Light Spirit Epic Chapter 624: The decisive battle at dawn (3)


Chapter 624 Decisive Battle at Dawn (3)

“Ugh!” Roble attacked several times, but not only did he not hurt his opponent, but he ended up with burns and had to stop to breathe.

“For every second you waste, your army will kill dozens of people.” Arthur instead urged Roble to continue fighting, psychologically attacking the tiger people.

(Sorry, this is war.)

(War is so cruel and ruthless.)

The King of Knights intends to drive Roble to the brink of desperation to win the war once and for all.

—— Cruelty and violence are the shortcuts to peace, even if their nature is the opposite of peace!

Only by asking Roble to kneel down and beg for mercy and make peace with his sincerity can we truly end this senseless killing!

Roble should also have noticed that Arthur here is just a cover. Even if he defeated the King of Knights, it would not change the fact that the orc army was destroyed in the fire. And the Holy Spirit and the giants who set fire to it are the existences that the tiger patriarch cannot interfere with.

In this war, the orcs will lose and lose, and the army of 300,000 orcs will surely die, unless they withdraw now! Even if they were able to withdraw, they would have suffered heavy casualties!

Roble had no choice but to admire King Arthur from the bottom of his heart.

Admiration returns to admiration, but hatred increases unabated. Every orc who died in this war was Roble’s comrade, a comrade from birth to death. How could it be possible to give up like this, how could it be possible to let go of human beings like this? !

Roble sneered, mad and hysterical.

“How about you win this war? Morgan won’t let you go.” He took out a black injection from his arms, and the dark liquid in it was brewing boundless evil.

Arthur frowned. He could guess what his opponent wanted to do.

Guessed but couldn’t stop it, Roble was in the warp, and as long as the Khajiit didn’t attack, Arthur couldn’t reach him.

All he can do is persuade: “Stop it. If you use that thing, you will become a real monster, and you will never be able to become a human again.”

“I’m – originally – a monster!” Roble opened the seal of the injection, ready to inject: “I am a monster, just like you! Born out of hatred and revenge, a freak of the times! “

“No. You can’t be so unbearable!” shouted the King of Knights.

(I was the same person. A vengeful ghost who can sacrifice everything to achieve his goals.)

(If anything has changed me, it must be ——)

“It’s too late, King of the Knights.” Roble grinned, the muscles on his face twitching and contorting with madness, “Let’s go to **** together!”

He tore off his space-shifting armor while injecting the dark sub-solution into himself.

Because of the hatred he couldn’t put down, what the tiger clan leader did was not kneel down and beg for mercy, but instead—to perish with the enemy!



Plop, plop, plop, plop plop plop!

Heart sounds of destruction, pumping [Boundless Darkness] into every part of Roble’s body. Evil spreads in the body of the tiger man patriarch, devouring the original photons in the tiger man and transforming them into dark sons.

That is actually an indescribable pleasure. The body is filled with dark juice, and the full power seems to overflow at any time, and it is about to twitch and spray out!

It was with this false happiness that Anko stimulated the body, causing Roble’s body to swell rapidly! But this expansion will never end, it will only get bigger and bigger, pushing life to the point of death!

“What?!” Kai and the others, who were still killing the enemy, stopped their movements and stared at the changes in the battlefield, dumbfounded.

Hate, pain, fear, mourning.

Weak, greedy, cruel, cunning.

The dead or dying creatures on the battlefield give birth to a huge darkness, and this huge negative energy is the best bait for dark sons.

Countless black energies gathered and poured into Roble’s body in a frenzy. These negative energies were so strong that they could be seen with the naked eye!

Roble, who absorbed a lot of negative energy, expanded rapidly at a rate of dozens of times per second! Within ten seconds it had grown to hundreds of feet tall, fat and round, like a balloon about to explode!

——[Detron Explosion] (Detron Explosion).

In the Pure Land of Elysian, Arthur once heard Dragon Emperor Titans mention the explosive growth of dark sons.

The dark son has the characteristic of absorbing negative spiritual energy and using this energy to transform photons in nature to increase self-value.

The more negative energy they absorb, the faster they convert surrounding photons into darkons.

If there is an absolutely evil “dark core” in the world, which provides enough negative energy for dark sons, dark sons can proliferate indefinitely, and even devour the entire galaxy!

According to the Dragon Emperor, there have been countless civilizations that were destroyed by the eruption of dark sons in history. Most of them even died miraculously overnight.

If the darkness is deep enough and the hatred is strong enough, a person, just the darkness nurtured by a living being, is enough to devour the whole world.

If hatred is deep enough, a person’s hatred can even destroy the universe.

That’s the horror of the Sombra explosion: the darker its source, the more lethal it is!

Looking at Roble, whose size was soaring in front of him, the King of Knights knew that if he didn’t do something, this battlefield, and even this world, would be in big trouble.

But he can’t do anything. He didn’t know how to stop this dark eruption. If he shoots randomly, I am afraid that Roble will explode early and involve everything around him!

Roble continued to grow His appearance was indistinguishable, it was just a huge black sphere with disgusting black pus constantly sprayed on it, which was approaching the critical point of cracking and exploding!

Done! It’s really going to explode! Even if you take your people and horses to escape the battlefield now, I am afraid that you will be affected by this dark explosion! How could the speed of running on two legs match the speed of the explosion?

No one here can escape, all will become food for darkness!

Just as the King of Knights was at a loss, two shining silver shadows were drawn from the sky.

No, it should be said that there are two lights and shadows, one silver and one white.

The dragon man golem Bols turned into the form of a silver dragon, and flew with another small white dragon at a high speed. They were carrying a huge instrument, and the great mage Merlin was standing in the middle of the huge instrument. superior.

“Merlin?” Arthur called Mage Merlin through the communicator.

“I knew this terrifying aura was a harbinger of catastrophe.” Merlin’s voice came from the other end of the communicator, “Don’t worry, King Arthur. I brought you a [great gift].”

“Gift? Let’s talk about it later!” Arthur wondered. In the face of Roble, who is getting bigger and bigger and may explode at any time, the King of Knights has no intention of caring about any gifts at all.

“Don’t do this. I guarantee you’re satisfied.” Merlin chuckled mysteriously, and ordered Boles and the others: “Activate [Stonehenge], start the airdrop!”

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