Light Spirit Epic Chapter 622: The decisive battle at dawn (1)


Chapter 622 Decisive Battle at Dawn (1)

It’s six in the morning.

King Arthur’s knights successfully completed the authorization ceremony of the round table system, holding their own holy white diamonds in their hands.

“This little thing can summon the Holy Spirit?” Kai stared at the diamond carefully, and the flawless white diamond couldn’t see any mystery except that it was beautiful.

“Please don’t tell us what happened today, the round table system is a secret.” Arthur said absently, but kept his eyes on Albert, who was still sleeping beside him. He was always wary of Al.

“What does my Holy Spirit look like?” Kay asked curiously.

“This—-” Arthur paused, listening to the description of the Holy Spirit Crown on his head.

Since only Arthur could hear the words of the Holy Spirit Crown, the King of Knights simultaneously translated: “This is not the Holy Spirit constructed by your own spirituality. They were temporarily found in the Pure Land of Avalon.

However, the round table system has made a preliminary analysis of your personalities, coupled with tactical needs, the system will automatically match and find a Holy Spirit suitable for you. “

“Oh.” Kai nodded and hummed, “So it’s just a substitute? When will the Holy Spirit that belongs to me be able to make it?”

The King of Knights smiled mysteriously: “We’ll talk about it later.”

(You are not a knight of the round table.)

Palinlor had been watching the movement outside the barracks, and his report interrupted everyone’s conversation: “Your Majesty, they are here.”

“Are you here?” Arthur put on his armor, “Go ahead as planned.”

The crowd rushed out of the camp, with only Kai and his wife walking last.

“Frey, be careful.” The red-haired knight told his wife, his eyes falling on the belly of the giantess.

Frey smiled and replied in less pure English: “Don’t worry, giants are very strong, and it doesn’t matter if there is a little wind or waves.”

“I hope so.” Kelly worried.

“It has to be.” Frey took a tough stance and pushed her husband out.

Outside the tent, a hundred yards away, the Kharig leader Robul led an army of orcs waiting.

Arthur also led a group of knights forward, and as soon as they approached, he shouted at the opponent: “Your son is still alive.”

“Really? The useless waste is the only one with the most tenacious vitality.” Roble agreed without emotion.

Arthur vaguely understands why Albert hates Roble.

“I persuade you to surrender for the last time, King Arthur!” Roble was shouting, “You humans have no chance of winning, only death! Obey me, and you and your knights may be able to survive!”

“No need, thank you.” Arthur drew his sword and also took out a bottle from his arms.

Roble’s eyes naturally fell on the bottle. The clear glass bottle contained a dark red, viscous, viscous liquid.

What the heck is that? medicine? Or, some kind of magic tool?

Half an hour ago.

“This is what you want.” The evil star came through the portal, holding a bottle in his hand, “concentrating the blood essence of 10,000 ancient dragons, the most powerful [Dragon Transformation Medicine]. Its medicinal properties are hundreds of times stronger than the blood medicine given to you last time*, and ordinary people will die immediately after drinking half a drop, are you sure you want to drink it?”

(*Note: Refers to the blood medicine used by Arthur when he fought Corvez in the Colosseum. Arthur was later petrified once due to the side effects of the medicine.)

“Knowingly asking.” Arthur put away the blood medicine.

He’s a monster.

A monster is an existence that transcends common sense.

“According to the original plan, Kay and Frey attacked the left and right flanks, and the others supported in the air.” Arthur drank the blood medicine while commanding, “I’ll entangle Roble.”

“Action!” The King of Knights gave an order, and everyone rushed out.

Kay dashes to the left flank, passing Roble. No movement from the Khajiit chief;

Frey rushed to the right wing, passing Roble. The Khajiit chief remains silent;

Leon Dickens summoned Patrick the Griffon, Palinlor also summoned the Black Alicorn, and the evil star turned into a dragon, and three rays of white, black and gold shot into the sky.

Roble remains silent.

Until Arthur raised his sword and rushed forward: “Roble!!!!”

The tiger clan chief raised his sword at the same time: “Prepare to die, King of Knights!”

He slashed a sword, and a powerful space slash swept towards Arthur.

Arthur laughed. After delaying Roble’s first blow, the winning rate of the battle increased by another point.

Leaping high, Arthur, who avoided the opponent’s attack, had already squeezed a huge dragon fireball in his hand.

With the blessing of concentrated dragon blood, his fire magic power has reached an unprecedented level, enough to make all magicians who are proficient in fire magic in the world ashamed.

This huge fireball like the sun smashed to the ground with the potential to destroy the sky and the earth, and the sound of the roar alone was enough to scare the enemy into shit.

Robble didn’t dodge. The armor on his body makes him invincible, and in the warp, he doesn’t have to worry about being injured by fireballs.

As it should be. But——

“It’s now! Come on!” Arthur yelled.

Kai and Frey, who had just rushed into the enemy line, heard King Arthur’s order and immediately activated the Holy Spirit Diamond they carried.

The white diamond flashed dazzlingly, and in the blink of an eye, two gigantic holy spirits were summoned.

The Holy Spirit that Kay has summoned is unique. It is in the form of a giant bottle. While the enemy troops present were dumbfounded, the giant bottle of the Holy Spirit had already fallen.

Hundreds of tons of white mud oil poured out of the bottle, washing away the surrounding enemy forces.

A sticky white slime-like substance with a strong gasoline smell. The golems are stuck with this mud oil, which will seriously affect the operation of their joints, and the golems will become extremely slow!

On the other hand, the Holy Spirit summoned by Frey has a very grotesque appearance.

It’s a mushroom. Pure white, umbrella-shaped mushrooms.

At the moment when it opened, a large number of white spores fell from its mushroom umbrella, and immediately formed a cloud of white mist, covering the entire battlefield. When the unprotected orcs inhaled this white mist, they immediately became paralyzed and twitched on the ground!

“You know what?” Kay’s spit came to Arthur’s ears from the other side of the Fortunately this guy is not my own Holy Spirit. The Knights of the Round Table who made this thing had absolutely a problem with aesthetics. “

Arthur sneered, ignored Kay, and gave an ultimatum to Roble: “This is the last chance, surrender, Patriarch Roble! Once my battle begins, it can’t be stopped until it’s all killed. You have an army of 300,000 people! Surrender quickly, and don’t increase unnecessary casualties!”

“Bah!” Roble spat at the King of Knights (of course, Arthur avoided him).

“Is it amazing that your subordinates can summon the Holy Spirit? They are just two auxiliary Holy Spirits, basically without attacking power. They can only hold back my army. Am I afraid of you?”

“You’ll regret it.” Arthur drew his face. He really didn’t want to kill so many people, but it seemed like he had no choice.

“I won’t. We orcs are born to be incompatible with you humans. Only when one is dead can the other flourish.

As long as we have one breath left, we will fight you to the end! !

If you can, try to kill my army of 300,000! Just a few of you humans? Ha ha! “

The King of Knights sighed, “Then please go to hell.”

Arthur had no choice but to resort to one last kill—the most brutal and inhuman method of annihilation.

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