be used to block and paralyze enemy troops, but they are also flammable, and they can get out of hand when they burn!

Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble! The fire spread on the battlefield at an alarming speed, covering an area of ​​1,000 acres in less than half an hour! The orc army in it is on fire!

Roble looked at the fire in the sky and hesitated for a moment: “You actually set the fire? But your knight also——“

“What did you say? I didn’t hear it.” Arthur pretended to be deaf and deliberately annoyed his opponent.

Kekovley in the battlefield has long been transformed into a giant.

As a fire giant, Frey can swim in lava, how could she be afraid of this little fire? The flame happened to be her home court, and she also used fire magic to create a hundred-foot-long giant flame magic spear, sweeping away thousands of troops!

Kai is not to be outdone. With half the blood of a giant, he has extraordinary heat resistance. He is also unafraid in the torrent of flames. Using his huge body as a weapon, he punches and kicks the enemy wantonly. Devastating the army of orcs!

The evil stars in the sky, Leon Dickens, and Palinlor also began to help.

The evil star scorched the enemy on the ground with dragon flames, making the fire even hotter. Pale white ultra-high temperature plasma flames fell on the ground, melting the sandstone formations on the wasteland, and the earth began to turn into lava pools!

Leon Dickens controls the Platinum Griffin, shooting troops on the ground with feathered arrows. Feather arrows with powerful explosive abilities hit the ground and exploded, forming a powerful chain explosion! The huge potholes caused by the explosion buried the bodies of countless orcs. They were immediately ignited and scorched by the lava flowing on the ground, like living firewood, raising the temperature of the fire again!

The Grand Duke of Palinlor, with his powerful regeneration ability, is also not afraid of the scorching heat. His armor had long since merged with his mount, the Black Alicorn, to transform into fusion armor.

With black wings, Palinlor, who can move freely and instantly, rushes frantically in the enemy’s line, as if entering a no-man’s land!

When he felt that it was too hot and needed to take a breath, he could also teleport to a high altitude to rest, and at the same time, he raised his light gun and swept away a few unlucky orcs!

The orc army is not yet fully prepared, and the battle situation is “hot” all of a sudden. They can only be beaten passively and have no power to fight back!

The orc elite warriors who fought in the flesh quickly caught fire, causing heavy casualties.

The foxes who drive the wolf golem and the giant ape golem are not much better. These metal golems are not well insulated. The foxes in the cockpit are only heated to death and roasted alive. . Before they could climb out of the cockpit, they turned into human beings in it! Even if some fox people were able to climb out, they couldn’t escape a few steps, and they were immediately burned into coke in the sea of ​​fire, which was also a dead end!

A large number of unmanned golems are left on the battlefield. Without their drivers, they can’t be arrogant anymore!

The fire attack quickly reduced the army of the orcs with amazing momentum, and Roble was dumbfounded. Moreover, the fire was so intense that it caught people’s eyes, and the panicked orcs didn’t even know which way to flee! They were trapped in the fire and at a loss, watching their own people continue to be killed and injured!

“Knight King!” Robble scolded through gritted teeth, “You are so vicious! How dare you use such a blatant method to burn my army to death!”

“War has always been like this, idiot!” Arthur shot back.

“But,” Roble grinned, “how many people can you burn? Ten thousand? Thirty thousand? Fifty thousand? I’m going to run out——“

“Is that so?” Arthur snapped.

Roble thought that the two Holy Spirits summoned would soon disappear, and the fire would soon be extinguished due to lack of “fuel”.

That’s not the case.

The tiger man patriarch turned his eyes and saw that the two arsonists were still there, constantly adding mud and white mist to the fire. This literally “adding fuel to the fire” makes the fire burn stronger and stronger!

Seeing the doubts on Roble’s face, Arthur smiled slyly: “Do you think you know the round table system well?”

The Holy Spirit is not all flash in the pan. The round table system “summons” the Holy Spirit, not for summoning the Holy Spirit from Avalon’s Pure Land to the real world to attack.

—— Exactly the opposite.

In order to prevent the Holy Spirits from escaping from Avalon, the round table system superimposed part of Avalon’s Pure Land in the form of a warp in the present world. The “summoned” Holy Spirit can only act in this subspace.

In fact, the Holy Spirit never left Avalon!

For those holy spirits with powerful power and huge attack range, the system needs to prepare a larger space for them to move, so the burden on the system will be very large, and the time for the powerful holy spirits to appear will be very short.

And this kind of Holy Spirit, which hardly moves and has almost no offensive power, although it seems weak, can summon for a long time!

Richard betrayed the Knights of Pantoracken and sold information on the Round Table system to Morgan. But he doesn’t know the true appearance of the round table system, let alone the breadth and depth of the system (cunning and changeable)!

The two Holy Spirits that Arthur gave to Kay and Frey can continue to summon up to an hour! One hour is enough to burn all the 300,000 orc army to ashes!

“Don’t you understand?” Arthur walked in the fire, calmly said, “This battlefield is the incinerator of hell. Everyone has to die except us!”

Roble, who was completely mad, had lost his mind. He charged up with his sword and slashed at the King of Knights!

The battle between the king of knights and the leader of the tiger people started in this monstrous fire!

This time, although Arthur didn’t have any magic weapon available, he took advantage of the location:

The king of knights drank the concentrated dragon blood and grew a thin layer of dragon scales on his body, making him completely immune to fire;

Not so with Roble. Although he has the space to transfer the armor, he still has to materialize at the moment of the attack, and the main body comes out of the subspace! In this continuous burning fire, even if the opportunity for him to appear is only for a moment, it is inevitable that he will be burned by the flames and high heat!

Roble ignored the burns and attacked the King of Knights with his sword, but Arthur cleverly avoided it!

Arthur’s reaction was so quick that he didn’t seem to be relying on the mind-eye technique to dodge.

“Why? Can your mind-reading skills still work?!” Roble kept shouting while attacking.

Arthur laughed.

Arthur didn’t use [King’s Domain] at all — it should be said that he couldn’t use it, because its cooldown time has not expired.

However, in such a fire, Arthur did not need the assistance of [King’s Domain] at all, and could simply predict the timing of Roble’s attack.

Because, the moment Roble materialized from the warp, his body would be burned by high heat and he would feel pain. The pain caused the tiger man’s actions to be delayed for half a moment, which was enough to affect the battle situation!

Roble’s current attack is as slow as a tortoise. It’s strange that he can’t escape!

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