Light Spirit Epic Chapter 598: The twists and turns in the return (1)


Chapter 598: The twists and turns in the return (1)

At the same time, Avalon Pure Land.

Pounds! ! The star-cutting giant blade’s full blow completely smashed the Holy Spirit Steel Heavenly Divine Dragon into pieces!

He shattered into white light particles flying in the sky. Due to the fatigue of the long battle, most of the particles could not be reorganized and formed, but scattered directly, leaving only a human figure on the ground.

The Phantom Crimson Dragon – Anglo Moore also vented all his anger, exhausted his strength (anger), and began to disintegrate.

Arthur jumped out of the core of the phantom and quickly landed beside the figure on the ground.

“Are you going to fight, King Oser?” The young man stepped forward with his sword.

King Oser, whose body armor was shattered and his limbs spread out, spread out flat on the ground, smiled softly: “No, that’s enough. I don’t have any complaints to see this level of battle.”

“Then, just die!” Arthur ignored King Oser’s plea for mercy, and rushed up to pierce King Oser’s chest with a sword.

Sand! At the same time as his chest was pierced, King Oser also turned into white light. The white light flying in the sky gathered quickly, and Arthur was shocked, thinking that the opponent still had a hand, and quickly raised his sword to prepare to attack.

He didn’t guess right. The battle is indeed over. With King Other’s defeat, a huge white light gathered in the sky—something that was disintegrated and reassembled by hundreds of thousands of Holy Spirits.

A crown gradually takes shape in the air.

The platinum base is set with gold lace, and then embedded with hundreds of thousands of Silmarillions of different sizes, a gorgeous crown.

“Very good.” The crown began to make a sound. It was the voice of King Oser, but it had an incredible echo, which added a divinity to that voice,

“I’m willing to admit defeat. This is your reward, accept it.”

The crown fell in front of Arthur, floating within a yard of the boy, waiting for the knight to reach for it.

“What the **** is this.” Arthur was indifferent, not touching the crown.

“[Holy Spirit Crown—Heart of Roundtable] (Heart of Roundtable), the core component of the Winchester Roundtable System.

The moment you put it on, you will be recognized by the round table system as the king, its master, and its absolute master.

The moment you put it on, you are the one and only King of Pantoracken. You will lead Pantoracken to build an empire on which the sun never sets, bring the light of Pantoracken to every part of the world, sweep away the darkness, and redeem the world.

The moment you put it on, you are the only savior in the world. Everything you say will become truth, everything you do will become justice, and everything you have done will be forgiven. “

Arthur remains silent. He knows that there is no free lunch in the world: “——What is the price?”

“No cost, no mission.

You can do everything, and you can watch the world die and do nothing.

I bet my fate on a fight with you. However, I lost the bet.

This time, I bet the fate of the world on you.

——I bet you will win, that’s all. “

“Even if I don’t even have my own Holy Spirit, do I rely entirely on the uncontrollable power of the Crimson Dragon to win?”

The crown did not answer.

No answer is required at all.

King Orser is a true gambler.

A real gambler doesn’t care about the amount of the gambling capital and the size of the winning side.

The real gambler is betting on a [possibility].

Even if the gamble faced is only 1 in 10,000, the real gambler will go ahead and bet on this 1 in 10,000 [possibility].

It is this possibility that Arthur can win this absolutely unwinnable duel.

What King Other saw was a monster, [a monster that made the possible out of the impossible].

——[The Beast of Miracles].

No matter how strong the darkness they face, no matter how slim the chance of overcoming fate, this [Beast of Miracles] must be able to create new miracles, right?

No. Arthur has already created countless miracles. King Other believed in Arthur entirely because of this chain of miracles. King Other wants to continue to witness the miracle that will happen next, and wants to see this story to the end.

A real gambler does not gamble for fame and fortune. They bet to satisfy their curiosity.

——In order to see the moment when the game is revealed, that [miracle that reverses fate].

As if to see through all this, Arthur responded with a mocking sneer.

He grabbed the crown with one hand and put it on his head.

“I have lost countless times in my life. But this time, I will never lose to fate.”

No matter how strong, stubborn, cruel and unreasonable fate is, the young man has never been too afraid.

Every failure makes the boy more mature, stronger, more cunning and tactful.

Arthur, who has come all the way from the torrent of fate, is now full of wings, and it is time to fight fate to the death.

This time, I must beat fate to the ground and let it know that there are people who resist it in the world.

This time, I must definitely get [Happiness].

The world is illuminated the moment Arthur puts the crown on. The night sky in Europe is full of golden auroras, and thousands of meteor showers are sprinkled from the sky like fireworks of celebration.

After a thousand years of baptism, a [true king] was born again in Pantoracken.

Looking at the changes in the world, people in every corner of the world know that something big is about to happen.

The destruction of the world is imminent, and the redemption of the world is imminent.

None of this has anything to do with Arthur. All he cares about is how to avenge fate!

The warp disappears and Arthur returns to Avalon’s floating island. The exit to the Pure Land opened in front of him, as if bowing to welcome the king’s arrival (going back).

“Everything here is over, Your Majesty can leave at any time.” Holy Spirit Crown said.

“…you’re going to be so wordy on my head in the future?” Arthur was slightly dissatisfied Yes. This is my body. I am the management core of the round table system, an artificial intelligence. In the previous generation, I was engrossed in the personality and emotions of King Oser, appearing to pilgrims in the form of the Holy Spirit and guiding them through their pilgrimage.

In the long years of hundreds of millions of years, many people have come and gone, content to be a [qualified] king, but never know my true appearance.

You are the only one in history who can bring me back to my original shape, and wear it on my head, King Arthur. “

“Really. No wonder your spirituality hasn’t disappeared for thousands of years. You are not King Other’s spirituality at all, just a **** artificial intelligence.”

“Correct answer.” Holy Spirit Crown replied bluntly, seemingly not understanding the sarcasm in Arthur’s words.

“I use telepathy to talk to you now, only you can hear it in the world, and it won’t affect others.”

Arthur thought for a moment, hesitated before stepping into the portal, “No. Don’t talk to me in the future when there are outsiders. Even if you say it, I will not pay attention to you. Others see me alone. If you talk to yourself, you’ll think I’m crazy.”

“Even if a madman, everything the king does will be forgiven——“

“That’s not the point!” Arthur knocked on the crown angrily and stepped into the portal.

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